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Decline of OGame and Wikipedia Comments


Published: Dec 15, 02:40 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Black Wolf Submitted this comment on the OGame In a Decline? thread. I liked it enough to make it it’s own article… so here you go:

Mhm… everyone knows that Wikipedia blogs are submitted by individuals, are notoriously unreliable, and have next to zero credibility even compared to anime fan sites, yes? In any case, a decline in OGame doesn’t necessarily mean the game is too hard or unfair. Less people could be joining OGame because fewer and fewer people honestly know what it is or are looking for a game to play. The style of gameplay eliminates pretty much half of the prospective gaming community in that, they’re impatient. Week long wait times for research only gives evidence that you’re at a healthy stage in this game, but most Americans want instant gratification. Go figure. OGame is also a game like any other meaning, once you’ve done everything you can with it (as in built all the ships, defenses, buildings, researched, etc.) you’ve done everything with it and have only the point in continuing to rehash the same actions you’ve been doing. Dull work when player number 1 doesn’t have an all out war with player number 2 in rank.

I’ve seen several fingers pointing blame at the number of universes, which is understandable given just how many of them there are, but keep in mind that newer players tend to want to join other newer players and deleting an older player’s account for space would result in a lot of leaving population.

“Stop complaining and just fleet save.” This is the atypical response I’ve seen for those who dislike whiners. Guess what, you’re whining just as much as they and I are. Fleetsaving is impractical in the early game and then the habit isn’t formed once newbie designation wears out. Even if one remembers to fleetsave, he or she still has to log on in time to monitor the fleet. Still, that is partially useless when one missile literally leaves a fleet-saved planet completely defenseless for so much as a light fighter to come grab something. The mechanics of the game are geared against emerging players from the newbie protection, and no amount of fleetsaving can allow you to retain those valuable resources most experiences players callously view as trivial payments. If you’re not going to get a meaningful amount of resources, then your attack is simply in bad taste. Knocking the little guy down is a poor excuse for gameplay that some are always going to take part in. It’s like being a bully for a geek or comparing genitalia.

The multi-account system check, is a little slow on the pick-up. It acts more like a computer program that just crunches numbers… wait, it probably is on some level. All a GO will see is probably going to be two or more identical sets of numbers tied to different account names. Most definitely not the best system in the world, but we can assume it was chosen for the efficiency of a check list rather than having to thumb through each account every day or so to see where they logged on from, what they did, and who they interacted with. It bites, but it happens.

Solutions have ranged from stopping the creation of new universes to making a compulsory instruction manual. The creation of new universes gives players an absolute guaruntee that they will be close to the same level as everyone else if they start in the new universe, or at least closer than if they joined say Universe 1 as I did. It’s impractical to spread players so thinly, but necesary to at least offer some amount of fairness (I was going to say option equity, but that would take an explanation). Combining multiple universes is beyond impractical because of the galaxy coordinate system. It’s like trying to mold two pieces of swiss cheese together to make a slice without holes but still the thickness of a single slice. It’s not possible without losing a lot of one slice. Players and planets would be cut unless the coordinate system was expanded which would result in different coordinates for each player’s planets. The more temperamental players will leave on the spot while others grumble about it, so it’s a lose-lose merger there. Compulsory instruction manuals will tick off many prospective players so it’s better to simply provide a link saying that it’s there without forcing someone to look at it. The best suggestion I’ve seen is dividing the rank system up into smaller groups. A little tedious for older players to have fewer players to attack, but if it were a percentage system it could be implemented without too much trouble.

But, here’s the kicker. I doubt many of you made it this far into my dialogue without skipping portions, but what are the odds anyone in charge is going to look at this? Little to none unless they get bored and rummage through some old articles.

Oh, and it’s the english language people. Almost all of you can speak it, could you at least make an attempt to type it in a recognizable form? At the very least, make your words and sentences recognizable for what they are. Please?


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  1. this is good
    its the most intelligent thing ive ever heard anyone say about this subject.
    amen to you:P

    — valar    Dec 16, 04:36 AM    #
  2. would you play ogame if only were a couple of hundred (or less) “patient” players left?

    this suposse to be a MASSIVE multiplayer game, and somehow the mechanics of the game should guarantee and promote that aspect. if for some reason is happening the opposite, then something has to be done.

    i agree with the idea that someone who quit in the early or medium game is a little impatient but it´s a fact that we need them to found the game entertaining, after all this is a game not a patience test. if the impatient people dosen´t have fun and quit, the few patient people who stay won´t have fun either.

    my uni has suffer a decrease of 75% in one year and this is a problem, not an “unrealiable” and “next to zero credibility” opinion.

    finally, i apollogize for my spelling and grammar. i didn´t know there was a spanish page when i started playing. i´ll open my next account there if my uni population continue its negative growth.

    — nick name    Dec 16, 07:36 AM    #
  3. I myself am a turtle(implimented by name) I quit before because I had been building for 1 year, all of a sudden #1 player sends deathstars, destroyers, bombers, and battleships to take me out. I was so devestated that I quit for a very very long time logging in periodically to make sure account not deleted. I am sure this is the main reason people are quitting. My solution, start a war between every player ranked 500 and above, so there are less raiders to attack you.

    Ultra Super Mega Turtle To The Extreme    Dec 16, 02:11 PM    #
  4. btw, Wikipedia IS accurate. According to an independent study, it’s almost as accurate as Britannica: http://news.com.com/Study+Wikipedia+as+accurate+as+Britannica/2100-1038_3-5997332.html.
    And as for myself I agree with the OGame article in particular.

    — Andrew    Dec 23, 05:11 AM    #
  5. First they blamed it on the probe raiding “bug” that there was no res on inactives for noobs to farm off of and grow. They took that away and wow, still the same problem! On the official forums there was a nice suggestion. Basically it was about reducing the odds of losing rips when on moon destruction missions. For example; instead of having a 42% chance of moon destruction and a 49% chance of TOTAL fleet destruction, you still have 42% chance of moon destruction but EACH SINGLE RIP has a 49% chance of destruction. So you may send 15 rips at a moon and only 12 come back. It may start a trend to popping off the thousands of moons in the universes making things a bit more exciting.

    I also like the idea that sort of extends noob protection by only allowing you to attack players at a certain % of your score. I know there are many noob vultures out there just waiting for the green to turn to white in galaxy view… I would just hope it to not be so drastic that it would be something that could have prevented me from nailing my first advanced HoF that just happened to be against the #5 player whereas I was ranked #229. ;)

    bubba    Dec 23, 09:57 PM    #
  6. Firstly Andrew…never went past year 12 education.

    Secondly a percentage attack system is much needed in o-game. I got attacked by a deathstar with only 3 light lasers to go for teh winz…i hope he sent it to the wrong planet.


    I lost almost all i had…i did not play for a fortnight.

    — beresford    Dec 25, 10:08 PM    #
  7. i think the only solution is to protect a little more the new players… ogame should modify the noob protection even when the advanced players have less targets, it would be better for all…
    how can be possible than a player with 5k pts be attacked by one with 300k? let the noobs attack noobs an then you will have the effect needed… the strong players will attack strong players… and the noobs will grow faster to get in to that “high ranked fights”... in that way, you sill have no that many players that run away and not excessive ranked players.
    for example: , none player can attack a player that is more than 3 times weaker. really, I would rather that, and have less targets (with patient i’ll have more) than see my univ empty! think about that… there are a LOT of weak player that i don’t even attack cause they have no much fleet or resources anyway!! so… this is only going to affect to that players that like to abuse of their power to smash the new and weak players.

    — BlackBit    Dec 31, 04:54 PM    #
  8. As a noob myself (I play for less than a month) I find the possibility of attack from someone in first 100 or even 1000 places a serious disadvantage of a game. There should be some set of rules or restrictions that will make those kinds of attack pointless or even impossible, like making the cost of attack dependent on the ranks of the combatants – the bigger the difference, the higher the cost – or making it impossible to attack players who have less than certain amount of points etc …
    I got attacked by 265 battleships just when I came out of newbie protection. I had some defences on my planet (200 RL, 80 or so LL and few HL, IC and Gausses), one solar sattelite and almost no resources, my fleet was on fleetsave – can someone tell what was the point of this attack, other than just pointless bashing?

    Voidhawk Says: My guess is that he was fleet saving. Using you as a safe place to fleet save. It happens a lot.

    — Physicist    Jan 5, 02:42 PM    #
  9. LOL! you guys think y'alls humiliation was bad. I got attacked by 200 battleships, 100 cruisers, 500 lights, and all I had was a few light and heavies, and maybe a dozen battleships. Once that attack was over I cussed the guy out and got my account baned. He took out my entire alliance just because our leader attacked him once. So dumb,lol. Then I erased my account and didn't play for about half a year.

    — CG_Disciple    Jan 5, 09:37 PM    #
  10. To Voidhawk – maybe, but he scanned me several times since that attack. I still try to have nothing attractive on my planet, so I wasn’t attacked anymore. Maybe he was scanning to see if I’m still a “safe place” to fleet save …

    — Physicist    Jan 6, 07:12 AM    #
  11. Ive been playing for almost a month and I have a few questions. If you have a fleet on your planet will they also defend? I also wana say i agree with the newbie rule but i dont understand really how it works is it really by percentage or on how strong the person is that is attacking you?

    — Gil    Jan 12, 02:03 PM    #
  12. I also play darkthrone where you can only attack people who are within 5 levels of you up or down. I think ogame needs a similar setup.. I am ranked 1115 and yet get attacked by people ranked 100 or 200… I wasnt able to build battlships and yet someone else was allowed to attack me with 70 battleships. I almost quit… I was so upset. Then I read the tips and learned how to fleetsave but I did launch an all out attack on someone who attacked me and lost everything. All my fleets from all my planets… His defenses were way beyond anything I had to send against him.. If he is that strong he shouldnt be able to attack people weaker. Just the opionion of another whiner…

    — Psycho Jo    Jan 24, 11:46 AM    #
  13. I have to say this is the most “True-To-OGame” article I have ever read. Most people are impatient, are whiners, etc. I know when some ranked 200 player decided to pick on me – so I’d go down in points. But I realised it is a game. And that as long as my fleet wasn’t around, he wouldn’t do much damage.

    This article is great… thanks!

    — Spartan 396    Mar 21, 08:17 AM    #
  14. can someone tell me how to multi account. the public proxy servers i used to use dont work anymore. any help will be appreciated.

    — tarcon    May 20, 09:23 PM    #
  15. What ogame really needs in order to create an ‘open’ game is a limit on alliance members to about 5, that way the top people won’t all be in the same alliances and therefore will be allowed to attack each other rather than gang up on everyone else at the lower ranks

    — Over    May 27, 07:48 AM    #
  16. Nice speach, but you are fogetting that unsourced stuff on wikipedia is basicly removed immediately, EXPECIALLY on critisim and decline sections. I know this as a wikipedia editor. If critisisim of ogame was not sourced, it wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Fan sites however are basicly pure POV. Please refrian from adding untrue info about wikipedia. (You are talking about a critisim section on wikipedia, right?)

    — blobzor    May 27, 09:31 AM    #
  17. I agree completely that there are far too many whiners. (I tend to be on too.) Just to add my two cents to the rest of these thoughts that will never be recognized—

    We all understand that Ogame is, in fact, a game. We all tend to be impatient, too. It’s a product of society, so sue us. I think that many of the people that play games like this are more the type of players that use free time to play. Although I like the always-active aspects of Ogame, it becomes a disadvantage when fleetsaving and constant monitoring is the only way to keep a compettive edge. I totally agree with the idea to add a system to limit the people you can attack based on point percentage.


    — Dakroth    Jul 11, 01:58 AM    #

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