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Question: What is a Good Defense against Raids?


Published: Oct 17, 04:54 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Sirius J asks: Most People attack me whats a good def against raids? and can you raid and defend?

So… I’ll leave it up to you folks to answer.

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  1. well techniccaly if u want to be excellent at raids AND the defence u ‘ll need a lot of patience. a good defense has: 1) A lot of mini turrets to take the damage like rockets or lasers 2) medium turrets like the ion and gauss 3) and he big guns plasma. to boost ur defense even more u must have ur shielding weapons and armour research as high as possible. u could add a destroyer or death star on your planet for max defense. good attack is the same as good defence u need fodder medium shooters that will destroy the enemy fodder and big ships that will destroy the bigger defenses. by placing a death star or destroyer into ur attacking fleet will slow it down butit ll have more firepower for sure and a higher sucess rate.
    Additional tactics:
    a) fleet save for defense send your transports crammed with recourses on a journey that will last until the attacker finishes. this is to save ur rrecourses. there is no use sending battleships with them cause it makes no sense doing so.
    b) attack in waves. i don’t know why but this always helps u win so renember to do so.
    c) bombers are valuable ships wen attacking well defended planets.
    d) missile the planet before u attack. sure the defender will have some anti missiles but it’s always good to missile the planet first.
    Well that’s it i hope i helped.

    — Nula    Oct 18, 01:54 PM    #
  2. i question the use of death stars for defense. The big guns would find them eventually, attack with lots of destroyers, and make mincemeat out of the deathstar, capturing lots of resources…

    Much better to leave enough deterrence in guns for a small amount of resources on your planet, and fleet save the rest. What people can’t see, they won’t attack…

    — someone - somewhere    Oct 18, 05:52 PM    #
  3. wow that message came out bad…. i guess i need break tags next time

    — trust    Oct 28, 11:41 PM    #
  4. Well, almost everything was said… but one thing is still missing and its very nice and can be easily done in 30 sec.
    1. Calculate the debries field before the attack hits you. (Well thats what everyone should do)
    2. Calculate the time your Recycler will arraive to collect a Debris Field from YOUR Planet.
    3. Ask a friend to send 1 Spyprobe to your Planet in attack mode.
    4.Send out your Recyclers to the debries field with this calculation:
    (Recycler send time) = (Raidtime + 10 sec) – (Flighttime of your Recyclers).

    Now your got your Recyclers save and take the very first load of Res out of the DF

    — Zombiecaster    Oct 29, 06:47 AM    #
  5. good tip, but irrelevent to defences :P

    — trust    Oct 29, 07:04 AM    #
  6. Yes, you most certainly can raid and defend at the same time.

    The key to defence is not making yourself an attractive target in the first place. This means effective fleet saving and not leaving enough resources on planets to make them worth while the cost to the attacker of breaking through the defence.

    Raiding is also easy. Have enough ships to break through defence and make a decent profit after ship losses are taken into account. This requires the use of Speedsim or other such programs. If your fleet hitting a target planet brings you more res than you lost on Deuterium for travel and more than you lose in ship losses, AND seems worth it, then that is a succesful raid.

    Other things to take into account are:

    1. Does the player you have just raided have a lot of alliance mates who wil kick your butt.

    2. Is the player you have just raided, strong enough to come and kick your butt by themselves.

    — Calamity    Oct 31, 03:20 PM    #
  7. I have no resources on my planet, and A TON of defence. There is this one alliance (W.D.A. Universe 6) who keeps attacking me just to destroy me, not for the resources. Whay should I do? P.S. Their leader’s name is jedimasterraven

    Ultra Super Mega Turtle To The Extreme    Nov 14, 04:17 PM    #
  8. ok so the deal is, (for deathstars) nothing can destroy more then one plasm a round becouse no ship has rapid fire agianst them, thus meaning no ship can attack a plasm twice in one round. if you have a deathstar problem make a few plasms. 7 can repell one but you only need 6 more per one after that. you will have one left after the battle. if they have multiple deathstars like 4 you’d need to have 7+6*4 plasms

    the formula for any amount of deathstars is x=1+6x x = however many deathstars they have
    — i can play ogame    Dec 11, 05:16 PM    #
  9. the best defence is attack if you destroy all threats around you then you wont need defences
    just build 1k fodder and a few plasmas to put off cargoes

    — Count Ahdamar    Jan 7, 06:01 PM    #
  10. for defenses, one should always give oneself a goal, like “i want to have 7000” rc and “5000” light lazers, and…” then foucus all of your colonies into building up the defending planets rescources, and once u have reached ur goal, move on to another planet and do the same thing. this will allow you to hold vast amounts of rescources for more mines and nanites, allowing u to build defenses faster

    — General Mendoza    Feb 24, 05:28 PM    #
  11. all you lot go on about plasma and deathstars some people don’t have them and find it hard to get so can you talk scence

    I do have a name    Apr 24, 03:37 PM    #
  12. when they state that a sheild dome can only be build once per planet, does this mean if i have a shield dome and it gets destroyed, i can’t build another one?

    — Fat Question    May 4, 07:40 PM    #
  13. I know other people have mentioned this before, but I will say it again:
    Most people attack to get resources. (Some people are stupid, and some just like bashing). So if you have no resources on your planet, they won’t attack you. spend your resources or if you want to save up for something then fleetsave.

    — Krahhl    May 9, 11:09 PM    #
  14. um, one time i was saving up for lvl 9 armor tech and i had around 230k on me and absolutly no defences and i forgot ot fleet save. In the morning there were like 20 espionage reports, but 0 attacks, i was like, lol…..

    — Fat Question    May 10, 09:03 AM    #
  15. Well, I’ve played for about 3 weeks on Uni 15 and in that short amount of time I went from zero to rank 999 (and gaining). My only problems have been the #1 guy in the server, and several times he has fleetcrashed me during school, or while I was asleep. My best strategy is to not waste resources on defense… you’re better off doing what I did: invest in nanite factories and ship out all your resources at night. I ship all mine out around 11 and since I have to get for school at 6, I can conveniently recall them to allow them to return right when I get back. And, the investment in nanite factories allows you to rebuild any fleet you crash pretty damn quickly.

    — GibsonSG91    May 15, 09:51 PM    #
  16. My best defense against raids is to not have defense. Fleetsave all your ships and resources and you don’t need to spend res on stuff that cannot run away.

    Yeah, it is kinda fun to brag about the turtle you have but I’d rather brag about the sledgehammer I use on turtles.

    God Bless,


    — HenrytheV    May 22, 01:16 PM    #
  17. Getting a great defense is simple, but time consuming. Building a good defense against raiding requires a steady income from raiding and normal income in order to build quickly so the first thing you need to do is get a small raiding fleet of about 10 BS and 50 LC. Just enough so you can get lots of resources from each raid, since you will need to be doing several at once. Once you are getting a steady income, with a semi-high computer tech, then you can start the defenses. The first thing you should do is build rocket launchers, at least 100, just for a quick fodder and base defnese so you have time to build the bigger guns. ONce you have 100 RL, it is advisable to research up to GC before building much more, though if you yourself get raided, rebuilding your rockets. Once you can build GC’s, start building them. at 10 GC’s you should build an equal or greater amount of HL, which will be your expensive fodder latter. Now start building Light Lasers, 100 of them. Say goodbye to those pesky RL as your main defense. you will see the difference immediately. Rl’s base attack is 80, while a LL is 100. as your wep tech rises and rises the gap will grow farther and farther apart, and eventually for every LL shot, it would equal two Rocket Shots. This is extremely helpful. Saving metal and rounds of combat at the same time. With 100 LL and a who cares amount of RL, you should be building a small shield dome, which will help more then you can guess. with a small shield dome you can absorb extra shots per round, saving your defenses lives and pounding any rainding fleets to the ground. You should now be building tons of HL and GC, as well as LL while keeping the RL at a respectable level. at 50 HLs and GC the Large Shield dome should be consructed, followed by getting plasma tech. IC’s arent nessecary but help because of their large integrity. Once you have Plasma tech 7, Plasma Turrets are now your main gun of choice, building 100 of them and keeping the GC’s to a ratio of 1:10 and HL at 1:15.
    LL should be 1:40 and RL at 1:50. from now on, you will build almost no LL and RL, focusing on HL until you have a ratio of 1:30. After this, you will have been raided numerus times and you have been rebuilding constantly, but thanks to a larger raiding fleet you have been continuisly building up, it shouldnt be a problem. It should take you 1-2 days to recover. By this time you should have at least 100 BS and 500 LC. your computer, wep, shield, and armor techs should all be 10-15. You should have Nanite. If not, get one. Now, for the rest of your defnesive days, you will be building at a ratio of 1 PT:30 HL, 1PT:10GC, 1PT:40LL, 1PT:50RL, 1 Large and Small Shield dome, and have a huge mass of BS and LC. This is quite hard to break through, try simming it with 1000 PT and look in awe.

    — Gaka    May 28, 10:55 PM    #
  18. Scenario:
    1) you fleet returns victourious from battle, with some resources
    2) you just received message, that enemy fleet is approaching and it will hit 5-10 seconds after your own fleet lands.
    3) Your defenses are no match for it, if it lands, you’re back on 25000pts.

    What all can you do to save your fleet, except for hope, that your clicks (all fleet, your planet, transport – proceed) will be faster than those 5-10 seconds? Fleet is returning, so you can’t withdraw them.

    — Navi    May 30, 08:38 PM    #
  19. check out this game while you wait for your fleets to return its a browsergame like Ogame but has Gladiators and the Arena

    — Lord Rallester    Jun 23, 07:04 AM    #
  20. What is fleet save and how do i get it done? (newbie)

    — boram    Jun 29, 11:09 AM    #
  21. fleet saving is when you send your large cargo’s away with as much of your res as possible for an amount of time(x), usually deployed, so that when the ships arrive, you’re online and able to send it away again, spending the rez where ever need be. This is an effective way to save rez for big spends, that’s why ppl phalanx to figure out flight patterns to hit the fleet. But fleet saving, and always being there for it’s arrival is usually a good way to prevent it. but if smeone’s really got a hard-on for you, they’re going to get it adventualy, it’s part of the game.

    — Kek    Aug 22, 10:01 PM    #
  22. in regards to Navi’s question: The only solution I can see – click really flippin fast?

    — Sa    Sep 5, 01:21 PM    #
  23. gaka….. y get hl? 4 ll is same cost, same shield SI and everything, but MORE FIREPOWER. i’d rather have 4k ll then 1k hl.

    — Meatman    Sep 6, 01:48 PM    #
  24. @navi this is my answer be prepared to lose lol

    — l0l    Sep 16, 09:09 PM    #
  25. And Geuss wat.. NO MOON!!!!!! it was a HoF too…

    — Avenger    Dec 15, 09:46 PM    #
  26. One good way to build up your fleet is , and this may sound pretty obviuos but this is help amatuers;
    if you have other planets then foucus them on primarily producing ships, then deploy them to your “captial” planet. This really helped me when my capital fleet was destroyed, because it only took me about a day to get all my fighters back…

    — Admiral X    Feb 19, 10:46 AM    #
  27. Actually, right off the bat you should join an Alliance, or make your own. I’ve noticed that I never recieved any problems while in an Alliance, it discourages people from attacking for fear of being attacked by multiple people.

    — The Fumbleberry    Mar 25, 09:56 PM    #
  28. navi, you could also immediately start researching something or building something that costs a lot and cancel the research/building after the attack is over…

    — AKA God    May 2, 05:30 PM    #
  29. I dont think any of these is the “best way” to not get raided. the best way IMO is to not be profitable for an enemy to attack you. thus move or spend your resources, coupled with a small defense will keep most any one away. i hardly ever get raided and i use this strat. when i do get raided it is because i let my resources build up to much and make myself a profitable target. to avoid this i make a few large cargo’s/small cargo’s (depending on what i need more at the time) and ship the res off to my main planet or put it in fleet save around the planet im going to use it on. It wont hurt to do this overnight, each night for the most part i send all the res to my main planet, if i need to make buildings on another planet i just send the fleet to depoly at said planet at a time that i will be online to watch it land then send those same cargos back to my main planet with any left over resources the planet may have. my standard defense is only around 200Rockets, 50LL, 7gauss cannons and thats about it. if there is only 80k res on your planet your not going to get raided because they are going to need to send there big ships in to turn a profit, and they cost more deut, so the profit is less. also, for the most part on all my colonys i will always have extra metal, some times when i cannot make enough cargo’s to move this metal off i will just make Rocket launchers with them. When sending resources off your planet take the most valuable first, deut, crystal metal in that order. also it is alot easyer to spend metal and crystal then it is deut, so if you see some one attking you and this is lfet behind make as man light fighters cargos rocket launchers or light lazers as you can, and you will gain some small ships and cuz there profit out. when they dont make profit once or twice they will stop raiding you and move on to some one else.

    — Justin    Jun 18, 02:00 AM    #
  30. Hy, I’ve not been playing for a while and now that I’m back, I noticed that there is this guy that made a habit out of it of raiding my planets. Now, problem is, by now I’m left with virtualy nothing: no fleet and no resources… And there’s even more! Everytime I start building a fleet or defences, he attacks me and all my efforts have been futile. It’s not that I don’t have the power (I can even almost build death star), I just don’t get the time… How do I solve this?

    — 0-owning    Jun 24, 09:21 AM    #

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