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How to crack defences (edited greatly)


Published: Nov 19, 04:28 AM by: James Bron

Due to the overwhelming mass of vehemently opposed comments, I am going to adjust the article to mirror their suggestions (because they are indeed logical).

Since the recent article outlines the best way to defend against raids/farming attempts, I figured that it would be beneficial if I provided the other side of the coin: how to BEAT defences.

Now, before I get started, I’ll answer an inevitable question, and make a point while I’m at it:

I do not encourage meaningless defence bashing.

Doing so simply serves to ruin the game for the unfortunate turtle (however, in saying that, it isn’t always a turtle that gets bashed) at no benefit to the attacker. There’s resources behind the turtle’s wall, you say? Then it’s not meaningless bashing, is it?

Anyway, to get to the point, a fleet has a distinct advantage over defence when in combat: rapidfire. As I will illustrate below, many fleets rely on this against both enemy fleets and defensive arrays.

What is rapidfire?
I may as well cover rapidfire here, since I’ve read almost literally hundreds of comments asking how the heck it works. Well, all those in doubt, have no fear! Rapidfire works like so:

% Chance of RF = 100 – (100 / x)

... where x is the rapidfire value.

I’ll use an actual ship as an example: the Cruiser has a RF value of 10 against Rocket Launchers. Therefore:

% Chance of RF = 100 – (100 / 10)
% Chance of RF = 100 – 10
% Chance of RF = 90

Therefore, the Cruiser has a 90% chance of firing again when it targets a Rocket Launcher. The next shot can target any other ship/defence (in which case the ship’s firing spree ends, unless it has RF against the new target as well), or another Rocket Launcher (in which case the calculation is repeated).

A rapidfire value of 10 does NOT:

-Let the ship destroy up to 10 of the RF’d ship/defence a round, and the RF stops if one doesn’t die.
-Let the ship shoot at no more than 10 of the RF’d ship/defence a round, even if some don’t die.
-Let the ship only target the RF’d ship/defence until the RF ends.

Those three misconceptions appear to be the most commonly spread, so there they are debunked. RF lets the ship fire anywhere from once (low chance) to a hundred thousand times (even lower chance) or even higher, depending entirely on luck. Got it? Good.

So, is there anything more to keep in mind besides rapidfire? Yes. Fodder

Fodder refers to a large number of cheap, inexpensive ships that are present for the sole purpose of drawing fire away from your expensive ships.

Note: fodder is even more effective when fighting defences, because you aren’t up against any rapidfire (whereas enemy fleets have rapidfire in the form of the Cruiser and the Deathstar).

So, going on the above description, what would be the best fodder unit? The Light Fighter, of course! The Espionage Probe is of no use as fodder because everything has rapidfire against it (although, again, defences don’t, so Espionage Probes may be of use against them).

Note: Heavy Fighters make excellent backup fodder, but only against Cruisers, making them irrelevant in this context.

Now, in all fairness, Light Fighter fodder is only really necessary when fighting a) Gauss Cannons or b) Plasma Turrets (the latter of which can destroy a Battleship in one shot if the exploding chance proves favourable).

Cracking Defences (w/o Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets)
Three words (one of which is a compound): Bombers and Battleships.

The Bomber is a godsend in all situations regarding defence, but especially against the “lower tier” defences (Light Laser, Rocket Launcher, Heavy Laser and Ion Cannon). Why? Because it has RF against them!

Now, my original suggestion involved having LF for fodder against the lower defences. That idea is ancient history as of the first received comment.

In reality, due to their low damage, the weaker defences are actually better countered by having swarms of larger ships. As proven in the past by many of the top players, sheer numbers of heavily armoured ships (Destroyers and Deathstars come to mind, but even Battleships qualify) pretty much guarantees that the damage will be “spread” around, thus a lot of ships lose their shields and a bit of hull, but it is unlikely that any will die.

Therefore, to conclude, when up against RL, LL, HL and IC, use a large number of Battleships and Bombers, with some Destroyers mixed in. If you can build Deathstars, then use them, by all means!

Note that this has only covered the weaker defences thus far. However, REAL turtles often involve Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets, which brings me to my next point.

Cracking Defences (w/Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets)
Now we break out the big guns. Unfortunately, Bombers lose their main advantage here, because they don’t have rapidfire against Gauss or Plasma.

Now, this is where Light Fighters do come into play. Because Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets (especially the latter) make mince meat out of even Battleships, you need smaller ships that can draw their fire away. The answer is the Light Fighter.

This is precisely why the Light Fighter is such an excellent fodder unit: since it dies in one shot from anything above an Ion Cannon, as far as it’s concerned, all defences above are the same. In other words, that extra 50 Gauss Cannons may as well be Heavy Lasers, since their extra attack power makes no difference unless they target the Bombers/Battleships (which is unlikely; HIGHLY unlikely, in fact, as long as your fodder far outnumbers your main force).

Unfortunately, the real problems arise when up against large numbers of all types of defences. Because of the presence of large numbers of weaker defences as well as the big guns, you may find your fodder conveniently stripped away by the fodder defences, thus leaving your Battleships vulnerable to the stray Plasma Turret shot.

As of this writing, I know of only two ways to circumvent this problem, and both of them are expensive:

1. Build much more fodder. If absolutely necessary, use Heavy Fighters or even Cruisers, since they can absorb many more shots (and the latter will even help in destroying RL).
2. Use Deathstars.

Both are expensive, but the latter is much more cost efficient (for a trade-off: not everyone has Deathstar technology).

Oh, and on a personal note, I am going to respond to a point in one of the later comments:

2 – i’m a top100 fleetcrasher.. and for me, if i saw 2 fleet who have to same point value.. one with battleship and one with bomber.. i do much more profit if i attack the one with bomber. this is fact.

avoid bomber.. if you want to take def, use cruiser and battleship..

I never once said that Bombers were superior to Battleships. Of course Bombers are more profitable to crash. If you’re going up against ships, you will want to use Battleships over Bombers because they are cheaper and faster. However, due to the Bomber’s versatility (a Battleship with better armour and shielding, and can slaughter defences), it does have its uses, and does make a good substitute if the situation calls for it, even if it is just the extra shielding.


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  1. Or just use DS

    — Dam    Oct 31, 02:04 PM    #
  2. what is really usable advice during the first 2 moths or so after u start

    — foxy    Oct 31, 04:27 PM    #
  3. a good way to crack defences if there got good defences but no anti nukes just send nukes and no more defences for them then send your fleet and you have won

    — reece    Oct 31, 09:24 PM    #
  4. remember that bomber are candy for fleetcrasher, so this tactic need fleetsaving more than any other… i dont recommend to build bomber!! prefer the battleship, in a near futur you will need crystal more than any other resource

    — uni13.org    Nov 1, 03:10 PM    #
  5. “remember that bomber are candy for fleetcrasher,”

    Bombers function as well in combat as Battleships, except they have better shielding and structural integrity. Their extra fuel usage is irrelevant in this context, since you usually get crashed on your own planet.

    “so this tactic need fleetsaving more than any other…”

    That’s like saying “even more perfect!” There’s no in between with fleetsaving: you either need to do it or you don’t.

    “in a near futur you will need crystal more than any other resource”


    — Arbron    Nov 1, 07:45 PM    #
  6. For later in the game. There are a few more ways to crack defenses.

    First of all, the most efficient (fuel, loss and capture – wise) is a Deathstar or more. If you send enough to win without losses, you end up paying something like, 50 deuterium, and gain millions of resources. Generally, if you send enough, you won’t even lose one Deathstar. They reach a ‘cap’ level where nothing will kill one. This is your goal. However, this is mainly for the skilled players with a large income. Smaller players who can’t afford a Deathstar every 3-4 days aren’t going to do very well with this tactic. Also, you need to be building Deathstars fast enough to keep up with the largest fleets. If you don’t have enough, you will be profitable, and that’s not what you want. The only problem is finding a player to attack, who will be offline when the RiP reaches. They are damn slow. Or you could use a mobile attack base. That works too.

    You can also call alliance friends, and set up a ‘mass IPM strike’. This consists of about 5 players, with 5+ colonies ready to shoot IPMs. It doesn’t take long to set up the colonies, and load them with IPMs. Then the players can IPM and take a alrge portion, if not all of the defense of another player. It is made all the more faster with more players, more planets, nanites, higher silo levels. This does cost a pretty penny however, not very reccomended option, unless you have a reason why you want to pound this person into the ground.

    — Black Wyvern    Nov 1, 11:23 PM    #
  7. for breaking defences with bombers doesn’t work as well as this describes. not many planets have only defences and no fleet. Throw in a few cruisers for the defending side, and you will have a very different outcome.

    — void    Nov 3, 04:02 PM    #
  8. This article is not accurate at all. Why would anyone use LF’s when the defender does not have Guass or Plasmas. This isnt good at all.

    — Mike    Nov 4, 10:03 AM    #
  9. I prefer using 10 cruisers than 1 bomber.Bombers are very slow and cost a lot of deut.

    Only thing i don’t like from the cruisers that they cost deut to build

    — njub    Nov 5, 02:34 AM    #
  10. i wil take this into considerastion

    — Hailfire    Nov 12, 05:22 AM    #
  11. All things considered, don’t build bombers and destroyers, rather build Battleships!! They can destroy anything if sent in proper quantites, plus they don’t cost deut, they have great storage space & they are really fast :)

    — Mr. B    Nov 13, 06:04 AM    #
  12. @Arbron
    1- what you say about fleetsaving isnt true… fleetsave isnt you do it or you dont do it.. there is many way you can get screw

    2 – i’m a top100 fleetcrasher.. and for me, if i saw 2 fleet who have to same point value.. one with battleship and one with bomber.. i do much more profit if i attack the one with bomber. this is fact.

    avoid bomber.. if you want to take def, use cruiser and battleship..

    add some LF fodder only if your target have gauss and plasma based def and the battle last more then 2-3 round

    — uni13.org    Nov 18, 10:50 AM    #
  13. I am a turtle player and I think that people tend to overestimate the effectiveness of interplanetary missiles. Someone sends a few my way and I have 60 or so of the anti’s sitting around. They are cheaper to build and I can stock more of them, so it’s a futile endeavor and a waste of deuterium better spent raiding inactives or other poorly defended targets.

    My friend has a battleship and bomber fleet and he was until recently higher ranked than me. If he had attacked my homeworld (I don’t have a fleet) I would have completely erased his fleet with minimal losses on my part. Defenses cannot be easily beaten if they are constructed properly, and even when they can it is usually not profitable because of plasma turrets.

    Wasting time cracking someone’s defenses is probably not a good idea when you consider that you could just move on to a more profitable target. I mean if it’s an alliance war, by all means. But other than that you are just wasting your resources and time to make someone else’s day miserable the next time they login. Then there’s the before-mentioned opportunity cost.

    If you want to raid effectively, then find a series of inactives close to your homeworld or poorly defended, lower-ranked, unallied players near you. Wasting your time cracking someone’s defenses is just stupid.

    The flip side is that the best defense is to just spend your resources and/or fleet save the resources you want to save.

    — Evilbeel    Nov 21, 09:48 PM    #
  14. To Dam who said:

    “Or just use DS”

    Deathstars are not made for crashing defense. Even a low number of plasma cannons will bring a battle with a deathstar to a draw so they prove to be very ineffective.

    And I agree with Evilbeel about the ABM’s. I’ve got 80 myself! :)

    — Anonymous    Nov 21, 10:16 PM    #
  15. “I am a turtle player and I think that people tend to overestimate the effectiveness of interplanetary missiles.”

    Aye, I agree. At even techs, one will only destroy about 60 RL IIRC.

    “Someone sends a few my way and I have 60 or so of the anti’s sitting around. They are cheaper to build and I can stock more of them, so it’s a futile endeavor and a waste of deuterium better spent raiding inactives or other poorly defended targets.”

    The problem is when you annoy an alliance that works well as a team. 10 people with 10 IPMs each will make short work of 80 ABMs. XD

    “But other than that you are just wasting your resources and time to make someone else’s day miserable the next time they login.”

    As I said in the article, I don’t condone destroying someone’s defence without a reason.

    “If you want to raid effectively, then find a series of inactives close to your homeworld or poorly defended, lower-ranked, unallied players near you. Wasting your time cracking someone’s defenses is just stupid.”

    When there’s a fleet of 1,000 Battleships sitting behind a defence, it’s worth cracking it to get a piece of the DF.

    “The flip side is that the best defense is to just spend your resources and/or fleet save the resources you want to save.”


    — Arbron (aka James Bron)    Nov 22, 02:08 AM    #
  16. “Deathstars are not made for crashing defense. Even a low number of plasma cannons will bring a battle with a deathstar to a draw so they prove to be very ineffective.”

    DS can be very effective against anything if you send enough of them. but “enough of them” can be a big number against a decent size defense.

    speedsim says it would take 45 DS to 100% win vs. my defense.

    — Chafalcar    Nov 27, 10:57 AM    #
  17. i know that this is off toppic but nobody awnsered me and it has been over six month andy ways if you upgrade your wepons shields or armor sode it upgrade your deffences

    burnout3    Nov 28, 09:33 AM    #
  18. yes it does

    — revenge    Nov 28, 02:05 PM    #
  19. Nice to see the article updated. =D

    Recently I myself have been using RiPs to crack inactive turtles and rattle some coconuts out of the palm tree, or make a debris field so to speak. With only 5 RiPs, I can make a debris field of between 400k and 1000k. This isn’t so bad if you’re busy and can’t raid much. I’ll report back with the usefulness of 15 RiPs, I’ll build some more to beat defenses, as oppose to a draw. Often those turtles will have a couple of million stashed away.

    — Black Wyvern    Nov 29, 02:34 AM    #
  20. Are ABM’s launched automatically against IPM’s or do you have to launch them manually

    — ???    Dec 2, 01:00 AM    #
  21. Abm’s are launched automatically

    BoGGy_5m4ll5    Dec 2, 07:14 AM    #
  22. Just do what i do to crack defenses Send millions of ships
    103 deathstars
    509 Destroyers
    1034 Bombers
    2568 Battleships
    6783 Cruisers
    12753 Heavy Fighters
    23945 Light Fighters
    10393 Small Cargoes
    5028 Heavy Cargoes

    Well its not millions but its got everything for everything to destroy this you need more than 5000 plasma turrets or eqivelent thats like 250 million Metal like some1 would spend that on defense hehe. And the best part i dont even need to fleet save cause my fleet and defenses arte huge. All as i do now is 1/3 or resources on ship another 1/3 on defeense and the last third on research building and crap like dat. HE HE have fun noobs if ya need any resources message THE UNKNOWN uni 1 i might send ya resources or a huge fleet depends if i like ya lol,

    — The unknown    Dec 9, 04:10 AM    #
  23. hey so if i get like 10 destroyers will they be anygood if i att some1 with lets say 50gs and 2 plasmers?

    Michael    Dec 11, 05:42 PM    #
  24. sorry make that 50gc and 5 plasmers?

    Michael    Dec 11, 05:43 PM    #
  25. SpeedSim was designed to answer questions like that, but in this case, the answer is clear:

    The 10 Destroyers will get owned.

    — Arbron (aka James Bron)    Dec 11, 09:08 PM    #
  26. wow how can u guys send so many ships i mean what lvl do u have on computer tech?

    duasreetsoldier    Dec 12, 04:03 PM    #
  27. Computer tech controls the number of fleets out at a time, not the size of the fleet.

    Good tips, i’ll put them to use!

    — Drakar    Dec 21, 06:44 PM    #
  28. @ ‘the unknown’
    hmmm…. that’s an interesting fleet you claim to have. It only costs:
    Worth of attacking fleet: 1.722.979.000 Units (+ 139.711.000 Deuterium)
    Now why do I not believe you?

    Also @ mike (way at the top) OBVIOUSLY you didn’t READ the article, it does NOT encourage fodder without many GC/PT.
    @ njub— Cruisers do work far better than Bombers at only killing rockets. the problem comes with SL’s, HL’s and IC’s

    — Commenter from U14    Dec 28, 07:02 AM    #
  29. what is a go and how do you contact one?

    — stars    Dec 29, 05:07 PM    #
  30. maybe i dont get it …. but deathstar are so so so slow .. how dya expect a fleet to actually reach

    — goodwood8    Jan 3, 12:20 AM    #
  31. Ur wrong about the way rapidfire works and ill show u how. Put 10 cruisers and a bunch of espy probes for fodder against 100 rl this takes 3 rounds for the rl to die. If you double the rl it takes 4 rounds for them to die. The way u explained rapidfire it should take twice as long but this is how I’ve always understood rapidfire. If it has a rapidfire of 10 against rocket launchers and the first object it hits is a rocket launcher then it will try to fire 9 more times supposing that the defense is all rocket launchers if it hits something else it immediately stops. However it can hit the same ship multiple times and thats why it doesnt kill 10 rocket launchers per round. If you have any way to prove the way you think rapidfire works is true than please show me, but otherwise if it took 3 rounds to kill 100 ships it should take 5 or 6 rounds to kill 200 ships if your method is true.

    — IMunchPlanets    Jan 7, 09:13 PM    #
  32. FODDER u dimwit fodder!!!the rl’s shoot the espy’s and the cruisers send the rl’s to hell!

    — dArkshiFT    Jan 16, 11:50 AM    #
  33. For people complaining about speed of ships, why not research the relevant technologies?

    — MattHampson - Universe 2    Jan 31, 03:20 PM    #
  34. You see the real defence is in your heart and that is where the power lies!

    JohnnyCage    Feb 14, 05:07 PM    #
  35. everyone is talking about mass amounts of battleships…so i want to know what a mass amount of destroyers would be like

    yes i know there pretty slow

    — ben    Feb 18, 03:25 AM    #
  36. @Evilbeel

    I know that this is kinda late, but I just couldn’t let this one slide. Evilbeel, what you’re missing is on all of the Universes I’ve been on, most people don’t build Anti Ballistics. IPM’s have proven to be very effective in my case, as most people protect against raiding fleets; not a nuke. Now, I am a Super Turtle, so I basically just volley IPM’s at somebody and then send in a basic raiding fleet to sweep up the rest, but it has worked quite well up to the point I have gotten. This might only work for newbie’s like me, I can’t tell. Never got up high enough to experiment :P

    — MusicMan    Feb 19, 06:56 AM    #
  37. How do I increase the range of my IPMs? There are several inactive planets near by, but just out of my range… the defences are pretty good, a lot of GCs and other small fodder, but my fleet is still kind of small.

    — Aries    Mar 16, 07:47 AM    #
  38. @Aries – Impulse Drive tech

    — Dr Evil    Mar 19, 03:37 PM    #
  39. IPM’s range is your impulse drive times 2 and then minus one.
    For example: impulse tech=5
    5*2-1=9 systems up or down from the planet you launch them from.

    — gator    Mar 28, 11:46 AM    #
  40. hey man, thanks for the great tips against fighting good defenses.

    — iPwn    Mar 30, 11:28 AM    #
  41. Everyone has an opinion, but I say they are just that, opinions. The best way to destroy your target is to know your target and build ships to counter his defenses, or his fleet or both, if they have few or no ABs, take advantage of it, each target will require a different strategy to maximize profit and reduce losses. The game will go through many phases as each Uni gets older and has fewer players there is no perfect fleet or defense, a handful of noobs have the potential to destroy anything with ease. Ever noticed that there are no pre-requisites to a missile silo? You can be nuking your neighbors before you have the techs to build a battleship… So remember that when you spend all of your resources on defenses, with the desire to do so, someone will destroy them all and erase the points they provided you along with your rank if you are a turtle. Ogame is like chess with more bells and whistles there is no guide I’m willing to pay for as it still comes down to your own intelligence eventually. In the end no guide or tip will protect you from your own greed, a wise player with a better fleet, and a jumpgate

    — Lord Rallester    Apr 18, 12:12 AM    #
  42. just think a bit. i attack inactive and/or poorly defended planets and get huge resource gains from them. you can often find the same amount of resources on 2 different planets, one with a fleet and defense and one without.
    and if i can destroy their fleet and recycle more than my loses i go for it.

    — ross    May 1, 02:09 AM    #
  43. Can anyone explain this to me.. it has happend 2 times now.. I was doing espionage and got a battle report and the only thing that the report showed me was this 2 letters..( N;) why didnt i get a regular spy report??

    — Ivalice    May 15, 09:45 AM    #
  44. Ive got the weirdest message on my spy report!! =0 the only thing it said was “ N;”... How come???

    — Ivalice    May 15, 10:01 AM    #
  45. you know, every one of these strategies is good, simply in a different instance. therefore saying your strategy is the best is really quite pointless…..

    — Sherocko    May 28, 08:58 PM    #
  46. i’m a newbie at this, so i’ve been attacked by someone more than once.
    to start off what is my best defense against ie…...150 battleships and 120 cruisers? i know it’s a crazy question, but what else can i ask (just a newbie)

    — boram    Jun 29, 11:00 AM    #
  47. send your fleet to attack sum1 with high resources.. and just before you fleet arrive (5 mins be4 hand) send loadz of nukes to wipe it out and that would F*** sum1 up =]

    — soulja    Jul 4, 12:58 PM    #
  48. boram wow thats a big fleet and dont defendur self hell just mow it down build mines +research and stuff and u now what ill do i would get impulse lvl 4 and if hes in ur range build missle silo lvl 4 and totally pwn his a#! IF u can afford it as long as u spend res hel give up sooner or later and record online time ad get on 10 min before he comes on and spend overnight res and if u can do any of the above quit the uni and swich to 19 and ill see if u wanna join RO DAC if u do
    ill tell u my name in game
    rips rock
    well dessies rock more for cost
    bombers rock on def
    battle crusiers rock on fleet

    and O game is addive but unlike drugs it goood for u man

    and if u wanna quit put in vac mode in a few years u may wanna come back

    i will cush noobs fleet with ipms
    and rade got attacked by lotta esop probs 3000 probs attacked this guy 900K worth of df

    rips rock uni 19 well dessies do too and bc are da best i love em    Jul 15, 10:34 PM    #
  49. hey people
    i kind have a problem cause i raid ( defenseless ) people often to steal ressources.
    Since i only have 17 000 points ( started 2 months ago ) my victims have like 200 000 ressources so i send 10 big transporters ( heavy carriers ) and they only come back with 30 000
    why ?

    — s6nny anders9n    Jul 17, 09:54 PM    #
  50. Fact:
    Defense has a massive advantage over offense.
    Offense is more profitable (duh), but runs higher risks of losses.
    Compare: RL vs. LF.
    RL has more attack, more shields, 1/2 hull. Plus they’re cheaper.

    — noone    Jul 23, 09:59 PM    #
  51. i have 109 light fighter fodder, is that good enough for a 1300 ranked person??

    — me    Jul 27, 04:47 PM    #
  52. how do u make ipms an abms!

    — benruelz    Jul 28, 01:52 AM    #
  53. thanx 4 answering losers

    — s6nny anders9n    Aug 4, 08:16 PM    #
  54. well it is obvious this guy has really strapped himself to some nice green turtle hahahahaha…

    forget about breaking a real turtle. why? simple…

    a real turtle has 80% cannons, 20% fleet.

    all types of cannons and ships, excluding deathstar to make it easy

    ships comes mostly to many-many light fighters, enough battlecruisers and few destroyers. other ships are just decorative

    this defence needs +100% the resource to break. that is double resource in fleet AND with proper ships of all types

    EVEN if you break the turtle, the 50% of turtles remainning resource + the 30% of turtle fleet as debris field must be at least equal to the 60% of your losses (because you harvest the rest as well as the turtle’s)

    and dont be fool enough to think you farm all the time to eternity… it is a matter of hours before EVERYONE else step forward and steal after you did the dirty job, with +500% profit than you.

    the best raider chooses the best cost/profit target

    — stef    Aug 5, 02:04 PM    #
  55. does 1 interplanetary missle destroy 1 deffense (eg. 1 LL or 1 RL)

    — some guy    Aug 13, 01:39 PM    #
  56. how would i destroy a defense that has things like ion cannons and heavy lasers at it’s best when my strongest ship is a cruiser?

    — Zack    Aug 13, 03:52 PM    #
  57. Have tons of cruisers ?
    Or simply dont attack him ?
    Later would probably be better =]

    — Zodiack    Aug 22, 10:20 AM    #
  58. @ s6nny anders9n: Sorry can’t help ya. I don’t know why that would happen to you? Does it happen every time or just once?

    @ some guy: use this simulator to find out what defenses an IPM can kill:

    — Trevyr    Aug 27, 12:35 AM    #
  59. dude back to the original post it wouldnt really help someone against an uber turtle with like 1k or 10k plasma turrets and 15k gauss how is that main post gonna help their i dont think very many people have a big enuf fleet to take that sorta defense on

    — dr ownage    Sep 15, 08:28 PM    #
  60. th people that have 10k of plamas are not attacked. That would cost about 10 million in res, and spending that many res would put you in the top 20 rank, and people in those ranks are never… fine, rarely, attacked.

    — someone    Oct 14, 11:57 PM    #
  61. ive never tried it but since defenses have no RF vs espionage probes why not use those as your fodder since LFs take 1 hit KO shots from ions up

    just a thought

    — Panzer    Feb 2, 05:10 PM    #
  62. I agree with reece, I never leave any defence for my ships to deal with if I can help it (but that in turn does make bombers a bit redundant)!

    — Rebel    Mar 27, 09:05 AM    #
  63. In responce to Zak’s comment:

    I suggest sending plenty of fodder in the form of fighters (mainly light), making sure the LF’s outnumber your cruisers at least 3-1.

    — Rebel    Mar 27, 09:08 AM    #
  64. In responce to goodwood8’s comment:

    It would seem that the Ogame team built the Jump Gate to transport a specific ship (A.K.A. Deathstars). If you only have one moon, then raid a big guy until he retaliates and make sure you have a big defence and/or fleet to create a moon-sized debris field. If luck isn’t on your side, and a moon isn’t created, then use the DF to create more ships and repeat the process.

    — Rebel    Mar 27, 09:19 AM    #
  65. I have a Huge Defense that has tons of Fodder and Plasmas and Gauss. So even if someone did decide to attack it would be a waste, because they would lose more ships then what they would gain from me. But Nice Try on Comin up with a way to Defeat turtlers. May Work if they have enough Ships.

    — Imperail Guard Uni 2    Mar 31, 11:04 AM    #
  66. turtle – perfect hit …


    suicide …


    — who???    Apr 12, 04:21 PM    #
  67. What i use to raid is what ever the said planet needs to be crushed. obv its best to keep your losses to a min, while keep your profit to max. there are a few ways to do this and a few diffrent ship comobs to use.

    I send about 3 sets of raids out a day. i have 11 fleet spots and i fill 10 of them each time. the 11th i keep open just incase i send a large fleet out and i am concerned with it getting ninja.

    the first thing i look for when i esp these planets (EVERY TIME ESPY THEM THINGS CHANGE) is what amount of resources i can steal from said planet the seccond thing is the defense is. In my area there is one guy who loves to use about 500 light lazers, and 5 or 6 plasma turrets. So lets assume this platers had 200000 metal 100000 crystal and 40000 deut. the raid will yeild half of that. you might want to run a sim, but i attack these guys so much on a day to day, that i already know what i need to send to minamize my losses. This attack i would send 8-10 large cargos and 100 or so destroyers, the reason for that is that destroyers have rapid fire Vs LL, and they kill plasma turrets with ease because there wepon power is so high. I send more cargos than needed because some of them are going to get killed. Rember that. you will lose units, but if you profit from the attack it is worth it to take the gain and rebuild what you lost.

    If you dont have destroyers and the target had this few resources, i would not reccomend attacking it. it will not be profitable. one thing to take into concideration is, how much deut your fleet will use and the time it will take to complet its mission.

    this would take a few bombers and battel ships to crash through and you will lose alot on the way. With 100 dessys on this attack you will not lose any. and the duet cost of sending 100dessys is less than 300 battle ships.

    IF this is all you have in your fleet dont attack this target until he has gained more resources.

    I dont use bombers until i have gained hypersapce drive level 8 aswell, this speeds them up alot(same speed as destroyer) so it makes you more profitabel for attacks, if your attack is 25 mins faster thats that much fewer time the player has to log in and see that you are attacking him and save/spend the res. so try to be fast when doing this as well.

    See what the defense is and what ships have rapid fire Vs that defense. if it is only rocket launchers , send mass cruzers, if they have gauss cannons send in battle ships. As you move along in the game you will notice that battle ships cost alot of deut to move around, so i would reccomend if your fleet is large enough, send 2x the number of battle cruisers that would battle ships, and send cargos with them to make the space up in the raid. If the planet has a lot of defense use large cargos, if it has only a few use small cargos the faster the better, but stay profitable.

    if a palyer says he is online when you attack recall (unless you hate him)save the time, so set your next attack on some one else. take a note, and try to attack that player later or earlyer the next day. the best way to max your profit is to know your area, know who is around and when they are offline, attack them when they are offline for cleaner profit and more profit. if you look around enough some will be offline, hit them, and go back for the guy who has * or who told you he was on for later. if you see a target with tons of resources on it dont be afaird to use more than one wave. you can now attack 6x in a day. so do this. take into account a small defence loss for your 2nd wave, but if you can id just make it the same as my first wave with less cargos. there is no need to lose ships over not sending enough.

    you are only going to be successful at this if you spend most of your resources on your fleet. obv at a point make mines with it but the bigger your fleet the bigger targets you can take down. One other thing is you are most likly going to need to trade for deut alot with this stratagy, so trade metal for it.(i always have more metal than anything) At a point you are going to want to stop making battle ships and start making battle cruisers and destroyers, these cost alot more crystal so hang on to it and trade the metal away if you can.

    — Justin    Jun 18, 02:27 AM    #

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