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Question: How do I enable Vacation Mode?


Published: Jun 20, 07:21 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

How do I enable Vacation Mode? When I go to Options, and check the “Enable Vacation Mode” box, nothing happens.

The Answer:

  1. Make sure that all your planets have nothing in the queue (no ships or defenses ).
  2. Make sure that all your fleets are landed (there can be NO fleet activity).
  3. Make sure that all the buildings is finished. You cannot have ANY buildings in progress.
  4. Make sure that all research is finished. You cannot have ANY research being worked on.

If the above steps do not work, then go and turn all your mine production down to 0%. Sometimes this extra step is necessary.

I recently went into vacation mode, and I had to turn all my mines down first, before it would let me go into Vacation Mode.

NOTE: You do not gain ANY resources during vacation mode. Vacation Mode is a way to protect your account from attacks while your not going to be around to monitor your account.

No activity is allowed while your in vacation mode. Nobody can attack you or probe you either.

The minimum time you have to spend in vacation mode is 48 hours. So once you enable Vacation Mode, you have to wait 48 hours before you can disable it.


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  1. Be sure that vacation, is longer than 48 hours ! less aren’t alow

    — Ph0b0s    Jun 13, 01:00 PM    #
  2. Do you still get your reasources if you enable vaction mode and your mines are still active

    — Tomaius    Jun 16, 02:16 AM    #
  3. i still cant go into vacation mode, i did all the things above, turned my mines down, and it still aint working

    — macaroune1    Jun 19, 07:44 AM    #
  4. Also, make sure no defense or ships are being built. As for the vacation thing, a friend said he didn’t get any resources at all while in vacation mode, so the answer would be no.

    — Radome    Jun 19, 11:40 AM    #
  5. macaroune1, are you sure that you’re not actually in vacation mode? Try again and leave the account for a few hours or get a friend in the same universe to view your status in galaxy view.

    — Jimbob    Jun 20, 02:01 PM    #
  6. can i turn vacation mode on when there’s a flotte coming to attack me?

    — Ranho    Jun 22, 09:47 AM    #
  7. No u cannot turn vacation mode on when theres a flotte coming to attack u?

    — hal9000    Jun 23, 05:51 PM    #
  8. omg, do u have trouble with those flottes as well!

    — azzyp    Jun 24, 07:44 PM    #
  9. How to disable the vacation mode i have been baned from the game and when i came back vacation mode was enabled how to disable it?!

    — Guardian    Jul 8, 11:32 AM    #
  10. man this thing helped me a lot.
    cuz nowhere on the ogame site theres annything about vacation mode.

    — acdc    Jul 11, 10:36 AM    #
  11. oh come on. i just started this game and i can answer most of thoes questions

    when your in vacation mode, any attacks currently happeining finish, and all fleets currently going to attack still do. you do not get any resources whatsoever, and you must not be building anything. as far as i know, you can turn on vacation mode when a fleet is going to attack you, but it doesnt help

    kryptn    Jul 17, 03:32 AM    #
  12. I did all of the above things and i can’t get into vacation mode. i tick it and press save changes and it unticks itself and nothing happens. Is some thing meant to happen like say your in vacation mode?

    — Tim23    Jul 23, 02:21 PM    #
  13. yeah, its shows you a screen saying you are in vacation mode

    — jordan    Aug 9, 12:04 PM    #
  14. Whats the max amount of time you can go on vacation for? I want to go on vacation for 3 months?

    — quest    Jun 11, 05:41 AM    #
  15. ok thats all well and good but i just accidently went into vacation mode so now do i jusy have to stop playing for two days or what?!?!?!

    — Ozling2    Jun 25, 03:10 PM    #
  16. how do i turn it of?

    — Ozling2    Jun 25, 03:11 PM    #
  17. after the 48 hrs have passed go to options and check the box turn off, this will only appear 2 days after u enable the vaction or 48 hrs

    — Grotte    Jul 19, 02:38 PM    #
  18. I hear you have some resources in vacation mode but its only the basic 10 per hour

    David2569    Aug 6, 07:26 PM    #
  19. I went on vacation mode and then i came back an all my resources are stuck at 0/0

    — james    Aug 7, 05:56 PM    #
  20. Here is what helps me go into (v) mode: I go to the shipyard on every planet, one by one, and scroll to the bottom to make sure nothing is being built. Then I go to options and click the vacation mode thing. For some reason, it only works if I check all the shipyards first. Hope this helps!

    @ quest— There is no maximum amount of time you can (v) for, but it you don’t log in at least every 28 (?) days, your account will be automatically deleted.

    @David2569— When you are in (v) mode, your mines do not work, but yes, you DO still get the basic 20 metal and 10 crystal per hour on each planet. Kinda neat….

    @James— You have to go to the ‘Resources’ section (on the left side of the screen) and set all your mines back to 100%. You have to do this on each planet, not just your main one.

    — Trevyr    Oct 14, 07:32 PM    #
  21. what’s the max time u can be on vacation? there are guys in my system that I’m itching to attack, but i’m waiting until they get off of it. so how long?

    — the crow    Mar 4, 06:21 PM    #
  22. @ Crow – can you read? if so scroll the page up to the last comment before yours and read it.

    — psyper    Mar 6, 10:16 AM    #
  23. @ Crow. Where’re u? I’m itching to attack you :)
    If it happens to be in universe 22, let me know

    — Boom    Apr 8, 11:51 AM    #

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