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Moon Turtling


Published: Dec 27, 12:23 AM by: Black Wyvern

Greetings readers.

This article is about – Moon Turtling

Recently, I got my first and second moons. I had a spate of ‘bad luck’, although I would more like to call it RNG bias. That’s another story. Anyway, 21 shots later, I had my first moon. First thing I decided, was that I’d build a Jump Gate, and be ready for succesive moons. I start building the Lunar Bases, and the Robotic Factories, and planning for what to do after the Jump Gate. During this time I got a second consecutive moon from a shot. It’s in the same solar system (I was not expecting a moon from this shot, or it would of been elsewhere). So I decide that one of these will need to be used well. Recalling a conversation on IRC I had a long time ago, about turtling on a moon. I realize this is perfect for my situation. I can turtle like a madman, have a huge fleet which can be fleetsaved easily, phalanx people and be totally safe from IPMs, while utilizing both my moons. So I set to work. I decided on using the moon on my main planet as the turtle, because that’s where I send all my res to, and that’s where it’ll be easier to send res for defense too. The other moon once it has a JG and a couple of levels in phalanx will ‘live’ off the deuterium from the planet it orbits above.Before I finished the Jump Gate, I had a look at some figures. I was told that a Nanite Factory was unavailable on a moon, despite the Technology menu telling me otherwise. That didn’t come as a shock, as a Nanite Factory would be overkill. That didn’t seem to be so bad. I had a look at the costs of Lunar Bases, and I saw that the highest I could get it at the moment is about 8 or 9. So that means 13-17 level Shipyard. The defense I was mostly going to be building was fodder, as I could use Battleships for the damage. But the time for a Light Laser (I’m increasingly begininng to despise Rocket Launchers) at the 12+ level of Shipyard is approximately 5 minutes. Building constantly, I worked this out to mean that for a decent defense (50k+ Light Lasers), I would need to be building non-stop for some months. This seems very ‘excessive’ to put it that way. But I believe the security from IPM threats is a great trade-off for time. Then I had a look at Plasma Turrets. Because Plasma Turrets have such a high ratio of deuterium to metal and crystal, it means that ‘resource for resource they get built faster’. This is because deuterium is excluded from the time to build something. I’m not quite sure why.

Maybe it’s because it’s presumed to be in gas form and relatively fast to assemble? Not sure. So in the end, I decided I will be building a large amount of Plasma Turrets and a larger amount of Light Lasers. But resource-wise, probably a little more spent on Plasma Turrets, or whichever is the most efficient in a battle.
Maybe something like – 1 Plasma Turret : 40 Light Lasers.
My goal for that was at least 1600 Plasma turrets, as that would deter most attackers. This would mean I can store my resources on my moon, and leave the planet underneath empty so that I could upgrade the mines. Previously, I had stored resources on that planet, and all of the resources were in red. I decided to halt mine upgrading because they were never active, despite high storages. Then I had a look at the times for the buildings. Lunar Base 8 with robo 8 was 14 days. I decided I’ll stop there, since I’m not that crazy about having a few extra robos left for my Shipyard. I calculated the time for each of the Shipyards including the number of remaining robos. They all were fine until about 12+. At about here, the times became huge. Shipyard 14 with Robo 2, would take almost a month to complete. One whole month. I decided I might as well get it, since the time it will save from building will eventually become greater than month, that is, if I play OGame that long. ;)

My tips for Moon Turtling:

  1. Make sure the moon is easily supplied with resources, generally having it on your main planet (most used) is easiest.
  2. Be patient, it will NOT become useful and formidable overnight. No point storing copious amounts of ships or res on it.
  3. Build the Jump Gate first, and then before deconstructing the Robotic Factories, build as high Lunar Base as you can. 12% time of base value is a lot of time shaved off the higher levels. I would suggest maxing it [Lunar Base] out. Then build the Shipyards.
  4. Almost useless having phalanx on it, it won’t be very good, better to specialize. 10 Shipyard is better than 5 Shipyard and 5 Phalanx (for turtling).

Update: I got Shipyard 14. But I decided against building a giant defense. You know why? Deathstars, yes Deathstars. I decided I would build Deathstars because they are movable, they can attack for a lot of profit. But mainly because resouce for resource, second for second, you get more bang from Deathstars than defense. As long as you look after your Deathstars, you will have a very strong defense against attacks. The thing is, other players do this tactic as well. The rate of defense I could build versus Deathstars someone else could build is in the favour of the Deathstars. This means no matter how much I could of tried, someone building Deathstars would always be a few steps in front of me, and could crash the defense whenever they wanted. This aside, have a small defense on a moon can be a good thing. You can store all your resources on the moon, and leave the planet below empty, able to mine.

So the decision is up to you, turtle and try to keep ahead of the Deathstar builders, or just join the Deathstar builders.

Written by Black Wyvern.

P.S. Thanks to the fellers at #ogame.org channel who originally suggested this to me. One of the best ideas I’ve never thought of myself.


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  1. could someone please tell me what is exactly a turtle? cause i have a lot of different versions!!!!, and i have search everywhere and nobody have a complete and clear explanation some people says: “the people who have only cargos”, others: “the people who hide their fleet behind large defenses” and other just don know exactly … please, can I have a clear concept of turtle? thanks guys!

    — BlackBit    Dec 31, 05:03 PM    #
  2. My definition of a turtle is just a player who uses a large, generally unprofitable to attack, defense for safe-guarding their resources and fleet.

    But basically just a player with a large defense is a turtle. The arguments come on how big a defense has to be in order to be called a turtle.

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 3, 11:53 AM    #
  3. That’s a good definition, also, turtles tend to be online less often, I’m guessing once a day or less.

    — void    Jan 5, 08:37 PM    #
  4. Another point I didn’t emphasise is that although Deathstars can easily smash defenses, there isn’t much purpose unless there’s a fleet or resources to capture. So if you have a defense, and you fleetsave and resource save when offline, then you’re dandy.

    For example, say you have a small fleet, and some Deathstars. A guy has a fleet and defense on a planet, and is phalanxable. Of course the Deathstars can crush the defense, but the fleet will never be crushed. The fleet you have, if it ever tries to smash the fleet, will land on the defense and get pulverised, making either no profit or a loss. The Deathstars on the other hand can’t catch the fleet. So in that situation, a defense is good. Obviously it’s only a small wall for the attacker to climb, but enough of these and the attacker won’t bother attacking.

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 11, 08:26 PM    #
  5. what dose graviton do exacly nobody ever says in this form ho and sorry for changing topic

    burnout3    Jan 13, 12:24 PM    #
  6. Graviton is one of the requirements for building Deathstars.

    It’s not useful for anything else.

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 14, 02:57 AM    #
  7. i did this same question in another topic and nobody did answer:
    “If you have lots of defense in your moon… and someone one is going to to destroy your moon… do the deathstars have to destroy the defense first ant then go for the moon or it will go to destroy the moon straight?


    — BlackBit    Jan 15, 09:57 AM    #
  8. Yes, whenever Deathstars are on a destruction mission, I believe they always battle, then attempt to destroy with the remaining Deathstars.

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 15, 12:29 PM    #
  9. I’m pretty much a noob at the moment, can someone explain what turtling is?

    tom    Jan 21, 10:25 AM    #
  10. My definition of a turtle is just a player who uses a large, generally unprofitable to attack, defense for safe-guarding their resources and fleet.

    But basically just a player with a large defense is a turtle. The arguments come on how big a defense has to be in order to be called a turtle.

    Can you please try to read before asking questions?

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 21, 01:01 PM    #
  11. let’s make it complicated, you also have turtle raiders and raider turtles. Or maybe a miner… :)
    I’m a raider turtle, protect yourself with enough defence for strikes not to be profitable.. attack inactives to gain a bit of supplementary res.. Basically, a turtle does not get involved in vendettas and wars alot..

    You put the accent in your game on protecting those res and that fleet.

    Be a turtle raider, you’ll build a fleet to raid, build your def with it.. but alot of active raiding.. just not as much as a raider..

    Who just has his planets with mines, crappy def.. but huge fleet! allways on the way.. to attack or to fleetsave..But a heck of alot of time online..

    But this question I will ask.. eventually, doesn’t everyone end up as both..?

    Paprikachu    Jan 23, 03:32 PM    #
  12. Turtle is the player who is spending most of his resources on defense.
    Name says all “turtle”, those players are trying to make a defense shell and hide behind it.

    Those are mostly players with limited internet access and “turtling” is the easiest way of playing, build a defense fortress and you can hide your resources and small fleets behind it.

    Perfect place for defense fortress is a moon because moon can’t be targeted by interplanetary missiles.

    — Admiral SrboChetnik    Jan 30, 02:47 PM    #
  13. lol his the turlte BUIDLING A SHIPYARD ON A MOON?
    wat do you wanna do after taht do metal silo on the moon to keep the ress o the red zone? man A SHIPYARD ON A MOON SUCKS and the fact you dais the phalax is ussles makes ya a BIGGERRrr noob have a nice game hope some1 destroyes ur moon soon

    — Saint    Feb 5, 06:53 AM    #
  14. Saint, dude… he said the phalanx sucks ONLY IF you are turtling on the moon. Actually read something you dunce (possible a dictionary so you can learn to spell)

    — Arachnid    Feb 8, 02:36 PM    #
  15. whats the point in having a shipyard if your not even going to build defence there??

    on my moon ill jus be using it for phlanax and JG’s nodefence or ‘robo’s’

    — joe    Feb 11, 10:33 AM    #
  16. He has 2 moons in the same system….so no need for phalanxes on both moons. I’m sure he can just build a sensor phalanx on his other moon, and leave the moon he’s talking about to turtling….which means higher level shipyard and no phalanx.

    — Invictus    Feb 23, 11:17 AM    #
  17. Black Wyvern,

    If no one has yet told you, this is not only an awesome post, but very well-written.

    Thanks mucho for it.


    — Paul Mack    Mar 13, 09:23 PM    #
  18. how do you get a moon!!??!?!?!?!?

    — mrnobrains    Mar 15, 06:59 PM    #
  19. you get a moon when people attack you and your debris field builds up. you get a 1% chance for a moon for every 100,000 in your debris field

    — racefan 5558    Apr 2, 04:38 PM    #
  20. holy crap, that is ALOT of defeses… and i thought I was a turtle!

    Lord Nex    Apr 3, 01:51 AM    #
  21. You forgot one thing, a defense with DS is not as good because if your crashed your busted, if your busted with defenses you can still use that base with minimal upgrades.

    — NPSF3000    Apr 12, 07:45 PM    #
  22. This is a bit off topic, but since the article mentioned plasma turrets have a high ratio of deuterium to metal and crystal, how much do they cost?

    — No one    May 13, 07:53 PM    #
  23. “ I had a spate of bad luck “

    What is a spate?

    — tarcon    May 14, 03:23 PM    #
  24. “No one”: A Plasma Cannon costs 50k Metal, 50k Crystal and 30k Deut.

    tarcon: Read the Dictionary.com definition here – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/spate

    Black Wyvern: Thanks for elaborating on this interesting topic. Hopefully I can put it to good use someday, when I have a moon ;)

    — MorgueFLB    May 16, 03:05 AM    #
  25. mesa hobbo

    — yo    May 23, 03:29 PM    #
  26. @saint, How about reading? What’s the point of 2 phalanxes in 1 solar system…

    — blobzor    May 27, 09:38 AM    #
  27. hey saint, one, no one can understand you, second, Bigger n00b is spelled S-A-I-N-T not “BIGGERRrr noob” or watever. plus, having two phalaxes in same system is quite the waste of time and resources. third, having a shipyard is GOOD HERE. we are talking about defense turtling/ship turtling…... turtling in general. how ya do that without a shipyard?

    — Gaka    May 28, 09:27 PM    #
  28. I need a moon

    — Supremegod Uni6    Jun 11, 10:41 PM    #
  29. Dera every1, read all posts before posting a question as it is annoying to have to answer the same Q’s over and over again, thank you for your compliance

    — Tobita    Jun 13, 04:06 PM    #
  30. Turtle or Deathstars? Why not both? Get the darn deathstars and have them raid to fund your turtling. Maybe I’m speaking from Ignorance seeing as I’m a newish player(still about 200 out of top 1500). But hey just my opinion.

    — Scorcher101    Jun 21, 10:30 AM    #
  31. I’d say that’s a good point Scorcher… But more importantly, turtles NEED deathstars as defense as well… no turtle is safe until they have at least one DS on their planet.

    For example, I’ve got a large defense, (150k fodder, 2000 gauss and 900 plasmas) but my planet still wasnt safe from a DS attack because in large numbers they dont get destroyed in battle. The only way to defend against them is to have DS’s of your own on your planet.

    So now I’ve built 10 and I’m totally safe! Except maybe from a large-scale IPM attack… but that’s another thing altogether. :P

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 20, 10:17 AM    #
  32. according to the calculation u need about 40 plasma(without fodder) to stop 1 DS, this goes for all
    40 plasma 2M metal 2M crystal 1.2M Deut
    while 1 DS costs 5M 4M 1M
    so all taken together it’s cheaper but does cost a tad more deut
    and besides that from the plasma u get 70% restored, a DS just turns to debris(which gives the attacker some treat while at it)
    so is a DS even good as a real turtle? the buildingtime not included might make it that u stick with the Plasma instead i gues

    — steves    Aug 23, 10:16 AM    #
  33. i’ve now uber turtled my moon and it takes 35 plasmas, 7 match it, exsactly to destroy a deathstar. so attuly you could build around 100 plasmas for every deathstar which means you’ed need 3 dethstars to even to be able to start to destoy the def. othewise they’ed all get shot down in the first round.

    — Sylux.    Aug 26, 03:56 AM    #
  34. Also, as an added bonus, by stationing your res and fleet on your well defended moon u can happily ninja a high ranked player if they try to FC your moon, since (as far as i know) they can’t phalanx incoming fleets to a moon. Or can they?

    — Maleus    Oct 18, 09:54 AM    #
  35. No, Moons cannot be phalanxed, thats what makes them safe to FS to and from, and also makes them very good when trying to ninja someone.

    But, taking the above into consideration also makes me realize that some people wont attack moons, even if they are more than capable of making a huge HoF, if the moon has a Jumpgate, or a planet in the same or nearby systems. It would just to risky.

    But if your good you can still pull it off ;)

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Nov 6, 01:42 PM    #
  36. well that was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeall long folks but very interesting read thanks :D

    — luke    May 28, 01:20 PM    #
  37. Moon turtleing can be effective. But if you do attempt to do it. then build up half your points on a Uber turtle. Then pray you don’t log in some day and see a RIP only 20 seconds off of your moon, on destroy mission.

    — Hassassin    Jun 1, 05:08 PM    #
  38. @ Hassassin

    heh, and ROFLMAOLOL at the lone deathstar, 20 seconds out on Destroy mission, but you know that you have a 20%‘er moon which gives the Deathstar a 5% chance of actually booming your moon. But if it DOES boom the moon, the lone deathstar has a 47% chance of being vaporised in the Explosion.

    — Brian    Jun 5, 11:51 AM    #
  39. Hi every one.
    I want to knw y cant we build a nanite on a moon

    — Ash    Jun 10, 04:54 PM    #
  40. I have a moon known as missile silo, and thats what it is. It has the level 1 jump gate, level 4 phalanx and level 6 robotics factory. Other than that all its got is a massive lunar base and a level 23 missile silo, filled to the brim with nukes (IPMs)

    — Admiral Novaya    Jul 6, 06:13 AM    #
  41. I believe that the reason for having a Death Star/RIP in defense-mode is because of its rapid-fire against, well almost everything? I never tested it but doesn’t rapid-fire still work even when defending? Also, if you back up your RIP with a few plasmas and a ton of cannon fodder (defenses or ships, doesn’t matter), then you really won’t lose a battle unless your opponent is just far superior in numbers of death stars. This is what I’ve heard, does anyone have actual experience with this to confirm if I’m right or wrong?

    — Tletna    Feb 2, 01:48 AM    #

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