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Question: What does "Multi-alarm" mean?


Published: Jul 17, 05:42 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

I’m trying to send my friend some deutrium so he can get nanites but it says “multi alarm fleet cannot approach”. What does that mean?

The Answer:

Multi-Alarm means that you and your friend are using (or have used in the past 24 hours or so) the same IP address.

This can be caused by sharing a computer to play OGame, or if you both have two computers on the same internet connection (like a broadband connection at home with multiple computers.

My suggested course of action is to contact a GO and find out what is causing this. Sometimes they will have you change a few settings. Sometimes they make one person start a new account in a new universe.

Turning of the IP-Check just because you want to can get you into trouble. Please contact a GO before doing this.

Please do not discuss methods of getting around the multi-playing. Not only will you get banned in oGame, but you will also get banned from posting comments here at OGame Tips.


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  1. yes i h8 this problem

    — rawr    Jul 7, 12:13 AM    #
  2. me to, but not for transporting, then attacking…

    — whoom    Jul 8, 07:49 AM    #
  3. hmm contact a admin and let them know you and your friend arent multi accounting

    — Siniad    Jul 9, 08:19 AM    #
  4. But doesn’t the Admin realise that you’re hiding your IP and kicks you out?

    — DimMakDado    Jul 16, 02:59 PM    #
  5. I wanted 2 supply 50000 metals, 50000 crystals and 50000 deterium 2 my friend but I couls only do that after 24 hours as my friend was using my computer for sometime.

    — Ajitesh    Jul 24, 07:19 AM    #
  6. i was trying to espeonage my sis and she lives like 20 miles from me and it still did that!!!

    — sacaro    Jul 24, 03:22 PM    #
  7. GUYS!!! This rule is so that you wont cheat GOSH!

    — Gantor    Jul 26, 05:36 AM    #
  8. How do i contact the GO for universe 22?

    — Lord Xenu    Aug 3, 12:24 PM    #
  9. ok i have had similar problems the ogame boardmembers for universe 11 hane been informed that at a certian time people at school usually go on to ogame to play but yet however the multi alarm also me and two friend always go ont to ogame on a friday and saturday to play and send each other resources we still get the multi alarm even though we have dis abled the ip check and are using different ip whats the go with that

    — geneal otori    Aug 9, 07:02 AM    #
  10. Back at my house I always got the alarm when I tried to send resources to my brothers, but now that I am in a different country for a month I am not getting it anymore.

    — imprisoned243    Aug 10, 11:27 AM    #
  11. God, I must be lucky. I’ve sent my brother res’es quite a few times and I never have these probs.

    — Drake the Dragon    Oct 6, 01:06 AM    #
  12. wat is a GO

    — tom9    Oct 7, 07:54 AM    #
  13. for tom9:
    A GO is a game operator that u can send messages to asking questions about the game, you can see who they r by looking at the bottom of ur message screen

    — Gambit    Mar 11, 08:18 PM    #
  14. what if my friend and i both use the library cuz we dont have computers.

    we have to book the computer and we can’t really pick which computer to use

    — CHUYFACE    May 11, 08:49 PM    #
  15. You can go on the same IP, as long as you have no fleet interaction (messaging is ok).

    — No one    May 11, 11:20 PM    #
  16. why can’t i multiaccount anymore?? i used to go to public proxy servers like hidemyass.com to log in with different i.p’s but now i can’t. any help will be nice

    — tarcon    May 20, 10:20 PM    #

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