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OGame Tips is starting a Weekly Tips Newsletter.


Published: May 8, 07:37 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

These tips will be mailed weekly to you. Each tip will include: one article, links to OGame tools, hot forum topics, and an overview of what’s new at OGame tips.

The tips will be available on the web site for you to read. However, each newsletter will only be available after the next newsletter is released. For example: if I send out the first newsletter on May 10, and the next newsletter on May 17, then the May 10 newsletter will not be available online until May 17.

So what are you waiting for! Click here to sign up now! The current issue will be mailed to you immediately. Each new issue will be sent to you every week.

Just to cover OGame Tips from those who don’t realise it…

Legal Stuff…

This newsletter is provided in ‘good faith’. It contains a compilation of opinions and thoughts of the Author and Contributors which are based on personal experience.

Should you choose to apply or use any of the information offered through this newsletter, you do so solely at your own discretion and risk. In some cases the links provided may be advertisements to third-party websites and companies.


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