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OGame on the Decline?


Published: Nov 28, 05:22 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Is OGame on the decline?

There is an interesting paragraph at Wikipedia about OGame.

Ogame is infamous for a having a large learning curve that new players face when starting the game. Since Ogame is, unlike most other popular online games, running continuously and actively encourages players to attack each other, it can take awhile for new players to get used to the system.

Also after a player’s fleet is destroyed, weeks, if not months, of work can be destroyed in an instant leaving many players frustrated and forced to start to construct ships almost from scratch, others get fustrated to the point that they start new and join another universe, if not quit OGame altogether.

As of late most universes in the English language server have been facing a problem of a declining base. While the exact reasons behind this are the subject of some debate, it is true that more and more older players are leaving while fewer newer players are joining, leaving these universes with fewer players than is ideal. Currently the older servers range from 3500 to 4000 and falling, while new universes range from 8000 to 14000 players (the maximum). While 5000 to 7000 players is generally considered ideal.

UPDATE: There is more on this here


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. This is self inflicted.

    1) It is too easy to crash new players and for a lot of folks thats is all they care about.

    This behavior will force out more players than if they all got bored and quit.

    2) Continually opening new universes in order to show ads.

    Hard to sell ad when the game dies.

    — Drako    Nov 28, 05:32 AM    #
  2. the noob limits are to low

    you can get attacked when you are rank 2000, by some one rank 1
    thats why people quit

    another reason is that people crash fleets just because they can. i got attack when i was rank 1400 by someone rank 80. they destroyed my whole fleet and i hardly had any res on my planet he gained somert like 15k metal!

    — joe    Nov 28, 09:05 AM    #
  3. ya but your fleet that got crashed must have given him lots of metal and cristal

    — qwe    Nov 28, 02:17 PM    #
  4. I have thought about this for sometime, O-Game is fun to a point. I like the fact that it is a time based game and the advancement options. However, it gets to be down right frustrating when a player spends hours to weeks of his time to build up his planets and fleets only to have the more powerful crush you because they can. I think the addition of high rank to low rank Non-player planets could add a new element to the mix. The abolishment of the rank system, or the inability for players to see the rank scores of other players. And though the Galaxy maps are cool, maybe if the names of players and other information pops up only when a planets is probed and the information shown is relevant to previous probe sent by the same player. Perhaps also the addition of a diplomatic element, Where players not only form alliances, but also treaties, pacts, and the like with other players and non-players. These additions, I believe could enrich gaming experience and allow further enjoyability for new and old players.

    — Damian Walker    Nov 28, 02:30 PM    #
  5. stop crying u babies ppl get hit if u fleets save u will be fine for i just lost 20k points (i have 52) and got a moon idc that i got it if i had fleetsaven i would have been fine and still have my fleet make your self unprofitable and ppl WONT att you

    — Justin Permes    Nov 28, 05:08 PM    #
  6. Yes but when you just Break 5K points and your attacked but #1 and Get Knocked Down to about 3K points.

    — Zach    Nov 28, 05:34 PM    #
  7. Yes, if you just break 5K and get attacked by Mr. #1, it sucks at first. In fact, here is my first received attack: http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=165516&hilightuser=38186

    In this I outline:

    Stages of coping with the reality of a mass-crash, by Triptonium:

    Denial and shock: ARGHH!!
    Anger: He’ll pay for this!
    Bargaining: He’s too big to retaliate; maybe I got a moon… NOPE!
    Guilt: That’s what I get for not fleet-saving enough…
    Depression: Chainsmoke cigarettes and hate my Ogame account.
    Acceptance: Use remaining res to rebuild.
    Hope: Begin probing inactives and searching for debris to rebuild… again.

    So you get crashed, big deal… learn from it and move on… Since then I’ve made great friends and grown steadily in strength and skill.

    @ Damien, I like some of your ideas. Unfortunately, I hear Gameforge is notoriously unresponsive to player suggestions…

    Peace, love, and Ogame y’all… register for uni 4 or 23 and I’ll send you start-up res!!!

    Just mention coupon code “Stella Artois and Turkey Sandwiches”


    — Triptonium    Nov 28, 07:42 PM    #
  8. I, too, work hard to get merely a step ahead, so, yes, I go through the same stages each time I get attacked…

    Stages of coping with the reality of a mass-crash, by Triptonium:

    Denial and shock:ARGHH!
    Anger: He’ll pay for this!
    Bargaining: He’s too big to retaliate; maybe I got a moon… NOPE!
    Guilt: That’s what I get for not fleet-saving enough…
    Depression: Chainsmoke cigarettes, [roast a bowl (my addition)] and hate my Ogame account.
    Acceptance: Use remaining res to rebuild [dig more mines.]
    Hope: Begin probing inactives and searching for debris to rebuild… again.

    And if that weren’t enough of an emotional roller-coaster you will get banned at the drop of a hat if the moderator has any inclination you MIGHT be cheating. No discussion. No Questing for truth beyond the present situation. Not untill after the fact….
    In OGame if someone says something about you to an administrator, or if you go to the same library as someone else that plays, or if you get hot under the collar after one of those attacks and cry and whine at your attacker, if he, your attacker, complaines that you’ve been too hostile, you will be banned. W/O communication from anyone in administration questioning the validity of said claims.

    I’ve been banned twice now. Once for gripin at my attacker, and the second time for ‘account sharing’ by visiting a friend in the valley and checking on my OGame on her laptop…. feh!

    If I am permanently banned, I will not be starting up another account. Ever.


    — Servant 777    Nov 28, 09:35 PM    #
  9. The 3500 minimum you stated is over the number of players in U9.

    Last time I checked, there were 3333 players, and it only seems to be declining.

    It’s not only the way crashing works that is unbalancing the game. It’s the fact it’s VERY hard to get a good rank without having started from the start. It’s no fun playing a game and not being any good at it. I don’t think there’s much that can be done.

    Maybe combine older universes into one? That would double the numbers effectively. I don’t see any other way to add a large amount of players.

    — Black Wyvern    Nov 29, 01:20 AM    #
  10. Ogame is great the way it is. You need to be crashed, to learn and move on. They need to stop opening new universes so people don’t get crashed and then go start in a newer universe because that is what is happening, they are spreading the players too thin across all the galaxies.

    — Scott    Nov 29, 08:59 AM    #
  11. Yes the problem imo has to be starting a new universe every single month. And Mr #1 is not gonna waste his time on someone that just came out of newb protection. Unless you make him mad of course.
    Lets cry about being banned for multi, read the rules if you cannot understand them that is your problem. Good riddance to dumb people who get banned for multi.

    — moriquendi    Nov 29, 09:31 AM    #
  12. i think its because after awile it get really boring

    You start really really badly bad resorces and bad everything then it take a good week to get a good onlny and then ur out o nubie protection

    I get attacked by the number 2 player inuniverse 15 i get us to it but some dont

    thats why they leave

    Mabye they should start off with more resorces to get a good conlony started


    Alex    Nov 29, 02:48 PM    #
  13. @ alex yes that would make it better for ppl who start off @ every1 else i started an acc in uni 5 ive been bashed a few times ppl DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    — Justin Permes    Nov 29, 04:59 PM    #
  14. A main problem is, well time, I don’t have the time to put forth to make it big in ogame and hence people get crashed, Say what you want, well you should have fleet saved, yea yea, but im human and because I didnt get back to my computer right when my fleet got back, a years worth of work is gone just like that. It gets discouraging, big time, you leave for a bit to take a break and bam you fall so far behind you don’t even want to try again. That is why the players are declining.

    — MIchael Anderson    Nov 29, 06:41 PM    #
  15. You guys are terrible at English.

    — John doe    Nov 30, 02:38 PM    #
  16. “Good riddance to dumb people who get banned for multi.”

    you evidently don’t have much of a clue regarding how stupid the multi-account detection seems to be.

    i’ve had friends banned because they signed on while at school when another person in a differant computer lab was signed onto ogame, and they were on seperate ogame accounts.

    AFAIK, there is nothing in the rules that prohibits being in the same school as another player, just that whoever designed that system has no clue that networks share an external IP address and that IP addresses are not typically unique to a single computer.

    — Chafalcar    Nov 30, 02:50 PM    #
  17. i joined 0game to build a fleet and jest egt res and to get my tech up becuz its fun but when you get attacked by people not in your range isn't fun but thats what whould happen in real life soo they made the game more realistic but they need to add something so people who are juteral can stay they way and if u brake the nutural thing u cna be attact and it stays non nuteral for a week

    — stacticpunk    Dec 1, 01:27 PM    #
  18. — stacticpunk
    Stop text typing dude its NOT cool.

    — thecat    Dec 1, 03:12 PM    #
  19. Stop whining about text typing, its not cool

    — Eric Carteaux    Dec 1, 08:22 PM    #
  20. i think newer players need to be helped out a bit more that is why i am in an allaince where i teach newer players how to play ogame properly (TPTA) and aswell as that i jioned uni 2 when uni 11 came out and i am still ok at it and finaly i try to attack stronger players with experiance so not to discurage newer players and also for the challage that is ;)

    prinny tyrant    Dec 2, 02:39 PM    #
  21. I find that after you have reached about 75000 points, the game starts to get boring. At first, the game is fun because you are researching and developing a lot of new things every day, and trying to build your empire up. Maybe a lot of the older players are leaving because it gets less exciting, and there are less new things to make.

    — fast eddie    Dec 3, 03:38 PM    #
  22. I plan on quitting this game very soon. I started playing it because at my job I have a lot of downtime in front of a computer, as much as 6 hours every day.

    And I’ve quite enjoyed it, until recently. Several players, not in the same alliance, have begun pointlessly bashing me. None of them have ever, ever made any profit off of me whatsoever, and have indeed spent hundreds of thousands of res on IPMs and the fuel for these hugely unnecessarily large fleets – like hundreds of battleships when I did not have a single Plasma Turret.

    Often, my colonies are attacked for no other purpose whatsoever than to crash my small (like 20) fleets of solar satellites.

    I really don’t know how I can possibly progress, I have tried building poweful defenses to make myself even more unprofitable to attack – then the IPM attacks started. So I built ABMs – I can’t, at 9K points, build enough to shoot down these clouds of IPMs.

    I spend a huge amount of time on the computer babysitting my account, have no problem fleet-saving, and I still can not make any headway. There is a serious problem with this game that could very easily be solved by some simple level bracketing. This problems are so obvious that I can only conclude that the people who’ve made this game are entirely incompetent and/or out of touch with the state of the game as it currently exists. I have no hope of these people being able to make the necessary changes.

    — Commodus    Dec 3, 09:50 PM    #
  23. my alliance enjoys destroying exacltly the new players
    its beautifull lookin how they leave the game.

    — eronis    Dec 5, 08:34 AM    #
  24. im rank 2500, and when i try to raid some1, it says they have newbie protect, evean if the galaxy says they stronger than me!!

    — rattslayer    Dec 5, 02:25 PM    #
  25. ““you evidently don’t have much of a clue regarding how stupid the multi-account detection seems to be.

    i’ve had friends banned because they signed on while at school when another person in a differant computer lab was signed onto ogame, and they were on seperate ogame accounts.”“

    You ever read the rules mr. cheater?
    Don’t whine about something that is directly in the rules.
    II. Multi-Accounts

    - Controlling more than one account per universe is strictly forbidden. – If there are 2 or more players on the same IP (eg siblings, couples, etc) it is better to have nothing else in common (only same aliance is allowed) otherwise this could be seen as multi and is bannable. – Accounts that are playing on the same IP are not allowed to interact in any way. – It is always best to inform a GO beforehand that two people are playing in the same Universe on the same IP. But the rules still apply!

    that is pretty specific and if you are in the same school guess what same rules apply. Only play at home if you are worried about people playing on your work/library/school ip address.

    — moriquendi    Dec 5, 08:39 PM    #
  26. “You ever read the rules mr. cheater?
    Don’t whine about something that is directly in the rules.” Duh, he’s saying the rule is stupid and inconsiderate of members. Who knows who plays at a library for one. Dun matter if it’s simple enough to go and inform a GO, it’s still stupid. No reason to be throwing a cheater label on him for stating opinion.

    — Bob    Dec 6, 07:58 AM    #
  27. I reckon they should make a simply explanitary guide that you have to read when registing giving tips like fleetsave etc.

    — Valen    Dec 6, 09:14 AM    #
  28. I think there is 3 things we can do:
    1. Make a short explanitary guide that is compulsary like the dude above said.
    2. Make it easier for players starting older universes I saw a suggestion saying to give them a bonus so they instantly have certain level of buildings etc this would get make it easier for starting players and mean for beginners there isn’t the tedious beginings with only a few res buildings.

    3. Another thing to do would be to reset old universes in older universes you have the same old players and alliances and it gets boring so reset the oldest like universe 1 and then in 6 months maybe reset 2.

    — Lord Anubis    Dec 6, 12:12 PM    #
  29. resetting would cause even more people to quit, besides, this article on wikipedia is SOMEONE’S OPINION!

    — n00bkillr    Dec 6, 01:55 PM    #
  30. The good thing would be to eliminate the newbie protection, and instead to have multiple universes created at the same time. So when you reach a certain level you progress to stronger universe. That way dissproportion would be avoided and everybody would be able to progress. And stronger players would benefit also, because instead of attacking really weak players, they would have to make a good strategy and attack much stronger enemies. This account progression through universes would be automatic.

    — newbie    Dec 6, 02:19 PM    #
  31. Well yeah, but if that was the way it worked and you were in an alliance in say, the first uni, as soon as you reached the limit you would automatically leave the alliance & be thrust into a new universe where you (most likely) would not know anyone.

    Plus, if this was automatic, and once you reached a certain level you progressed to the next one, that would also work in the other way.
    Once you got crashed and lost 100k points, you get flung back a couple universes.

    I have nanite 4!

    — Fox    Dec 7, 01:57 PM    #
  32. It would be simple enough to tighten the limits on who can attack who i.e. allowing only people +/- 100% of your points to be valid targets and attackers. This value of 100% is purely theoretical but the point is still valid.

    — Jam    Dec 9, 10:16 AM    #
  33. I was in rank 2k sumthing when i was in univ 24 and i got attacked on my mian planet by this guy ranked 20, i am sooooooooo!!!!!

    — Timothyinspa    Dec 12, 01:21 AM    #
  34. combining the older universes would be perfect, if you could retain the same planet addresses, or at least something similar

    — colm    Dec 12, 09:58 PM    #
  35. two facts that frustrate players and push them to quit:

    1) pointless bashing. When 9th ranked player send 17 DS in a 12 hours journey to a 400´s ranked player planet with 0 res and 0 ship. this fella calculate the exact number of DS to beat my def in 1 round, so i guess top 10 players get bored now and then too.
    well, i really don´t know what can be done against this crapy behavior.

    2) the possibility to attack players so far far away below your rank. this can be corrected adjusting every week or month the current system. for ex: when i started playing we were 12K players in my uni and the limit to attack was 5 times your amount of points, now (1 year later) we are 3.4K so that range include almost everybody. the range should be changed proprtionaly to the number of players in a given moment.

    — nick name    Dec 13, 06:34 AM    #
  36. wat they should do is stop making new uni’s and making ppl play old ones o well u get fleet crashed u mights get a moon for it and then fleet saveing is easy then u can also do a huge few day fleetsave or go into vac mode if u dont wanna get hit!!!

    — Justin    Dec 13, 04:28 PM    #
  37. The reason numbers are declining is simple. The older players get bored and move on, and many people just don’t know abot ogame anymore. I hate to say it, but everything sci-fi is losing it’s appeal to the next generation. I introduced about a dozen friends to this game, half are still playing, the rest think the game’s stupid, and they don’t want to waste their time when they could be doing something else, it’s just that simple.

    — BB2    Dec 15, 02:11 AM    #
  38. The next generaton must be a bunch of sad losers if they don’t find sci-fi themes appealing.

    Phalanax    Dec 17, 08:17 PM    #
  39. when i started to play in uni 12 were 5500 + players,i know a lot of them who left ,here now are only 3189 ! :( , i think that a new rule would be required in order to stop this decline ! a player 5th times stronger than u shouldn’t be allowed to attack u ! it’s not a good thing that a player with 2,3 mil. points can attack a player with 5k , it’s just not fair !!!

    — alin.realmadrid    Dec 20, 04:29 AM    #
  40. I don´t see why to care.
    OGame is fun, I kill time at work and if I get killed I jut don´t care…
    There is nothing like “months of work“ My Work is where I gain my money, this is plain game, It just doesn´t matter what happens in-game, it´s just this.

    Don´t take it too serious ;)


    runlevel0    Dec 20, 01:49 PM    #
  41. Really people shouldn’t have the fleet without the def to help save it. If your gonna spend Large amounts of res into something that can COMPLETLY destroyed in one battle then its stupid. Get your def first and then its alot better as 70% of it gets repaired.

    — Whats It Called    Dec 27, 02:17 PM    #
  42. I have been playing in Uni 8 for about a year and a half and I don’t think the game has gotten boring. In fact it requires more strategy to climb the ranks. I spent the first year researching and building defenses so now I’m in a position to compete more aggressively. This game isn’t about instant gratification, you need to plan, months in advance, and wait…and fleet save (and raid when it’s cost effective). As for the high ranks messing with the low ranks, it’s a reality. Get over it. I’ve been trounced and I have trounced(but again, only when it’s been effective). And if you’re attacking just for the sake of making things more ‘exciting’, go bungee jumping. This is a strategy/management-based game, it’s really only for those who get theirs kicks from managing.

    — king juzek    Dec 28, 02:38 AM    #
  43. I do think it’s a little sad when really high ranked people countinuously bash newbies. Like many people have said, Ogame is a bit of fun, we enjoy it. But to be CONSTANTLY bashed is no fun whatsoever, and I don’t believe Mr.#1 gets many kicks out of bashing either. You get hit, as I say, sh** happens, pick up, start again. But constant bashing can’t be recovered from.

    It makes me wonder about the people who noob-bash. In their lives outside the computer, they are probably walked on, so they reck people’s fun online. I’m sure there are a few words for that…

    As for what to do to pick Ogame up a little, I’m not sure. Everyone has pretty trodden the useful ground of suggestions. Maybe protection to newbies who get bashed?

    — Andy    Dec 29, 02:13 PM    #
  44. I’m a new player, and I’m doing well enough I guess. I think the thing that is needed to fix the game is more diplomacy options. Currently the no pushing rule takes out a lot of diplomacy. You could pay for a body gaurd, or pay people off instead of being attacked. Here, have 10k w/e. It’s a sure thing, and I don’t need to worry about being crashed. Also, ACS would be wonderful in older universes. Currently, alliances aren’t that useful, and they cannot protect weaker players in their alliance very well. There is also very little interaction for a supposed MMOG. ACS would help everything A LOT, as well as losening some of the restrictions.

    — Guybrush    Dec 31, 03:21 PM    #
  45. that would be abused so badly. you could pay them and they culd get soemone else to attack you making 2 other people win instead of you.

    — Whats It Called    Jan 4, 02:40 PM    #
  46. i have noticiced that older universes have less players while the new ones have more. because of this i like to join the older ones because less players and more inactives

    — aba    Jan 9, 02:56 PM    #
  47. I’m only a new player, but I’m competent at the game. (1k points in less than a week, with a 17-0-1 record on raiding/farming)

    My clan, which also plays Runescape, plays Ogame. We all started out as clueless noobs, but now some of my friends have 5x the amount of points I do, and they’ve played only slightly longer than me. None of us have been attacked that often, and I myself have been making mincemeat out of people around my level (reminder: I’m a new player too).

    Some suggestions I’d consider:

    1) Automatic 24-hour protection when an empire has been battered more than anywhere from 5 to 10+ times a day.

    2) Message prohibiting players from attacking more than X times a day.

    3) Automatic message prohibiting players from attacking someone more than 3 times in a 24-hour period. This would eliminate the need for a bashing rule.

    4) More variety of ships/defenses/research.

    5) Narrower span of people who can attack you.

    These are only my thoughts. It’s a fun game, but some people need to understand that raiding IS a large part of it. When you get knocked down, you need to get back up again. However, there can be improvements on the subject so that those who get knocked down are never beaten so far into the ground that they can’t climb out of the hole.

    — MK1    Jan 9, 06:40 PM    #
  48. Narrowing the span of people who you can attack was something I thought of before myself, but I think it would slow the game down considerably. I’m ranked in the top 400 and moving up in the ranks is slow enough as it is, so limiting my attacks to people within, let’s say, 300 points +/- of my ranking would make the quest for resources even more difficult. Generally, players around 600-800 in ranking have enough resources to justify attacking. 400-600 is touch and go, that is, their defences are built up enough to deter an attack or they’ve been burnt once and have learnt how to keep there planets from becoming targets. For example, since my last major hit, I’ve taken to storing my resources on hundreds of LCs which go back and forth between turtles and so far so good. But if I get caught sleeping, then ‘f**k!’ I’ll need to rethink my strategy. I guess my point is leave the rules as they are. If anyone can attack anyone, then the game is a wild frontier. I think introducing fairness rules would make ogame less interesting and less appealing. This might be too obvious but if you’re getting picked on, politely ask the player to stop.

    — king juzek    Jan 12, 08:22 AM    #
  49. lol.. politly as the player to stop.. i think that only works on paper but i do agree that if u can attack anyone the game would be more intersting ^^

    perhaps if searching for other planets became more diffuclit ppl wont get bashed …. i mean like insteading of having all the galaxies #ed from 1- 15 spread em around and u have to waste deteruim to look for them XD

    like move up move down etc etc.. not sure if i was clear on that lol

    — xXMerctXx    Jan 14, 02:42 PM    #
  50. Im a pretty recent player and I was wondering if a fleet can be used to defend. Ive never been attacked before. And my suggestions are to keep the fairness rule so you wont get buried and that there shouldnt be so many universes

    — Gil    Jan 15, 03:42 PM    #
  51. If anyone could attack anyone, only the top 100 or so would survive. Anybody who set one foot out of any form of newbie protection would get massacred. Not to mention that there would leave in its wake a HUGE power gap between the people stuck in newb protection and those who are in the top ranks.

    This, however, could be regulated if there was an automatic message put against people attacking other people. The bashing rule would dissappear if the game detected how much people were attacking a given person’s empire and say that “this empire has been attacked enough today.” It will erase he need for players to report bashing; it can be eliminated altogether. It sounds weak, yes. But if there’s ever to be a combination of an empire-building environment and a shoot-everything-that-moves environment, there need to be some essential tweaks.

    Also, yes, a fleet can be used to defend; but it’s not gonna save you from a whole lot unless you KNOW you can take down the opponent.

    — MK1    Jan 19, 01:52 PM    #
  52. Play X-Wars?

    Feels like a better o-game to me with better alliance interaction.
    A high ranked player can actually give a noob who’s getting bashed some killer ships to defend and attack with.

    Trading is made easier so buildings move resources across the universe at a percent removed.

    And you can choose between different races to suit you playing style. Each race has different attributes that can make you an excellent farmer, raider, trader, or balanced player.

    People can fear you no matter how weak you are if you are in a strong alliance that gives away ships

    — WID    Jan 20, 10:01 AM    #
  53. Ugh…the graphics on x-wars make me sick…I know Ogame’s graphics aren’t exactly anything great to look at, but the screenshots look like paper-mache and claymation.

    — MK1    Jan 21, 08:13 AM    #
  54. For one, ogame must be played often. You can’t play for 2hrs straight unless you are a addict, and you must log in at least twice a day. Second, how about a sissy universe where there is noob protection for way more players and harder to crash fleets there. Put the focus on raiding and not fleetcrashing. Who cares about losing some res but losing fleets sucks.

    — square126    Jan 24, 03:06 PM    #
  55. if i may say something… i think that doing some upgrades to ogame could bring new players and keep the old ones. was said a lot of ideas about how to do that and i have too: for example some extra bonuses (resources from the game + plunder) for a succeded fleetcrash, or a well defence that rejected an attack, a ninja, etc. i think also that speedsim ‘kill’ the game and is an opportunity for players to build huge armys. without this simulator more fleets could get down…lets see:i will never risk an attack without check my chance to win, so i will keep my fleet if chances arent for my side or, if they are, attack and upgrade it from the booty (so do others). is just one way up and just one down, hard to achived up, hard to recover after a down. hehe, i wait and my enemy waits, both building and hope to build more then the other, to crash him :)

    — J'    Jan 30, 04:11 AM    #
  56. there is a newbie protection that helps the new but at 5000 points let there be a protection like twice the amount of newbie protection so the fights are more fair and fleets need to be bigger to break through.

    — eregon    Apr 1, 03:25 PM    #
  57. of course less new players are going to join and actually play. if you join a uni late youre way behind the higher players and they can destroy you even if you manage to start catching up. so people get frustrated and stop. its not like playing ogame is mandatory. you play it if you enjoy it. i dont need another job. sometimes it feels like a job. its like “o no my fleet gets back to my planet in 20 minutes and im still 30 minutes from home” if youre late you could have been phalynxd by a stronger player, destroyed and alreay have your debris cleaned up. so why would people join if all they can look forward to is frustration and being mediocre at best. there are other games with less frustration, less commitment required, more fun to be had anda more balanced playing field.

    — billus    Apr 12, 09:57 AM    #
  58. Well said, billus.

    The time spent building fleets/defenses/whatever in OGame, is a resource that many people (in real life) cannot afford to squander.

    So if I take the time to finance, build and organise a fleet of 200 Battleships, and they get destroyed, that real-life time is essentially wasted. Gone. For nothing.

    Personally, I feel that my time is more valuable than that. And I guess a lot of other folks do to. That’s another reason for OGame’s declining popularity.

    — MorgueFLB    May 16, 02:15 AM    #
  59. Game is missing “circles of protection”, noob protections is almost useless.

    At time, when top players (who seems to start week before universe is publicly opened) got their phalanxes, even fleetsaving doesn’t help.

    When tops get phalanxes, game is over for most players, as they don’t have a way to get moon – they will be crashed much earlier.

    And they have absolutely NO chance to defend or avoid attack.

    So, game should enforce combats between players of adequate forces, not bottom feeding.

    Bottom feeding is what kills this game.

    — Navi    May 21, 05:37 PM    #
  60. In order to get a fair ogame we need to get rid of all alliances, naps, and other bs that allows people ‘protection’. In the spirit of the game it should be a free for all feast and i believe it would then encourage top players to attack each other because alliances dont get in the way with diplamatic bs

    — Over    May 27, 07:55 AM    #
  61. main reason for people quitting is that it takes to long for the players to get intu due to the fact its real-time so new players cnt be bothered to play the gameit takes about 4 weeks just 2get any form of small ships ( heavy and light fighters maybe cruisers) going and gets players frustrated

    — -FuzZyShiPs    Jun 5, 07:23 PM    #
  62. Taking too long to get into the main flow of the game?

    That’s what sets this game apart from others. I agree it has some fatal flaws so far as the traditional strategy game goes, but if I wanted something with a short learning curve that any idiot could master, I’d be yet another WoW addict, or some other form of game. The simple fact is that this game (and we mustn’t forget that’s all it is) requires far more time, planning, and intelligence than the average one out there. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t fair. But it is more realistic, and it IS a challenge. FOr me, that’s great. I enjoy a challenge. I plan to work as long as it takes to run down the universe I’m in, and once I hit #1 then I’ll probably retire the account and start fresh in another uni. There’s the challenge for me. Am I gonna get crashed hardcore at some point, oh hell yes I am. And yes, I will be pissed. But that’s no reason to quit, that’s just bad sportsmanship. I’ll quit when I get bored. And if anything, the ones who keep hitting that wall simply aren’t trying new strategies, they aren’t finding something that works. They aren’t intelligent or creative enough and so they suffer until they can’t take any more, and they leave. Yeah its harsh and I’ll probably take a littlw flak from someone who’s trying their hardest and just can’t seem to rise past a certain point. That’s what teh game’s about man. How good are you? The average joe won’t be on top, no way, not here. No amount of luck or friends will win you a place in the top spots. It comes down to skill, tenacity, and creativity.

    It seems like the veteran players have become disenchanted with the game. Fair enough. Once you’ve found the strategem that works best for you, applied it a couple times, where’s the fun in it? Like any other hobby, they’ll put the game down and move on to something else, like all of us will at some point.

    Its not about improving the game. Its about, ‘Where do we as players want to see the game going?’

    — Seandacht    Jul 13, 04:27 PM    #
  63. Also experienced player get desillusioned with the way the game is administrated. Once the GOs see something suspicious (often inspired by your competition) they will ban you and force you to prove your own innocence. This guilty until proven innocent attitude combined with the often arrogant stance of the GOs can cut out all the fun in one go… Ban discussion are forbidden in the forums which only add to the feeling of being helpless with all the time investment under threat…
    In my example I travelled a lot in May and 2 months later I got banned for account sharing and was requested to scan and upload credit card bills, flight tickets and hotel bills to prove my movements… I thought this is a game and not work! Anyway, I waited too long to do it (I have RL) and now my account was deleted. So much for my ogame experience….

    — Lunarion    Aug 12, 03:36 PM    #
  64. Heh attacking newbies is fun. I got attacked once before, SO WHAT! I just memorized his name and now we are enemies.

    — samwarrior    Sep 14, 05:25 AM    #
  65. Yes, I have noticed this as well. Though I personally have never gotten in trouble with a GO, I know many people who have, and a lot of the reasons are preposterous. Most of the time it seems like they do this just to try and be mean to the players, like they make up little rules that dont exist and then get players in trouble just for that, or they wil wait like three months to “warn” you about something that was not done wrong.

    As a matter of fact, my first experience with a GO was rather unpleasant. I sent in an Oticket asking f I may send res to a higher ranked player (not because they needed help, but because it was more of a sympathy thing, not too important now, it was a while ago). The GO that answered was very rude, and told me the obvious: “it was against the rules”. It was that exact REASON i sent in an Oticket in the first place, to request permission to do that!

    I read in the rules that you ARE able to do things like that if you send in a ticket and notify a GO and such.

    I’m sorry to come off rude, but a GO has to be a little less temperamental if they want people to quit playing. It IS just a game, but off-setting attitudes by the GO’s when dealing with newer players is definitely a thing that would send most people to leave. I know that some of the GO’s have to deal with a lot every day, but that is no reason they should take it out on everyone else. If they don’t want the stress of being a GO, they should not be one. Dont get me wrong, there are some very polite and helpful GO’s out there, I just hope to see more.

    Perhaps there should be an alliance in each of the Uni’s that Newer players are notified about when they first start, and can join to help them learn the game. Most Newbies (including me when I fist started) were a little confused as to what exactly we should be doing. If they have heard of Ogame, chances are they want to play, and if they dont know what to do, then the game gets a little frustrating.

    Ogame is fun, and we should be able to teach them the basics so that hey can experience the fun as well.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Nov 6, 02:34 PM    #
  66. hi..i know this is off topic but i have just lost over 2mil resources because of some glitch. i was building a research lab but forgot , so i tried to research impulse lv9….even tho i couldnt research it because the research lab was under construction it still took the res! can anyone explain this..or was i just unlucky?

    — menace2society    Nov 18, 05:23 PM    #
  67. well this is how its set up but i feel the point. just learn the game and the ability to be unprofitable! thats the best def.

    oh and FLEETSAVE!

    — DIRTY SHAWN UNI16    Nov 21, 04:43 PM    #
  68. i’m rank 1,476 and didn’t even get attacked once yet

    — bob    Jan 10, 04:30 PM    #

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