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Alliance Page Decorating


Published: Oct 20, 01:11 AM by: Black Wyvern

So you want to decorate your alliance page?

First off, a few facts.

So BBCode it is.
What BBCode is, it’s basically a ‘safe HTML’, where the server parses (turns into) into HTML for the browser. This prevents JavaScript and other malicious properties, unless you consider bold text offensive… ^^

Some basic tags are listed below. These are for changing text:

[b] Your text [/b]

This tag bolds the text. Simple enough.
[i] Your text [/i]

This tag makes your text italic.

[fc]#FF00FF[/fc] Your text [/f]

Alright, getting a bit more advanced here. This tag changes the font color
of your text to the hex color. The hex color ranges from #000000 (black) to #FFFFFF (white), and there are 16,777,216* colors (256^3).
You can also substitute names into here. Such as skyblue.
Note: The hash (#) needs to preceed the hex code. You can find a list of the
colors all over the WWW.

My initial number was wrong. Thanks for the point out. :)

[ff]Verdana[/ff] Your text [/f]

This tag changes the font face of your text.
The font faces are dependent on the skin you are using, as I was told.
So just use common fonts.

[fs]2[/fs] Your text [/f]

This tag changes the font size of your text.
It only has the range of 1-7. 7 being the largest.


Other tags:


This tag places the image for energy from the evolution skin onto your page.
You can upload your own images onto an image-hosting server, and then use
those images instead. Note that these must be in the right language,
non-offensive, and generally keep them small in size (under 80kb).


But remember, use your imaginations to decorate it. You can do most things
with images. You can use animated gifs for fancy effects, you can add dynamic
images (PHP), you can use images for titles instead of words, you can combine tags.
Lots of things. :)

There is a nice thread on the OGame forums about this.
I don’t think it’s moral to remove some of the stuff, since it’s rather unique
stuff. But check it out for some stuff about embedded sounds, some css
backgrounds, etc.



Dun dun dun!
I found a way to align text, among a lot of other stuff with css.
Anyway, the following ideas are my own work, but I did get inspiration from zinzin’s
work with css implementation in BBCode.

This may/may not work on all browsers and skins.

Text alignment:

[fc]#FFFFFF style=’ display: block; text-align: left;’[/fc]

This aligns text after this point to the left and changes the
font color to white (which is already is).
To cancel that, you simply add:

[fc]#FFFFFF style=’ display: block; text-align: center;’[/fc]

And all text after that will be back in the center and changes
the font color to white, again.
You can also place text on the right.
This alignment can be very useful for making a cool
alliance page. The block attribute is to define the type of area, and that there is a left and right side, I think. Not too sure. Seems to be important for aligning however.


Other css attributes that can be used in the style tag:

Syntax: [fc]#FFFFFF style=’ Attribute1; Attribute2; Attribute3;’[/fc]


background-color: #000000

This changes the color of the background from the point where it was declared. You can use hex colors, or RGB colors, but just use hex.

text-decoration: underline

This underlines the text from the point where it was declared.

font-weight: lighter

This makes the font lighter, or you can use other examples. Look on other css sites to see some other values that are accepted. Note: not all will work.

margin-left: 20

This moves the text 50 units to the right. I’m not sure how many units, it might be pixels, it might be something else. Anyway, use this to add a margin. Negative values will move the text off of the assigned area, and it will look stupid.

margin-top: 10

This adds a margin to the top of your text, not too useful. Maybe you can find a use.


This changes the spacing between lines, and this can be used to space/condense your lines of text. I’m sure you can find a use for this.

cursor: url(“”)

This is a delightfully useless piece of code. This changes the cursor to the one specified by the url. Use a file-hosting website to host your cursor (*.cur), and then specify it in the link. You can also use values instead of the url like crosshair, and there are more. Look for them on a css website. I tried with a cursor file, and it only worked while hovering on text, while the crosshair works on the page. To make your own cursor, download a trial version of a cursor making program, unless you actually want to pay. :P It’s not as simple as renaming a bitmap.


Examples of usage of the css attributes:

[fc]#FFFFFF style=’ margin-left: 20; background-color: #000000; cursor:url(“mycursor.cur”); display:block;’[/fc]

Would create a black, boxed area, 20 pixels from the left margin of the alliance page, with a custom cursor when going over text, with the text wrapping and white font.

[fc]#FFFFFF style=’ display:block; line-height: 5px; margin-top: -5; font-weight: lighter; text-decoration: underline;’[/fc]

Would make your margin 5 pixels up, the line-height 5px, block text, thin text, underlined.

There are more things you can do with css, these are some of the more interesting ones. Have fun making a beautiful page that everyone will envy.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. you’ve got your range of colours wrong. it wouldn’t be 16^3, as you’ve got 2 hex digits per channel, so it would be (16^2)^3, which is 16,777,216 colours.

    you can also get interesting results by punching in semi-random stuff such as names in the colour tag. your own personal colour =D.

    — Chafalcar    Oct 20, 11:21 AM    #
  2. thanks i need to learn how to do this.my aliance is base in unv 13 and i need one of an armey of kitsunes fighting evil.

    — golden tails    Oct 20, 05:06 PM    #
  3. As for the color thing.. its actually supposed to be labeled as 2^256..
    as in 256, the amount of bits…(256 bit color)

    — Nick    Oct 21, 02:36 PM    #
  4. Sigh.
    It doesn’t matter, as long as the number is right and the derivation correct. :P

    — Black Wyvern    Oct 21, 09:30 PM    #
  5. How does someone left or right align text?

    — lady_lily    Oct 22, 07:03 PM    #
  6. I’ve tried, and I haven’t found anything that is able to align text to the right or left. :/

    I’ll try harder, because that is pretty important to do.

    — Black Wyvern    Oct 22, 08:35 PM    #
  7. Alrighty.

    Anymore requests?
    Have a look at that thread too. It has stuff like music, and picture backgrounds, and hit counuters.

    — Black Wyvern    Oct 22, 09:29 PM    #
  8. Hey…..not sure if this is the right place for this but im sort of new and of course just like most people i want to be a top player in this game so sooner or later im gonna need an alliance but all my friends arnt in uni 1 so how do i go about getting to know diff players and seein if i can join there alliance or would it be easier to create my own alliance and find players who want to join my alliance.

    — Olivier Twist    Oct 24, 10:20 AM    #
  9. if anyone needs an allaince on uni ten i will accept anyone its called cybertron

    — jack    Oct 24, 08:07 PM    #
  10. If you’re looking for an alliance in Universe 5 and you’re not sure which one to go for—-send an application to Elites5

    We will accept you willingly—- I am the founder-my name is zager and I have 11456 points. See alliance page for more details— thanks!!

    — Leo    Oct 27, 07:34 AM    #
  11. You can color code like this as well.

    Insted of typing codes type the color name insted like this
    [fc]blue[/fc] Your text [/f]

    — N3XUS UNI 3    Oct 30, 05:19 PM    #
  12. I’d like some more submissions of people who tested this. :P

    I’m using epic blue local skin, and it doesn’t seem to be co-operating very well. But it worked quite well with the evolution skin which was hosted.

    Black Wyvern

    — Black Wyvern    Nov 5, 11:01 PM    #
  13. why is it that when i build stuff it does not show it. plz help

    — anonynous idiot    Nov 9, 11:12 AM    #
  14. I noticed that [img] no longer works on the alliance page, atleast not mine, when i go to save the external/internal text area, the code simply disappears along with all the data between the tags.

    — YTMND    Nov 21, 11:11 AM    #
  15. i have the same problem as the guy who gave a comment above.
    The code disappears and so does the data between the tags.
    I’ve uploaded a pic on Megaupload and it doesn’t work when put between [img] tags.
    How do i fix it??

    — hook    Nov 22, 04:27 PM    #
  16. I’ll try to troubleshoot. Although things aren’t black and white with decorating your alliance page. There are a lot of factors.

    First, what format of image are you both using?

    Try another hosting website.
    Try to change the [img] tag to [IMG], or [Img] and have a few in a row.

    If that fails, try changing your skin. If your skin is local, maybe try an hosted skin.

    If all of that fails, then maybe try and contact a GO. Not sure if they can help, but worth a shot.

    — Black Wyvern    Nov 22, 04:42 PM    #
  17. If you are looking for an alliance in uni20 then apply to IronFist.

    — warlord557    Nov 28, 05:55 AM    #
  18. i dont really understand how to change the background colour!
    ive tried puting #000000 but it doesnt work! what else do i have to put?

    — Master Chains    Nov 30, 04:24 AM    #
  19. does anyone know if the pics have to be gif to put on the homepage

    — Zacko    Dec 15, 05:42 PM    #
  20. As far as I know, you can use any image supported by your browser. But I’d stick to gif, png and jpg. The rest don’t really have much purpose.

    — Black Wyvern    Dec 15, 07:46 PM    #
  21. How do you put in a backgroundimage?

    — Van Helsing    Dec 16, 02:14 PM    #
  22. Hey i have that same problem with not seeing my png picture. i am trying to put in the “alliance logo” section but it doesn’t want to take it! any suggestions?

    p.s. if your new and need an alliance in uni 22 then join nebula im accepting anyone at the moment.

    — Psychosquirrel    Dec 22, 03:05 AM    #
  23. hey guys i just figured out how do do this:

    When your are pasting the picture url into the “alliance logo” box it will work without the [img] boxes on the end and at the start.

    i hope this is helpful.

    — Psychosquirrel    Dec 22, 09:03 AM    #
  24. i type in the codes said above but they dont work they just come up with what i typed like [b] Hello [/b] comes up as i wrote it not bold

    — Angelstorm    Dec 31, 05:58 AM    #
  25. You must write it without the spaces. Hope this can help.

    — Van Helsing    Jan 7, 02:20 AM    #
  26. the font size thing dosn’t work any tips

    — grimlock91    Jan 10, 09:50 AM    #
  27. im having a problem with uploading pictures. the [IMG]blah[IMG] doesnt work. it just shows the text.

    — Artem    Jan 11, 07:40 PM    #
  28. Artem: You need to close the IMG tag with an [/IMG]

    Grimlock: Could be your skin, I know that none of the background stuff works if you don’t have a skin, so by logic only compatible skins will work.

    — Black Wyvern    Jan 11, 09:21 PM    #
  29. how do i put a background?

    — luis    Jan 27, 09:52 AM    #
  30. please i need to know how to put a diferent color in the background?

    — luis    Jan 28, 11:03 AM    #
  31. just enter this
    background-color: #000000

    #000000 (this is the color)

    you can find colors on:


    enter: “color codes”

    — Rising sun    Feb 3, 03:02 PM    #
  32. I’ ve tried making bacground colour black by typing background-color: #000000
    but it didnt work, instead of changed colour I’ve got
    the thing I typed. What do I need to do to change bacground colour?

    — El Nebuloso    Feb 7, 07:09 AM    #
  33. okay i don’t get how to get backgrounds you seriously need to explain that more!! im getting sick of my plain old blue.

    — krpkiller uni24    Feb 19, 02:38 PM    #
  34. you told us how to get the energy evolution how do we get metal and stuff?

    — krpkiller uni24    Feb 19, 02:45 PM    #
  35. As a web designer, I can confirm your CSS idea of what display: block is doing. A block element prevents anything else from being to the left or right of it, as the actual element spans the entire width of the page. The opposite would be inline.

    Mystic    Feb 20, 03:42 AM    #
  36. i dont get how to change the background colour

    — warscarr    Feb 22, 08:25 AM    #
  37. What are the codes for animations, video clips and backgrounds?
    — Gambit22    Mar 2, 12:59 AM    #
  38. EVERYONE IS ASKING THIS HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE BACKGROUND COLOUR IT DOESNT EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ TELL US BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT REPLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WANT A GOOD ALLIANCE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — warscarr    Mar 9, 05:27 PM    #
  39. Sigh. I’m on hiatus from OGame, just maintaining my account currently. But are you SURE you tried something like:

    [fc]#FFFFFF style=’ margin-left: 20; background-color: #000000; cursor:url(“mycursor.cur”); display:block;’[/fc]


    If you’ve just typed background-color: #000000

    then it won’t work.

    — Black Wyvern    Mar 10, 01:28 AM    #
  40. right can you plz give me the EXACT thing for red writing (FFOFOF) and black background cause nothing seems to work

    — warscarr    Mar 10, 10:22 AM    #
  41. How do you get a picture to appear at the top of your alliance page? I’ve been only able to get a picture on the internal and external text. I want to put a picture on TOP of the alliance name, anyone know how to do that?

    — Dgunner1138    Apr 1, 03:11 PM    #
  42. you put the link from google images in at the bottom there will be something that says alliance logo put it there

    — warscarr    Apr 4, 07:32 AM    #
  43. do the [URL] or [link] tags work?

    — bread4311    Apr 15, 12:17 PM    #
  44. i need to find out how to put in background music? The link above dont work. I went to the forums but the info there was not helpful.. please help me..

    — BOOBOO    Apr 20, 04:54 PM    #
  45. hey can anyone tell me how to put in a moving pic or a black background without messing anything else up

    oh and also on uni 29 if anyone needs an alliance you are welcome to VENDETTA we are in the top 100

    — warscarr uni 29    May 1, 04:17 PM    #
  46. all i want is to have a simple black background. for my alliance page, how do i do that?

    — Dark Angel H.A Uni 29    May 12, 07:38 AM    #
  47. :( Cry css doesnt seem to be working on my page

    Is their a bbcode tag for a background image?

    — WildChildAvril    May 28, 10:22 PM    #
  48. can you post bigger pictures and more colors for alliances cause mines need more than purple maybe orange and red could you put those codes?

    — silver star    Jun 3, 05:39 PM    #
  49. I have the same problem with my alliance logo, and it would help if u put some codes for alliance backgrounds

    p.s. if u need an alliance in uni27 join G.O.H(gods of hell)

    — silver star    Jun 3, 05:44 PM    #
  50. Dgunner1138, to put a picture on top of your name go to manage alliance then put in a code at alliance logo, now that i have helped you how do you put a picture in internal and external text?

    — silver star    Jun 3, 05:47 PM    #
  51. could some1 find the URL for a crosshair cursor plz cheers

    — 123    Jun 8, 05:41 PM    #
  52. IoI @ warscar: you using O’s or zeroes..?

    and sorry for adding to the burden, but i guess this tip needs an updating or two :|

    hate to add onto the advertisement bandwagon as well, but should anybody be alliance-free in uni28, my Metal Wolves [M.W.] is currently accepting.

    — Dragonslayer    Jun 11, 08:37 AM    #
  53. your background color doesnt work and how do you put a picture in the background?

    otherwise thanks 4 the info its great!!!!

    — henrysnape    Jun 15, 12:55 PM    #
  54. great ive found out how to get the backround colour its

    [F]background-color: #000000[/F]


    — henrysnape    Jun 15, 01:21 PM    #
  55. it would be helpful if some could just list all the codes for text, pics, etc. into one message thx

    — Gambit22    Jun 21, 09:37 PM    #
  56. I have a very new alliance in universe 29. All members are welcome regardless of level. (although this does vary what rank you shall be ;))

    — Ben    Jul 2, 12:06 PM    #
  57. oops the alliance is called The Big Gangsters and the tag is Gangster. People who join sooner will have a high rank permanently because we have only had the alliance for 3-4 days and have only 7 members. Universe 29

    — Ben    Jul 7, 05:27 AM    #
  58. i am completely lost

    — ZeUs9471    Jul 19, 12:00 PM    #
  59. on the topic of the background color i have tried everything and ive got it, kinda,

    well it only makes a very small portion around the text and pics that color, and its not realy useful

    plz help

    — ZeUs9471    Aug 2, 05:28 AM    #
  60. How Do You Put a BACKGROUND, not just a picture into the external text and internal text boxies on the alliance page?

    — Kevdevil    Aug 5, 02:23 PM    #
  61. Can anyone tell me how to put a picture on the backround of your alliance page? thx.

    by the way, if anyone is alliance free then you can join mine in uni 8 its called Vampirates. perfect for beginners

    — Zack    Aug 14, 02:11 PM    #
  62. i dont no where to put in the code help

    — ogame 18    Aug 20, 06:16 PM    #
  63. the code for changing my alliance page

    — ogame 18    Aug 20, 06:17 PM    #
  64. how do i change the alliance page background

    — Ogame 6    Aug 28, 09:55 PM    #
  65. Hi!

    to get a background color and arrange you font, do this:

    put this at the beginning of all the text:
    [fc]white style=’ background-color: #000000; background-position: top center; display: block; font-weight: normal;’[/fc]

    Then put your text for your alliance page.

    then put [/f]

    Then you should have a black background and white text.

    To change specific text, do this:

    [fc]the colour you want[/fc]then your text[/f]

    That should cover it.

    — Shade Black    Aug 30, 11:21 PM    #
  66. If ANY1 Needs an Alliance in Uni29 Thn Hellz Angelz is the Alliance for u!

    — wolf hunter    Sep 16, 05:03 PM    #
  67. I still don’t think this is being explained properly. These people want to know how to put in a background PICTURE not just a plain colour, they want text over the picture too. Colours aren’t really much use unless your alliance is for fgays.

    — KB    Oct 24, 07:42 PM    #
  68. i cant get the color code to work.. ive tried it many times, but the text doesnt change colors.. when i click on my alliance page it shows up exactly as i typed it in plain white txt.. O.o why isnt it working?

    — DETHBREATH    Oct 28, 12:31 PM    #
  69. when you type the colour code e.g [fc]#whatever[/fc]blabla[/f] on the alliance page it comes up as i wrote it without any color. is there anyother way to make writing colorfull or can anyone help with what is going wrong with it?

    — M00katron    Nov 8, 12:02 PM    #
  70. infact its not just the text colour its everything you put in!!!!! what the hell is going on. the pictur codes work but non of the codes work. other alliances seem to have avoided this problem wtf im all confused DX

    — M00katron    Nov 8, 12:05 PM    #
  71. Hey as the alliance page codes have changed it seems you cant do more than one colour and the background links arent working. does anyone kno wats happening and what the new codes are

    Nasira    Nov 10, 02:54 PM    #
  72. There is an error whith the new version of OGame. They advise not to change your Alliance BBCode. They are trying to make a new pach to make things work. Lets Wait… :\

    — Megavolty    Nov 14, 05:41 PM    #
  73. yes, the new version kicked all of my formatting out of the window….all I really want is for a background pic, and text color…everything else is fine to be left alone…is BW still managing this page?? I have not seen any recent posts…

    thank you,

    — Zoravus    Nov 17, 09:17 AM    #
  74. hi i’m having a little trouble putting colours on my aliance page. i can’t put two texts with diferent colours. if someone knows how do to that plz help


    — lonun    Nov 21, 09:18 PM    #
  75. the new update (v 0.78) killed all my color formatting on my text for my alliance page. images are fine, but now text is white again. i am trying a few things, i’ll post if i solve it.

    — Felix    Nov 27, 10:26 AM    #
  76. You’ll use a color (hex) code to do the trick. Follow this formula:

    “you text here”
    (don’t use quotes)
    Basically, if it’s text, it will work.

    — Felix    Nov 27, 10:56 AM    #
  77. I have tried changing colors, everytime i do it and click alliance page i always see the code, the only thing that works for me is itallic mode. any one know why?

    — chimosh    Feb 7, 09:26 PM    #
  78. Can u put music on the alliance page?

    — Bobman    Feb 20, 06:08 AM    #
  79. ive got a background on my alliance page but i cant get text to go over the background why not ???

    — brandy    Mar 1, 05:01 AM    #
  80. To alter the colour or size of your text the following tags can be used. Keep in mind that how the output appears will depend on the viewers browser and system:

    * Changing the colour of text is achieved by wrapping it in [color=][/color]. You can specify either a recognised colour name (eg. red, blue, yellow, etc.) or the hexadecimal triplet alternative, e.g. #FFFFFF, #000000. For example, to create red text you could use: [color=red]Hello![/color] or [color=#FF0000]Hello![/color] Both will output Hello!
    — Jon (Skorn in the ogame)    Mar 25, 07:36 PM    #
  81. Looking for an alliance in Uni 14? Join Hunters.

    As for the text colour the only thing that worked for me was [color=*]Your Text[/color] * = name of any color. Nothing else worked apart from embeding a picture onto the background but i can’t get a different background.

    — TMF-Spaz-Factor-Ep    Mar 29, 07:32 AM    #
  82. Hi,
    When I do any coding, It doesn’t seem to work.

    The coding wont show up, but neither does the affect.

    Shed of light?

    — Aceshigh101    Apr 2, 02:31 PM    #
  83. How can I start/create a new alliance in ogame.

    — zee    Apr 2, 11:56 PM    #
  84. how do i add all this stuff

    — ballinonem12    Apr 3, 07:11 PM    #
  85. I’m not sure if its been asked or not, but is there a way to get music onto your alliance page?

    — Mick    Apr 22, 03:19 PM    #
  86. right not to sure about backgrounds but after hours of trying i have found css dont work on uni6 only bbcode have found some good codes:
    How to create bold text
    Code example
    [b]bold text[/b]

    bold text

    Make your text in italic
    Code example
    [i]italic text[/i]

    italic text

    Get your text underlined
    Code example


    Line-through/Strike through
    Code example


    Select font size
    Code example
    [size=20]size 20px[/size]

    size 20px

    Choose font colour
    Code example
    [color=red]red text[/color]

    red text

    Centralizing some stuff
    Code example
    [center]some stuff[/center]


    some stuff
    Include an image in your post
    Code example


    Include AND resize an image in your post
    Code example


    Include a clickable image in your post (nesting BBCode tags)
    Code example


    — soopa    Apr 26, 02:18 PM    #
  87. Is there a way you can get music onto the homepage

    dres312    Apr 26, 03:24 PM    #
  88. I want a freaking background picture and I know it works because I saw on some other alliance page…. I can put the picture in with:
    but how do I get the text to go OVER my picture?????
    Lol… this question has been asked about 5 times and nobody answered in yet…

    — OMG    May 8, 10:43 PM    #
  89. finaly got the background image thing working try:- – CSS is completely forbidden on allaince-pages, for background-pictures and backgroundcolors use the following BBcodes:

    1) [background image=“url”]text[/background]
    2) [background image=“url” image-repeat=‘yes-x’]text[/background]
    3) [background image=“url” image-repeat=‘yes-y’]text[/background]
    4) [background image=“url” image-repeat=‘no’]text[/background]
    5) [background image=“url” image-repeat=‘yes’]text[/background]
    6) [background color=‘farbe’]text[/background]

    — soopa    May 11, 06:12 AM    #
  90. Uni 2 alliance in .us accepting applications called Masters of the Universe Tag: M_U

    — VFL3    May 24, 07:30 PM    #
  91. what is url i want a background as a british flag

    — deathbringer88    May 26, 09:32 AM    #
  92. well find a pic of a union flag on google images, click on it and get full size image, then use that as the url

    — jim    May 30, 03:10 PM    #
  93. I still can’t get a background color in my alliance page. Please explain it 2 me properly how 2 do it. My alliance is Dark AnGelz in uni 38 we r accepting players

    — Judge Mo Dolla    Jun 13, 01:03 PM    #
  94. dude , this tips are expired?


    please … make new one

    — badfish    Jun 22, 03:59 PM    #

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