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OGame is my latest craze


Published: Apr 19, 03:24 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

As you can probably tell, OGame is my latest craze.

Why? It’s easy to play, doesn’t take a lot of time, or “twitchy” skills, and you can play it form ANY computer with an internet connection.

I have started posting answers to many of the questions I see on the OGame forums. I figured that if I can benefit from a collection of OGame Tips and Help, then other people can as well.

And my stats for this site are proving me correct. Since starting the OGame Help and Tips stuff, I have gained about 20% increase in traffic, and most of those search keyword criteria are about OGame.

So, sit back and enjoy… I’ll have more OGame Tips soon.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. I just started and i wanted to send a espionage probe but i don’t know how can u help?

    — Sir cuddles worth    May 12, 03:15 AM    #
  2. you have to research espionage to level 2 build a probe a click espionage on a planet and send the probe

    — unknown    Jun 3, 10:13 AM    #
  3. what is the best way to gather resources in order to research shielding lvl.3

    aeh2019    Jun 27, 07:15 PM    #
  4. Well, if you have a fleet raid something, or just wait until your mines gather the resources

    — Ogame Master    Jul 12, 10:26 AM    #
  5. hey i got some qs and i hope i dont sound stupid
    how do i add ppl to my buddylist and send them a message

    — jonathan    Aug 24, 01:36 PM    #
  6. How do I get a moon

    — powenator    Sep 21, 10:22 AM    #
  7. does anyone know a good site to find out how ogame works? I was wondering what the time cycle are, a.k.a. how long till you get new resources? thanks.

    — cheeseball    Oct 25, 06:29 AM    #
  8. i have an allience but don’t know how yo put a pic on the page can anyone help

    — hanksy    Jan 16, 11:17 AM    #
  9. In order to get a moon a battle must take place on your planet. For every 100,000 resources that are left as debris you have a 1% chance of a moon forming (max 20% with 2M resources, but not more).

    — Nightmist    Jan 24, 10:39 AM    #
  10. How do you capture othe planets?

    — Toppertom    Mar 28, 01:14 PM    #
  11. you have to build a colony ship. after you build it you send it to an empty planet slot

    — racefan 5558    Mar 28, 04:46 PM    #
  12. hanksy not sure but i do know you have to get an alternate site such as photo bucket then down load and transfer

    — hit-point    Apr 5, 04:47 PM    #
  13. Can I colonize planets that are not in my system?

    — Trevyr    Apr 17, 05:34 PM    #
  14. yes you can even colonize panets that aren’t in you galaxy. just build a colony ship, click on the galaxy or system changer and find a spot you want to colonize.

    — Retard    May 24, 09:12 AM    #
  15. can u send a colony ship to other universes? and if so how?

    — joe    Jun 3, 07:01 AM    #
  16. How do u send ur colony ship to an empty slot? u can’t click anywhere..

    — Brandon    Jun 6, 06:50 AM    #
  17. doesent take a lot of time thats bull s**t. look at this

    Impulse Drive (level 4)
    The impulse drive is based on the reaction principle. Further development of this drive makes some ships faster, although each level only increases speed by 20 % of the base value.
    Requirements: Metal: 32.000 Crystal: 64.000 Deuterium: 9.600
    Construction Time: 12h 0m

    — ZeUs9471    Jun 7, 08:48 AM    #
  18. what do all the colours on the galaxy section mean? when it says (**mins) next to some1s name?

    — 123    Jun 7, 04:10 PM    #

    my email is joesakicrocks@hotmail.com please tell me how

    — g4g    Jun 8, 03:51 PM    #
  20. how do i give higher levels in my alliance?

    — bob33    Jun 17, 08:06 PM    #
  21. How do u send ur colony ship to an empty slot? u canít click anywhere..

    — PLZ!    Aug 13, 01:17 PM    #
  22. to send a colony ship jus go to da fleet section add ur colony ship press continue type in co-ordinates nd den it will go der. co-ordinates have to b of an empty planet slot

    — mat    Aug 31, 11:11 AM    #
  23. im trying to get one of my accounts to send resources to my other one but it wont let me why not?

    — abc    Sep 11, 09:18 AM    #
  24. It is because that is cheating. You can’t have more than one account in the same universe or you will get banned for multi-accounting.

    — Trevyr    Oct 7, 09:46 PM    #
  25. How do you build a shipyard?

    — jake    Dec 4, 04:51 PM    #
  26. Check the “Technology” section on the left side of the screen. (under ‘fleet’). It will tell you the requirements for everything you can build on ogame.
    For a shipyard, you need to have at least a level 2 Robotics Factory.

    — Trevyr    Dec 22, 10:31 PM    #
  27. How do you send resourses in Ogame

    — lotar    Apr 17, 07:46 AM    #
  28. How Do you seen Ships to defend an Ally, MY ally is in another galaxy and when I try to sent ships to defend it says that either I don’t have cargo space or that fleets can’t be sent to that planet.

    — Zachari    Apr 22, 07:46 PM    #

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