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Newsletter - May 30th 2006 - Edition 3


Published: Jun 7, 06:21 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

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In today’s issue: May 30th, 2006

Weekly News and Questions

1. Introduction
2. What’s New at OGame Tips!
3. Help, I’m Being Attacked – Masaraan
4. Links of Interest
5. 15 Minutes of Fame

1. Introduction:

First, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend.

For those of you who are not familiar with Memorial Day, here is a
link from Wikipedia that explains it.



~ Voidhawk

2. What’s New at OGame Tips

The newsletter from the second week is now up in the Newsletter
Archives. Next week, this newsletter will join the archives.

I have a couple of new tools that are in the works. I’ll have more
information as time progresses.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, the website has not yet moved
servers. I am trying to get this done, but the current host
situation is making this difficult without losing all the posts and
comments. I’ll keep everyone informed when the switch does occur.

3. Help, I’m Being Attacked – Masaraan
(level: beginner/basic)

Don’t panic. There is a reason why you are attacked.

If you didn’t provoke attack and cause some kind of revenge then
probably attacker wants your resources. If you see attack note on
time you are one step ahead. Just don’t panic. Do whatever you do
and find what is appropriate as your next move. Try to find out
something about your attacker to evaluate his strength, and more
important is to find out what of his forces are upon you.

It would be good to develop espionage technology to level 4 as soon
as possible as this gives more information about approaching fleet.
You can be sure that attacker studied you and he awares of your

If your defense doesn’t exist then he probably send just few cargos
with some supportive fighting ships to pick up your resources.

If you have some defense and your fleet was home at the time his
esp probe come in then he probably strenghten his attack to be
succesful. Uppon all said. in early game it would be the best to
make a monkey of him.

If you can wait for him online, you just keep busy, make some plans
in advance how you will spend your resources and how you will save
your fleet.

If you don’t have your second planet, pick some planet of inactive
user and write down the coordinates so you can use them later. When
there is only about 15 mins left, concentrate on your actions and
watch carefuly. Your options are said hundreds of times. You can
spend your resources on something useful, while awaiting for
attack. You can’t start buliding something or if it doesnt fit in
your building order then you can start to build something just for
fake and cancel orders after attack. If you have cargos you can
load your resources onto them and send them away on fleetsave. Of
course, you can do fleet save and res save much earlier but this is
less fun and probably your attacker will see that , so he will
probably withdraw and save you for another time when you will be
offline. During last minutes you can expect attackers probe(s) to
lurk in again, he just wants to check if everything is on plan and
that you didn’t return some stronger fleet home which could tear
him apart. I usualy wait for that probe prepared to run. when probe
arives he got the information then you can act fast do all what you
prepared, start building (or fake buliding, load res on cargos, do
fleet save to writen down coordinates, and whip! you disapear in
last minute. if probe doesn’t appear then you act anyhow during
last minute. You can’t save your ground defense but it will recover
and attacker will return with maximum 1 metal and 1 crystal as a
souvenir. He will probably lost about 4 hours for nothing, and he
will never be sure if you are going to do the same next time. He
will also know that you are not afraid of him.

Another tip on this issue. As I said, your resources are the main
reason for attacking. So if you dont want to be interesting as a
raid victim keep your resources as low as you can while you are
offline to keep piece in your orbit. While you are online you are
watching so you can be prepared to save od defend. The amount of
resources you can have in offline mode depends on your ability to
defend them. It is not only about win or loose the battle but you
can try to think froom attacker head. Attackers evaluates if it is
worth to send stronger fleet over your stronger defense and if his
losses will worth of the resources he will get. So you dont need to
be afraid for your resources even if you are sure that you will
loose if attacker will have heavy loses during this attack, which
means that battle will last for 4,5 or 6 rounds. He will not
advance if it is not worth. Only raid that is worth is if they can
win in one shot (or maybe 2) ant take it all they can.

4. Links of Interest

> Online Missile Simulator (In Spanish)

> Offline Missile Simulator (In English, German and Italian)

> OGame Report Processing and Sharing Technology

> OGame Tips Strategy Guide

5. 15 Minutes of Fame

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