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OGame Update - August 2006


Published: Aug 13, 01:52 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

There was an update recently. We are now at v0.74a for the version of OGame. Here is the update information.

You can now trade in your Espionage Probe fleet for crystal to offset the loss of probes.


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  1. yo i hate that they made the espiagne probes cargo captity to 0. i was always doing espingae raids using 3k probes and then get alot of resouces in mintues. man this is the baddest update of ogame. hope that it doesnt get worst

    — peter    Aug 13, 08:16 PM    #
  2. how long does noob protection last for anyway?

    — confidential    Aug 14, 06:36 AM    #
  3. peter, you tried to exploit a bug… fine, now the bug is resolved. to bad for you

    — charles    Aug 14, 12:58 PM    #
  4. Probe raiding was hardly a bug. So I don’t see where there was any exploiting involved.

    Voidhawk    Aug 14, 04:49 PM    #
  5. Probe raiding was just another strategy, now its been removed. But u lose absolutely nothing, so there’s no worry.

    U can use the crystal to invest in other strategys, such as RIPs, IPMs, etc.

    — thetyr    Aug 14, 04:54 PM    #
  6. You lose a whole style of playing. That’s what. I’m against the removal of probes, but at least the refund was full. I’m strongly of the opinion the cargo capacity should be brought back.

    — Black Wyvern    Aug 15, 05:15 AM    #
  7. hi all yer i have two agree with peter it was good thing. but its it not unfair on the people u raid with probs? maybe thats why they did it?

    — bman    Aug 15, 05:20 AM    #
  8. any change which restrict diversity of options is bad, now there is a couple of things you canīt do in the game anymore.

    — fisuman    Aug 16, 09:20 AM    #
  9. I agree it sucks that probes can no longer hold cargo, I used them to transfer resources mostly, but apparently they were never supposed to hold cargo. So yes, it was a bug.

    — Nimby    Aug 16, 09:24 AM    #
  10. itīs was never a bug the cargo capacity in probes, actually them still has 5 cargo capacity, only now is EXCLUSIVELY for fuel !? thatīs a nonsense. apparently the intention is not allow probe raids (prohibition i donīt understand at all) but if they drop out the “attack” option in the mission menu it becomes impossible to create a DF on purpose, so necessarily we have to lose the “transport” posibility too. unbelievable! i hope they take it back.

    — fisuman    Aug 16, 11:31 AM    #
  11. I think the update royally sucks. I did what Nimby did and just transfered resources with them. It used to be really helpful since half of my colonies are in galaxy 1 and the other half in galaxy 9. Now, I actually have to moonshot a couple more moons for transporting resources. :-(

    — imprisoned243    Aug 17, 03:08 AM    #
  12. I don’t see why espionage probe raiding was a bug. It doesn’t take that many RL to beat off some probes. Next you won’t be able to use light fighters in large quantities. :P

    — HenrytheV    Aug 17, 01:08 PM    #
  13. I agree with the “no cargo hold” for probes.
    The speed of the probe gives the an incredible advantage to raid inactives, with low deuterium consuption. If you want cargo old, drop the speed of the probes. I believe that change would put a lot more heads spinning.

    — Baretti    Aug 18, 03:53 AM    #
  14. Does anybody knows something about the ogame shutdown?

    Wantan    Aug 21, 11:13 AM    #
  15. is there any precise line splitting what’s a bug of what is a really profitable strategy? I don’t think so

    — cutlas    Aug 25, 11:29 AM    #
  16. Personally I never used probe raiding, I just didn’t think it was profitable to have thousands of probes. With that being said I actually don’t agree with the change. All someone needs is one rocket launcher and probe raiding is impossible. Kodus to those who used it in the past, great thinking. I wish the best to you all.

    Avalanche Alliance Death comes swiftly. Death comes painfully. Death comes by Avalanche.

    — Mike    Aug 25, 03:45 PM    #
  17. At the top it says this
    “Holding position in protected noob planets is no longer possible ” what does it mean????

    — Dazza3000    Aug 26, 03:01 AM    #
  18. dudes, they took awy the probe storage, but you say: They could also just have removed the attaking menu… I say: No! Because then, you can’t send you’re recyclers ahead anymore, because you can’t create a trashyard anymore. Now you still can :D

    — bernd    Aug 26, 02:44 PM    #
  19. Why can’t I access the ogame site?
    It’s being nearly 24hrs now, what’s going on?

    — Helcat    Aug 26, 05:48 PM    #
  20. Not only can you not attack, but also transport. That was one of the keys ways people transported res to others quickly and cheaply. Now it sux 1337 roxz0rz.

    Abolesco    Aug 29, 08:06 AM    #
  21. ASince you are all leaving random comments without answering to the others questions, I am going to tell you, that you are all noobs.By the way, pete,probe raiding isnt a good strategy, because you cant fleetsave your probes for longer than 2 minutes and please pete learn some english before you post comments.

    — It does not matter    Aug 30, 12:28 AM    #
  22. I know it isn’t realistic, but they could just allow ppl 2 attack but not take resources, and allow transport of resources, by leaving the cargo capacity there

    — DemonicPillow    Aug 30, 05:38 AM    #
  23. i HATE this new rule its a load of BUL.
    i dont no y they did it!

    — Aza    Aug 31, 05:37 AM    #
  24. bring bac the probes

    ineeda pee    Sep 1, 12:07 PM    #
  25. Hrm, Espionage probes.. Ok… read the name again.. Ok now 1 more time… Ok for you not so smart people. who are crying about not being able to raid people with espionage probes. Espionage is an act of Spying. This is not James Bond World. Probes are stealth units that gather information, To make thousands of them and crash people in seconds and get resources back in seconds is just wrong. you wanna fight, Make a fleet.Ya know. the Combat ships?

    — BlonkTheJust    Sep 1, 03:23 PM    #
  26. Of course you can fleetsave probes longer than two minutes… send one ship of any other kind with ‘em and they’ll slow down. Fleets always move at the speed of the slowest ship.
    And Hold Position I’m assuming is in some of the newer Universes where you can station a fleet at an Ally’s planet to help defend. I guess people would send them to a protected planet on purpose so they couldn’t be crashed. Doing that right next door beats fleetsaving, and in something as chaotic as a brand new universe, it would have actually been really handy to have a safe spot for a fleet even before you get a colony.

    — Sajomir    Sep 1, 03:31 PM    #
  27. v0.74b – It is no longer possible to use consecutive blank spaces in the login or renaming. – The special symbols are filtered in both login and renaming. – The alliance page is shown now with the specific charset language of the server – The store capacity is now properly indicated in the Empire overview


    — Black Wyvern    Sep 1, 07:34 PM    #
  28. People de prob raiding is a problem but hi had a estragy that involve escaping phalanxs that involved puting my fleet olding on a noob planet, an sendit back when i needed, it was a defence and atack strategy taht i lost, now im volnerable to phalanx again since i have no moon, this realy sucks my game.

    — Nacro X    Sep 2, 08:08 AM    #
  29. Just because some people are more creative with their use of ships doesn’t mean it’s a bug in the game. I guess sending loaded cargo ships to a debris field to fleetsave is a bug too. The cargo ship wan’t intended for going on harvesting missions. Better fix that one as well. Not.

    — Meriadoc    Sep 3, 12:49 AM    #
  30. This is a james Bond World if someone wants it to be by raiding wit sum probes. Ok, for those not so smart people: We can use our ships for any function we want. Tons of people use real machines for things they weren’t designed for. Probes should be able gather whatever they are able to gather, be that info. resources or dust. Ok “BlonkTheJust”, read that once more. You might get it this time. Hoorah.

    — Meriadoc    Sep 3, 12:56 AM    #
  31. In the samew espirit combat ships shudent make cargo transport since it isnt is porpese, probably a bug to.

    — Nacro X    Sep 3, 06:38 AM    #
  32. The purpose of combat ships is to Raid the opponent, so it isnt a bug, you noob!!!

    — It does not matter    Sep 3, 11:50 PM    #
  33. By the way, what happens, if you fleetsave from a moon and your monn gets destroyed by a deathstar?
    ANd if you get atacked by a deathstar while your fleet is still on your moon and your fleet is way more powerful than the deathstars(if it even includes a couple of Deathstars)

    — It does not matter    Sep 3, 11:55 PM    #
  34. I may be a noob but that was a sarcastic coment, since i lost 2 precios tactics that give me an edge, now they call a bug, now problem, but maibe fleet save is a bug to, or sending other ships to a debri field, or using combat ships for transport mission, besides using, a lots of probs can also be used as protection for bigger ships, maybe thas a bug to, what i am saing that takes some adge and criative thinquing, last sing ACS is also a bug? Or the Galaxy Toll may give a ban since it’s a data base that we use to take information and we shuld use paper not programs, well, sory but im a litle upset.

    — Nacro X    Sep 4, 07:26 AM    #
  35. again, it was not “tricky” to perform a raid with probes as it is not tricky to assign a harvest or espionage mission to a bunch of loaded ships with the purpose of save them and save resources.
    it was only another posibility of play within the game. there was not abuse involved or “taking advantage” of an error of the system in anyway at all. the bottom line is ALL ships has a given cargo capacity and you can use this particularity in the way you want, whithout careing about what is the ship meant for.

    — fisuman    Sep 6, 06:49 AM    #
  36. Oh man, it’s ridiculus.. now I realize why my 10k probes fleet didn’t work the last couple of times.. I hope they will set it back to normal..

    ThaLord    Sep 7, 11:36 AM    #
  37. I cant remember where I read it and Id wished Id kept url, but I seem to remember reading that someone/somepeople where using a script to drive probes to raid. maybe thats why they changed cargo capacity of probes?

    — dave    Sep 18, 12:23 PM    #
  38. I agree that the esp prob was built to gather info, but at the same time it has an attack rate of 1 so even though it does no damage it should still be able to attack. I also agree that if you were to increase the cargo of the prob back to 1 or more that it should reduce the speed of the prob. or even another route is to have 2 different probes. One that can spy and one that can attack, maybe like a probe druid in SWs but setup for spaceflight. It could then have a slower speed that is still faster then any ship due to its size and still be small like 1-5 cargo cap. just an idea.

    — Farley318    Oct 8, 07:05 PM    #

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