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Question: Should I keep this 150 field planet?


Published: Aug 11, 05:58 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

Is it good if i keep a colony like with 150 fields, and then when i get stronger to delete it and look for colonys like with more than 215 fields?? or its better to delete it right away and look for bigger colony? posted by Muhamed

The Answer

First, it depends on your level. Once you get higher up in ranks and resources, it is usually easier to just keep going for a planet with at least 220 fields.

If you can’t afford to keep trying for the 220+ planet sizes, then yes. Keep the 150 until your ready to destroy it and move on to another planet.

A lot also depends on your colonization strategy. Some players like to put all their colonies near each other. This is great for shuttling resources around, but makes you an easier target for raiders, since they can locate most of your planets easily. Sometimes you might put several colonies together in the earlier game, then move them apart later on.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Currently, I have an average of 120 fields used on my colonies, I have mines at around 28, 25, 23, and I never run out of storage. I don’t plan on using them for anything else other than mines, so personally, I’d keep it. But if you have spread out colonies (different galaxies) you need each to be equipped sufficiently, rather than 2-3. So you would need more. It depends on how well you want to manage the fields. I could always build Terraformer for example, or I could always remove solar plants for satellites, I don’t see any point in deleting colonies 150~ fields in size.

    — Black Wyvern    Aug 11, 10:36 PM    #
  2. @black wyvern.
    An average colony in later game is around…
    30 metal, 30 crystal, 30 duet, 30 Solar, 18 fusion,
    Which is 138 fields.
    Then there’s storage (5-10 each), Shipyard, robotics factory, nanite, missile silo etc, which would bring it around 200+.

    So its good to have at least a few planets with 200+, but around 160 should be enough for most planets.

    — thetyr    Aug 13, 03:57 PM    #
  3. When I had around 25K points, I was looking for colonies with at least 200 fields. On my first try I got lucky and ended up with a colony with 303 fields. I know that may not happen to you, but it is possible. As far as your question goes, it is true depending on points yes, but I would shoot for at least 200 fields, 200 fields minimum. It may take several tries, but don’t settle for less; in the long run you are going to wish you had colonies with a lot of fields. Plan BIG!

    — Jacob    Aug 14, 12:55 PM    #
  4. @Thetyr.
    Fusion sucks. :P It’s a waste of deut, and it’s much more economical to use solar satellites.
    Solar plant 30 is also excessive. It’s cheaper at around lvl 23 to buy solar satellites, even if they get crashed, it’s still cheaper to rebuy them a couple times before it would of been cheaper to pay for a solar plant upgrade.
    Storage on a colony is useless, it’s fine to have enough to hold everything you produce + 30% before you use/remove the resources. Anymore is no point.

    In saying this, I’m saying I’m not much of a raider, so I don’t need each of my planets to be as effective as a base.

    To re-answer the question: If you’re a raider, then get more fields, if you’re a miner, it really doesn’t matter as long as you manage the fields well.

    — Black Wyvern    Aug 15, 04:23 AM    #
  5. wouldn’t it be better for a miner to have more fields than a raider? Because all a raider needs is the ships, shipyard etc and a high deut mine. Where as a miner will need v.high lvl mines to compete with what they could take by raiding.
    Also any tips on ways to look through galaxies faster?? becasue i keep looking for pos 4 slots to colonise and its a pain, so should i just colonis between 4-6 or just go for the 4?
    thanx in advance

    — benneb2004    Aug 16, 03:15 AM    #
  6. hey people i thought this wud be a good part on ogametips to ask. is it good to place ur planets near others in the same system? or is it good to place in an empty system.
    please some1 answer asap

    — thecat    Aug 16, 02:37 PM    #
  7. @ benneb2004 – colonize between 4-6. also look for 2+ week inactives in those spots, and be ready for when they dissapear, then be the first to move in.

    @ thecat – the closer you are to other players, the more opportunities you have to trade or attack. this means also that you may be probed more often, and at risk of being attacked. if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, there are less people to attack, and people around you will have fewer choices other than you for attacking.
    out in the middle of nowhere once someone finds you as a good farm, they don’t forget it.

    oh and a slot 1 in the middle of nowhere is a tell-tale sign of a graviton attempt.
    — Darkeclipse    Aug 16, 03:02 PM    #
  8. How do you destroy a colonythat is not wanted?

    — godam    Aug 19, 05:18 PM    #
  9. @ Black Wyvren

    Having solar sats is like begging to be hit, especially later in the game, when you need quite many sats to equal e decent-level fusion-plant.

    And it might work when you have a big turtle planet, but when you’re struggling to develop you’d lose more resources on sats that are getting crashed than the deut you need to power the fusion.
    Plus, never forget that adding a level of deut synth and one for the fusion plant provides more energy AND deut then not upgrading anything because on the lack of power. And on planets in slots 7+ sats are not very useful…

    executor    Aug 21, 03:27 PM    #
  10. what i am planning to do is create 2 planets near each other and have one with just metal mines and one with just crystal mines all with a load of cargo ships sending the resouces to my homeworld that way it would be better than raiding because i’d be getting somthing like 100k metal and crystal p/h
    but this would catch a lot of unwanted raiding attantion and then i would build a load of rocketlaunchers (like 5 milion) and no one would bother to attack.
    i would use cargos to transport the metal to my crystal planet and my crystal to my metal planet.
    is this good logic and stradegy?

    — Joe    Aug 31, 03:19 AM    #
  11. @joe its not that good a strategy coz youd hav 2 find 2 planets in the middle of nowere and youd yust get raided like mad anyway rocket launchers shud only be used in the begining of the game after that u shud go for heavy lasers much more affective at deffence

    — J    Aug 31, 04:04 PM    #
  12. @Joe
    The other reason why that’s not a good idea is that it’s much, much cheaper to take two planets to level 20 metal and 20 crystal than to take one to 25 metal and the other to 25 crystal. (level 25 produces twice what 20 production does)

    — Vladimir    Sep 5, 03:49 AM    #
  13. How about colonizing in a system where there are only inactive players?

    — Stubbs    Sep 5, 11:50 PM    #
  14. in my galaxy there is no-one active there is one player and he’s been on vacation for ages so i won’t get raided that often any way

    the joint power of 5 million + r.launchers would be incredible you’d need about 500 battle ships to counter that

    i’m planning to build mines up to about lvl 50-70 nothing like 25

    — Joe    Sep 6, 10:09 AM    #
  15. how do i locate the fields on uncolonized planets?

    — deen    Sep 6, 10:29 AM    #
  16. @Joe I wouldnt use battleships to att u, cruiser are far more useful against your defense. Or just take RIPs. Def cannot flee from them ;)

    — PizZarRo    Sep 8, 09:31 AM    #
  17. “An average colony in later game is around
    30 metal, 30 crystal, 30 duet, 30 Solar, 18 fusion, ”

    On .org, the highest Crystal Mine is 29, and the highest Fusion Reactor is 15. That’s hardly average.

    — Arbron    Sep 9, 01:19 AM    #
  18. i never thought of tht they have 20 rapid fire againts them it would be very difficult

    the olny reason i choose to use rlaunchers is coz there cheap but now i think about it it would be better to use gauss or plasma

    — Joe    Sep 9, 06:03 AM    #
  19. if you keep the mins stacked up no matter what you build raiders will always come…if u have mils in a planet its a temptation even for the top player. not tat your idea is bad or anything but a better plan would be to move your resources or to resource save (fleet save lots of caroges with mins in them if ur saving up)

    feel free to correct me

    — Nav    Sep 14, 02:11 AM    #
  20. i just started a new colony in uni19.. and if your a beginner i think the smartest thing to do is to get a 2nd planet ASAP so you can axpand faster. is it a good strategy? and it doesnt really matter what size it is as long as you trade it in later on..

    — Vantheman    Sep 14, 07:15 AM    #
  21. “im planning to build mines up to about lvl 50-70 nothing like 25”

    A lvl 50 mine is like 5 billion resources.

    — Mike    Sep 14, 08:23 AM    #
  22. dude what kind of size planets do you have… and then you must be high up the rankings aswell

    — Vantheman    Sep 14, 09:37 AM    #
  23. is terraformer helping in expanding fields or not?Is it worth of building it anyway whatsoever

    — Ajax    Sep 15, 09:08 AM    #
  24. its defenitly worth building if youre nearly out of space

    — Vantheman    Sep 18, 11:56 AM    #
  25. How many fields do you get with terraformer?

    — Ajax    Sep 18, 04:06 PM    #
  26. You get 5 fields for every terraformer level.

    All my planets are 308+ fields. All 9.

    — Switch    Sep 19, 03:31 PM    #
  27. how much does a terraformer lv 1 cost??
    and also what is the easiest way to get Graviton Technology??

    — mgshadowhunter    Sep 23, 07:47 AM    #
  28. I’m trying to get a colony but i keep getting less than 100 fields and colony ships take alot of my resourses. should i bring up my res production or keep trying to get a colony?

    — jimagine    Sep 23, 02:09 PM    #
  29. mgshadowhunter the easiest way to get graviton tech is to build lots of solar satelits at an unoccupied part of the universe

    — jimagine    Sep 23, 04:10 PM    #
  30. yer well ive got 8 colonys 1 in each galaxy without 9…
    and i find if u capture lots of planet 4s ull get the planet u want half the time so about 15 colony ships will get ur full amount of colonys… it may seem a hefty price to players less then 5000 points but its well worth it beacuse they will make u gain points considerbally faster

    — Tim    Sep 25, 07:10 PM    #
  31. ive been looking for awile and cant find a goood colony place and ive been looking for allies and people for my alliance for awile so if anyone wonts to join the feds7 please send in a applacation

    alex    Sep 26, 02:22 AM    #
  32. i played 4 mounts and maked 9 colonys 5 in the 9 and 4 in the starter near my planet at 3 in 9 i had no difence and 30000 solar satelits nobody atackt me (i was 100 ) and i Research the all tex. lol i had every ships and every reserch and on those colonys (one planet had 300 fields that was my best planet and i had 30 30 30 21 and nanite 5 robotic 12 …..............

    — frost    Sep 27, 02:32 AM    #
  33. to frost

    theres no way tht in 4 months yuo’d get all tht stuff ive been playing for 5 months and im nowhere nere rank 100

    it is impossible to get so much in 4 moths. i know some one whos been playin for years and hes only got 1000 solar satelites

    — Joe    Sep 27, 01:35 PM    #
  34. if i destroy i planet and look for a new one will i lose all the stuff that i build on the planet ?

    — killer    Oct 1, 07:19 AM    #
  35. @ joe

    that guy thatz been playing 4 years probably hasnt gone 4 graviton duuuuh also, it is possible in 4 months if ur an absolute freak….. lolz

    — thecat    Oct 1, 04:37 PM    #
  36. yeh you’d have to be a real nerd to do tht in 4 months

    — Joe    Oct 2, 01:32 PM    #
  37. How do you know if a planet has over 150 fields or not before you waste the money to get one?

    You don't. You just have to try it and see what you get. Everytime you colonize a planet, the planet size is random. You will have better chances at a bigger planet in position 4, 5 or 6, but it is all random. ~ Voidhawk

    — Adam    Oct 2, 01:41 PM    #
  38. Thanks a lot!

    — Adam    Oct 2, 06:25 PM    #
  39. im on the dutch server(caus im dutch:p), but does it matter what slots u create ur planets on? and if so, what are all the differences? thx in advance

    — mithybichy    Oct 3, 06:47 PM    #
  40. ps: until what lvl can u upgrade ur mines? 30?

    — mithybichy    Oct 5, 07:01 AM    #
  41. Mines can theoretically be upgraded as far as you want, but the maximum MIGHT be 99.

    “All my planets are 308+ fields. All 9.”

    Wow. Your homeplanet must have a level 26 Terraformer.

    — Arbron    Oct 5, 09:04 AM    #
  42. how do u colonize _”??

    — hi    Oct 5, 07:19 PM    #
  43. what is the max fields that i can get

    — Death legend    Oct 10, 10:05 AM    #
  44. “im on the dutch server(caus im dutch:p), but does it matter what slots u create ur planets on? and if so, what are all the differences?”

    well. small planets from slots 1-3, big planets, average 170 fields from 4-12, smaller planets 13-15
    from 1-3 more energy on sol sats. 4-12 big planets. sometimes 300+fields but u need to keep trying. sometimes u get small ones
    13-15 more deut. in my humly opinion, i lost a lot of time on wortless colonies, i shold encourage all ppl, to aim for slots 4-12, if u get less than 200, re colognize and delete that colony, exept if its the first one, but after that, no less than 200 fields. ppl say that 150 fields are ok to mining, but remember u will need irn later, probably u will need shipyard, around lv8, and if u want to build faster, nanite 1-3, terraformer wont help much since becomes expensive at lv 3, i the only planet you should keep below 200 fields, its the main.

    — Alex    Oct 24, 12:22 PM    #
  45. I agree with alex. This game, especially for turtles, is all about math. Terra form is nice but when you do the math it is FAR cheap to destroy 15 colonies just to get a 300+colony then it would be to terra form a 150 up to 300. As in life, always apply the “Reasonableness Test” to solutions. ;)

    — motivator    Nov 4, 10:32 AM    #
  46. What is the max level for a mine? Is it infinite?

    — Morloon    Nov 16, 01:31 PM    #
  47. Planet Size (number of fields)
    pos1 to 3: 80% between 40 and 70 fields (55+/-15)
    pos4 to 6: 80% between 120 and 310 fields (215+/-95)
    pos7 to 9: 80% between 105 and 195 fields (150+/-45)
    pos10 to 12: 80% between 75 and 125 fields (100+/-25)
    pos13 to 15: 80% between 60 and 190 fields (125+/-65)

    — swamphermet    Nov 19, 10:32 AM    #
  48. @Joe
    Hey dude, it looks that after 5 months that you have been playing you still being a completly noob, your ideas of getting 70lvl mines are crazy, and getting millions of rocket launchers are also fool. Use more maths for your plans

    — Erwin R.    Nov 20, 09:21 PM    #
  49. @Joe
    “i’m planning to build mines up to about lvl 50-70 nothing like 25”

    FYI to upgrading a metal mine from lvl 69-70 would cost:
    84 810 207 393 210 metal and
    21 202 551 848 302 crystal

    But whats funnier its would take 429 years (with lvl 10 robotics and lvl 10 nanite)

    Good luck :)

    — Julius W    Dec 9, 05:50 AM    #
  50. If a planet has more than 100 fields then you should keep it.

    Phalanax    Dec 13, 08:40 PM    #
  51. Can terraformers be used off planet?

    More specifically, if you have a terraformer on your homeplanet, can you use it on your other colonies?

    — Ryutso    Dec 16, 02:24 PM    #
  52. what is the best planet slot for fields?!

    — dukluver    Jan 8, 03:03 PM    #
  53. 4

    — 0.o    Jan 27, 01:55 PM    #
  54. dukluver…

    in early game i’d go for slot 7-9… good sizes there too… 1-3 are worst

    — Arachnid    Feb 8, 04:10 PM    #
  55. I just got lucky. My colony has 315 fields!!!It is on 4th spot.

    — stalker    Feb 17, 05:27 PM    #
  56. i dont think the res cost is ever truly limiting on mine buildings (at lvl 59 mettl mine ude be earning somewhere in the reagon of 48,000,000,000 mettal an hour) – which surly would counter the cost of buildin lvl 60? – but yea – 400 odd years is abit exsessive :)

    — nathla    Feb 19, 05:50 AM    #
  57. Sweeeet!
    I took the advice and sent out my Colonization on planets between 4-6. And I am so fortunate to have landed on these number of Fields: 235, 270 and 290.
    I am so FRIGGEN HAPPY!!! (lol)
    Whats weird, they all are in the 6-6-6, since those where the only ones available.
    (X:XXX:6 – X:XXX:6 – X:XXX:6)

    — Lady OrchiD    Apr 23, 04:19 PM    #
  58. Why do every one say getting from 69-70 would take a long time and large res etc without thinking about the amount of res that a level 69 would create? A high level alliance and some time could probably get high levels (up to 50)

    — NPSF3000    May 2, 05:04 PM    #
  59. @Arbron

    lol i know a freind with a lvl 36 cystal mine. that is from those that post on the forum.

    — eregan    May 17, 05:59 PM    #
  60. No you don’t Ere. Stop lying, child.

    — eregan is full of shit    May 24, 02:17 PM    #
  61. ARGH ppL NPSF3000 i think is the only one with a brain.
    when you hit those sort’s of mines, you wont produce 200 metal an hour, as many would think.
    also, producing 48,000,000,000 metal or some crap per hour, is crazy. you would be able 2 get nanites 40-50 in ten mins. (trust me, you would have deut synths at this sort of age)
    hope this clarifies ppl’s crap ova this sorta stuff…
    also you would get HEAPS OF RES from raiding. with 14 nanites, it takes 1 second for almost every ship to be built. :)
    thank you :)

    — thecat    May 28, 05:18 AM    #
  62. To be fairly honest i do belive you need 200+ field sizes, it gives you to have 30 mines on all with high nanite, storage and all the normal things on your main like research shipyard, ect. I’m a miner researcher all my mines are +28 on all planets exept main which are 25, i also raid. i do know people with higher mines than 30, 36 crystal is silly though

    — hi    Jun 4, 08:27 AM    #
  63. @ thecat

    The difference between the cost of resources to increase a mine and how much it earns increases with every level, so eventually you’ll be paying far too much resources that it won’t be worth the resources you’ll get out of it. That’s why most people will stop around 30 – because it costs too much to upgrade.

    — Moozipan Cheese    Jul 13, 07:52 PM    #
  64. Fusion may consume a large amount of deut, but it is better value than solar sats, especially when your planet is further out in the system.

    — George-o-saurus    Aug 20, 05:31 PM    #
  65. I have bunch of solar sat.
    and just put my fusion reactor to zero percent.
    When I lose the sat. I’ll put the fusion reactor back on even though in the long run, I’ll probably have to make a choice between both, but I say that you use sat. only when the max. temp. on your planet is high

    — Rakchi    Sep 8, 10:22 AM    #
  66. well if you go to planet 4 you get more solar sat energy but less deuterium and vice versa with 6 – which one do you need most?

    — samwarrior    Sep 13, 05:02 AM    #
  67. go to position 5 and get a compromise

    — shadeslayer42199    Oct 15, 08:39 PM    #
  68. My tips:

    -Planets of above 160 are worth keeping (u want 2 or more above 200 though)
    -Fusion is a waste of resources
    -sats are good (no more than a 200id say though)
    -Slots 4-5 are best chance of a huge planet(200+), but slots 7-9 are safer to get an average size(160)
    -dont use homeworld as main planet because 163 is too small for syard/rlab/stors/mines etc so use a 200+ field one if u can.

    If its the start of ur game, go for 9 planets quickly and use them to build up the good ones..then start to delete the bad ones… oh and also u can use slot 15’s but only keep one with 150 fields or more i recommend only going for these once u have a good infrastructure

    — bobson Jobson    Nov 14, 02:31 PM    #
  69. In order, my planets have:

    Personally I think that is ok— I can terroform the planets when I need to get more fields- do they look ok?

    — Some guy    Nov 30, 01:05 PM    #
  70. I definitely would NOT keep that planet with 132 fields…u will be kicking urself for keeping it if you play for 4 months and have decent mines on it. The 155 and 158 I personally would delete.

    LordOfWar    Jan 6, 02:43 PM    #
  71. So a lot of people keep talking about having multiple planets and shipping their resources to 1 of them. I was just wondering how to get multiple planets because I currently have only 1.

    — greg    Feb 24, 01:07 AM    #
  72. You cant say that fusion is bad, you don’t have to have it on full power, just enough to give you the energy you need

    — kirbyeatsbomberman    Mar 2, 04:38 AM    #
  73. yes, its good to have big planets, i normally go for 170 fields or more, but its still a bit small, otherwise i just got one with 311 fields, i dont even realise how lucky i am

    — noodle    Mar 8, 12:11 PM    #
  74. Build a colony ship and colonize one.

    — Qwerty    Mar 12, 10:58 PM    #
  75. i got a 45 field planet in slot 6! i deleted it immediately.

    — stupid    Mar 30, 10:14 PM    #
  76. hmm… a little different situation… i got a 302 field slot 6 and a 173 field slot 15 but they are in a bad place (real far from the good places) so the only feasible use is creating and jumpgating ships… is it worth it?

    — HCY    Apr 13, 12:35 AM    #
  77. in order to trade between two of your own planets, does one of those planets need to be formed by means of a colony ship. I keep trying to trade with another planet i made simply by making another account (in a different universe of course), and every time i enter the coordinates, it keeps sending my ships to a enitrely different planet

    krysztof    Apr 27, 12:27 PM    #

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