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Small Cargo vs Large Cargo Ship


Published: Jun 23, 06:08 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Which do you prefer?

Most people automatically say “Large Cargo”, but the small cargo ships appear to be faster in the later game (with the higher level engines).

So, which do you prefer? And please provide some stats to back up your decision…


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  1. i happen to like the heavy cargo ships better. they have a bigger cargo space

    — nisaren    Jun 23, 12:58 PM    #
  2. Small Cargo is better for pirates!... it is fast after 5 lvl impulse engine research(0.25 faster then LC) but has a small cargo space.(5 times worse then in LC). As you all know that for a PIrat the most inportant is speed! so, SC is the best Cargo ship for Atackers!(I prefere SC)

    MaGGoT    Jun 23, 04:28 PM    #
  3. They each have their benefits, for moving res around I prefer the LC, but for every LC u can make 3 SC, add that to their speed, they’re much more effective for their ability to launch surprise attacks, So I keep 50 LC for res transport and about 100 SC for attacking and raiding

    — silverman    Jun 23, 04:38 PM    #
  4. I prefer SC. Faster and Durable. LC just has more cargo Space.

    — .~')ElvenRace('~.    Jun 23, 04:40 PM    #
  5. yh small cargoes are whay more bettr im a raider so i oftenly send in about 50 small cargoes whith my fleet

    — DarkShark    Jun 23, 04:46 PM    #
  6. If you were to spend the same amount of resources to make large cargos and small cargos, then the large cargos will hold more resources for the cost and they are cheaper to transport for the cost. The reason for using small cargos is not because they are cheaper to make or travel, but because of their speed. Unless you need small cargos for something that needs to be done fast, then large cargos are definitely the way to go.

    — TKDdans    Jun 23, 05:06 PM    #
  7. Small cargos for transports from distant colonies and farming inactives :P

    Large cargo for hauling within a few sectors. If those 10-20 minutes make a really big difference, chances are you need higher comp tech anyway :)

    In battle vs actives – if battleships, cruisers etc have enough cargo for 1st wave I’d prefer to choose none. LCs make fleet slower, SCs die way too easily. Exceptions are easy targets (say, max 2-3 rounds battle) full of res but even then I tend to speedsim everything twice.

    — grunf    Jun 24, 08:20 AM    #
  8. LC are better in my opinion. For 1 LC, you get 25k in space. To get the same amount of space using SC you have to build 5 SC at a cost of 10k Metal and Crystal, which is 4k more than buying just 1 LC.

    Yes SC have the speed, but if you’re raiding anyone and your SC have to fly with your attack fleet, they’re going to end up flying as slow as your slowest ships anyway. Especially if you have Destroyers or Bombers.

    Also SC have less armour than LC and thus get destroyed fairly easily in battle than LC.

    Also going back to that 5 SC = 1 LC in terms of space. 5 SC use hell of a lot more duet for fuel than 1 LC, especially if they have Impulse engines.

    So let me recap. SC cost more to get the same amount of cargo space as a LC. SC get destroyed far more easily in battle. SC extra speed causes it to use a whole lot more duet than a LC. SC still only fly as fast as your slowest ship, when mixed with other ships.

    The only advantage a SC has is speed for transporting over large distances, or speed when you’re attacking someone who has absolutely no defenses, or if you can totally wipe out the defenses and leave nothing standing, which is usually not the case.

    So LC all the way!

    — Atomic    Jun 25, 07:10 PM    #
  9. I don not prefer one of them.

    I have about 500 LC for transporting large amount of mines and 1000 SC for raiding.

    — anka.....ogame.tr universe 2    Jun 26, 12:58 AM    #
  10. Ok: I have approached this conondrum as well. Personally. For raiding I use LC’s. Since they have more cargo-space per ship. For example: For every LC that survives, it can pay for 2 more. For every SC that survives, it can only buy back one. So for profit, LC is better. Not to mention it is harder to kill, and less will be killed.

    However, on my colonies: I keep SC’s because they cut precious time off of transports. Since they are faster, I can use those fleetslots to attack later. On my far off colonies, 2-4 hours is shaved off of a round trip. The fuel cost is a bit more, but 2-4 hours is an extra raid, which will account for the fuel.

    Also, the main reason I use LC’s: I seriously cannot switch to SC’s, I tried once, and I ****ed up all my raids for that day by sending 4 SC’s, rather than 4 LC’s. I can perform an LC calculation instaneously, while an SC calculation will take a lot longer. Habit ensures I’ll send the amount of LC’s. If I could change the .css to have SC’s under LC’s. I would use them for defenseless targets. But to my knowledge, I can’t do that.

    Hope that helps. :)

    — Black Wyvern    Jun 26, 03:36 AM    #
  11. According to the flight time section at o-calc their deuterium usage is the same.

    I mean, a large cargo uses the same deuterium five small cargoes with impulse engines do in the same travel.

    That means that you can even save deut with them.

    Imagine you need 22SC to raid a planet. You will send 22SC and use the deut for 22SC. If you used 5LC you will use deut for 25SC wasting the deut you could use for 3SC.

    They still have a couple cons:

    They are less cost effective. – They are weaker in combat.

    I only use large cargoes when I know I will face a strong defence.

    Light cargoes are great for raiding inactives and probably make the best cannon fodder against fleets with many cruisers (I have simulated it many times and they make better cannon fodder than even heavy fighters, pity they take double crystal LFs do).

    So my vote is for Light cargoes.

    Oh! A tip! To know how many Light cargoes you need to raid a planet just add up all their resources and divide it for 10000. Or do it approximately with each resource.


    Metal: 153200 >15SC
    Crystal: 72000 >7SC
    Deut: 32000 >3SC

    25-26SC (approximately. That’s the fastest way to calculate it)


    (153200 + 72000 + 32000) / 10000 = 25.72SC

    Have a nice day

    — Fernando    Jun 26, 09:04 AM    #
  12. It looks like I was dead wrong, Small cargoes take more deut large ones do.

    My bad.

    — Fernando    Jun 27, 03:18 AM    #
  13. Well, I’d go with SC. They can still move pretty fast and are the best choice for all inactive raiding.

    Boinciel    Jun 29, 10:39 PM    #
  14. SC all the time everytime. Sure, they cant take as many hits in battle as a LC, but , they are very fast and in large numbers can serve as their own cannon fodder. Also, once they have impulse engines, they get 20% speed bonuses per impulse level as oposed to the 10% that combustion offers.

    — Excdio Charon    Jul 2, 08:37 PM    #
  15. Before i had to start a new account My impulse drive was level 30(yeah that high!)and i was mainly an attacker,so large cargo is best for high level tech but until then SC is best.

    — Zal    Jul 3, 04:44 PM    #
  16. Level 30. . . Right. . .

    — Black Wyvern    Jul 3, 09:40 PM    #
  17. sc are weaker when put into simspeed they are best used on planets with little to no defense aloong with fighter escorts if neccesary

    — grefano    Jul 4, 11:19 AM    #
  18. “Before i had to start a new account My impulse drive was level 30”

    Level 30 costs:
    2.147.483.648.000 metal
    4.249.967.296.000 crystal
    644.245.094.400 deuterium

    This alone is more than 300 times the score of the best ogame player (of all countries)

    Before trying to look interesting, at least know what you’re talking about.

    — Etheric    Jul 4, 01:14 PM    #
  19. For me SC is good for attaking with BS etc… But LC is better to Fleet Saves and transports. For VERY fast attack on planet without Fleet and Defense is… 30 000 Espionage Probes!!

    I’m from Poland and thx!!


    — Hammerhand    Jul 4, 02:49 PM    #
  20. Zal is such a show-off
    for large battles, you always have to use a LC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take along some SC to take hits.

    — n/a, ok?    Jul 5, 05:07 PM    #
  21. hey people some are right and some are wrong. For an earlier player, SC is way better because of how little the deuterium cost is(combustion). SC is for earlier players while LC is better for Later empires. Also, Getting Impulse Level 5 costs:
    Metal: 62,000
    Crystal: 124,000
    Deuterium: 18,724

    Quite costly if you ask me.

    thecat    Jul 6, 12:33 AM    #
  22. I don’t have impulse level 5 (yet) and i haven’t attacked (yet), but early on, it would be hard to switch out my SC for LC, although i have a few of each. Also, SC’s save time and LC’s save deuterium, but since it takes time to get deuterium, it’s like either way you save the same thing (time). However, large empires would get a lot of deuterium per hour, so the time would be more valuable. But the improved armor could be more important for raids. I think that the ships are pretty well balanced (everything in the game is).

    — bluejay27    Jul 7, 12:01 AM    #
  23. i like sm for their build time

    — guy    Jul 7, 01:31 AM    #
  24. I prefer the small cargo for transporting due to faster speed but I only choose largo cargo for raiding because they are stronger and have more space

    — relam13    Jul 8, 09:09 PM    #
  25. small cargo for transportin within colonies, large cargo for raiding XD

    — Tyr    Jul 9, 10:45 AM    #
  26. I dont know, I started with SC’s, but when I got Combo 6, I switched. Now that I have impulse 5, I’m back on SC’s. I tend to use them because they’re about 2x-3x as fast.
    SC count: 30 LC count: 5

    — Commenter from U14    Jul 11, 04:16 AM    #
  27. What about for a noob with lvl 8 deut mines and lvl 10 metal & chrystal mines? which one would you suggest?

    Its not for me its for erhh..ahh…Billy :D yes my good noobie friend billy…

    — Gene    Jul 11, 06:16 AM    #
  28. hey people impulse engine does cost a lot, even though you may get a 20% more speed, it costs a lot of crystal but combustion costs the same as computer tech except the crystal is metal. but anyway, if you have huge, slow fleets, then large cargos. if you use time stradegy then small cargo al the way(eg his ships are like a galaxy away and your small cargos will get there in time before he can get defence or call back his fleet). also new raiders should use small cargos. combustion level 6 costs too much and im going for nanite so i wouldn’t like to use deuterium. but really some people say the small cargo uses more deuterium. it only costs like one look on the galaxy an hour. plus if you are raiding someone with losts of deuterium then it doesn’t matter. but i prefer large cargo because of .. the large cargo, better shields and structural integrity. but if your attacking with a deathstar, don’t worry about a cargo, small or large.

    thecat    Jul 11, 05:33 PM    #
  29. i love this debate. you can’t get yelled at.

    thecat    Jul 11, 05:59 PM    #
  30. I have my combustion on 11 it works pretty wel, I only use big Transporters they don’t get shot down that easely as the small ones. The small ones are faster but if yer using bombers and destroyers it doesn’t matter anymore does it???

    Manic    Jul 14, 02:45 PM    #
  31. “I think that the ships are pretty well balanced (everything in the game is).”
    think about the deathstars bluejay27

    thecat    Jul 14, 05:35 PM    #
  32. @thecat

    it is prertty balanced, deathstars cost alot and they are powerful so it is balanced

    — ironpheonix    Jul 19, 09:49 AM    #
  33. I would like to say this and only this: Etheric slammed some facts into Zal causing him to crash and burn. Thank you.

    — DrDude    Jul 20, 09:44 PM    #
  34. i prefer the lc thay may be slower but thay have alot more space and well thats what cargo ships are 4

    ch666    Jul 21, 10:15 AM    #
  35. upgrading the combo drive is expensive for new players like me but once i start doing proper raids (raiding people with def then taking the debrie) with cruisers i will start to get the deut i need. in the mean time im gonna say LC for speed and awford ability

    — bommaboy    Jul 22, 04:46 AM    #
  36. Well, in terms of total points needed, you can have combo drive 2 lvs higher than impulse and 4 higher than hyper

    {o-calc} it won’t change because res cost doubles each level for all research

    And assuming you’re one of the very big players with hyper 8 for bomber upgrade
    That gives you around 10 impulse and 12 combo {assuming you upgrade all 3 drives equally}

    At that late time bombers = dessies = 17000 speed
    LC is 16500 and every ship is faster
    So for the very big players LC is the way to go: er if they’re not using RIPs or BS

    For the medium ones {read: 5k+ to 100k}
    it’ll be impulse 6, hyper 4 or 6 and combo at around 8-10
    Bomber speed is 8800, Dessie 14000 and LC 13500
    So regardless of if you’re using bombers LCs are good

    The small players {under 5k} should have combo 6 {otherwise don’t even talk about the LC} and impulse 5 {otherwise there’s no choice}

    There is one problem: both combo 6 and impulse 5 cost like hell to someone under 5k
    The question is now to get which one {don’t try for both}
    Of course, combo 6 costs less than half of impulse 5
    So it’s go for LC again

    BTW: LCs cost less {for the same cargo space} and are harder to shoot down + less of a target. Raiders should get LC—————All of the above is for raiders only – for all but really new players, for normally transporting res SC is better – faster

    Re:ironphoenix: RIPs are NOT balanced
    I’d like to put up my own post a day, but RIPs SAY they shoot 200,000 – they don’t actually do so

    Hint: try multiplying the RIP’s RF value for a ship by it’s hull+shield value

    Bigger hint: what’s the RIP’s RF for plasmas? How much hull+shield do plasmas have?

    — Obscurans    Jul 22, 09:48 AM    #
  37. “it is prertty balanced, deathstars cost alot and they are powerful so it is balanced”
    umm dude can u really say that 100 cruisers can beat a deathstar? cos that wud be worth the cost… or battleships. can u really tell me that anything ” BALANCED” can kill a deathstar? deathstars are invincible. the only this that cud kill them are plasmas.. cos thay strong and no RPFR

    thecat    Jul 23, 02:19 AM    #
  38. but anyway can anyone here say that ANYTHING can kill a “Deathstar”. lolz i dont no y but y hasnt george lucas sued ogame? they took deathstar!!?? lolz

    thecat    Jul 23, 02:59 AM    #
  39. well, i prefer to use my small cargos (with level 6 impulse drive) for raiding of undefended planets. they can be there and back within 2 hours, as opposed to nearly 3 with my large cargos.

    i also use my small cargos to transport stuff to my distant colonies (galaxy 9 and such) as the differance in round trip time is over 4 hours.

    — chafalcar    Jul 24, 12:15 AM    #
  40. I personnally like both. the LC for transporting res to other planets and trading. With the SC, i put them up with cruisers and LF and do some light raids and the SC are faster than LC so that means people have less time to respond. They all have their ups and downs. So i choose which one to use for which type of mission.

    — Commisar Ray    Jul 27, 09:06 AM    #
  41. I think that if you have the higher impulse levels, then S cargos are probably better.

    It all depends on what you want. If you want to do as near a lightening raid as possible without using tons of crystal in Esp. Probes, then it’s all about the speed.

    What you have to do is look at your own techs, and see which is better for you.

    If you are not doing a lightening raid, then find the slowest ship in your fleet. If the cargo you want to use is slower than any other ship in your fleet then that’s how slow the fleet goes.

    Try to think ‘do I want durability, or speed?’ and you then have your answer.

    — Jimbob    Jul 29, 10:37 AM    #
  42. It all depends on what you are sending them with for me because i try to attack as fast as possible. if i’m only sending battleships and cruisers then i send sc. but if i’m gonna be sending destroyers or bombers then i send lc

    — fat tj    Jul 30, 05:31 AM    #
  43. Is it true that if you have 2 planets running at the same time they are both automatically destroyed and you are forbidden to play again?

    — The emperor    Jul 30, 08:58 AM    #
  44. You mean 2 accounts? Only if they are in same universe you get banned-ban can last for few days to forever , it depends of how many accounts… about the real subject I think LC are better cuz they have cargo 5 times larger then SC and they cost 3 times more. SC are maybe better for raids but they dont pay of so my vote goes to LC

    — Roadsy    Jul 31, 08:58 PM    #
  45. lolz can some1 say ANYTHING can kill a deathstar. the ONLY things that can really kill a deathstar, is plasma turrets and moons… if they atacking the moon

    — thecat    Aug 2, 04:00 AM    #
  46. take into account that you can get small cargos much earlier on so can begin production faster

    — Ada Soom Dir Kamal    Aug 3, 01:38 PM    #
  47. i would say SC just cause there quicker than it makes raids more efficent and gives the enemy less chance to come on and move rez or move ships etc….

    Pricey    Aug 5, 04:53 PM    #
  48. alright let me clear something up for you all! i ran some stuff up on speedsim:
    LF cannot kill a deathstar no matter how many you have, it just ends as a draw
    Ditto for: HF and cruisers
    It takes presisly 225 battlships to definetly kill a deathstar, 210 bombers and 78 destroyers.
    as for defences ML, SL, ICand HL cannot kill a death star
    it takes 251 GC or 38 PT to take one down.
    therefor, not everything can kill a deathstar… now everyone stop talking ‘bout death stars and get back on topic

    — Dazza3000    Aug 5, 07:07 PM    #
  49. ummm pricey ships are NOT quicker unless you have
    Impulse Drive, which is quite hard 2 get. and anyways even without it LC are faster and bigger and better plus they cost less deuterium and cost

    — thecat    Aug 6, 12:18 AM    #
  50. lolz i finally got impulse level 5!!!! but i geting hyperspace drive 4 now!!! then i gt attacked!!!

    — thecat    Aug 8, 06:31 AM    #
  51. There have been lots of ideas in the post. Most of them are right…for the people saying them. That is, which is better depends on what you do with them.

    SC are faster and make better fodder.
    LC are more cost effective.

    Just pick the right tool for the right job ^^
    I personnaly have about 2500 LC and 3000 SC. I use SC when raiding and LC as an extension of my fleet cargo capacity when I am on a mobile base.
    But of course, this is good for me because of the way I play.

    Etheric    Aug 9, 09:10 AM    #
  52. im a raider in uni 7 with a top 200 fleet..usually the targets i raid have 2-3 million total resources. for raiding i use large cargos..just because i dont have to send as much and they dont get destroyed as easily. when im transporting between my own colonies i use lc’s too..because im not as worried about time.

    however when traiding i use small cargos. granted..it takes a LOT more. but its faster and makes it easier to get the correct amount of resources (with the smalelr increments) so i dont have to send and extra 25,000 units of space when i only need 1,000.

    also the speed makes it courtious to those you trade with because you never know about their time crunch and its allways appreciated when they get it sooner.

    Uni7bane    Aug 14, 08:24 PM    #
  53. I use SC as the cost they same amount as LF (4k res) and are more useful in the way they carry resources, I also have on each planet enough for a moon chance if anybody tries to attack while i am asleep (not fleet save as saves deut). Also if someone is going to attack and you have to many res to lose the 1667 SC will carry most of it away. So i say go SC and forget the slower LC. But it does all boil down to what YOU want to do with them. Me its all about speed and easy calculation for moon chances

    puggy    Aug 14, 08:51 PM    #
  54. Yep well i use LC all the way. simple as really they are stronger, cheaper then 5 SC required to match cargo cap. and use less feul. so what they are a little slower in general when i for example raid i only really keep to a 70 maybe 80 system spread from where im attacking becuse of the mighty feul costs to carry large fleets. unless of course the player is has low defence of is inactive, but still in any case it costs alot to send LC or SC more then 100 systems away to raid defenceless player, who more often the not has hardly any rescources. SC can shave precious hours off long distence transport though, as impluse engine really comes into its own at higher levals compared to the combustion engine. i suppose though SC can make good fodder if you were to take far more then you need for example, but no. LC far better, just keep combustion engine tech up to date

    — Sparx    Aug 17, 04:38 PM    #
  55. I use lc it`s capacity is bigger.

    U need 5 sc to to the same with lc.
    lc is little bit slower then sc yes. but if u need recources on other planet it is more bettter to use lc .
    in one time u can send 5 times more recources than sc.!

    lc is better anyway..

    — hullike    Aug 18, 06:29 AM    #
  56. first you should do lcs, because you need to fleetsave and lcs are cheaper. when you start raiding build scs and lcs.
    when you have enought lcs build scs and do the 5 lvl impulse engine research. After that do scs for raiding trading. etc
    until you got crashed.. lol

    — BRIpper    Aug 23, 05:21 PM    #
  57. @puggy

    unless u have impulse drive lvl 5 the SC is real slow dude.

    — thecat    Aug 25, 05:48 PM    #
  58. hey anywayz can some1 explain the fuel usage of the ships? cos u click on ze picture and it says what ur weps and all are then it has like “deuterium usage: 20 or summit. plz some1 explain

    — thecat    Aug 27, 03:51 PM    #
  59. i use large cargoes for raiding inactives close to me, otherwise, i send all small cargoes for longer raidz

    — n00bkillr    Sep 1, 04:24 PM    #
  60. sc are better for raiding and transporting because they use less deut and go further for less deut

    — JLLI    Sep 2, 08:39 PM    #
  61. I am a rather new player, only several months, have battleships (NOT tripple digits) and need only to lc’s to raid all my inactive neibours.
    ok i read this and really wanted to say this: to the people who are talking about using 50 trillion sc’s or lc’s for transport, than obvuosly u should be able to research the combustion drive to apporximatley lvl way-superoverkill-speed and just make the lc fly at REALLY REALLY high speeds. the same coment applies to researching armour and making sc/lc slightly less strong then god.

    — uncommen sense    Sep 8, 02:44 AM    #
  62. small cargo is way better cos it is faster and you can transport faster if you you build a bunch of small cargos

    — tazmaniac    Sep 14, 03:46 PM    #
  63. It all comes down to what YOU want to do with them… I personally like speed because im a raider so sc for me and because ive got 8 colonys 1 in system 1-8 so it helps with transporting to have speed….

    — Tim    Sep 25, 07:24 PM    #
  64. I prefer small cargo ship

    — chris    Oct 3, 11:08 AM    #
  65. well [sc] is beter if u r sending small lots but big if u r sending lots

    — dark dragon    Oct 10, 05:38 AM    #
  66. Large Cargos r cool they are cheeper and more capacity!

    Piggy    Oct 22, 07:38 AM    #
  67. in the first 1-2 earlier universe that i played, i used large cargos. why? because i overlook the speed of small cargo when equipped with level 5 impulse drive. i quite the universes bcause of frequent outstation job.

    On the present universe, i am using small cargos for raid. it is very fast that it can catch unsuspected players. of course it could not match the balanced battleship with good power and cargo space.

    in most simple raids 20 SC is more that enough. bigger resources usually need biggger fire power and i just use battleship alone.

    — ikelah    Oct 23, 05:40 AM    #
  68. I perfer the LC, Cuz I have alot of Friends in my Universe that need Help, So I use it to Caryy lots of Resources at a Time.

    The Only Time I use the SC is when Time is the Essence, But that is kinda Rare, So I have a Small fleet of 15 SC’s.

    The SC’s are good when you are doing Small time Raids on Inactive Planets that are near your planet, Thats when you can Justify the Small Cargo Space.

    The LC Is used by me When I do Raids to places that are more then 10 Systems away.
    Thats when the LC’s Larger Cargo Hold comes into play, Cuz it makes the Trip Worth it.

    Anyway, Who needs Speed when you can just Make up for it with more Booty from your Raid!

    — Brickwalker    Dec 2, 01:03 AM    #
  69. i reckon you send a balance of both types cause the large cargoes dont slow your fleet down THAT much and also they carry much more. if you have small cargoes with your fleet then you can carry more and if get a big fight your small cargoes will be destroyed first then you can fly off with large cargoes worth of resources

    — Sirius168    Dec 3, 06:07 AM    #
  70. lol i just got my lvl 5 impulse drive so i think i should use the small cargo right because its faster and that guy way up did not get lvl 30 impulse drive that would take years

    duasreetsoldier    Dec 12, 01:46 PM    #
  71. Hey I am in uni 25 and read the tech tree description Combustion drives are based on the ancient principle of recoil. Heated materials are expelled and propel the ship in the opposite direction. The efficiency of this drive is low, but it is cheap, reliable and requires minimal maintenance. It takes up little space and is often found on smaller ships. Because combustion technology is the basis of all space travel, it should be researched as soon as possible. Further development of this drive makes the following ships faster by 10 % of the base value per level: small and large cargo ships, light fighters, recyclers, and espionage probes.

    notice that combustion does BOTH the Small and large that means Large are faster then small and under impulse neither are mentioned plus on speed sim the large always go faster iv done this for each up to level 15

    — uni 25 guy    Dec 14, 07:52 AM    #
  72. I have never built a small cargo, nor do I intend to ever build one. The large cargoes have pitifully small cargo capacities and for big trades you need a minimum of 40. That’s why I’m only going to use Large Cargoes until I get at least 1 XL Cargo per planet

    — Ertwin    Dec 20, 05:19 PM    #
  73. Ok the most relevant things are:

    For LC: more capacity per resource it takes
    For SC:better fodder and much faster than LC so it wont delay ur fleet os BS fighters and cuisers but if you are with bombers destroyers and deathstars LC is for you
    Also i would like to say thanks to all the noobs that allowed me to attack them and gain a lot of profit so i could get the resources for mi combustion 13 my impulse 11 and mi hyperspace 8 nothing else toy say

    — Rexxar    Dec 27, 03:51 PM    #
  74. I am a turtle and love LC’s, they are big and can carry my millions of resources round easier, it ain’t easy shipping 7 million metal in Sc’s. Speed isn’t a problem but I see why Sc’s are the favorites for some, I’ve seen well over 2000 Sc’s in a battle against me

    — Anonymous    Jan 6, 02:47 PM    #
  75. i was very surprised when i saw this debate, as i started using LC ever since i was able to produce them, and I never looked back since i found them faster and they are bigger:

    ATM I have:
    combustion drive 8
    Impulse 4
    Hyperspace 3
    Shipyard 8

    5 SC
    capacity 25’000
    Metal 10’000
    Crystal 10’000
    Time of construction 53 m 20 sec
    Speed 9’000

    1 LC
    capacity 25’000
    Metal 6’000
    Crystal 6’000
    Time of construction 32 m 00 sec
    Speed 13’500

    now i realise once i upgrade to impulse drive 5 LC speed will increase to 20’000

    but now i am definatly gonna try that out even thoung im not sure how much time i will save in my trips.

    true its defence is lower but im still raiding inactives since i have no real fleet yet

    — Annonymous    Jan 10, 05:08 AM    #
  76. oh and concerninglevel 30 impulse drive

    just upgrading from 29 to 30 will take over 11 years if you have research lab @ 30 (wich also would take ages)

    and i dont think ogame is that old

    — Annonymous    Jan 10, 05:52 AM    #
  77. I say the LC’s are much better. They’re more cost efficient in proportion to their cargo capacity. They might be slower but you just have to be patient.

    — Shifty    Jan 22, 03:51 PM    #
  78. I Like small acrgos better… for there speed. But I like having some L. cargos on my colonys and some on ym homeplanet, there good if I get attacked I can fleet save all my stuff.

    — scorpio    Jan 29, 05:30 PM    #
  79. Who needs LC or SC? Just use 400-500 BS…... or dessies, or bombers…..

    If you really need a ship though, SC are useful in raids, and LC are useful in saving res, as they can haul around more for the price ;)

    And I’m surprised at the people posting here…. saying they have 30 SC, and 5 LC…. my account has 2k SC and 300 LC, lol

    Nothing against noobs, but when I was around there, I hadn’t even heard of speedsim….

    — plutoman    Feb 8, 07:04 PM    #
  80. SC is the way to go for the nooby playerz and the LC is better for the stronger players….

    — Dennis    Feb 9, 03:57 PM    #
  81. Large Cargos are the only way for me. Cheaper for the cost (it would cost 10k Metal and 10k Crystal for the same space in a Small Cargo) and they are more durable, meaning that there is less of a chance of them dying in an attack

    — Willis    Feb 27, 03:09 PM    #
  82. If you are attacking against heavy defences with gauss cannons and plasma turrets, then you must use light fighters against them. But the light fighter is such a slow ship, with its combustion engine. So, you can use LC, because your fleet is still slow!

    anttu    Mar 2, 07:50 AM    #
  83. i kinda like both the SC and the LC…

    the LC are nice because they have large cargo space, and they are nice to use when fleet saving because of the load they can carry. also when im going to be gone for a while i can put on of them in my fleet to make it go even slower…

    but the SC are nice due to their speed…so if i need an extra like 30 min to an hour to have my fleet back before i get off for the day i can just send in a fleet of 40+ SC and get the job done =]

    i think it depends on the person…if you have a ton of time online then why not use the LC, but if you need short fast raids then the SC is a better choice

    — KaptianLocke    Mar 15, 02:40 AM    #
  84. i prefer the large cargo . . it holds alot more cargo and costs less for that cargo space . . . 1*large cargo = 25k cargo space = 12k res to build

    5 small cargo =25k cargo space = 20k res to build


    — peaveyboyuni21    Mar 28, 12:30 PM    #
  85. ummm anttu that is such a wrong concept. light fighters are the fastest of the combustion engine ships (other than espo’s) it has 12.5k speed(which is almost quicker than battleships.

    ... peace?

    — thecat    Mar 30, 03:52 PM    #
  86. actually thecat is wrong the impulse lvl 5 costs 32k metal 64k crystal and 9600duet the one thecat suggested was impulse lvl 6

    — l0l    Apr 7, 01:22 PM    #
  87. I prefer the SC personally. Yes, I know the LC is cheaper, but I actually prefer my same solar system transports taking 35 minutes rather than 48. It might not seem like much, but that time saved adds up.

    — Arbron    May 24, 10:49 PM    #
  88. and then more time is wasted by you not being online when it gets back :)

    — thecat    Jun 3, 06:23 AM    #
  89. @ l0l
    i cannot be wrong, you have no maths mind. i was talking all the levels put 2getha up 2 lvl 5. if i suggested lvl 6, it would be 128k, not 124k… try doubling once in your life

    — thecat    Jun 12, 03:56 PM    #
  90. i would prefer both becuse if you have a little that needs moving you send the small but if you have a lot you take the large

    — mimim    Jun 21, 09:04 PM    #
  91. In essence: big fleet=LC
    hit/run or fast fleet/ often attacking= SC

    — *anonymous*    Jun 28, 05:30 PM    #
  92. Small Cargos Rule!!! Sure, they have less space, but they’re faster and cost less. plus, in large numbers they can be used as fodder.

    — Mv3    Jun 30, 04:26 PM    #
  93. i like both i build both if i need resorces fast i use sc but overnight lc so i like lc because
    u build 3 sc for 1 lc but 3 sc =
    15000 and 1 lc = 25000

    adam    Jul 1, 11:11 AM    #
  94. well yes small cargo is faster but large cargo dominates in all other areas. firstly cost compared to cargo capacity here the large cargo is cheaper. if 5 small cargoes where put together (to equal large cargo storage capacity) they would end up costing 4k more metal and krystal. now i know this isnt much nut have a look when u start going big and building hundreds of them for big raids =, it will be worth it and the large cargo has much better armour and shield strenght giving it a smaller chance of being destroyed :D

    — ZeUs9471    Jul 3, 01:18 AM    #
  95. iprefer SC because i cant make LC yet


    — jolly boy    Jul 25, 09:03 AM    #
  96. lol zal
    yea right.
    impulse level 30.
    who needs that ?
    stop showing off loser

    — s6nny anders9n    Aug 4, 08:15 PM    #
  97. Small cargos are way better for onces with no defence, you can get quick raids and back a hour ish before the large cargos how ever the large cargo’s are better if they have a fair bit of defence

    — boooo    Aug 9, 04:16 PM    #
  98. Hey, about the whole thing with LC’s are slower then SC’s i don’t think it’s actually true. Go to fleet and select 1 LC and tell it to go to any random planet but don’t actually send it. Now go back and get a cruiser (if you have any) and do the same thing but make sure you “send” it to the same planet. When i did it it took the same time even though the cruiser is twice the speed of a LC (LC: 7,500, Cruiser: 15,000). So i think the LC gets upgraded too but it just doesn’t tell you and that’s at a combustion drive level 6 (the lvl you need for LC) and an impulse drive lvl 4 (the lvl you need to get a cruiser). And if that’s true then a LC is actually faster then a SC because a SC only has 10,000 base speed.

    — Zack    Aug 13, 04:09 PM    #

    — steve    Oct 18, 08:04 AM    #
  100. What are you guys talking about?! SC is WAY faster. You need level 17 combustion for the LC to be faster then a SC with level 5 impulse. And SC only uses about twice the fuel. It really aint that much.

    — liq3    Oct 30, 08:52 AM    #
  101. Large cargos can do the raids on nearby planets with huge defenses, because they can resist a lot more damage than the small cargos. Small cargos to raid distant planets with almost no defense because you can send light fighters as scort and the attack will arrive a lot faster than it would take a large cargo. Overall:
    Large Cargo- nearby planets, large defense
    Small Cargo- distant planets, little or no defense.

    — Nice_dude, Universe 7    Nov 4, 01:58 PM    #
  102. Okay so here is what i was thinking:

    If you are going to be raiding, it is most likely going to be either against an inactive, or a guy who doesnt fleet/res save. OR if you phalanx a guy who has a ton of res in his ships. Either way, you do not need speed. So LC for that.

    For Fleet Crashes:

    You will always need to phalanx for fleet crashes. So speed doesnt matter. LCs for that.

    For Trading:
    You want to be save as much money/res as you can if you are a trader. So you dont care about times, you just want to get your stuff over to him in the cheapest way possible. LCs for that.

    And oh yeah, against lots of defense, your bombers will slow down the SCs anyways, so might as well get LC for that too.

    — swabblepuff    Mar 19, 04:43 PM    #
  103. I think small cargos. I have been playing ogame for 4 years and is the top in all 5 of my universes except progame which Im 142. They are a lot better in the long run once you get your impulse higher and higher for ships, you will be able to raid faster and more efficiantly than if you had LC’s. Yes they have more cargo space and are stronger, but all you have to do is just send more small cargos or throw in some cruisers. [i use destroyers].

    Large cargos in your early stage. Small in the later.

    — cc    Jul 12, 12:24 AM    #
  104. for me it’s…

    SCs mainly for emergency rez for Alliance members or long haul transport between my planets…

    LCs for everything else while building up tech lvls.

    — Crowder    Feb 4, 06:36 PM    #

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