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More on Big Guns - by TKDdans


Published: Jun 24, 11:37 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This was posted as a comment on the Why use Big Guns in your defense article. I think it deserved its own post…

Originally Written by TKDdans

1000 gauss does NOT equal 350 plasma in terms of costs. In fact, 350 is more closely approximated to be equal to 1230 gauss (in terms of resource costs).

I speed-sim’d the comparison and I found that 1230 gauss inflicts more resource losses on the attacker who uses lighter ships than bs. However, when the attacker uses bs, then plasmas inflicted much more losses.

I’ve been reading these tips on light lasers and so I tried speed sim with defenses made entirely of light lasers, and then defenses with entirely missile launchers (350 plasma is equal to 22750 light lasers, and 350 plasma is equal to the same amount of missile launchers if we disregard resource ratios of 3:2:1 or whatever it is…)

What I found was that light lasers (for the same amount of resources spent) are more efficient in inflicting losses upon the attacker, in any situation that does not involve ships with rapid fire (i.e. destroyers or deathstars).

I also tried replacing a certain amount of light lasers with plasmas, according to the costs of the light lasers that I took away, and I found that the mixture of cannon fodder and heavy guns was less effective than the cannon fodder by itself.

So in my conclusion, I find that light lasers are very good alone against any force that does not involve destroyers or deathstars. I suppose that maybe the damage inflicted from the light lasers is small and therefor has a greater chance to use all of its damage on a ship; whereas a heavy gun may overkill a ship by using more weapon power on that ship’s armor than is necessary to destroy it. Basically, my theory states that cannon fodder defenses do not “leak” out any excessive damage on an attack, while heavy guns “leak” out much of their attack power that is left over after hitting a ship. Just imagine it as if it were an rpg like final fantasy or something. If your character does 9999 damage, and the opponent only has 100 health, then you would be “leaking” out 9899 damage into nothing (basically wasting alot of damage). And if you are dealing with multiple enemies, then that 9899 damage wasted on 1 enemy will not be used on the other enemies. But now imagine if you have 100 characters that each do 100 damage. Now you can kill that one enemy with much more efficiency by only using 1 of your characters. Using the exact amount of damage as needed, you have not wasted any more of your available power than was needed. Now, you can use the rest of your power from your other characters to attack the other enemies.


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  1. I worked this out nearly the same as you, I worked with 500 Plasmas tho due to easier numbers. Im pleased someone posted this as it’ll help the great number of people playing.

    I’ve been trying to work out the IDEAL defence to take out 2,000 BS and 30,000 Light Fighters with the least amount of Cost and Loss. Obviously the ideal defence would be millions of missile launchers and tens of thousands gauss and plasma but thats not realistic yet.

    Regards Cobra

    — Cobra    Jun 24, 02:39 PM    #
  2. ye that leak thoery makes good sense. wel done for making the research m8. very helpfull! power to the light lasers! lmao.

    — azzyp    Jun 24, 06:51 PM    #
  3. just another thought. . . how does it work for fleets? like, whats the best attacking fleet? if u could work that out the few people that would read this would b quite dangerous people. lol

    — azzyp    Jun 24, 06:56 PM    #
  4. I also did this. I spent an hour or so. I also did the HL vs. SL.
    HL’s take zero losses from equal numbers of LF’s, while SL’s will kill the LF’s in a lot shorter time, but will take over a million losses. (I used exploded figures). I tried 50/50, and that was worse than pure of each. But since a fleet isn’t pure LF’s. I would suggest using a defense that isn’t pure as well. As a pure defense may pail compared to pure Battleships, but might win against majority LF’s. Or you could have combo defense that does well each time.

    I’m also not entirely sure the way real battles are calculated. If a ship is immediately removed from the round when it’s hull is zero, or may it be fired upon until the end of the round. If that’s the case, that would explain why HL’s don’t kill LF’s fast in equal numbers. As one HL one-hits an LF of equal techs.

    — Black Wyvern    Jun 26, 02:44 AM    #
  5. You are not taking into account the Bombers that very easily wipe out all type of LL RL HL IC With its high shielding rate it makes it harder for small guns to destroy it. Thats why I have big guns. To dissuade from using big ships. I do believe that cannon fodder is necessary. If not for bombers I would probably just use fodder as well. Even tho less effective when running numbers. It becomes more effective when the attacker is trying to plan.

    — Cid    Jun 26, 08:41 AM    #
  6. I didn’t mention I used big guns did I?

    My ratio is:
    50 ML.
    150 SL.
    2 gauss.
    1 plasma.
    That I find gives me a nice defensive build up.

    — Black Wyvern    Jun 27, 01:06 AM    #
  7. #Black Wyvern

    When battles are calculated ships are NOT removed when destroyed, but at the end of the combat round.

    So massive overkill on a single target is still possible with small defenses although they statistically will hit a widespread set of targets.

    — Abildhauge    Jun 30, 03:53 AM    #
  8. is this a good defens:

    900 rocketlauncers
    550 smalllasers
    100 heavylasers
    40 gauscannon
    50 ioncannons
    3 plasma.. ( need more )
    small and large dome..

    when this is not verry good.. what must i build to make it verry strong??

    — michael    Jun 30, 04:30 AM    #
  9. If you have a massive array of Light Lasers you’ll get slaughtered by someone with an exceptionally high level of Shielding Technology, or even just a lone Deathstar. Why? The bouncing-effect. Light Lasers can never hurt a Deathstar’s shield, since 100 Weapon Power (assuming base technology, but it doesn’t matter in this case) is less than 1% of a Deathstar’s 50,000 Shield Power (again, assuming base techs).

    — Arbron    Jun 30, 05:13 AM    #
  10. ok people seriosuly you need bigger defences or atleast a fleet because when you get attacked by 700 bs you will die it happened to me

    — death    Jul 1, 08:08 AM    #
  11. ok, There is No defense that can not be destroyed by a fleet, only you should sim the battle and that’s it, you know what your fleet gonna destroy, Am I right?

    — singir    Jul 1, 03:48 PM    #
  12. If you want a good defense, find a ratio. I have my own ratio, OGametips supports a ratio. etc. Build your defence, and compare it with fleets from HoF, and fleets from the top 10 of your universe. If they make profit/break even. Your defense isn’t good enough. But focusing purely on defense won’t fix the problem, as this will slow your growth and make you more and more profitable as you can’t keep up with the fleets. It’s not so much what you can destroy, because the best fleet will generally be able to destroy the best defense. Unless the best fleet sucks. It’s the profit factor. That’s probably my best tip, look in the HoF, rather than making fanciful fleets of multi RiP’s.

    — Black Wyvern    Jul 2, 04:13 AM    #
  13. cool thanks

    — thorn    Jul 2, 07:32 PM    #
  14. If you building good defence here is a litle help, try to build a lot of R,L and S,L, becouse they are the first thing that gonna be destroyed, BUT you gonna build also plazma t, and g, cannons, they gonna finish the work for ya,
    The fact is: If you have a good defense nobody’s gonna attack becouse he’ll have many losts, maybe he’ll give ya a moon, and nobody want’s that :)

    — singir    Jul 4, 10:53 AM    #
  15. My friend was attacked By Death Star and 50 destroyers at once, For his luck, he was online and builded 75 plazma t.
    And ges who won…..
    Defender Won The battle, also moon and…...
    now you know what i am trying to tell ya

    — singir    Jul 4, 10:57 AM    #
  16. Defense is pretty useless and very vulnerable anyway. Just don’t keep your resources and fleet hanging around, and save the resources you would have used to build useful stuff.

    Also, keep in mind that if you get attacked and you have no defence, you loose nothing but resources.
    On the other hand, if you get attacked and you have defence, you loose 30% of the cost of your defence along with the resources.

    — Etheric    Jul 4, 12:58 PM    #
  17. defense is good building a whole pile of light lasers is dum they do basically no damage you said they own light fighters but who is gonna attack with only light fighters common guys don’t be silly

    logan    Jul 4, 07:35 PM    #
  18. well u cannot say tht, tht is a good theory, as tht might work out in small battles, but as u grow further, u will soon realize tht RIP’s and Destroyers are the major part of ur force, hence completely blowing this theory up.

    — unknown    Jul 5, 05:07 AM    #
  19. Listen man, You are right becouse the R.L and S.L are weakly against ships with rapid fire infact that they are NOT destroyng the sheald of the ships, thay Dont even touch them, Maybe you are attacking with destroyers and B.S but you should attacking with L F also, In Meather of Fact that they are destroyed first, thay are sacrificial altar of any fleet in the Ogame, That’s the inwrited rule and that’s very importand for the defense 2

    — singir    Jul 6, 01:45 PM    #
  20. yo tengo lo siguiente y aun no me siento seguro de mi defensa:
    3000 lanzamisiles
    2000 laser ligeros
    200 laser grandes
    70 cañones Gaus
    130 cañones Ionicos
    80 cañones de Plasma

    pero al menos lo piensan 2 veces antes de atacarme ^^

    — luiggi    Jul 7, 12:03 AM    #
  21. very good defence man just talk in english ok, i understand but other… may not
    see ya..

    — singir    Jul 9, 08:28 AM    #
  22. ok people dont just have the heavyer defences because have you ever heard of over kill they shoot less and hit less things but with more force then you get waisted by smaller things or the big ships still kill ya

    — death    Jul 9, 11:35 PM    #
  23. well at the end of the day defence is waste of time all i find it good for is save the res i make on that planet perday well I’m at work or what ever.in say’n this yes i have defence.
    its small but affactive
    and this i find is enuf to save what little res i make per day per planet coz at the end of the day all pepole use bigg defence for is gravi and would you beleave it saven there fleet lol
    if your going for gravi the best way is to set up for it get a high nanites and do it in a day or lest then when they get crashed you might get a moon

    — RED3Y3    Jul 11, 07:58 AM    #
  24. finaly some1 with a decent defence but you need anti balistic misiles

    — death    Jul 11, 09:06 AM    #
  25. We’ll this is what i got:
    666 rocket launchers
    6000 Smal lasers
    500 Big Lasers
    300 Gauss
    400 Ion
    100 Plasma
    Both Domes
    50 antibalistic missles

    and iam far from being finished…

    I can take about 1000 BS and i’ll win, throw 1500 of em at me it wil tie.

    If you don’t have defence you’ll have ta wurry to much about your fleet and recources. i can safely leave my fleet om my planet and don’t wurry to much about getting crashed…
    anyhow build about 20k rockets and small lasers and you’ll be safe to work on graviton. The huge amounts of Rockets and Lasers is just like cannon fodder realy…


    Manic    Jul 14, 01:41 PM    #
  26. yes you r right everybody needs cannon fodder id rather lose LF then battleships

    — sicky    Jul 14, 02:19 PM    #
  27. I have ~20 hours to plasma tech 7, and I was wondering how much plasma cannons cost?
    60k metal 40k crystal?

    — anonymous    Jul 15, 12:16 PM    #
  28. thay cost 50k metal, 50k crystal, 30k deut, not so expensive, but if you are begginer try to waste everithing on defence, keep your resources in the fleet and do not attack enybody stronger than you becouse that plazmas are nothing against “his” fleet, you’ll getit

    — singir    Jul 15, 07:48 PM    #
  29. For now, I’ve got:

    11111 RL
    13000 LL
    2003 HL
    1301 GC
    1000 IC
    350 PC
    both shield domes
    60 ABM

    I simmed a battle against 45 DS and it would still end in draw, with him about as much as me

    — Kramer    Jul 16, 07:19 PM    #
  30. Wow. All hail TKDdans! Dude, you have saved a whole lot of my time. So, unless you are among the top players, only build Small Lasers! Man, this whole game is like discovering another alien race or something.

    — DrDude    Jul 20, 09:29 PM    #
  31. I’ve got my own ratio

    75 ML
    225 SL
    20 Gauss
    2 Plasma

    Basically I’ve changed my mind about not using big guns, cos
    1. they stop RFs nicely
    2. they kill big ships in the later rounds nicely

    & btw: this ratio is found after smashing numbers on speedsim

    cruiser RF: 1.2 {=none}
    destroyer RF: 2.7 {almost negated}
    bomber RF: 8.7 {should be 20 if all SL/ML}

    my theories: defence should focus on
    1. damage per turn per resource used
    2. stopping RF enough to not let a bomber shoot 20,000 a turn

    to that, only 3 ships you have to worry about:
    Cruiser {ML:RF10}
    Bomber {ML:20, SL:20, HL:10, Ion:10}
    Destroyer {SL:10}

    Looking at it we can immediately see that HLs are useless. They cost 4 times as SL and shoot less than 4 SL AND get RFed more than 4 SL

    You can ask, why don’t you care about Cruisers and Dests?

    Answer: their RF is already almost gone, i mean RF 2.7 for dessie, it should shoot 2k but 2.7 SLs are just something around 600 {hull+shield} so it’s still useless

    A ratio of 1 ML : 3 SL is good enough to kill both cruiser and dessie. Remember, cruisers are used in higher numbers & of course bomber RFs ML and SL both 20

    Another reason not to use HF: the overkill issue again, but it works for you.

    BS shoots down HL = 900 damage {800 hull + 100 shield}
    BS shoots down SL = 225 damage, but in both cases the BS cannot RF

    So: HL suck cos:
    1. doesn’t stop RF nicely
    2. shoots like bs—which basically means it’s useless in defence

    I’d like to see if the plasmas are really useful. Because defence usually does not pwn the attacking fleet {otherwise they don’t attack} so it’s mission is to make the attack mostly unprofitable

    Plasmas work best when you have already shot down the cannon fodder: they can then kick the big ships easily

    But of course when you’re going to lose, you’re not going to destroy their cannon fodder

    Apologises for long post: any comments?

    — Obscurans    Jul 22, 08:31 AM    #
  32. i just build my defence around my fleet

    eg: i make a defence that is strong enough to destroy a fleet simmilar to my own

    cos usually when people attack you they have a similar points as you so if you build a defence equal to your fleet it should be enogh to stop the attacker

    — harvey    Jul 27, 11:49 AM    #
  33. not the case
    im always attacked by people stronger then me i get attacked be people in the top 100 and im 1000 and something

    — death    Jul 28, 05:10 AM    #
  34. Obscurans—-

    I think you are on the right track. A BIG part of defense is breaking up Rapid Fire. When you are able to do that then you gain the advantage.

    — Mike    Aug 5, 09:27 PM    #
  35. sometimes the best defence is a good fleet

    — death    Aug 6, 06:10 AM    #
  36. Well, death, you won’t be attacked by someone who cannot destroy your defense. There is no point in that.

    Keep in mind that a well done defense is one that never gets attacked…which does not mean it has to be strong. The point is just that the attacked should have more looses than what he will gain.

    => suppose your mines extract 20k resources/hour and you can connect twice a day. If you res/fleetsave correctly, you will have at most 240k resources on your planet.

    Thus here is your real problem: what defence do I need to make sure an attacked with a much bigger fleet than my defense would have more than 240k losses.

    Now feed that into speedsim, make a few tries, and you have your answer.

    And for those morons who still think it is possible to leave a fleet hanging with a big enough defence, think again before getting crashed.
    I have no problem sending 4000 BS against 100BS + 10000 LL. Sure I will do a lot of overkill, but you will be the one with no fleet left and 30% defence destroyed.

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:11 AM    #
  37. Wow, why do I always see my typos at the second rereading (the one after the submit, as opposed to the one after the preview).

    Of course I meant :
    “The point is just that the attacke>>R

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:13 AM    #
  38. on my main planet no one will touch because it has a good defence and has a good fleet

    — death    Aug 10, 03:44 AM    #
  39. Well i am a top 25 player and i dont fleetsave, i have big defenses…

    I dont like to fleetsave , work to different, so i figured out that my defence and fleet together must not bring profit to nr 1 in my uni…

    Si have a lot of light fighters and got

    20000 ml
    20000 sl
    1500 hl
    500 gauss
    500 ion
    100 plasma

    so no fleet will attack with bs/bomb only due to the plasma’s send in a lot of lf, also wont help, due to the high cannonfodder.. I calculated that nr 1 ( double my fleet) wont gain profit because defense wont end up in debris..

    I have around 34 k lf, 1000 cruisers and 2k in bs

    nr 1 has around 90 k lf, 4 k cruisers 5 k bs…

    So he wont make profit :) works fine by me :)

    — koekie    Aug 10, 08:54 AM    #
  40. the right idea im 900 and something

    — death    Aug 11, 07:46 AM    #
  41. Iv been playing this game two weeks and thought i was doing quite well, i got:

    135 RL
    80 LL
    50 HL
    25 IC
    5 B S
    10 Cruis
    20 H F
    50 L F

    I come here and see you lot with 1000’s and 1000’s of various cannons and ships an i think Gulp!

    Certainly opened my eyes to the enormity of this game :O

    — Helmet    Aug 14, 05:14 AM    #
  42. yea i keep getting attacked by 1000 bs on my lower planets i dont like it my main planet has only been crashed once because i was just outa noob protection grrrrrrr

    — death    Aug 14, 06:13 AM    #
  43. i use same tactic as koekie , but i fleetsave to… on ogame profit is everything

    — charles    Aug 14, 12:23 PM    #
  44. currently being fleet crashed

    — death    Aug 15, 08:11 AM    #
  45. I Dont build my defense with any missle launchers because they get rapid fired too much. And bombers will wipe out 1000 Missle launchers in a few rounds. Run it through speedsim. 50 bombers will take out 1000 rocket launchers. Same with light lasers. I find gauss and plasma turrets perform well in all scenarios becaus they arnt rapid fired. Rapid fire makes a big difference. With the bomber-missle launcher ratio being 40-1 if u want a safe attack with few losses maybe 50-1. But fodder isnt worth it if it is destroyed in one round. But this is only a personal opinion. Other people prefer different things.

    — tim    Aug 15, 10:07 PM    #
  46. well i personally try to stuff the guy up who attacks me by just surviving i dont care how and aslong as it isnt profitable then im happy

    — death    Aug 16, 05:50 AM    #
  47. The trick is to have a good combination of LF/RL/SL fodder for fodder, few Cruisers / RIPS for rapid firing incoming fleets, and enough big guns & ships for handling heavy fleets.

    In late game, RIPS do not take any damage from light defences, only from gauss & Plasma.

    — Pham Nuwen    Aug 17, 05:13 AM    #
  48. i can now build destroyers:D:D:D:D

    — death    Aug 17, 05:32 AM    #
  49. Good job :)

    — tim    Aug 17, 03:22 PM    #
  50. i agree it is a good combo for defenses and thats what i use… but i mainly go for LL instead of R cause there slightly strongs and cheaper in terms of metal so you should be able to build more :)

    Pricey    Aug 17, 06:39 PM    #
  51. YEAH! fine tipps here on this side. but we’re playing better then you. hrhrhr
    and my deff is much bigger. hehe
    30k rl
    40k ll
    and more, n more.

    greeeetings rupeezy

    — hamsti u31.de    Aug 22, 06:13 AM    #
  52. if i have my fleet at home when an attack comes will it help defent my planet or just get destroyed.

    — Supersean???    Aug 22, 07:07 PM    #
  53. it will help defend but it can still be destroyed

    — death    Aug 28, 04:58 AM    #
  54. @koekie
    A defence will never protect a fleet (except maybe on a moon but…see below). Keep in mind that
    => people may do a grouped attack if your universe supports it
    => people may do a synchronized attack if one of the attackers doesn’t care loosing his fleet (he’s stopping the game or he hates you enough)
    => people can send missiles to wipe your defence before attacking. Especially true if it is a collective operation (I have already seen an attack involving no less than 1500 interplanetary missiles).

    You have been warned ;-)

    — Etheric    Aug 28, 08:20 AM    #
  55. im a noob still, and i only have 2 rl, what now?!?!? anyone want to send materials to me by any chance? 1:192:12 im workinmg on research and i need it, not begging, but just posting

    try to attack me and u will face the wratch of alliance RunityTW

    — n00bkillr    Sep 1, 03:18 PM    #
  56. 897 rocket launchers
    5641Smal lasers
    445Big Lasers
    260 Gauss
    423 Ion
    300 Plasma
    Both Domes
    25 antibalistic missles
    and I have a fleet about 4000 battle ships and 6000 cruisers and 700 destroyers
    5 death stars I am on balkan ogame find me on jasko_ban@hotmail.com

    — jasko_ban    Sep 5, 07:43 AM    #
  57. @Koekie..

    I think you’ve got the right idea Koekie… I’m now at rank 326 and have the following:

    13000 RL
    25000 LL
    2500 HL
    1500 GC
    1000 IC
    450 PC
    80 ABM

    I’ve been probed by numerous players from TOP and other high ranked alliances. I have been attacked only twice on my main since I started playing about a year ago and that was when my defense was tiny. So yes I agree that a strong defense will dissuay attacks.

    — Kramer390    Sep 6, 11:35 PM    #
  58. well its a good idea!! but you might nt be able to join some because you will be 2 low so look on their aliance page and normally if they wont accept people below a set point lvl it will show there if it doesnt show then try and join

    — death    Sep 10, 03:41 AM    #
  59. can noobs attack noobs?

    — kyle    Sep 12, 06:17 PM    #
  60. use r all wrong u need 1000 plasmas 200k rockes so that the plasmas wont take damage

    ????    Sep 13, 04:07 AM    #
  61. I have a high enough defence that all my resources for the day are safe, there is no reason to choose between fleet saving and defence. I only have around seven thouseand points but i have 20 anti balistics 2000 light lasers 150 heavy, 500 rockets, 50 ion and 10 gauss. Almost all my points lie in my defence, however all im doing now is researching all the tech. Nobody attacks me cause its not worth pillaging a noob with around a combined total of 75000 resources on a planet tops…

    Midget Sauzer Blade of Cat Stepmania    Sep 15, 03:04 PM    #
  62. in my opinion god only knows how many light lasers is best. so 1million is the absoluote best. and go nutz with armor and sheilds. with so many allmost unkillable structures you win the battle in 6 rounds or less. since there are so many lights all the fire power totaled up is absolutly stagering,there fore armor and sheild tech is vital to turtles. weapons tech and speed upgrades are the most important to raiders. if you can hit hardest and fastest you’ll kick butt.

    — zal    Sep 16, 07:50 PM    #
  63. Ok heres a good one that i found will kill 1k bships.
    5000 ll
    400 plasmas.
    Anything other than ll for fodder is pointless cause it costs too much or in the case of missile launchers, is a lot less bang for your buck. Use plasmas for big guns. they disable a deathstars rapidfire. Against 1k bships you will lose about 4mil res. They will lose all. You get a moon or tons of debris. they get nothing. You win. End of story.

    — bubtheinsane    Sep 23, 09:50 PM    #
  64. non of you seem to see the point of defence
    it doesnt matter how many u have of what aslong as they can inflict more dammage to your oponent (resources) then they get it basicly discorages

    — death    Sep 29, 08:21 AM    #
  65. kk just wondering im ranked in the 1900’s and my deff is
    Rocket Launcher 276
    Light Laser 9
    Heavy Laser 72
    Gauss Cannon 45
    Ion Cannon 30
    Plasma Turret 1
    and both domes
    Anti-Ballistic Missiles 8
    is that a good deff for my lvl i have about 16k points

    — justin    Oct 13, 09:18 PM    #
  66. well its not bad but if ur gona build up on much i personally would put it in plasmas and gause or light lasers

    — death    Oct 14, 01:23 AM    #
  67. well at the moment im gunna work on light laser quite a bit more

    — justin    Oct 14, 02:37 PM    #
  68. ok good
    what universe r u in??

    — death911    Oct 16, 02:43 AM    #
  69. ok,buildin defences only on ML or LL or any other facility is stupid and mostly non working,mixing up-why,as for fleets they shoul be mixed to…let`s say you send pure BS on a raid with mixed defences…large number of floggers (ML,LL) even that they do not inflict damege or a little damege to the fleet the important thing is that your BS loose their oportunity -and round -on less efficient and cheep facilities (objects)...and as i said your fleet is just BB..the big guns in the defence wont be waisting their shots on flogger (LF)..but they all will choose an BS for an target….you must have ML,LL…in your defence…as i said they draw fire on themselfes thatway protecting the bigguns in your defence…same for fleets…..

    — istok011    Nov 30, 03:22 PM    #
  70. na seriously??
    i think we have said that a couple of times b4

    — death911    Dec 7, 03:57 AM    #
  71. HU cares isto011 WE LOVE LL cept u dont have a very valid point if ya got enough light lasers ya dont need anything else the only reason i got all my plasmas and shit is cause i kept building em tili seen this page. And think bout it if someone espionaged you and seen tht u have over 100000 LL i dont think theyd be to keen on attacking you unless they were like the top 10 players but then nothing would stop em. My current defense is
    56343 Missile Launchers
    104565 Light Lasers
    56 Heavy Lasers
    76 Ion Cannons
    173 Guass Cannons
    67 Plasma Turrets

    See hardly no plasmas or anything all they do is take out a couple ships while the light lasers kill everything else then again no1 attacks me often so i cant prove my point and no attacker beats me cause i always have a queue of defense and ships building and there always a continoues stream of hips comin back from raids SO IN CONCLUSION LIGHT LASERS RULE THE WORLS

    — The unknown    Dec 9, 03:46 PM    #
  72. I got hit with 30,000 LF and it wiped out 400 BS and all my defenses and thats all he sent at me so don’t tell me that LF can’t do anything.

    — insanejester    Feb 15, 07:06 PM    #
  73. anyway i think that building plasmas and stuff is a big waste of money i’d rather have 20k light lasers and 500 batleships than having 10k ll and 200 plasmas i use ll as fodders and strong ships as the big guns and by that way i also make profit by raiding stronger people

    — AKnightWhoSayNi    Mar 4, 12:31 PM    #
  74. are ion cannons any gud how amny light fighters does it take to kill 5??

    — mark    Mar 14, 12:30 PM    #
  75. umm dudes wudnt the best fodder be the ion cannon? get 12 levels on shielding(ive seen it b4) and they hav 1.1k shields. get 12 armor, and they got 720 extra hp. 12 weps and they hav 180 extra weps(not much but hey)....

    just thought i wud post that :P

    (if u get 12,12,12 on weps shields and armor, your plasma and gauss would be v. strong)

    — thecat    Mar 24, 08:56 PM    #
  76. the best defensice is a defence you can move if needed, for instance if somone is going to attack you with 2k battleships, they probally have espianged you and seen that they can take out your defences with that, it dosent matter what defence you build their will always be somone who can take them out, because people spend more on their fleet than they do on defence,
    the ultimate defence is esintally a lot of battlecrusiers, first off they have massive attack and sheid, second they have rapid fire, and third if your guarding a planet with 2,000 battlecrusiers they can take down over 5,000 battleships wuth very few losses, or if you need to stop a huge fleet the same 2k battlecrusiers can take out over 9,500 battleships before they are destroyed, and since battleships are the most common attack ship this should hold you off pretty well.
    now if you get attacked by a fleet that you know will destroy you, like a bunch of destroyers, then you can move them, and your resourses, so the attacker will still hit you but he wont be able to get anything from you, also if you have 500 battlecrusiers at each of your planets, and a big fleet comes at you you can just move them to help out the first planet and save your resourses

    — Lord mavric    Mar 25, 09:05 PM    #
  77. I dont know about you guy’s but i have found on a small scale even a player with a few solar satalites can be far more powerful than a player with just the same defense. (talking lf and hf fleets). It stands to reason a defese with battleships etc is more efective than a defense alone.

    Also number 1 reason for having fodder – to get rid of enemy fodder.
    — NPSF3000    Apr 21, 05:45 PM    #
  78. Which are better ML or SL, hmm let me see same cost and better shields + weapons is the SL. Same cost, less sheilds and weapons goes ML.

    Why do people build large numbers of ML’s???

    — NPSF3000    May 2, 11:41 AM    #
  79. my Fleet/def

    9 light fighters
    2 Heavy fighters
    3 Small cargo ships
    3 solar sat
    5 Esp probe

    8 Rocket Launcher
    6 Light laser
    1 Heavy laser
    1 Small sheild Dome

    Any tips?

    — blobzor    May 31, 08:26 AM    #
  80. blobzor you need much more!
    but i guess u just started though.
    get ur def high up and in the begining try not using solar sats. my def
    100 RL
    200 LL
    100 HL
    50 Gauss
    15 IC
    20 Plasma
    small and large shield domes.

    — noob owner    Jul 2, 01:00 AM    #
  81. nooob onwer…. that’s not a gd defense. u know y? there is not enough LL do protect the rest of the big guns. u would need 500+ LL to protect the big guns u suggest

    — Grotte    Jul 4, 12:13 PM    #
  82. I am in uni 30 and my defence is here just to make sure my fleet can not be picked on:

    200 RL (i dont like RL)
    5300 LL
    500 HL
    95 Guass
    160 ION
    85 Plasma

    Both Domes.
    What do you think?

    — samit    Aug 21, 03:46 AM    #
  83. Wow. You know, Rockets Launchers are horrible. don’t build them unless you are short on crystal. Of course, you NEED big guns against big ships. I thought a bit and 1 PT can own 1 destroyer. The Deathstars will be tough though. You have to use the PTs and GCs to pwn the shield and the LLs and ICs and even RLs as fodder, and once the shield is down, they can really hurt the hull. Make shure you have a lot though =P since the deathstar has rapid fire. The shields REALLY help.Are they supposed to be fodder or something, or do they just weaken the shots? I can’t seem to get what the shields and shield domes do… whatever.

    Me    Aug 22, 12:20 PM    #
  84. Basically, what I picked up, is that defense is best used on a Moon, where it cannot be IMP’d. Plus, since Moons make good storage for short periods, you have extra incentive to build a lot of defense on the moon.

    Also, A massive amount of defense can help prevent your moon from being attacked, because there will always be someone out there trying to destroy your moon, despite how suicidal it may be.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Sep 3, 02:06 AM    #
  85. any chance people might point a noob like me to a good alliance uni 17

    — newbie    Oct 5, 02:34 PM    #
  86. Moons can now be IMP’d, as of update 78a

    — fishman    Dec 25, 02:55 PM    #
  87. Well, just a thought…. there’s absolutely no point at all going for more defence then:

    5000 rocket launchers
    1000 small lasers
    250 big lasers
    80 ion cannons
    30 gausscannons
    10 plasma

    Basic resource protection, vary plasmas/gauss if you like, for that’s all the defence you need.

    I’m a top 30 Fleet crasher and I assure you, if there’s a fleet behind a turtle defence…my fleet of:

    3500 Cruisers
    4000 Battle Ships
    1000 Destroyers
    2500 Battle Cruisers
    1000 Bombers

    Will easily completely tear any defence apart and the fleet behind it.

    My techs are also 15/15/15 and improving… point is, I don’t care at all about defences…. 1000 Destroyers and 1000 Bombers and 3500 cruisers break through them all.

    And in my uni, about everyone top 50 got at least 1000 destroyers and 1000 bombers for turtles.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is …. spend your resoursces, build defence to protect your MINES NOT FLEETS! Because, any decent fleet player will completely tear your defence apart IF they want to.

    — WhX    Jan 27, 02:33 AM    #
  88. I’m still a little noob but what do you think of my defense.


    I’m going to add 2 gauss and about 10 ion to that in the future, all I’m trying to do is to keep of some raider because i need Hyperspace. I am in the point of 1400-1500

    — I like chma2    Feb 10, 12:59 PM    #
  89. Wow i just looked back on my comment and didn’t realise how fast you level when ur a noob.

    I now have like 200 RL
    200 LL
    50 HL
    25 IC
    5 GC
    And both domes

    — i like chma2    Feb 29, 04:43 PM    #
  90. i have

    7k rl
    40k ll
    0 hl (cuz they suk)
    500 ic
    200 guass
    150 pt
    2 domes
    75 ambs

    that any good?

    — GOD    May 3, 11:33 PM    #
  91. i used to be quite good but my account somehow died about a year ago but i started again 2 days ago and i thinki should point out some things that i either dont understand or i think other ppl have missed.

    Firstly, there is quite a large discussion going on about whether ion cannons are any good. most ppl come to the conclusion that they are mainly there to give extra shield strength, take a look and you will see that 4 ion cannons shield strength is the same as a small shield dome, and they pack a bit of a punch and they absorb a bit of rapid fire from bombers and rips. now most people say that heavy lasers are rubbish compared to light lasers because they cost about 4 times as much (or therabouts) and have 4 times as much shield and 4 times as much structural integrity but only have 2.5 times the power.however, they DO NOT TAKE RAPIDFIRE FROM CRUSIERS. one of the biggest reasons that people use crusiers is that noobs who only have light lasers or ppl with tons of them like uber turtles get rinsed cos then the RIPs can focus on rapidfiring slightly bigger things so there isnt so much pwer overkill.heavy lasers stop that. they also have half the rapid fire from bombers and RIPs. the second point is:put one of those people who has tons of light lasers and some (say 7) plasma cannons against an attacker with a fleet of tons of light fighters and 1 RIP. simulate one round in your head. imagine that the defender shoots all his guns first.bang bang bang. look, 7 light fighters are dead. all the light lasers have spread out their shots and taken out the tiny shields on the light fighters and hurt them a bit while all of th plasma cannons have killed one light fighter each resulting in massive overkill. the attackerthen shoots. his Rip tears through most of the light lasers and the light fighters finish off the plasma cannons. if there had been heavy lasers then a lot more light fighters would have died giving the plasma connons a better chance to shoot at the RIP. then, the Rip takes out only half as much fodder even though there was admittedly less of it in the first place so the remaining light fighters are not going to killas many of them. chuck in a coule of cruisers but it wont make mach differenc because no rapidfire.

    a few other points:
    RIPs are probably the best way to counter RIPS. they are moveable, have tons of storage space and are generally better than 7 plasma cannons which is what i have been told will beat a RIP.

    people say that missile launchers are crap and i would just like to point out that they are…crap. they are only there to use up that excessive amount of metal you seem to have built up on your 7th colony.

    and one final thing. how many times you win is not a mesure of how good a defense is and people who think like that should probably be raiders and fleetcrashers. the mesure of how good your defense is how many times it has been attacked. only an idiot would not run it through speedsim and check that it would be profitible. of course, there are idiots out there but not that many. btw nice def GOD but im not the person to ask about what to get next so i wont just tell you something random. i hope someone else could be more helpful to you.

    — Benruelz    May 7, 04:22 PM    #
  92. Plasmas are nonetheless very useful, because having plasmas means it’s much harder to attack you with no losses. If you have all light lasers and they send an overwhelming fleet, your lasers will all be gone. If you have some plasmas, you’ll kill a lot more ships.

    So plasmas are best against overwhelming fleets IMO.

    — hiki    Jun 8, 09:37 AM    #
  93. Just use 100000 LL.
    150,000,000 metal
    50,000,000 crystal

    And you can mix in any other defences you want.

    — none    Jun 21, 12:39 PM    #

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