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Newsletter - May 6th 2006 - Edition 1


Published: May 15, 05:45 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

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In today’s issue: May 6th, 2006

Weekly News and Questions

1. Introduction
2. What’s New at OGame Tips!
3. Avoiding Attack – by Balefire
4. Links of Interest
5. 15 Minutes of Fame

1. Introduction:

I have been playing OGame for over a year now. Someone
posted a link on a programming forum, and I decided to try
things out. I have been playing ever since.

I started posting some tips on one of my websites. Soon,
the traffic for those tips far outweighed the traffic for
everything else. So I started a new site dedicated just
to OGame and OGame Tips was born.

Now the time has come to change gears again and bring you
the information you want quicker and in an easy-to-read


~ Voidhawk

2. What’s New at OGame Tips

This newsletter is new. :) This is the first issue. The
newsletter will be released on a weekly basis. I’ll take
the best tips and question from the OGame Tips website, and
answer them here first.

Guest written content will also be offered here first.

All newsletters will be archived on the OGame Tips website.
The archives will not go up on the website until the
newsletter is approximately 2 weeks old.

3. Avoiding Attack
By Balefire – 1st Place Winner, March Top 10 Tips Contest

Hello. I will now divulge some ‘secrets’ about not being attacked. Of course defense will stop/deter attack, fleetsaving will make their attacks futile. But is that what you want? Do you want to play in fear? You think that’s fun? Then go on, skip this topic. It won’t help you. But I’m sure that you don’t want that. You don’t want to crap your pants during graviton. If you aren’t even considered a target, you’re safe. And you’ll be done without complications. Here’s how:

First off: the most important thing with human contact; first impressions. When you start playing, have a name that doesn’t evoke anger of any sort. That means no names taken from a game, televison program or any other thing that might offend someone. I’ll tell you this, I’ve hunted stargate freaks before. Because of their names. You halo guys are next. ;)
Anyway, choose a name that doesn’t show what language you speak. Some people might have prejudice against certain people. So no country-specific names. Colours, adjectives are good in names. And random names are good also. Names of products that aren’t copywrite are also good. Names that are made up and have a nice ring will do as well.

Planet names: Don’t name your planets against the above ‘rules’. The skin of OGame doesn’t emphasise the name of a planet or player, both are equally important. Although planet name can be more lenient. Don’t have an offensive name here.

Status: Never stay in any status other that stronger for whenever possible. Any inactiveness means people have got a taste for attacking you, and they will not likely cease when you come back. Vacation mode means you have something to hide, once you come out, expect a lot of probing, and then possibly some attacks. n00b mode also pisses some people off, as they can’t probe a n00b, when they can, they will, and since they are beginning, they are often basic targets, and the attack ‘marks the territory’.

First probe against you: Try and get your espionage tech as high as possible in the early game. I used to procrastinate with it, but I regret that. Once a person has seen your defense, they know what type of player you are, and they have impressions on that. The less they see, the better. As a guide, try and have espionage 6 at 1k points, and at 100k points, espionage 10-11. At 250k points, 12. 400k points, 13. That’s a good guide.

Your words: Guess what, clever people don’t like bad spelling or grammar. Have that, and you look like a bad player who might be an easy hit. Speak properly, kindly, fairly, never flame (You can get a ban), and try to be an honest player. Stealing debris and attacking people who have high friends will often get you in the bad books, and from then on, your life will be hell. Maybe after a couple of attacks where you get decimated, you might have mercy. That isn’t fun, so steer clear of starting a word war, which might equate to a real war.

Never probe better people, unless they say you can!: I myself send a probe right back, unless I counter-esp, which usually happens. Counter-espionage from you gives them a clear signal you are better, even if you aren’t. They can disregard it, but it will give them a stronger impression, which is what you want. Once they have seen their probe attempts are unsuccessful, they won’t send more. Which is on the path to avoiding attacks.

Defense: For higher players with will see your defense, have a nice one, they will likely be impressed, might even message you. Make sure you acknowledge this gesture and message right back saying nice rank or something. In my experience, even 1 plasma cannon is enough to make somebody think twice if they will attack. The word, ‘Plasma cannon’ seems to be associated with ‘Waste of an attack’. (Plasma launcher, turret, battery, whatever~). Having a nice stock of ABM’s will give an impression that you are a waste of IPM’s. That’s good. That’s what you want.

Forum behaviour: Don’t show off too much, flame too much, troll too much, act obnoxious, trade ridiculous rates, waste space, act n00bish. These are all things which people will take against you. You want to act sophisticated, clever, learnèd, and an overall nice guy with a lot of skill. Just from that impression, you might not get probed.

Your friends and alliance: Make sure your friends are good players. If a player can’t hit your friend, they you are game for your friends debt. Have good friends and alliancemates who won’t do anything that could provoke attacks or wars. If you are in a war, don’t leave the alliance, that will brand you a coward, which isn’t good and might not even stop the attacks.

Having a badly balanced fleet: If people see, 300 BS and 300 LF’s. Your fleet is unbalanced, and highly profitable upon destruction. Even showing it on HoF can attract unwanted attention. Heck, some guys choose their targets from HoF.

Well, that’s a lot of guidelines to be a player who doesn’t get probed. Because a probe is the first step to being attacked. But remember, be yourself. That is important too. But OGame is a game, where you can be a hero, or a zero. You choose, and it will make other people choose to attack or not.

P.S. a lot of the things in here are things I have done, or witnessed. I didn’t make it up. I really did hunt a stargate freak. :]

4. Links of Interest

> The OGame Forums – A great place to talk about OGame

> OGame Battle Simulator – Speedsim (In English)

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