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FoxGame - Improve your Game!


Published: Jan 13, 06:19 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

If you use Firefox, then there is a great plugin to help your game out. It’s called FoxGame.

It is 100% Legitimate (meaning it has been OK’ed by the OGame Staff).

You need Firefox for this to work. You can download Firefox from the following link. UPDATE: Firefox was just released a short time ago. It contains several security updates. If you haven’t switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox, NOW IS THE TIME!

Here are some of the features it adds:

You can view some screenshots and download the FoxGame plugin here.

As a side-note… Firefox 2.0 has some great speed improvements for loading websites (not just OGame). It is definitely worth downloading even if you decide not to use FoxGame.

UPDATE: FoxGame does work with with the GalaxyTool plugin. You might want to read the forum topic to ensure your settings are correct.


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  1. wow this tool is superb and will prove itself extremely useful since most people do not run on server time :)

    thanks for posting this. I’m sure I’ll get my use out of it

    — trust    Nov 4, 07:05 AM    #
  2. hmm. looks like you beat me to putting news about this up. i’ve been using this tool for a couple months now. very handy. now i don’t need to scratch my head to figure out what time my fleet is gonna arrive.

    — Chafalcar    Nov 4, 01:34 PM    #
  3. but i heard it doesnt work with the galaxytool plug in, is this true, or was that the old version?

    — big    Nov 8, 07:12 PM    #
  4. Guy i download this fox game thing and what do i do open with what?

    You need to have Firefox to use the FoxGame plugin. If you don't have Firefox, you can download it using the link above... then install the FoxGame plugin. ~ Voidhawk

    — timothy    Nov 20, 01:56 AM    #
  5. is it safe will it get hack esc.

    — Super    Dec 14, 06:14 AM    #
  6. ok i’ve tryed it and is dosen’t work because it is an XPI how can i download it

    — matt    Jan 28, 01:46 PM    #
  7. matt after you download foxgame onto you desktop drag and drop it on the FireFox Browser and it’ll download it

    — tj    Jan 28, 08:39 PM    #
  8. ok i have dragged and drooped the foxgame file and downloaded it but now can’t find it

    — matt    Jan 29, 10:56 AM    #
  9. can someone tell me how to set up galaxytool and foxgame properly please

    — matt    Jan 31, 11:34 AM    #
  10. w00t this rules

    — von-findlay uni2    Feb 11, 05:08 AM    #
  11. whats firefox?

    — blujelly    Feb 20, 05:07 AM    #
  12. ... Meh, I don’t like the colors ;)

    Though it might come in use if I think I want FireFox.

    — Spartan 396    Mar 21, 08:32 AM    #
  13. Seem to have problems with the plugin running Firefox It installs and asks to restart, but after restart the Plugin is no longer there! Am I doing something obviously wrong?

    — Solaris    Apr 23, 01:54 PM    #
  14. its fireWeasel :P

    — thecat    Jun 3, 05:30 PM    #
  15. Thanx for creating this :)
    It is most usefull

    Svi smo mi braca!

    — Mefisto    Aug 17, 12:44 PM    #
  16. @Spartan 396
    If you dont like colors change them. Tools > Add-ons > Foxgame > Options. Near the bottom of the first tab you can change the colors.

    I hope to God you are not serious. But I’ll tell ya anyway. Firefox is an internet browser just like Internet Explorer or Netscape, but Firefox can be modified with addons like…... oh i dunno Foxgame.

    — Calcutter    Oct 31, 05:53 PM    #
  17. this is a good plug-in i was using for a while but neogame (http://www.neogame.dk) is wayyyy better. its has everything foxgame has but better, it gives you way more information on resources and is way more customizable and stuff. so use it!

    — Jake    Apr 16, 10:54 AM    #
  18. Neogame keeps crashing my firefox browser since yesterday uninstalled Neo and installed foxgame now no esp link on galaxy view, comes up “error no ships available”.
    Can anyone help?

    — gav    Apr 16, 02:59 PM    #

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