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Newsletter - May 15th 2006 - Edition 2


Published: May 30, 06:10 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

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In today’s issue: May 15th, 2006

Weekly News and Questions

1. Introduction
2. What’s New at OGame Tips!
3. WAR: working under pressure – Masaraan
4. Links of Interest
5. 15 Minutes of Fame

1. Introduction:

Welcome to Week 2! If you like this newsletter, tell some

Today’s article is part of the “n00b to n00b” series by Masaraan.
Masaraan (also known as Skatula) won third place in the OGame
Tips Top 10 Contest. He will be writing many articles for the
newsletter, and for the website.


~ Voidhawk

2. What’s New at OGame Tips

The newsletter from the first week is now up in the Newsletter
Archives. Next week, this newsletter will join the archives.

A ton of comments on articles. If you have a moment, read through
them. You can learn a lot by reading the comments.

OGame is moving to a new server. This move will take place
sometime this week. You can read the latest news here:

3. WAR: working under pressure – Masaraan
(level: beginner/basic)

It is war going on.

As usual, in war everything looks different and some priorities
should change as well as your thinking. I saw in circular that
players report attacks on them and they don’t have a clue how to
behave. We, the n00bs, like to yell for help. I’ll try to show my
new view on this.

The Facts

All OGame rules works fine even when it is war. No pushing, no
bashing… Only the purpose of attack changes. While in peace you
can try some diplomatic ways to stop continued attacks, and you can
also threat the attacker with reporting for continuously stopping
your development. In war, you can not count on this because there
is only one reason for attacking in war – search & destroy.

Rules Aspect

Study the bashing rules so you can report the player if he is
breaking them. There is a small chance that he could make a mistake
and broke the bashing rule. Save your combat reports and watch for
attacking dates and times. Remember: you can be attacked 3 times in
24 hour period and every attack could have max 3 waves in 30 min
time frame. Everything which exceeds this rule could get attacker
banned even if it is war declared. Exception is if you are
insulting or break some other rule. GO’s will allow additional
attacks on you. So in war behave with honor, obey the rules of war
and play fair. This will give you credibility in reporting a player
who attacks you by breaking rules. There is small chance for this
to happen but it is the way to make the end on continuous attack.
If you are attacking, just think the opposite, save your combat
reports and study your times so you don’t break the bashing rule.
Some players don’t think to much of waves, they will attack you
once a day, with one fleet and destroy you every day. You can not
stop this nor you can use diplomacy and none rule is broken.

Economy Aspect

The worst scenario in war environment is that you were attacked,
being destroyed and suddenly find yourself in red on all fields.
Your energy is low, your defense is weak, and your fleet is gone.
After you rebuild just to make good new starting point you are
attacked again. So, you are stucked and clueless against persistent
enemy. Also you are unable to help your allies but rather you
become weight to the alliance so you would probably be left on your
own to recover. Start to think different. You know that your enemy
will come again, and again, and again… With knowing that it is
obvious that you can not use your resources the same way as you
would in peace. You don’t have time to spare! Only thing that
cannot be taken is your research an buildings. They stay. So count
on your facilities and see what is the best you can get from them.
It is crucial in this situation to spare every single resource,
moving it out from enemy attack and when you get enough, build.
Major point here is: NO TIME for saving you must be active with
your resources. How to do this will be explained in next section.

Strategy Aspect

It is wide area and you can imagine several ways of getting
strength again under persistent pressure and attacks. This is
almost the same concept as early building in peace, except here you
start with some buildings and researches which you built before war.
Lets presume that you are destroyed and you are attacked once a
day. Your development stopped so you want to get out of this siege
position. How could you proceed?

First, study your situation. There is some things that are certain:
1. Your defense is useless – you don’t have time nor resources to
build it to a level that will protect your resources. So forget
about building defense.
2. Your fleet is crushed – without fleet you cannot raid so your
income suffers again. Put a fleet building aside for a moment.
3. Your economy is low – many things are in red, you cannot do
researches and build facilities so don’t think about that for the
moment. Also there is no point in upgrading. The point is that you
see what you have got and use this wisely, because only thing that
works for a moment is your production.

Let the mines do their work. Your FIRST next task is to make sure
that you make a way to save collected resources without being taken
again from your enemy. Save is a must. It is easier if you have
colonies. In war, colonies are priceless as they give you
additional options and moves. Colonies would not be attacked at the
same time since your enemy doesn’t have that power or he is not
willing to dilute his strength. He doesn’t know where your colonies
are so he must search while you can build something there. When I
say build i mean CARGO. As soon as you can build a small cargo and
deploy it to your problematic planet. You can see that it is very
similar as starting new account. The only difference is that you
need to be more careful and concentrated.

If you don’t have colonies then it is tougher situation but you
still need to build a cargo. You need only 2K metal and 2K crystal
for it.
If the time interval between attacks is 24 hours and you cannot
mine this amount of resource in that period and you are having only
one planet then you have two options. First, you can ask for needed
amount from ally to build your cargo or you can wait for the end of
war because you will not move anyway. If you don’t have cargos
unlocked then you will need more help to unlock or the second
option is more accurate.

Ok, so do you have cargo now? The small one? Good! You are trained
for that since you already built your fleet once upon a time. What
is the procedure? Load it with resources. You can lad around 2500
metal and 2500 crystal there. Enough for another cargo but you will
never load that much as it is better to build another one. Load
them whenever resources are not enough to build something, you will
use them after fleet save. You can spare the smaller amounts that
fit into cargos but are not enough to build another. Watch for the
attacks messages and don’t run away with resources immediately as
attacking message appears. Try to discourage your attacker so he
loose his point. Wait for him to approach, let him spend the time
for his fleet to arrive, and in last minutes load resources and
transport them anywhere saving both res and fleet. After attack
recall your fleet and your resources are back in a minute. Then

Note that you bought some time with that. Your enemy must wait
until his fleet returns, it is couple of hours but still this is
some time. On the other way by taking a time from your attacker you
help your alliance, while his fleet was on a trip to your planet
and back it is not used for attacking someone else or defending his
own planet. When you go offline start your buildings to spend
resources, load the rest and send the cargo fleet to a trip. It is
a hard work because if you don’t have colony you need to send it to
someone’s else planet, the best use some of your allies. If you are
not member of an alliance then any other planet will do.

If you don’t stop the fleet on time you may deliver your resources
to unknown. So found something distant to make sure. Here you may
loose time because you can recall your fleet only next time you log
in, so it will take more time to return. Would be nice if you can
build a colony ship and take another planet so you can bounce your
fleet between. Another way is that your neighbor ally could help
this. You can send resources to him so he can return them to you.
If you don’t have ally, why don’t you try to make some buddy around
who will help you. Be careful because he can steal your resources,
but it is up on you how to make arrangements. Note that you can use
cargos to raid inactive users and undefended planets around you.

Ok, so do you have enough res to build large cargo? It can carry 5
times more thus making your fleet save easier and more effective.
You can spare for some combat ships. Don’t think about retaliate
the attacker. You need ships to raid. It is slow as hell at the
beginning but once you make some fleet you can raid and reestablish
your base and save larger amounts of resources. Then you are again
on cruisers and battleships. Keep moving them, avoid orbit parking.
If you do so while you are online make sure that you will see the
probe and hide your fleet. You will have about minute more or less
to fleet save. Don’t let your opponent see your progress. There may
come a day for well-planed “ninja”, but that is another story.


It is crucial to understand that message like: “Help! This player
destroys my fleet for the 4th time: Take him down!” is not clever.
If your fleet is destroyed again so many times then it is your
fault if you don’t do a fleet save. If you don’t do fleet save I’ll
not revenge for you. You may ask others but I doubt they will put
his fleets to danger because you offer your fleet on a plate every
time. Alliance code usually says that you will be protected
considering that you are fighting smart and do your best. No one
ever sees an alliance which have rule like: “If our member is so
stupid that he will let his fleet wait for you every time you
attack, we will attack you back.” So don’t cry, don’t panic and
understand that alliance doesn’t mean only protection of you. You
are part of alliance. Who will you protect if you allow your fleet
to be recycled every time. Members that are able to protect you, be
sure of that, does a fleet save, doesn’t attack to strong players
and believe in diplomacy. This give them ability to protect
someone. So if you are aboard you are expected to do the same.

Fleet and res save are most important operations if you are
destroyed on the beginning of the war. Saving strategies are
anyhow most important task during regular Ogame playing. Everything
you do must be directed to this. We can say that your development
is going the same as in peace but includes one very important
factor: You are attacked once a day! If you don’t count this you
will stay on the beginning. So just calculate this factor and save
everything you can. If your attacker comes few times without taking
any resources, and without even destroying your defenses (because
you don’t have any) he will lose his point and turn to someone
else. All your actions upon recovering could be said like: PLAY
DEAD! Let your enemy sees it this way. If you see incoming probe on
time you have about minute, enough to select Fleet/all ships/all
resources/transport before the probe arrives. This may save you of
another attack, or at least delay it because you will look so dead.

Don’t invest in defense because you will loose some on every
attack. If you can (after you get some strength back), build your
large shield dome first before any other attack, it will give you
more strength to other weapons. This process is long and there is a
chance than end of war will come before you become proper opponent.
But you never know. There are times in OGame when you have some
luck and you develop pretty fast. Just look at your galaxy and see
that some players suddenly become n00b protected from you, and
there are players that you are n00b protected from even you have 40
cruisers floating around. Everything is possible. Just don’t panic,
think of your moves and work smart even if it looks hopeless. You
may even consider farming your main planet and establish new base
on some of your colonies that your opponent didn’t discover yet.
Try to think from your opponents head. If you were the attacker,
what would make you stop every day attacking? Your opponent planet
is empty for a few days? No activity? No fleet? No resources?

You can make it look like that. It is not against the rules to make
it look like that. Cover yourself, hide all what you have, and you
might become of no interest. Also forget about your ego, avoid
insulting and provoking as you can make your situation even worse

If someone crashes you at the beginning, there is very small chance
that you will become significant opponent to fight back till the
end of war. But it will give you the opportunity to do your
development in a bit harder way and give you some more experience
once the peace starts. You will figure out that working under
pressure teaches you how to take care of your assets properly. And
you will never forget to fleetsave again.

4. Links of Interest

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