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OGame Update - A "Stealth" Text Update


Published: Apr 25, 05:49 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I am still showing the version as v 0.73c, but there are quite a few text changes in place.

*NOTE: * Many of the changes listed below have since been changed again. After the dust settles, we can make a list of the changes. ~ Voidhawk

Ship Text Updates

Building Text Updates

Research Text Updates

Defense Text Updates

Misc Updates

This update has caused quite a stir on the OGame Message Boards.

Some people like the changes, some hate them. I am about half-way. I like some, I dislike some. We’ll see what happens.

On a side note… SpeedSim will need an update to handle the new names… so will ORP and any other tools. And all my screenshots and descriptions in the OGame Tips Strategy Guide will need to be updated once the dust settles on the changes.

Cassandra posted this earlier (in the above thread):

It seems that some things will changed back or get different. I have no concrete Information at hand, but I know at least that as it is now it won’t stay.

And here is a great explanation from Logar about the text changes.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. this makes me want to riverdance!

    — nisaren    Apr 25, 05:53 PM    #
  2. And “processing” on ship/defense building is called “operating” and when they’re built it says “mission complete”. ???

    — Daniel Heffernan    Apr 25, 06:46 PM    #
  3. ‘Working’ on research is called Operating.

    Weaker players are now marked with (n) for noobie.

    It says ~ planets settled as oppose to ~ planets inhabited in galaxy view.

    The descriptions for the mines have changed.

    I’m sure there is a lot more, this is what I have noticed.

    — Black Wyvern    Apr 25, 08:33 PM    #
  4. The Forum Button is now “Board”.

    — Avalon    Apr 25, 10:23 PM    #
  5. Yeah I like how it is done. the problem is that somewhere in there they screwed something up. when you click links now it will sometimes switch planets instead.

    Youkoken    Apr 26, 07:33 PM    #
  6. Oh yes, I have that problem. I also have many errors where I have to redo things, it’s very annoying when you went to a lot of trouble to remember specific numbers, such as co-ords, number of ships, and then you have to start remembering it over, since the fleet wasn’t sent. It’s generally a time waster. I have had this for about a week, I don’t know what the server mechanics are, but if all the .org universes are on one server, that could be the problem.

    — Black Wyvern    Apr 27, 01:20 AM    #
  7. Also Spy reports are not coming back properly. Looks like the game code is not being read correct. The wording for some of the descriptions has changed too.

    w00dface    Apr 28, 05:08 AM    #
  8. i get the planet change problem. it really annoys me because im about to attack someone and it moves to my mine colony with no ships on!

    — fearthereaper    May 2, 01:10 PM    #
  9. Well, I have not seen any of those changes yet, even when my page clearly says 0.73d…
    Anyone had the same issue ?

    — emperorgix    May 28, 06:29 PM    #
  10. The changes were put back a couple of days later…

    — Jimmy    Jun 1, 01:59 AM    #
  11. i hate these old updates!
    thankfully they changed it back now…

    Pie Ruler    Aug 8, 10:08 AM    #

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