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March 2006 OGame Tips Contest Results


Published: Apr 29, 08:04 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The results are in…

for the March 2006 OGame Tips Contest.

The winners are…

Honorable Mention:

Two of the people mentioned above had multiple submissions that made it into the Top 10. There were several really close calls on some of the grading.

The tips will be available tomorrow. The winners of the prizes for the Top 3 places will be notified by Monday (via email).

Editors Note: I will be using the above handles to identify the tips. If you are one of the winners, and you want something different, please send me an email (be sure to use the same email you used when you submitted your tip). I’ll update the above list, and the tips ASAP. ~ Voidhawk


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Lol.
    Too bad the competition wasn’t now. I have much better idea’s. :|
    Well, congratulations to the winners. I look forward to reading the guides.

    — Black Wyvern    May 1, 01:52 AM    #
  2. Btw, some of your text was cut off. Insert a or to make it visible. :P

    — Black Wyvern    May 1, 02:10 AM    #
  3. < br > or < p >

    Also, HTML is hid for people who didn’t know.

    — Black Wyvern    May 1, 02:11 AM    #
  4. try not to double post dude

    — Dafydd Lewis    May 1, 12:58 PM    #

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