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Battle Simulators - General Overview and Links


Published: Apr 29, 05:23 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

There are two battle simulators for OGame.

SpeedSim and DragoSim.

They both do the same thing. One (SpeedSim) is a downloadable client for your computer. The other (DragoSim) is a web-based tool.


SpeedSim Homepage


DragoSim Homepage

Editors Note: I’ll update this with some more information shortly. ~ Voidhawk


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  1. 10 Cruisers vs 20 Gauss, 20 Gausses wins(calculated with speedsim).To compare speedsim and ogame,how alike are them?

    — webcammen    May 14, 12:35 PM    #
  2. Speedsim is very accurate ay!

    — Cheapskate    May 17, 07:00 PM    #
  3. witch is more accurate speedsim or DragoSim

    — burnout3    Jun 17, 07:37 PM    #
  4. i believe speedsim is much more accurate

    — n3cro    Jul 6, 06:08 AM    #
  5. have they come out with a speedsim that will calculate with missles

    — burnout3    Jul 10, 01:33 PM    #
  6. i cant figure out how to caulculate on dragosim….

    — hung    Jul 31, 03:27 PM    #
  7. same
    and how do u get speedsim?

    — budiman5    Aug 24, 06:21 AM    #
  8. First… SpeedSim has not Missile Calc :( I hope it will come.
    Second… SpeedSim is simpel to get. Click on the link above here. On the frontpage there is a direct DL-link there.
    Under Downloads you will find a Language-file to speedSim so you can copy your spyrapport directly to SpeedSim… time-saving indeed :)

    — Sundgaard    Aug 25, 04:05 AM    #
  9. i can’t get speedsim load up

    — kieran    Sep 1, 03:32 PM    #
  10. I have the latest speedsim but can’t find instruction in english on how to use it and what to enter. Help

    — Dave    Oct 10, 04:56 AM    #
  11. I was wondering, if anyone knows of a calculator that can calculate the points based on your buildings, fleets etc.

    — Nick    Oct 20, 10:30 PM    #
  12. I wish there were an online version of speedsim

    — bubtheinsane    Nov 10, 10:43 AM    #
  13. http://o-calc.com/?sec=_cost&lang=en

    this will calculate your buildings, fleets, etc.. when it comes to points, also it can help you out with figuring out how far missles may go, glad to help, viper

    viper    Jan 10, 07:52 PM    #
  14. when i press battle report with speedsim i does not work at all can somebody help me with that?

    — secret    Jan 26, 08:51 AM    #
  15. is there a speedsim version avaliable for MAC osx??
    i’m tired of having to use dragosim online because i cant copy my spy reports directly to it! :(

    — Yano    Mar 23, 06:11 AM    #
  16. why duznt dragosim work?

    — sid    Mar 31, 04:40 PM    #
  17. the speedsim wont show me how much resources i won… how deos it calculate it?

    — brian    Apr 6, 09:57 PM    #
  18. The res you win depends on how much is on the defenders planet. You get 50% of the res, assuming you have enough cargo space

    — Jinouchi    Apr 12, 11:16 PM    #
  19. There’s a french simulator that mix deut consumption + missile simulation to battle… but only in french : http://meroware.com/~joke/osim/

    Jok    Apr 23, 10:59 AM    #
  20. @ Secret: You have to press the “Begin Simulation”- button first. YouŽll find it somewhere in the middle to the right. After that you can press the Combat report button and a new browser window will open up with the results.

    — Backflash    May 7, 02:59 AM    #
  21. you can have the ogame calculations for the points based upon ur fleets and buildings and researches on the website:
    this will give u all the calculations for every thing used in ogame. but remember. its not a battle simulator. it can only calculate points. for battle simulations u have to visit the speed sim or drago sim.

    — Owais    Jun 2, 09:04 AM    #
  22. whenever i click on speedsim it comes up as german, and i say WTF, even when i clicked on english version update same thing happened, it came up as german. i find dragosim so much easier, and as far as i can tell it is accurate and gives u info on DB fields and losses?

    — ZeUs9471    Jun 7, 05:50 AM    #
  23. No, dragosim is not very accurate. One sim I calculated it a few times, and the chance of victory varied from 40-55%. But it still works good enough and my computer is unstable so I don’t like downloading things. So I use dragosim anyway.

    — yippee2393    Jun 30, 05:44 PM    #
  24. if you dont like downloading stuff just go to www.ogameblog.com they have tools, calculators, simulators. Useful ogame resource.

    — troj    Jul 31, 02:06 AM    #

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