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OGame Tips welcomes Masaraan as a guest writer.


Published: May 6, 11:01 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Masaraan is Skatula. He won 3rd place in the OGame Tips contest, and had a couple of entries in the Honorable Mention section. He has offered to write some articles for OGame Tips.

Most of his articles will be appearing in the new OGame Tips Weekly News. So go subscribe!

Hello, oGamers!

I am honoured to win the 3rd place on march top 10 Tips competition. This occasion caused me to get in contact with VoidHawk. After some conversation I accept the opportunity to come aboart and participate in developing this great site.
Nothing much to say about me. I am playing for about 2 months so my experience is not that big as you may expect. I never give a moon or get some. And I’m floating around top 800 with slight signs of progress. I have got my fleet crashed a bit more times then I crashed uthers, but just enough times to learn something from it. The stick has two ends. While you learn to attack you get experience of defense and vice versa.

I rather consider myself as a n00b. At whatever rank you are there is always someone that knows something you don’t. Since there are always new players starting their first planet, they will appreciate every tip that may help them to start, get some answers and grow.

Ogame supposed to be fun so don’t take it so serious. Anyhow, if you are fresh player, some usefull tip may spare you some frustrations.

I am also not a teacher or public speaker (english is even not my native language). I hope to make some friends in oGame community rather then acting like a “smart aleck”.

I am very pleased to win VoidHawk’s OGame Tips Strategy Guide. It is worth every cent, and also is time saver. I spend hours and hours searching through forums and internet for specific answers which I hardly get. I even find a victim on forum who drop in a trap answering few of my questions. After that I was to annoying, so he quit :) (Buddy, if you read this, I’m sory for being annoying, but you were the most helpful.) Now I see all those answers in the Strategy Guide, and even more. Highly recomended if you care about progressing in your universe. Even though I won the Guide on legal competition I’m considering making a small donation. VoidHawk is the man who pays for the server. Ok, I’ll calm down my excitement as I don’t want this to sound like an advertisment, it is not my role. I supposed to write some tips here :)

I am glad to be onboard, I’ll do the best of my knowledge.

See you online soon, and keep that fleet out of orbit.



OGame Tips Strategy Guide

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