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Moonchances: Espionage Probes or Solar Satellites?


Published: Nov 19, 03:24 AM by: James Bron

Note: this is assuming we’re ignoring the fact that Light Fighters are the best ship for moonshots, bar none. After all, sometimes 1667 LF may just be too powerful to crash. O_O

Anyway, there are a few things that must be considered when deciding a ship type to use for moonshots:

  1. The ship’s cost (the ratio between the resources).
  2. How easy the ship is to destroy in combat.
  3. The ship’s RF properties (ties in with point 2).
  4. The chance of the opposing fleet suffering losses (i.e. how powerful the moonshot ship is).

So, I’ll quickly list the properties of these two “ships” before making the comparison:

Espionage Probe

Solar Satellite

Alright, comparison time:


Since the Solar Satellite costs twice as much crystal as an Espionage Probe, it will produce twice as much debris (and thus you will only need half as many). However, the Solar Satellite also costs 500 deuterium, which is a waste since this doesn’t contribute to the debris field.

Total costs (20% moonchance debris field):

Solar Satellite (3334 needed): 6,668,000 crystal and 1,667,000 deuterium.
Espionage Probe (6667 needed): 6,667,000 crystal.

This means that 2 moonshots with Solar Satellites will add up to around the total cost of a single Graviton attempt!

Winner: Espionage Probe

Ease of Destruction

The Solar Satellite can take twice as much punishment as an Espionage Probe, but this is negligible because even a fleet of Light Fighters can chew through either without much effort. Furthermore, while the SS has twice the hull, only half as many are needed (for this very reason), so it balances out.

Winner: Tie

RapidFire (RF) Properties

Neither Solar Satellites nor Espionage Probes have RF against anything (not that it would matter because they’re so weak), but on the contrary, everything has RF against them. This makes them both just as susceptible to mass annihilation every round.

Winner: Tie.

Attack Power

The Solar Satellite will inflict 1 damage per round, while the Espionage Probe will inflict 0.01. While the Espionage Probe is clearly less dangerous to the attacking fleet/defence, the difference is practically irrelevant.

Winner: Tie

Adding all that up, the Espionage Probe is the winner. Additionally, there are a couple of other points that affect the outcome:

-Espionage Probes, being mobile, can be used to create moonchances either at home (by having them crashed) or for someone else (by crashing them into defences/fleet). Solar Satellites can only be used on their planet of creation.

-Solar Satellites can not be fleetsaved, while Espionage Probes can. This means that the Espionage Probes won’t be crashed “prematurely”.

Again, in spite of all of this, Light Fighters are still the best ship for moonshots. :P


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  1. light fighter 3k metal 1k crystal
    small cargo 2k metal 2k crystal
    surely they are both as good as each other or good in combination because if you have even mines and build light fighters, you will find you get a gigantic crystal build up.
    so im just asking why are light fighters the best?

    — holy moley    Nov 22, 02:57 PM    #
  2. Because the crystal cost.

    Getting enough metal for a moonshot is a relatively easy task. And why?

    Because at midgame you start to be so overstarved of crystal (and a bit later deut too) that you will pile metal even without wanting to.

    If you want to add another sink for your crystal (and deuterium), it is up to you.

    Anyway, you will get the chance to get moonshots with solar satellites as soon as you try to get Graviton tech.

    And, on the light fighter thing, yes, they do fight back, but you are trading moonchances. Anyway, with same techs (all at 13) 450 Battleships or 420 cruisers can wipe 1667 light fighters with 0 chance of losing a single ship. It makes almost the same number of them to have a 100% chance of destroying the 6668 spy probes needed for a decent moonshot (of course you can also take them down with 500 or so light fighters).

    Anyway, if you are so worried about hurting the “crasher”, you could go with light cargoes, at least these do not take only crystal, and, you will have an easier time building them.

    My two cents.

    — Fernando    Nov 23, 08:29 AM    #
  3. how do u crash ships into your self?

    — bob    Nov 29, 02:18 PM    #
  4. You can’t. Ask a firend to do it or buy a moonshot from someone of your Uni. You can either build the fighter, probes oder sols and ask a friend to attack you or let the other build the propper amount of ships and fly them to your defense. 1st is good if you got none-few defense (only put the lj, sols oder probes there and save your Res), 2nd is excellent if you got a good defense or big fleet.
    In both cases get a large ammount of Recyclers on the moonshotplanet (save them just before the attack and return them fast!!) to get the DF as quick as you can.

    — Zombiecaster    Nov 29, 04:52 PM    #
  5. How can you get the money though?

    — Unknown    Dec 6, 02:46 PM    #
  6. why are light fighters best for moon chances?

    — hybridballa    Dec 11, 05:10 AM    #
  7. can any one tell me how long do u have to wait when u get a debris field until u get a moon?

    duasreetsoldier    Dec 11, 07:23 PM    #
  8. The moon is formed instantly.

    — Arbron (aka James Bron)    Dec 11, 11:21 PM    #
  9. so 50 lf’s and 200k probes would do the trick?

    — zal    Dec 17, 01:51 PM    #
  10. well LF is the best for moonshots as they are quick to build, and they are better then SC since there is a chance they will destroy some of the opposing fleet and increase the chance of moon.

    — faraway    Feb 1, 06:52 AM    #
  11. what kind of debris field would i need for just a 1 percent moonchance?

    — Gaka    Apr 1, 10:45 PM    #
  12. If 1667 LF’s is a 20% chance, what would 1/20 of that be, Gaka?

    — incarnadyne    Apr 12, 02:51 PM    #
  13. I’m definitely a newbie at ogame… but I’m left wondering… why is it beneficial to max your moonshot percentage?

    if there’s a one to one ratio between resources expended and percent moon-chance, shouldn’t you do the minimum required crash for a moon chance, then repeat until you get a moon. While yes, a 1% chance is small, there’s a significant chance you’ll ‘overspend,’ buying percentage points you might not actually need (if you’re feeling lucky). Of course, attempting 20 1% moonshots takes a lot more effort than 1 20% shot.

    Anyway, this may be completely off base, as I’m still new to ogame (my fleet consists of two small fighters and some cargos).

    — modelcadet    Apr 24, 01:44 PM    #
  14. @modelcadet: A moon created from a larger debris field (larger chance) will be physically larger and thus have a higher maximum field capacity.

    So higher % = bigger moon.

    — spazbutt    May 1, 01:43 AM    #
  15. how do you buy a moonshot?

    — coolperson    May 12, 08:07 PM    #
  16. Can I attack myself to get me a moonchance?? Or does it have to be another player??

    — Ivalice    May 16, 01:57 AM    #
  17. spazzbutt is sort of wrong. yes the moon will be bigger but the only thing that controls the number of fields on the moon is what level lunar base you have on it. the only advantage of a having a physically bigger moon is that it makes it more difficult for an opposing player to destroy it with a Deathstar (aka RIP).

    — KarNaGe    May 28, 05:27 PM    #
  18. you can also trade Equal Moon shots between you and another member who is in your alliance or Buddy list all you have to do is send out 1667 Light fighters on attack missions to each over and hope you get lucky but first get permission for this through your Go and take a ticket

    — padawan wolf    May 31, 07:03 AM    #
  19. does a moon count as a colony?

    — o_0"    Jun 10, 12:43 PM    #
  20. I have a total opposite question concerning moons. If I have a a big moon (20%), size 8717 and it gets destroyed, what would be a loss in points. Just the moon w/o any buildings.

    — Mondaag    Jun 18, 06:51 AM    #
  21. I DON’T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! But I do believe in goods, in ogame there are GO. I(they) made a moon to the enemy in U31. He has only 2% and before fight Small Cargo 70 Large Cargo 4
    Light Fighter 24 Battleship 3
    Espionage Probe 2 Battlecruiser 1
    Rocket Launcher 10 Light Laser 10
    Heavy Laser 5 Gauss Cannon 1
    Ion Cannon 5 Small Shield Dome 1
    Large Shield Dome 1
    Moon created:Size-4472 Temp 8

    — Enervant    Jul 6, 12:27 AM    #
  22. Okay, here’s the thing…

    I have a Debris Field of 600 crystal…..what are the chances of me getting a moon….

    Flamma    Oct 6, 08:42 AM    #
  23. uhh 0?

    — Jimmah    Oct 8, 01:35 AM    #
  24. what does it meen on support.ogame.org, when an issue is “moonshot”?????

    — Teyla    Dec 11, 12:22 PM    #
  25. Hey going back to the whole bigger %= bigger moon thing…ya actually spazzbutt was right. The bigger the moon the more possible fields you can make. Yes each lunar base lvl creates 3 fields but each moon has a certain total “capacity” of fields, and the bigger the moon the bigger “capacity.” So in a way you’re both right.

    And Flamma, every 100k total resource in a DF is 1%.

    And Teyla, when it’s talking about moonshot in the ticket “Issue” section, it means that’s where you get permission to do a moonshot. So you need to ask a GO before you attack someone to make a moon.

    — someone    Dec 24, 01:58 PM    #
  26. My alliance has found the cheapest route to a 20% debis field is 556 large cargos. They are easy to defeat and fairly cheap to make 3.5M metal + 3.5M crystal

    — t00nces2    Jan 3, 12:00 PM    #
  27. But, like they said before, this EATS crystal. I would still stick with the LFs unless you have a lot of crystal to burn.

    — Trevyr    Jan 14, 09:03 PM    #
  28. What about fill Large Cargos with metal an crash them into defences to form moon?

    — Danculo    Mar 6, 05:24 AM    #
  29. light fighter 3k metal 1k crystal
    small cargo 2k metal 2k crystal

    well, as far as i know, 1k crystal equals 2k metal…

    and 2k metal is far far more easier to get…

    so the light fighters are the best choice…

    — sphynx    Mar 11, 07:14 PM    #
  30. Resources in cargos/ships are lost when they are destroyed. The resources ARE NOT combined with the DF. So it would be an absolute waste

    — Caldsteven    Jun 19, 09:42 AM    #

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