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Renaming and Deleting Colonies


Published: Apr 19, 04:22 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Overview of renaming and deleting your OGame colonies.

You can delete and rename your own colonies. You can also rename your home planet. Everyone starts with a planet that has 163 fields. With the use of
terraformers, you can now get your home planet beyond 163 fields.

When you create your colony, you get a random amount of fields per colony. – This means if you have a planet with 100 fields, and you destroy it, you get a chance for more (or less) fields the next time that position is colonized.

You cannot delete or destroy anyone elses colonies or planets. You may only destroy your own. You cannot destroy your home planet though. That is a permanent structure. Once you destroy your own colony, an asteroid field is created. That asteroid field exists for 24 hours (real time) and then dissipates. Once that asteroid field is gone, you can send another colony ship to that position and try for a larger planet.

Destroying Planets and Colonies

Destroyed Planets show up as asteroids for 24 hours. Once the slot is clear you can then re-colonise it. Anything that was on that planet is gone. You will not get anything back from that colony. Furthermore, you cannot destroy a colony that has fleets in transit.

If a planet has a moon, and that planet is then destroyed, the moon is destroyed with it. There will NEVER be another chance at a moon there. Once a location has had a moon, and that moon is gone (either you destroyed the planet, or DeathStars destroy your moon), you can’t have another moon in that location.

When you destroy a colony, you lose points. The amount of points is based on how many points you have put into the colony (mines, buildings, resources, etc). You cannot destroy a colony while it has a fleet enroute somewhere. But you can destroy a colony that has a fleet stationed there. That fleet is destroyed with the rest of the planet.

Renaming Planets

The only purpose of renaming a planet is cosmetic. There is no functionality difference between a planet named “Colony” and one named “Super Planet of Doom”. And since you deal with all colonies by coordinates, it doesn’t make them any easier to locate.

To rename your planet, go to your Overview screen. Click on your planet name. On the new screen, type in the new name, then click Rename. You may only rename your planet once a week.

I do recommend that you do NOT name your planets something like “Metal Farm” or “Ship Yard Farm”. Makes your planets too tempting a target. :)


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  1. If you destroy one of your colonies do you lose a corresponding amount of points to the amount of resources you have invested in mines/ liquid resources on the colony about the be destroyed?
    — highpriestess    Jun 21, 06:23 PM    #
  2. highpriestes, I added a bit to the above article. You do lose points when you destroy a planet.
    Eric    Jun 22, 05:45 PM    #
  3. if you destroy a planet with a certain amount of fields, and recolonize it again,do you get the same amount of fields?
    — Armisael    Jul 9, 05:06 PM    #
  4. Oh I dunno…name a planet “Metal Farm” and then build massive defences on it. Deception is very useful.

    — Wildfire    Jul 31, 06:42 AM    #
  5. How to rename my home planet??
    — Adiya    Aug 2, 04:44 PM    #
  6. Guys to rename your planet just click the name of your planet in the ‘overview’ page. Down there above the pic of the planet.
    nick    Aug 16, 03:07 AM    #
  7. I heard somewhere to Attack Asteroid Fields to get resources…? I know this is true about Debris Fields with Recyclers.. but I dont know about the Asteroids.
    — Baal    Aug 26, 06:48 AM    #
  8. how do you destroy a colony
    — drakkula    Aug 27, 11:33 AM    #
  9. how do i destroy a colony
    — drakkula    Aug 29, 12:58 PM    #
  10. if you want to dystroy a colony click on its cordinates/name like planet __ then cordinates click on it then choose surender colony after that you put in your password and then CLICK DONT PRESS ENTER OR IT DOESNT WORK on surrender planet
    — poopymath    Sep 2, 10:33 PM    #
  11. You don’t mention how to rename the colony.
    — Condor    Oct 9, 10:48 AM    #
  12. If I were to deconstruct all the buildings on my colony (defore destroying it) would I only lose a 1/4 of what I would if I had detroyed straight away.?(I think I would because it only take a 1/4 of the prise to deconstruct but im not totally sure) thanks :)
    — asgoblade    Oct 13, 02:24 PM    #
  13. you can destroy your colonies yourself.. but ive heard if you have a large enough fleet with enough firepower you can destroy someones colony? true?
    — ace    Oct 29, 06:02 AM    #
  14. What if you destroy/surrender a colony that has an enemy fleet at it currently, attacking you? The above info and descriptions would suggest that the enemy fleet is destroyed (as your defense fleet, if any, would also be), correct?

    Ghent    Nov 9, 01:24 PM    #
  15. U can’t destroy other ppl colony. Whether u use a death star or one super large fleet. Regardless that colony can only be destroyed by the owner

    — jarod    Nov 10, 12:57 PM    #
  16. so if its the total invested in planet you lose, if you deconstruct building your sepnding more on the planet . is it better to deconstruct, spending more money , and theoteticly making pionts. then destroy colony or is it better to just destroy colony build up where it is?

    — Nihplod420    Nov 22, 04:30 PM    #
  17. You say an asteroid field stays that way for 24 hours. Another site suggested 48 hours. Practical experience suggests something in between. What’s the real duration until a spot is recolonizable?

    — madscorpion    Nov 24, 01:58 AM    #
  18. Nihplod –

    First off, other than n00b protection, points mean absolutely nothing. Zip. Diddly. Squat. All they are is a way to rank players so you can print out the rankings and tell your mommy, “Hey! I’m ranked 4093rd!” They mean nothing to the game, so don’t worry about it.

    Secondly, points are based onhow many resources you have in buildings, ships, defenses, etc, not how much you’ve spent. If you get fleetcrashed, you lose points. If you deconstruct a building, you lose points – you don’t gain points because you’re spending resources, you lose points because you’re destroying an investment.

    And finally, while we say you lose points, there isn’t a routine in the game that watches and says “Hey, Nihplod just spent resources! I better give him 3 extra points!” Rather, the points are calculated three times a day, at 2400, 0800, and 1600 (server time), as I understand. Ogame does a survey of what you have that gives you points, and that’s your score for the next 8 hours, until the next survey is done.

    Short answer: go ahead, try it. When you’re done wasting resources on nonsense, I’ll come in and pwn you with the fleet I built using resources I saved by not doing stupid stuff.

    — bemused    Dec 31, 02:58 AM    #
  19. Ghent-

    The attacking fleet is never “at” your planet. When the enemy fleet arrives at your planet, the battle is calculated instantaneously, the results get spat out, and the attacking fleet is already on its way back. If you tried to destroy your planet by clicking it at the right moment, and actually succeeded, the enemy fleet would end up arriving either one game loop before or after this happens, with the result that he’d either be attacking your planet just as it was, or your asteroid field, which, as I understand it, would have everything that was formerly on your planet except your fleet (which got destroyed). Congratulations! Now you just lost a source of income, and the attacker got what he wanted, (possibly) much easier.

    — bemused    Dec 31, 02:13 PM    #
  20. How long can a player be inactive untill the planet is deleted?

    — Jon    Jan 1, 09:42 PM    #
  21. thats wierd that you say you cant destroy someone elses planet cause theres been like 5 planets that showed were destroyed after i attacked them 3 times in a day

    — madmax    Jan 6, 01:38 AM    #
  22. 2 madmax

    your 3-times-a-day attacks were the reason for them to get rid of their colonies (to make new colonies somewhere else, far away from you) :-)

    — Rayden_NVL    Jan 10, 04:35 AM    #
  23. ya people delete colonies if they are being attacked too often. If every 4 hours your attacking and taking the colonies resources away then they cant produce anymore buildings or ships, so why keep them?

    — SolarPumpkin    Jan 17, 06:58 PM    #
  24. how can the planets change owners?

    — kili mon jaaro1    Feb 14, 09:02 AM    #
  25. I have read contradicting information about wether moons can be rebuilt or not. Can you have one after destroying and recolonizing a colony??? Whats the final word on that???

    — YOU    Feb 15, 12:37 PM    #
  26. @ YOU

    i’ve heard that after you destroy and recolonize a colony, you can’t get a moon again if someone has been in that slot before and had a moon
    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 01:17 PM    #
  27. so what do death stars do then apart from destroy moons??

    wats the point of geting them if you cna only trash peoples moons?

    or are they like a super ship in battle against defence???

    — Commisar Gaunt    Apr 9, 07:02 PM    #
  28. You can rename your planet more than once a week. I just did it a few times in a matter of a few minutes.

    — AcidBath    Apr 10, 02:36 PM    #
  29. how do i get another planet?

    — Chris    Apr 13, 11:40 AM    #
  30. Step 1) Ask Aral.

    — Winchester    Apr 16, 11:45 PM    #
  31. “But you can destroy a colony that has a fleet stationed there. That fleet is destroyed with the rest of the planet.”

    Miss that part Aral?

    — Cast    Apr 16, 11:49 PM    #
  32. Well, all i miss is the fact that even with a whole fleet destroyed, you never were ahead of me.

    — Aral    Apr 17, 08:57 AM    #
  33. Yeah, but it makes a funny ytmnd >_>

    — Winchester    Apr 19, 12:01 AM    #
  34. Hello i am form bosnia server, ogame.ba and i got one question, it is: Is there any calculator that will count how many points will i lose when i destroy a colony of my…

    i gote quite big mines there around 29 and 30 levl …

    but i got my reson for destroying it so if some one giive me a link to this calculator i would be grateful,

    pls write me to my mail:


    i don’t come to this site I just google it and find this topic :D

    once again sorry for my bad english, and thx….

    — Ziggy    Apr 30, 02:40 AM    #
  35. so you have to be ogame commander to surrender a colony???

    — star warrior    Jul 30, 10:25 PM    #
  36. no just go to the overview and on the top left corner of the box where it shows your planets. click on the name of the planet then it should say abandon planet and rename

    — Darth Weder    Aug 2, 12:57 AM    #
  37. i have a really odd qustion. i just colonized a really horrible planet (33 fields) and i wanna destroy it. if i destroy it, do i get my colony ship back?

    — koma2191    Sep 3, 01:49 PM    #
  38. can any plz tell me if i destroy one of my colonies and then re-colonise it will it stil have the number of feilds on the planet? plz help

    — Ducky    Sep 8, 05:39 AM    #
  39. — koma2191

    no u wont get ur colony ship back.

    — obivan    Oct 1, 03:10 AM    #
  40. if i weaken my mines lower and lower untill there gone totaly if i delete the planet then will i lose less points ?

    No... you will still lose the full points for that planet with the mines. If you destruct your mines before destroying the planet, you lose a small set of points for each mine destruction, then a large set of points for the planet loss. This adds up the same amount of points as if you just destroy the planet.

    And you save the resources required to destruct a mine. ~ Voidhawk

    — killer    Oct 24, 04:34 AM    #
  41. can u change what your planet looks like?

    — HarryMelon    Dec 5, 04:58 PM    #
  42. @ HarryMelon

    No you cannot change the way your planet looks. At least i have never heard that you can.

    Also i was wondering if you colonized in a space where someone has had a planet before, does the planet look the same as the planet before that?

    Its a stupid question but it keeps bugging me!

    — Psychosquirrel    Dec 24, 07:57 AM    #
  43. it changes the way it looks each time

    like the # of feilds

    — Harry Melon    Dec 27, 01:20 PM    #
  44. If ? i was to de-construct the mines and storage tanks on my 3rd colony, and my home, would it drop my rank, so i can stay under 5000 points a bit longer

    — naphets    Jan 4, 11:09 PM    #
  45. Wow! People seriously need to start reading before they ask questions that have already been anwsered. Naphets, you most likely won’t be attacked right after coming out of noob protection unless you are stock piling resources on your planets. Dont waste resources be deconstructing buildings, just grow some cajones

    — Razor69    Jan 14, 08:54 AM    #
  46. In Destroying Planets and Colonies you said that never again the moon can be created at the spot it once was. Does it mean that if you colonize spot like that you can't get a moon there too, or it counts only for that player, who had a situation described and who tries to get a moon at that spot again?

    — JunoReactor    Feb 27, 09:27 PM    #
  47. What happens if u destroy level 2 robotics factory, can u still upgrade the shipyard and build ships?

    — Harry Melon    Mar 17, 10:19 AM    #
  48. How long can a player be inactive untill the planet is deleted?

    — brian    Apr 6, 10:30 PM    #
  49. @ brian

    i believe it is about 35 days or so

    anyway if ur in uni 29 plz join my alliance the alliance is: uncle sam wants you

    — finlaychief    Apr 29, 11:07 PM    #
  50. HI, I cannot find the location to rename or abandon a colony in universe 28….tried to do what is explained here….What am i missing?

    — Me    May 21, 09:31 AM    #
  51. I know it’s a stupid question, but what is noob protection?

    — blobzor    May 26, 06:26 AM    #
  52. Noob protection is used so that high-ranked players cannot bash on low-ranked players. If you have less than 5,000 points, you cannot attack anyone who has a lot less points than you, and you cannot be attacked by someone who has a lot more points than you. After you get 5,000 points you are fair game for any player except the ones who have less than 5,000 points.
    I hope this helped you blobzor.

    — Trevyr    May 30, 09:42 PM    #
  53. thx

    — blobzor    May 31, 06:12 AM    #
  54. for those of you who have been attacked by me im not really sorry.

    noob protection is relitively useless because nobody wants to attack someone with 2k metal.

    unless you got like 100k of each rescource and a really f’d up defence you are safe unless someone just wants to bach you.

    — will94    Jun 21, 09:38 PM    #
  55. this site is neggerish

    — maza    Jul 14, 07:15 PM    #
  56. I don’t think the asteroid field (destroyed planet) rule is stirctly 24 hours, as I’ve been eyeing a position for over 2 days now…

    — Alex D Great    Aug 3, 11:17 AM    #
  57. Just one thing to screw your minds a little bit.
    A friend of mine has got a 164 fields Home Planet #)
    He’s the jealous of the entire universes in the portuguese ogame.

    — jargad    Aug 18, 12:37 PM    #
  58. how do i destroy my colony??poopymath’s written something but i have no idea wat hes talking bout..wat bloody password and where??some1 plz explain..

    — daga    Jan 20, 06:51 AM    #
  59. to harry melon

    if you destroy ur robotics factory below level 2 it also destroys your shipyard (so you cant upgrade it farther) buttt it doesn’t stop it from working. what i do on my colony’s is build up my shipyard then delete my robotics, that way i save the fields and can still build ships.

    — hammy    Jan 20, 04:08 PM    #
  60. if i have nanite factory lvl1 and i decide to destruct robotic level to 9, will my nanite work then??.......

    — coolbeer    Apr 28, 09:53 AM    #

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