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Defending against Raiding


Published: Nov 20, 05:24 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Posted in answer to Question: What is a Good Defense against Raids? by trust

Ok, this is my first guide, constructive criticism wanted :)

Sirius J asks: Most People attack me whats a good def against raids? and can you raid and defend?

I have seen many articles on this site and also other sites about “the perfect defense”. A lot of it depends on many different variables. The variables include, Your rank, the availability of resources, how close moons may be to you, the ships you can build.

Rank: Rank plays an immensely important role in who is able to attack you and who would want to attack you. As you probably know, a higher ranked player with a large fleet will avoid attacking you if you do not have enough resources to make it worth their time and deuterium.

Lower ranked players: Lower ranked players have two options.

  1. Option 1 would be to not build any defenses at all and to risk the chance of being raided, which is slightly less than being a higher ranked player, as you are still under noobie protection.
  2. Option 2 would be to build some defense. Not having many points is a disadvantage here, but you may still be able to build a few rocket launchers and light lasers which will help to avoid attacks by smaller fleets.

Medium ranked players: By the time you reach this stage you should be able to espionage people. As well as this you should be able to build light fighters large cargo ships and heavy fighters with ease, if you can build cruisers then that’s a definite bonus! For medium ranked players there are 3 possible options other than to not build a defense.

  1. Option 1 would probably be the best option. This would involve building Large Cargo Ships, Cruisers (for rapid fire against Light Fighters) and Battleships. Although small, this option would be the ideal offense and defense against small raiding fleets, but will not defend against larger fleets of hundreds of Battleships, so it is essential to learn how to fleet save using this method.
  2. Option 2 for Medium ranked players involves strictly building defenses and possibly a few Large Cargo ships to save your resources. These defenses would include, Rocket Launchers, Light Lasers, Gauss Cannons, Small Shield Dome, Large Shield Dome and perhaps Ion Cannons and Anti-Ballistic Missiles(ABMs) as well.
  3. Option 3 would be a mixture of both option one and two. This would of course vary to suit your needs, depending on how you like to play the game.

Intermediate ranked players: These players are starting to use the “Big Guns” such as the Bomber the Destroyer and the Plasma Turret. By now, defenses have proved to be useless against attackers with large fleets. There are still three options that Medium ranked players had with a few exceptions.

  1. Option 1 would still probably be the best option. This would, once again, involve building Large Cargo Ships, Cruisers (for rapid fire against Light Fighters) Battleships, Bombers and perhaps Destroyers. This option serves as a good offense and defense against medium- sized raiding fleets, but will not defend against larger fleets of thousands of Battleships, so if you are not efficient at fleet saving this option may not be for you.
  2. Option 2 for Intermediate ranked players involves building defenses and possibly a few Large Cargo ships to save your resources. These defenses would include: Rocket Launchers, Light Lasers, Gauss Cannons, Ion Cannons, Small Shield Dome, Large Shield Dome, Anti-Ballistic Missiles(ABMs) and the coveted Plasma Cannon as well.
  3. Option 3 would be a mixture of both option one and two. This would of course vary to suit your needs, depending on how you like to play the game.

High ranked players: Now for the guide for Higher ranked players’ defenses. I know from experience that defense is very inefficient unless you had thousands upon thousands of defensive units. I have known people to complain about top ten people bashing their defenses “for fun”. By this stage your rivals will have thousands of Battleships, and usually tens of thousands of Light Fighters. By now most players have switched to fleetcrashing for means of gaining resources and normally only attack a select few “farms” for things they cant get, such as deuterium. So now there would probably one widely accepted option.


  1. Be careful where you send your fleet, people may be able to Phalanx it with their moon and crash your fleet.
  2. Give an opponent no reason to attack you, which means don’t leave your fleet or resources sitting on a planet or moon over-night or even for a period of a few hours.
  3. A common misconception is that if you fleet save to a debris field then you can not be Phalanxed. This is NOT true, the only time a fleet is invisible is when it goes from a Moon —-> Debris Field or a Moon —-> Moon.
  4. There are different types of players, and many players are different in the way they play the game, such as defensive and offensive players, remember this when choosing which option you are choosing.
  5. Having a large number of defensive units can often discourage players from attacking due to the amount of numbers and sometimes others get confused when typing in your defenses into an Ogame simulator program such as Speedsim. So this could come in handy when attempting to save for something that is essential to your planet.


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  1. Not a bad guide.

    Really there are a few main reasons people will attack you.

    1) Farming
    2) Fleet crashing
    3) Alliance wars
    4) Defense bashing

    The first two are probably the most common motivations for an attack, at least in my universe. The best way to avoid being farmed is to defend your colonies, spend/send off your resources regularly or put your colonies out in the boonies where few planets are.

    The obvious answer to avoid being fleet crashed is to fleet save regularly. Obviously this can get expensive on the deuterium purse, so plan appropriately. An alternative to fleet saving is to build defenses and keep your fleet parked on your homeworld whenever possible. This is less safe because you can still get crashed by a much stronger player.

    You can avoid the third kind of attack by either not being in a raiding alliance or by just not being in an alliance period (personally I don’t see the point of alliances and they don’t suit my playing style).

    The fourth is pretty much unavoidable, but you can deter it by building a balanced defense and anti-ballistic missiles so that you don’t get nuked.

    — Evilbeel    Nov 21, 09:13 PM    #
  2. Right now i say i am at the intermideate rank or at the beginning of it. I have a colony in every galaxy save the number 8 and my strategy so far as been to ship all my resources from my bases to my main base. I know not very Deut effecttive but this was my first go at the game. With all these resources i have been running them all into defense. I figured if i had a large enough defense i could finally build a fleet without being bothered. So far i got 500 RL, 150LL 20HL 23 ion, 9 gauss, 10 PT. 40 anti missles. Rest of my colonies have almost no defense. Would you reccomend I build up my defenses more or start pushing heavy money into battleships/cruisers (no destoryers yet)?

    — flyinfungi    Nov 27, 03:22 PM    #
  3. it is indeed pretty unavoidable the defese bashing. however, if you are lucky enough by not geting your defense destroyed by a high rank player and keep on building your defense faster then probably no one will attack you, just to destroy your defense

    — Moff Tarkin    Dec 2, 06:48 PM    #
  4. Do you think I am doing pretty good so far , here are the details : I have 7 RL , 8 LL , 13 HL And 1 small shield .
    dome I have 560 points .

    Any recomondations ?

    — chad    Dec 6, 06:10 PM    #
  5. If you think you are being farmed I recommend you get 2 or 3 planets way out way out there where nobody is and build small defense and build storage buildins and ship most of your resources there and whenever you want to build or research something you bring the resources back. I myself have no tested thid method but the person is attacking you will be most unlikly to find your resource planets.

    — tibado 20    Dec 7, 11:34 AM    #
  6. chad, you should build more RL and LL, to keep a balanced defense.

    — Moff Tarkin    Dec 7, 07:57 PM    #
  7. Yeah Chad, remember to always have a good balance of fodder (RL and LL) and heavy hitters (Gauss + Plasma).

    — Kramer    Dec 7, 11:13 PM    #
  8. what do you think about having a large sield dome ? I can build one . But I have to save sum res.

    — chad    Dec 9, 03:13 PM    #
  9. would having a high level esp be good far a defence? because when i esp someone and my probes get destroyed then i just leeve that persone alone. is this bad to do or is it a good idea?

    — luke    Dec 10, 12:31 PM    #
  10. remember about more fobber ?

    Now I have 25 RL 23 LL 14 HL 1 small shield dome and 1 large shield dome and I have 930 points do you think this is a good defence for my lvl ?

    — chad    Dec 13, 03:56 PM    #
  11. I’m an intermediate. What d’you recommend for fat turtles like me (2216RL 6862LL 340G 324 IC 16PT)? Thing is, I a’int online much more than a few hours every two days (if even that much). I have two main planet groupings: 6 of them in a far-away galaxy and 2 in galaxy 1. Curiously enough, I don’t use my main…as a main. (Main Fleet: 131 bs + assorted ships, 2ndary Fleet: 81 bs + assorted ships)

    — Theraxis    Dec 14, 02:44 PM    #
  12. I’ve read the advice your giving people and i think you should not build any RL or LL or even HL because those defendsive structures give the enemy rapid fire capabilities that could completly destroy your planet. You should just build major guns like PT and GC. Shields are definitly a plus to your planet. Also you should research as much as you can into weapon,shield and armor upgrades for an effective defence or attack.

    — Holy Protector    Dec 16, 02:48 PM    #
  13. i agree….

    i have a planet with shield dromes and lvl 15 shields and lvl 15 armour and lvl 20 weapon tech..

    it has 1500 cuass cannons and 50 pt… that does the job :)

    — Imperator-Rex    Dec 16, 03:29 PM    #
  14. I recently had my fleet destroyed and my defensive points weakened. I thought my defense was strong enough but apparently it was not. I have, after the attack:

    47 LL
    14 HL
    16 Gauss Canons
    12 Ion Canons
    1 Small Shield Dome

    I am beginning to send a lot of my materials to this planet, which is my main planet, so I can build up my defense to try and protect it against any other attack.

    — GP    Dec 20, 10:05 PM    #
  15. the smaller guns act as fodder. battleships don’t have rf against anything. So if you have thousands of lls your gauss cannons and plasma cannons can fire away while the light lasers draw fire. Fodder is useful on both sides.

    Ion guns make great mini shields

    — Ertwin    Dec 20, 10:26 PM    #
  16. Defense is useless if you fleetsave properly unless you have a moon in that planet so it looks like a turtle but what you are doing is hope a person to attack it so you can ninja but either way a strong fleet is the best defense, i know is true that if you waste the resources in your defense instead of your fleet you get much more fire power and shields but it wont produce anything because with your fleet you can raid and you can crash it so defense is useless compared to fleet fleet is much more better than defense (tip dont build fleet if you cant fleetsave properly)

    — Rexxar    Dec 27, 02:19 PM    #
  17. im a noob, ive been playing for 1 month. Ive been fleetcrashed twice (already). could someone please tell me a good defence against 50 cruisers and 15 battleships? (i can build light fighters, heavy fighters, and cruisers.
    For defense i can build ion cannon, rocket launcher, light laser, and heavy laser. (ive got a small shield dome as well).

    — 12345sniper    Dec 30, 01:15 AM    #
  18. i got attacked by a ranked 10 person but i’m not even ranked yet can some1 tell me how could he have atacked me

    — jhjk    Jan 4, 11:29 PM    #
  19. i keep getting crashed by a guy with 600 battle ships what do i do?

    — greythreat    Jan 9, 06:48 AM    #
  20. What is a good defence against bombers cause I got attacked recently and the guy had 12 bombers whats a good defence against that?

    — Dgunner1138    Jan 13, 07:05 AM    #
  21. This is what i do to defend.
    Basically on all my other colonies they have no defence and earn little resource when I send all that resource to my main planet it becomes alot of resource then what I did for a while is build build build. What you need to do is have barely any resource unless your saving up. The trick is when saving up build something expensive and what takes alot of time then it looks like you have less so you can cancel it then you have enough.
    Also build plasmas)or gauss) and light lasers and have plenty anti balistic missles

    — Lord Anubis    Jan 19, 06:35 AM    #
  22. I have got 31000ml 1100LL 1000HL 150G 250 Ion 80 pt and both shields do you think this is a good deffence
    — your mom    Feb 28, 08:26 PM    #
  23. Anther good way to defend is have thousands Guass cannons and plasmas. :p

    — GT Kakashi    Mar 3, 06:28 PM    #
  24. Saving is the only Way.
    unless you can really build a second Fort Knox on your planets you have to save. I do have a fleet of about 7000 destroyers and you could use speedsim to test how much def these can kill.
    btw. If you dont build a fleet how do you want to get res? mining? way to slow. And if you can afford a “Fort Knox”, you will most probably that highly ranked that you will not need it anyway.

    >>ption 1 would still probably be the best option. This would, once again, involve building Large Cargo Ships, Cruisers (for rapid fire against Light Fighters)

    do this and I will come dayly to destroy your fleet and harvest the debris field

    — SaDoR    Mar 21, 01:47 PM    #
  25. In my opinion there is no unversal defence. If you balance defences with resources that you hold on planet then probably you will never be attacked. But this way is very slow and there will be always fleet in uni that can crash your defence if you will give a reason

    — Hydra    Mar 21, 05:52 PM    #
  26. i have only one comment… dont build Ion canon.. they are useless.. find an other way to spend your crystal

    — uni13.org    Apr 3, 06:50 PM    #
  27. personally, i think its much more effective to build largenumbers of small defenses than make a bunch of strong ones over the period of months, at least until you get high point levels. i have 300 RL and LL, 100 HL and 50 GC. the numbers scare people more than the actual defense power. before you build your defense up though, its always good to make a bunch of cruisers and LF/HF. definitely get your rec building up first though

    — brock    Apr 22, 09:43 PM    #
  28. Should I keep on researching all the fleet bonuses (armuor, sheilds, and weapons)? And should I bould a huge defense if I am getting attacked a good amout?

    — CALVINI    May 27, 12:12 PM    #
  29. I get raided at least every 5 hours, and my defenses before i gave up on them was this
    about 600 RL
    abour 500 LL
    about 50 HL
    about 10 GC
    a large and small shield dome
    about 10 IC

    my fleet was 30 Battleships + 300 light fighters and 10 cruisers.

    Now i have about 100 RL 150 LF 1 cruiser, 10 BS, 1 IC, 5 HL. what do i do?

    — Gaka    May 28, 05:17 PM    #
  30. Gaka, My advice is, DONT BUILD RL!!!!! RL’s arn’t good because almost everything gets rapid fire from it. My advice is to just follow the guild lines.

    1 HL per 4 LL
    1 IC per 12 LL
    1GC per 30 LL
    1PT per 100 LL
    And a Light sheild after 20 LL.
    Heavy sheild after 100 LL

    Yes this may be costy but it will save you a hell lot of time and recources. And please DONT BUILD RL THEY SUCK!!!!!!! (unless you have them by the 10’s of thousands). Also try to get nanite factory, because it halfs the time of building everything which is convienent.
    — CALVINI    May 29, 08:01 PM    #
  31. Gaka, you might also want to fleet save. From what I can tell, you must have tons of Res. on your planet. If you don’t, then you are probably being bashed, and should look into the bashing rule. Anyway, read the fleetsvaing article. Def is nice, but the best way to deter raiders is to have barely any res on your planet. If they keep raiding you, try spending Res of def whenever you see them coming.

    — Rufus    Jun 24, 02:08 PM    #
  32. when do u get out of noobie protection… basically i wanna know how long am i protected before i need to start building defence

    — erf    Jul 4, 07:55 PM    #
  33. i got
    200 rl
    20 hl
    10 ic
    20 gc
    andu know develope main till its full then develop colonys

    rips rock uni 19 well dessies do too and bc are da best i love em    Jul 16, 07:54 PM    #
  34. i have 2390 points and 111rl, 93ll, 37hl, 9ic,1 small shield dome and a large shied dome do u think that is balanced? what should i biuld next? i also have 6 small cargoes, 6 large cargoes, 1 light fighter, 6 heavy fighters, 4 cruisers, 2 recyclers, 9 espionage probes(will biuld more) and 31 solar satelites but they i use just to raid inactives and players ranked lower than me but with a bit of defense(hence the cruisers)what should i do next. also how do u biuld ipm’s and abm’s?

    — benruelz    Jul 27, 03:43 AM    #
  35. erf—
    newbie protection ends when you reach 5000 points, but if you do not build defense before that, you are going to have a difficult time keeping your ships and resources. I know a guy who is constantly in and out of newbie protection because he does not fleet save and he does not have good def., so as soon as he gets 5000 points, I, or some other high-ranked player crashed him and he goes back to newb. (This has happened 3 or 4 times by now, you would think he should learn) :P

    — Trevyr    Jul 27, 04:00 PM    #
  36. In my opinion, it’s really useful to build a whole bunch of LLs over anything else because 1.LLs make good cannon fodder and 2.They have the best resource to power and the best resource to armor/shield (and I mean resource as in the total units of resources spent). Then you build a bunch of guass and plasma guns or heavy lasers as the main blasting guns. Ion cannons make good fodders too. The large and small shield domes help too. I’m just wondering, what’s the difference between having 500 shield and 1,500 armor and no shield and 2,000 armor?

    Me    Aug 22, 12:04 PM    #
  37. I have over 200 points, no one has attacked me yet. I am going on a trip that will enable no internet connection. I want my mines to continue producing but I would hate to be attacked. I have a friend who volunteered to watch my account for me, but… You get the picture. Can you give me some advice? ASAP, thank you.

    — Admiral    Aug 24, 08:49 AM    #
  38. you can be band for account sharing

    — Turkey66    Sep 3, 10:21 PM    #
  39. admiral u cant be atked unless someone with 1000- points hits u and as long as u dont waste rez u will not be atked and even if they did someone with that low points wouldnt take that much from you

    — l0l    Sep 16, 08:03 PM    #
  40. I got a question about inactivity…Why is it that people can have the inactive (i) next to there name in the galaxy screen, but they have a time ex: (18min) next to there planet activity status. Are they inactive or not? This is hindering my raiding of higher ranked players.

    — vegeta    Sep 19, 11:39 PM    #
  41. What is dark matter??

    — Gringotts    Sep 29, 10:35 PM    #
  42. i got

    1000 ll
    182 rl
    66 ic
    1 ssd
    1 lsd
    how am i doin?

    — the amazing blubber ball    Oct 8, 11:23 AM    #
  43. where’s your plasmas???

    — vegeta    Oct 10, 01:30 PM    #
  44. there was an idiot higher in rank then me.. he attacked me just because i had resources.. and not many.. he didnt get away with much.. he was just trying to display his power.. luckily my fleet was out on a raid itself.. :)

    — DETHBREATH    Oct 23, 05:42 AM    #
  45. i have
    3000 ML
    15,000 LL
    300 HL
    500 IC
    150 GC
    250 Plasma’s
    1 small shield
    1 large shiled
    50 Anti-missiles

    any good?

    — Baroudeh    Oct 27, 10:12 AM    #
  46. @baroudeh that is enough to keep me away >.

    — DETHBREATH    Oct 28, 11:35 AM    #
  47. To: Baroudeh

    You can build less anti-ballistics.

    — jake    Jan 1, 09:04 PM    #
  48. a good plan i find so far is to ship all res produced from colonies to my homeworld and keep most my fleet there thus accumulating all my wealth and raid income on one planet, (sounds suicidal rite?) then i spend a significant portion on defense, thus dwarfing my fleet and any res that is ever on my planet, so that an attack my planet with almost any fleet beside thousands of bs (bearing in mind im in the medium area of things is going to be extremely unlikely). This way the attacker will loose so much of their fleet and gain so little from res and debris that it will either loose them money or such a tiny profit is made its pointless.

    actually thats just a defense with a tiny fleet really, but you have to get the right proportions to make it work thus use speedsim a LOT!

    Barnaby    Jan 7, 06:46 PM    #
  49. Guys, face it. If you build loads of defence, you will get bashed. If you build fleet instead you will get crashed. Only way out is being online a LOT and fleetsave the good way.

    — Doc    Feb 18, 09:58 AM    #
  50. So a lot of people keep talking about having multiple planets and shipping their resources to 1 of them. I was just wondering how to get multiple planets because I currently have only 1, and it take forever to get enough res for a good def.

    — greg    Feb 24, 12:32 AM    #
  51. lol i got attacked by 100 destroyers + 80 battlecruisers on the battle report it sed i lost 4,106,000 units and loads of resources were floating but he just harvested. I had RL182 LL130 HL18 GC16 IC22 1Small dome and 1 large dome
    Small cargo42
    Lite Fighter 80
    hevy Fighter 40
    and som solar sattelites + others if anybody got som suggestions on defence or wants to attack him contact me uni30-Ford XD

    — ogameguy    Feb 25, 11:51 AM    #
  52. Its simpel really . the way to play is to be a ninja turtle . patience of course is needed

    — baraka    Jun 23, 05:09 AM    #
  53. greg you need to make a coleny ship. this will give you a coleny if you send it to a unoccupied area in any solar system. aim for 164 fields.

    — baraka    Jun 23, 05:12 AM    #
  54. You got the phalanx thing a little wrong

    What a Sensor Phalanx Cant See
    If you scan the target planet:

    * Recalled deployment fleets * Fleets heading to the planet’s DF * Fleets heading to the planet’s moon

    So basically you cannot see any fleet heading from phalanxed planet and you can see any fleet coming to phalanxed planet(except Recalled deployment). Note that if for example you phalanx planet from which the fleet has been sent to for example attack you will see fleet return time, but not time of attack. If the fleet has been sent to deployment you will see nothing. If in both cases you phalanx target planets you will see time of attack but not the time of return on first planet and on second planet you will see time of deployment.

    — cc    Jul 11, 11:41 PM    #

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