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Newsletter - December 1st, 2006


Published: Dec 6, 07:00 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Fleets to Crash…
Colonies to Raid…
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In today’s issue:

Weekly News and Questions

1. Introduction
2. Building Overview – Speed up Production
3. Links of Interest
4. 15 Minutes of Fame


1. Introduction:

This newsletter continues a series written by Black Wyvern. He
outlines the buildings available in OGame, and some details about

If you have any specific questions you want to see answered, you
can reply to this email. I also pull questions from comments left
on articles at the OGame Tips website.


~ Voidhawk


2. Buildings Overview – Speed up Production

Robotics Factory

Requirements: None (able to build immediately)
Base cost: Metal – 400, Crystal – 120, Deuterium – 200
Base time: 12 minutes, 28 seconds
Growth factor: 2

Description: This building cuts the time taken to build other
buildings by a factor of it’s level. The time for a building to
build (excluding nanites) is:

building time * (1 / robotic factory level + 1)

It is a very useful building, get this to 10 quite soon. That will
make your buildings 1/11th of base value.

Theoretical maximum level: 18~ (Waste of fields past 10)


Nanite Factory

Requirements: – Robotics Factory (10) – Computer Technology (10) – Research Lab (1)
Base cost: Metal – 1 000 000, Crystal – 500 000, Deuterium – 100 000
Base time: 25 days
Growth factor: 2

Description: This building cuts the build time of other buildings
AND ships AND defense by a half each level! It’s amazing! Get this
as high as you can as soon as you can. It’s extremely helpful. What
is interesting, is that the build time of the nanite factory will
remain unchanged no matter whatlevel as the 1/2 build time cancels
the 2x build time next level, as longas the Robotics Factory stays

Theoretical maximum level: 7~



Requirements: – Robotics Factory (2)
Base cost: Metal – 400, Crystal – 200, Deuterium – 100
Base time: 14 minutes, 24 seconds
Growth factor: 2

Description: This building allows you to build ships. It is very
useful, get this quite high quite soon to allow you to build most
of the ships and defenses possible. The time taken to build a ship
is also decreased the more you build this (ignoring nanites).

building time * (1 / shipyard level + 1)

Theoretical maximum level: 18~ (Nanite is more useful past 12 and a
better use of fields)


3. Links of Interest

- prOGame

- Improve your Game – FoxGame!

- OGame Tips Strategy Guide


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Screen shots demonstrating many of those tips.
Complete overview of all the major features of OGame.

OGame Tips Strategy Guide – http://www.ogametips.com/strategy-guide.html


4. 15 Minutes of Fame

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