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"Once in a blue moon" (General Moon FAQ)


Published: Oct 13, 01:33 PM by: James Bron

Since I’ve both received and passively observed many different types of questions about the concept of a “moon” in OGame, I figured I’d create a general FAQ here which attempts to cover the entire topic, even if only in a brief level of detail.

Please note guys that this is my first article for OGameTips, so please, go easy and provide feedback for anything that needs improvement. Disclaimers aside, on with the show!

What IS a moon?
A moon is a satellite that orbits a planet due to its gravitational pull. In the world of OGame, the technical aspects of a moon are irrelevant (thankfully). Therefore, the OGame definition of a moon is a “highly specialised colony that almost acts as an extension of an existing planet”.

So, if a moon is like a colony… can I base my fleet there? Can I attack or espionage one?
Provided the moon belongs to a planet you control, you can base your fleet there, and provided it belongs to a planet belonging to another player you are allowed to attack, you can attack/espionage one.

How do I get a moon?
Heh, this one’s been answered more times than the sun has set. Still, for the newer players, I’ll summarise the process here:

A moon is formed from the debris field floating in a planet’s orbit after a clash. For every 100,000 units of metal/crystal that is present in the debris field, there is a 1% chance of a moon occurring, to a maximum of 20%. Therefore, a debris field of 2,000,000 is the ideal “moon attempt” or “moonshot”.

There are several miscellaneous points to consider regarding the debris field and moonchance:

Edit: Given that my erroneous wording above changes the meaning of the entire paragraph above, I should rephrase it based on a comment I received.

The same debris field CAN produce multiple moonchances, but they do NOT add up. For example, if you have a debris field with 1,000,000 metal and crystal (10% chance) that did not produce a moon, then you add 100,000 to it, the chance will be calculated as 1%, NOT 11%. Therefore, you only get a moonchance based on the most recent battle. (thanks to fernando for this)

If you can get a moon, can you LOSE one?
Yes. Any fleet containing at least one Deathstar can be sent on a Destroy mission to obliterate the target moon. The moon’s size and the number of Deathstars in the attacking fleet are the primary factors in the calculation, which can be found in other articles on OGame Tips or on http://ogame.wikia.com

What’s the best moonshot strategy?
The general consensus states that the destruction of 1,667 Light Fighters in the orbit of a planet is the most cost-effective method for a 20% moonchance, due to the Light Fighter’s low cost and good ratio of metal to crystal.

A planet has a size and temperature statistic… so does a moon have anything of the sort?
Yes. A moon has both a size and temperature statistic. While the temperature currently serves no purpose, the size determines the maximum number of fields available using the following formula:

max fields = (SIZE / 1000) ^ 2

If your moon is 5,500+ km in diameter, you can forget this statistic in terms of fields, because you will NOT reach the maximum (given the exorbitant cost of the Lunar Base at high levels).

What’s so special about a moon?
While a moon does only have a limited range of buildings, it does allow the construction of three unique buildings (Lunar Base, Sensor Phalanx and Jumpgate) that cannot be built anywhere else. It also helps in cheap, cost-efficient fleet transportation (viat the Jumpgate), as well as fleetsaving.

So… What are the advantages to having a moon?
There are many advantages to having a moon.

I just got my moon and it has 0/1 fields used, but I can’t build anything!
You must construct a Lunar Base first. Doing so adds 3 fields to the total, while adding one to the number of fields used, via providing a “terraforming effect” (and just like the Terraformer, it cannot be deconstructed once it is built). In the case of level 1, it turns 0/1 fields used into 1/4 used.

I see how a moon has hardly any fields… Therefore, what should I build?
Heh, that’s exactly right: a moon has a limited number of fields, and these are also expensive to develop. Therefore, they must NOT be wasted.

Not too long ago, I developed my own personal build order for a moon (written up out of anticipation about my own upcoming moonshot):

Now, at this point, you MAY want to start deconstructing the Robotics Factory and fill up the remaining fields with Shipyard (if you want to build some defence on your moon). Otherwise, just leave it how it is. I focused on the Robotics Factory first in order to reduce the building times for the higher levels of Phalanx, and of course the Jumpgate, as much as possible.

Note: you may want to consider building at least a level 1 Shipyard for the ability to build Solar Satellites. Their energy production is irrelevant, but they can provide a counter-espionage chance and can be (unconfirmed) sent through a Jump Gate.

I’ve noticed how you can build the storages on a moon… yet no mines! What gives?
The point is that NOTHING gives. No, seriously, the storages don’t do anything on your moon, so don’t EVER waste a field with a Metal/Crystal Storage or Deuterium Tank.

If you build a Shipyard on a moon, can you build Solar Satellites?
Yes, but again, there’s no point because a moon can’t build anything that requires energy to maintain/upgrade.

Well, that about wraps it up. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll address it as soon as I am able.

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  1. can u plz exsplain to me how exsactly u fleet crash i want to try it on my uni 5 acc with lights fighters and also wat points should u have before u try to get a moon????

    — justin    Oct 13, 09:51 PM    #
  2. Meh.

    I was in the process of writing my own moons general guide when I saw this. Perhaps I can supplement this guide. :)

    Anyway. I have a few comments:

    •Solar satellites are useful for lazy players who fleetsave from their moon and want a little counter-esp when their fleet is saving. What they do, is they click ‘All ships’, and fleetsave, leaving the solar satellites, which can counter-esp a few probes. Also, apparently Solar Satellites can be jumped through the Jump Gate.

    •The moon has two temperature statistics. One on the galaxy view, one on the overview. The galaxy view, as far as I know, is useless. The overview one is the one used for Solar satellite energy calculation.

    •Strangely, a Lunar Base and a Jump Gate provide energy. The Jump Gate providing 55 (unable to turn off in Resources menu), and the Lunar Base produces an amount which increases each level.

    For other guides, see:

    Those are helpful enough.

    And regards to above posters question: I have seen players in noob mode with moons. :) Although this was almost certainly because they built a fleet, and were crashed and knocked back into noob mode. However, I suggest that you got for moons when you are able to produce 1667 LFs in less than 5 days. But also, a moon is tenfold more useful to a player with a fleet, whether he uses it or not.

    — Black Wyvern    Oct 14, 12:49 AM    #
  3. Are you completely sure of this?:

    Each debris field can only produce ONE moonchance. For example, a planet has 300 crystal floating in its orbit, and a crash occurs that bumps this up to 100,300. No moonchance will be created. The 300 crystal must first be harvested before a moonshot is attempted.

    IIRC, I have given moons by fleetcrashing (sending a spy probe to create a debris field, sending recyclers to the debris field and sending my fleet to arrive before my recyclers do.

    That means that, even with a debris field, a moon should be created.

    I think that what you wanted to say is that debris from different fights do not add up for moonchances, the moon chance comes from the last battle:

    If you have 1Million debris and you get a fight and another Million that doesnt add for a 2Million (20%) chance, only the last one counts (10%).

    — fernando    Oct 16, 02:54 PM    #
  4. how do i create a debris field and how do i convert it to a moon?

    — abhilash    Nov 3, 07:26 AM    #
  5. get someone u know to attack u tons of times and then u get one

    alex    Nov 3, 03:50 PM    #
  6. i got attacked by 1000+ light fighters, 300+ heavy fighters, 57 cruisers and 57 battleships. After i destroyed it all it left 2.7 million metal and 1.6 million crystal BUT i didn’t get a moon. Just because you have a massive DF doesn’t mean you WILL get a moon, ppl harvest it very quickly so you probably need over 5 million total to get one if your planet is in the middle of alot of high ranked ppl

    — the gman    Dec 6, 10:02 PM    #
  7. “i got attacked by 1000+ light fighters, 300+ heavy fighters, 57 cruisers and 57 battleships. After i destroyed it all it left 2.7 million metal and 1.6 million crystal BUT i didn’t get a moon.”

    Of course. 20% is the maximum.

    “Just because you have a massive DF doesn’t mean you WILL get a moon,”


    “ppl harvest it very quickly so you probably need over 5 million total to get one if your planet is in the middle of alot of high ranked ppl”

    Harvesting the debris field has no effect on the chance of a moon being created.

    — Arbron (aka James Bron)    Dec 6, 11:39 PM    #
  8. What is fleetsaving exactly, for the newbie here?

    — Ryutso    Dec 15, 05:05 PM    #
  9. Fleetsaving is the act of sending your fleet to another planet so that it cannot be attacked. This is usually done when you are going out or to sleep.

    — Arbron (aka James Bron)    Dec 15, 05:15 PM    #
  10. if you shouldnt build storage then how do you store millions of resources on a moon?

    — King Harooo    Dec 27, 01:38 PM    #
  11. is it better to go for a moonshot with probes or lf’s

    — jack    Dec 31, 02:40 PM    #
  12. Do i have to be a commander to have a moon? If not, where do i find the moonshot (if there is any)

    — Jaymie    Jan 12, 09:10 PM    #
  13. you dont need storage on a moon cause your not building resources it lets you store them there when being attacked or just for keeping them safe till you need..worst that will happen is it will redline like on a normal planet, however on a moon it does not matter cause you can store all you want …regardless of how full…(your not building res..so it can be red..)

    — james    Feb 5, 10:06 PM    #
  14. Solar sats cannot be jumped from one moon to another.

    — Spock    Feb 11, 09:35 AM    #
  15. Can the moon be spied? If I let my fleet on a moon or my resource can it be seen? Is it safe there?

    — Lori    Mar 13, 03:51 PM    #
  16. Yes, your moon can be spied on and attacked.

    — Spock    Mar 19, 04:45 PM    #
  17. did i waste my moon? i was an idiot and built a robotics factory first then i deconstructed it cause i knew i had to build the lunar base but now it says i have no space, can i fix this?

    — sarpedon    Mar 30, 12:33 PM    #
  18. lol @ sarpedon

    — lawl    Apr 23, 12:11 PM    #
  19. do tearaformers work on moons or is it a wast of time???

    — fodder    May 1, 02:38 AM    #
  20. serpedon.

    no, you didnt waste your moon, all you did was use the only field you could build on at that time, by deconstructing the RF, you released that field, i suggest you build a lunar base, this will mean you can build 2 RF on the moon then build a second lunar base, the “no fields available this is not true, if you have a lunar base, just build something, it WILL let you as long as you have enough fields

    read the full topic, it tells you that a lunar base basically is a terraformer but on your moon, besides, as an experianced moon user, i know you cant even build terraformers on moons.

    a tip for moonshots

    always, ALWAYS use light fighters for moon shots,

    a 20% moonshot consists of 1667 light fighters, but beware, you must ask an ogame game operater if you can attempt a moonshot.
    it is always best also if you recycle the debris from ur own planet’s orbit and the person you are swapping moonshots with recycles the debris from their planets’s orbit. this way, you lessen the chance of someone else recycling the d/f and stealing it.

    however, if you wish to swap moonshots but dont want to risk not being allowed to, try for smaller moonshots

    83* light fighters = 1%
    166 = 2%
    250 = 3%

    *actually, the exact amount of light fighters for a 1% moonshot is 83.35 light fighters.

    another way of gaining a moon quickly, is send 20 shots of 83 light fighters, you will have 20 × 1% but even a 1% will give a moon, just not as easily as a 20%, trust me, i have seen this work.

    anyways, i have babbled on for too long now so i will let you actually learn something for urself (mumbles about noobs)

    happy gaming and happy moon building, if you ever get one.

    — belgarion, uni 17 (top 100)    May 8, 08:32 PM    #
  21. I have 3 moons, they pwnz0r for fleetsave, join UNI 23 and send me resources and you can have one of them

    — VaI    May 15, 06:30 PM    #
  22. okay ffs i rekon that They NEED nanites on the moon base…
    Even tho it would allow easy access for turtles, i punched in lvl 15 phalanx (225 System range) with 99 robotics and it took 1 year. (i did this on an ogame-calc). just take away the ability of Terraformer and also, if they didn’t, getting 1k energy on a moon with -90 or so temp, its kinda hard…

    i would just like to know if anything i hav said is irrelevent.
    but PLEASE don’t state obvious crap….
    And NO “you can’t hav it cos of blabla itl inbalance! blablabla!!!!”

    — thecat    May 21, 06:46 AM    #
  23. HI i was wondering is it posible to have all 9 moons, like on every planet?
    is it posible and what is the max moons number in ogame right now hiscore?

    core    Jun 26, 05:37 PM    #
  24. mhmm, you can have 9 moons. as for the max… probably 9. Not entirely sure, though

    — Mv3    Jul 13, 12:04 PM    #
  25. “Note: you may want to consider building at least a level 1 Shipyard for the ability to build Solar Satellites. Their energy production is irrelevant, but they can provide a counter-espionage chance and can be (unconfirmed) sent through a Jump Gate.”

    How do sats create counter-espionage?

    Is there any benefit to getting level 2 Jump Gate? (or level 2 grav?)

    — Thor    Jul 29, 10:26 PM    #
  26. People, a moon is created instantly or it is not created at all. Right at the second the battle takes place you should get a moon, but if you see a Debris Field instead, you’re NOT going to get a moon. It’s that simple. And remember that if a weaker player attacks you with more than 1667 light fighters to create a 20% moonchance, it’ll be considered pushing and the weaker player may be banned. Furthermore it’s completely unnecessary to use more than 1667 Light Fighters because it’s impossible to get a 21% moonchance or greater. If you do so, you’ll only be wasting your ships.

    — Albert    Sep 1, 01:53 PM    #
  27. Can you ave more tha one moon per planet even though I have a moon, I got attacked again and I sill had a moonchance %....?

    — Steve    Nov 19, 09:46 AM    #
  28. u can have only one moon per planet.

    lvl 2 jumpgates are being discussed on what their advantage will be (forums say their recharge time will drop)

    SS create counter esp. by just being their they count as a ship so u will know when others spy on you. i have 1 esp probe on my moon and on a daily basis i see 4-5 reports of attempted espionage.

    max number of moons is whoever is dumb or gracious enough to attack every one of your planets and give u a 20% MC… so your number of planets= max number of moons

    you can store millions of res. because your not producing anything… like on a planet you CAN have more then you can store all that happens is that your mines stop producing resources because your limit has been reached but you can always ship in more res. or just put them on a fleetsave let your mines produce more and you’ll have what they produced + whatever you sent out

    hope that answered abit of the future questions

    — unguen    Dec 8, 11:58 PM    #
  29. Do the debris fields not adding together still apply with the new version (0.78) or is it still the same

    — Dr OM    Dec 17, 03:20 AM    #
  30. still the same, bud.

    — Trevyr    Dec 17, 11:57 PM    #
  31. Maybe I’m being ridiculously stupid here, but I still have a question. If my fleet is sitting on my moon and my moon gets attacked, will be fleet be destroyed?

    — Saxanet    Dec 18, 10:58 AM    #
  32. (to Saxanet) yes it will get destroyed. A moon’s a lot like a planet. The only real differences are that you have to make a lunar base to get fields (every lvl= 3 fields), you get special buildings (lunar base,sensor phalanx, and jump gate), and that you can’t make any mines or power buildings.

    — someone    Jan 2, 05:19 PM    #
  33. Personally, I prefer to use 556 large cargos. They use alot less metal and only twice the crystal… Plus, they are easy to destroy and you can use the heck out of them while you prepare.

    I am also interested in how solars on a moon provide counter espionage? What do they do to help?

    — t00nces2    Jan 4, 08:45 AM    #
  34. @ t00nces2

    They help, purely by being counted as a ship. with no ships or defenses on a moon, you can NOT stop an espionage attempt. the sats simply give the chance to defend against the probes.

    and i prefer the use of light fighters, crystal isnt as easy to get as metal and it just seems more efficient…

    shame moons are so damn hard to get in the first place

    — Terror    Feb 22, 02:18 PM    #
  35. how do you harvest debis field? :?

    x    Feb 26, 10:51 PM    #

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