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Should I create planets for specific purposes?


Published: Sep 15, 08:20 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This was posted as a comment… I cleaned it up a bit and reposted it here for everyones benefit.

It all depends on what is your overall goal in this game, so letís say you can either go for the defensive kind of play or the offensive where you concentrate on either building battleships and all the other ships you need to raid, but still that will take some time because there is so much stuff you need to built up before you can build ships at all, or you can build and concentrate on defense.

Now defensive kind of game is a totally different thing you still need to build a lot of stuff before you can build a solid defense but then you need the offence as well, itís all about thinking like your enemy, like if you have 40 unprotected battleships just laying around chances that somebody is going to attack you are extremely big, cause when I played on Balkan server I was a big time raider where I spent daily about 4 hours just scanning the galaxy 130 systems at the time and then calculating which ones pay off to attack.

Then I would send all 12 slots to attack and go to sleep, but at the same time do a fleet save just so those that have moons donít intercept my attacks and destroy some of my fleet, but the main point is that if someone had decent defense and about 40 battleships on the planet most of the time it didnít pay of sending all of the fleet at the guy cause of the deuterium cost.

The essential thing that you need, or will need in the long run is that you need your colonies to be spread apart for about 10 solar systems each, I agree in the beginning have them close so you can build the essentials on your main planet but later on the key to this game is how has the best production of resources over 24 hour period of time. This comes down to your mines; metal, crystal, solar, and deuterium.

Solar mines should be your first concern because I was put in the situation where I had 3000 solar satellites on couple of my colonies and then people would raid them because they earn on the crystal of my solar satellites, and if you have all of the solar mines build up so they cover all the energy needs then thereís nothing they can do, even if you loose all of your ships and defense you still have production going at the same rate and believe me once you get to that level of play thereís nothing in your way but timeÖ.


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  1. Well, this question is quite fathomable, and you can interpret it differently.

    With regards to the word create, in the very beginning of the game, place your colonies close enough so that shipping resources is a fast thing to do, and far enough you can use them as bases to raid from, not everyone around you is the best raiding target, or at least not a few weeks in anyway. A lot will of quit and left rather meagre amounts of resources. Having a decent spread will ensure you can always shift throughout your range to suit your pickings. What’s greater is that no-one will have a moon, and you’ll be pretty safe until 1667 LFs can be built in under 10 days or something. Use these planets to upgrade mines. You may wish to neglect deuterium mines, but these help with research. Just plan ahead for shortages, so that you don’t have a week period of upgrading mines to facilitate the shortage, instead you have been saving small surpluses from your higher deut mines to pay for these. Metal is a key mine, and having it quite high early on will give you a much higher level of growth, especially if spent correctly. This is all about exponential growth.
    i.e. 100 res * 2^4 < 100 res * 3^4.
    Although the 2 and 3 are somewhat more than the growth you’ll get in a few weeks time. As soon as you realize that a lot of players have quit, and you find that crashing fleets makes more bread than stealing res, it’s time to start expanding your range. Delete your worst colony and replace it with a 160+ field colony elsewhere. Your range depends on your preference. You might like a colony is most galaxies, you might like planets 50 ss’s away so that you can later equip them with phalanxes and ‘own’ that galaxy with your all-seeing eyes. It depends if you wish to stay with clustered colonies and become a miner, where you’ll also replace your colonies, but move them far enough to escape a single or two strategically place IPMing planet(s). Keep deleting old colonies and replacing with new ones until you only have new ones. These are permanent, so make sure now if they are correctly placed. Deleting them later could mean a loss of anything from 20-100k points, and weeks of lost work. Now is where you might decide to start them all of with high shipyards, robos, defense and other things. Or you may wish to start with mines, giving that colony a ‘booster’ package to build a few robos, some defense and mines up to 10 on each can help as the ‘loan’ will be paid off shortly, and speed is critical. Towards the end of the game (5+ months or longer playing) most of your planets will start to become the same, except for a few things you might build only on a few planets, like research lab or missile silo. They will mostly become generic. Even if you’re a raider, it’s still a good idea to invest your profits in some if not most mines, these can be relied upon at all times and are a great way to recover from a loss off your fleet, which unless is obscenely large, is probably inevitable.

    But for specific purposes, there is only one main purpose in OGame, have fun. So whatever you find fun would justify a reason to create a planet.

    Mobile attack bases, IPM sites, relay colonies and graviton colonies are all reasons that specific purpose colonies are worth making.

    There was probably more I could of wrote. But it seems to of slipped my mind.

    Black Wyvern,

    — Black Wyvern    Sep 18, 02:31 AM    #
  2. That was extremely well said. I can only offer a small comment:

    I don’t believe you should create a planet with a specific RESOURCE PRODUCTION purpose. Why have a level 20 Metal Mine on one planet and a level 20 Crystal Mine on another when you can have level 16-18 of both on both planets?

    However, I do agree that some planets should be specialized for things like research and missile attacks.

    Oh, and not to sound pretentious, but it’s should/would/could/might/may/will HAVE.

    — Arbron    Oct 5, 10:00 AM    #
  3. yeah i agree with using the smaller field planets as material mines and sending all the resorces they produce to a 150+ field planet (or higher, some people will only keep a colony if its over 180), then once the planet you want to keep has enough… destroy your weakest farm planet and try to create a 180+ field colony, it may take several attempts to get something with a decent field size in the galaxy u want.. still there are always new slots opening up as people become inactive or quit.

    — Leigh    Oct 15, 12:43 AM    #
  4. IMO, the only resource you should have a planet specificly for is deut, due to the bonus you get on cold planets, not to mention the fact that solar plant output scales perfectly with deut synth power consumption and the fact that solar sats are useless that far out.

    — chafalcar    Dec 10, 11:13 PM    #
  5. well, I think the perfect solution to energy problems would be pretty simple: Have a high level solar mine, covering 60-70% of your energy needs: enough solar satellites to cover the last 30/40%, and a high level fusion reactor to cover the same energy of the satellites: therefore, you turn off the reactor, as it costs deuterium, and keep satellites up, if someone attacks you, kills most of your satellites, just kick the reactor into charge to cover the energy until you can build the satellites to cover the bill again.

    — *anonymous*    Jul 7, 08:53 AM    #
  6. i have a metal mine only planet and a crsytal only planet because you can get more from the fields and yes i know about the terraformer but thats not the point i think its better to have a only metal mine planet etc. i will not change my plan becauce the amount of Resources im getting i cant spend them all hat once(unless i spam Lf or something) i really push forward my way of game play to new players

    — george_1234    Sep 6, 12:54 PM    #
  7. i have 5 colonies whose only ppurpose is to build ships for my fleet. 2 colonies build 1 battleship each per day, 2 colonies build 15 light fighters each per day and one colony build 2 Cruisers per day.

    — flyboy    Sep 16, 11:00 PM    #
  8. Because having a level 20 metal mine on planet one and a level 20 metal mine on planet two will produce a HUGE amount more total resources than two level 10s on each planet

    — Jack Mott    Oct 29, 08:13 AM    #
  9. uhh…note that cost is exponential, so one lvl 20 mine costs about as much as 2 lvl 18 mines, assuming fields is not the issue.

    — anonymous    Dec 9, 08:02 PM    #

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