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Building Defenses - Use Speedsim to crunch the numbers


Published: Apr 15, 01:14 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Josh posted this on the Building Defenses Article Lot’s of people have chimed in on the advantages/disadvantages of defenses. Josh sums it up pretty good here…

Wow, to everyone who keeps bashing the gauss/ion cannon ratio(in this post and others), here is some food for thought. Let’s take the value of each weapon type, with the value at 1 per metal, 2 per crystal, and 3 per deuterium; a Gauss Cannon has a value of 56,000. An Ion Cannon, by this same system, has a value of 14,000. This holding true, 4 Ion Cannons is worth the same as 1 Gauss Cannon.

Now let’s open up our SpeedSim and crunch some numbers.

Take 10 Battleships, for example, with neutral techs on both sides. With 10 BS against 10 Gauss Cannons(a value of 560,000 in defense), the Attacker wins roughly 90%, Draws 5%, and the Defender wins 5%. The Def. is left with 0 GC(Pre-Regenerate) and has taken out 5 BS. Now let’s take that same value and place it in Ion Cannons.

10 BS versus 40 Ion Cannons (A value of 560,000 in defense). The Attacker wins 5%, and Draws 95%. The Def. is left with 5 IC and has taken out 1 BS. Now 5 GC and 20 IC is the same value in defense.

10 BS versus 5 GC and 20 IC (also a value 560,000). The Attacker wins 10%, Draws 60%, and the Defender wins 30%. The Def. is left with 2 GC and 3 IC BUT has taken out 8 BS (80% of Attacker’s fleet destroyed). This gives you a 90% chance of not losing the battle while maximizing the damage dealt to the enemy fleet. It would appear that this is more of a potent combination than the previous two examples.

There is really no ONE perfect way to build defenses and the above scenario is not taking into account numerous other factors that often go into a battle but one must simply keep in mind the importance of damaging enemy fleets while not drastically removing their capacity to survive a battle. Having spent a great deal of time researching and developing my defenses, I agree with this topic’s defensive strategy as a guideline. I still recommend it to new players and reviewing many comments from seasoned players, I’d recommend they spend some time thinking about the value of a balanced defense as well.

Happy Hunting All!!!


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  1. This is actually a pretty valid point, I ran the numbers through speed sim and I got roughly the same. Actually I found it more profitable to build just a slight bit more gauss cannons, but roughly the same. Thanks for the heads up.

    Zackers    Apr 18, 11:25 AM    #
  2. Don’t forget there are different types of fleets. For realism, use a few fleets from HoF, and make them stronger to have them what they would be if they had built since. Also, make sure you don’t underestimate their battle techs, as often highly ranked people will hide them.

    — Black Wyvern    Apr 18, 08:22 PM    #
  3. Defense is going to be become fairly useless once ACS comes to all the universes.

    Say bye, bye turtles.

    (ACS means 5 or more players can combine their fleet to crack any turtle)

    — Brad    Apr 19, 12:17 AM    #
  4. what is speedsim and how would you use acs

    — frizz    Apr 22, 07:26 PM    #
  5. Defense is still just as potent once ACS comes around. Turtles can still build all their defenses and sit happily. It takes a lot of time and planning to make an ACS work… all the turtle has to do is build a couple large cargos and fly their resources offworld or spend their resources on more defenses, and the hit’s still unprofitable.

    Of course, with a fleet, they’d hit anyways just for the metal and crystal. Turtles can still turtle, they just can’t let resources sit around as much anymore. (Same goes for the very top players letting their massive fleets sit around, too, of course)

    — Minrad    Apr 23, 12:10 AM    #
  6. Hey does anyone know when ACS comes around, and how it works?? I must admit im a bit of a turtle. Im doing this for now just to deter people at the same kind of level as me. At the moment i currently have

    1100 ML
    1000 SL
    125 HL
    50 GC
    50 IC
    15 PC

    with this defence i have not been attacked at all in the 3 months i have been playing, and im already 1500 out of 7000. Does anyone have any ideas to improve this defence, like ratios, or is this pretty good? Thanks guys :)

    Simon    Apr 24, 02:53 PM    #
  7. actually, you should never stop bulding your defenses. remember that your enemies fleet is always getting stronger every day so you must improve your defenses to keep your planet and resources safe. right now I have 4600 ML, 3000 SL, 400 HL, 130 GC, 240 IC and 72 PC and – believe me – it’s not enough to face the most powerful fleets in my universe! by tomorrow, more defenses will be built.

    — Moff Tarkin    Apr 24, 05:18 PM    #
  8. what the world is speedsim??????????

    — ash    Apr 25, 11:46 AM    #
  9. It’s a program used to simulate battles in Ogame.

    — Lorkhan    Apr 25, 03:10 PM    #
  10. I get bored and just IPM turtles in my neighbourhood to death. No real profit in it for me, I just enjoy it.

    — Brad    Apr 26, 08:55 AM    #
  11. Ok pretty mch every 3 days some guy attacks me with 400 Battle Cruisers. How do i stop him!!! My defence consists of a measly 100 HL. What is the best thing to destroy Battle cruisers?

    — Hellsword    Apr 28, 05:49 AM    #
  12. lol, well first of all, do you mean battleships or cruisers? cuz there are no battle cruisers :P

    — Kramer390    Apr 28, 11:00 AM    #
  13. what is turtles

    — master_chief    Apr 30, 01:47 AM    #
  14. @ master chief

    turtles r guys with tons of defence so it is almost impossible for some1 to attack them and have a prophet.

    i was attacked by a huge fleet and my defence got totally owned.i was always attacked every day for about a week then i started to build my defence up again, the attacks have stopped and i am going up the ranks again. :)

    — skullbone    Apr 30, 03:57 AM    #
  15. i h8 2 double post but i read the article again and it said that when u have 100sl both shields etc the odds of some1 hittin ur plasma cannon are 1:136, so if u double everything, are the odds the same cus u have 2 plasmas or are they 1: 272 cus u have twice as much defence?

    please excuse the bad english

    — skullbone    Apr 30, 06:27 AM    #
  16. @ skullbone

    The odds are still the same because like you said you doubled everything.

    If you have 3 cards face down and one is a queen, you have a 1:3 chance of finding a queen. If you double the cards so that you have 6 cards face down and 2 are queens, you still have a 1:3 chance of finding the queen.

    — rob    Apr 30, 04:32 PM    #
  17. Me and my friend decided to pull down (point-wise) a top player who once raided us.

    So we created several planets around his homeplanet and few of them had Nanites level 2.
    He had 50 Anti-missiles at his planet and tried to built more as we attacked, but we overproduced him.

    It was nearly real-time rocket battle that lasted several hours (with him building Anti and us building missiles and sending them one-by-one), some several hundred interplanetary missiles were used.

    The whole point was not a gain (we wasted a lot of resources needed to build several lvl4 silos, robots, nanites and of course rockets) but to gain a moral pleasure of wiping off his entire defence.

    So the moral of the story: if someone wants to destroy you, no defence will help.

    — RCL    May 3, 05:15 AM    #
  18. defend against this:
    Small Cargo 7341 Large Cargo 41
    Light Fighter 92608 Heavy Fighter 3155
    Cruiser 47936 Battleship 4089
    Recycler 4600 Espionage Probe 268

    — AJ    May 3, 10:41 PM    #
  19. it’s probably a good thing defense dosn’t count in your planets field total…as waas already said, if someone wants to crush you bad enough, they will

    — AJ    May 3, 10:42 PM    #
  20. how do you get speedsim

    — babab    May 4, 10:14 AM    #
  21. “”defend against this:
    Small Cargo 7341 Large Cargo 41
    Light Fighter 92608 Heavy Fighter 3155
    Cruiser 47936 Battleship 4089
    Recycler 4600 Espionage Probe 268””

    Now, For that same price, you could get a lot of defenses, and remeber, all those light fighters can’t penetrate the standard light shield dome.

    Thats close to 5-9 million of metal and deterium.

    You could build up a fine defense. for that price, keep that in mind. And if you lost that nice fleet, you’re done. My defenses will come back with a nice margin. Not to mention with my level 10 shipyard, and level 3 nanites, I can build one small laser in 1 minute. Thats a really good rate. Faster then you could build a fleet.

    — Lorkhan    May 5, 02:48 PM    #
  22. Sorry I’m double posting this, but I hit up O-Calc, and found out his fleet costs :


    You could make literally thousands of plasma cannons, not to mention enough Ion cannons to put up a near unbreakable shield.

    — Lorkhan    May 5, 03:00 PM    #
  23. ROFL that is the most useless fleet I’ve EVER seen,the deut cost would be ASTRONOMICAL!!!!

    — Secret Frog    May 8, 02:06 PM    #
  24. Well I got attacked with power eqiuvalent of a 2 Death Stars: 200 Battle Ships at Weap. Tech. 11 Level. My destroyed fleet was worth 2 500 000 resources. All because I was hasty with my technology. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    — Aurum    May 12, 03:55 AM    #
  25. if u r in uni 6 do not build heaps of d, cos the leader of my alliance had heaps and candlemass, (no 1 player), hates turtles so they slaughtered him wid 59 death stars

    — James    May 13, 02:55 AM    #
  26. I’ve invested alot of my res into defenses.. and it’s well worth it. I haven’t been attacked in about 6 months. I’m now at 10K missiles, 12K light lasers, 2K heavy lasers, 1300 gauss, 1000 ion and 350 plasma and still growing!! I could hold up against about 45 DS or 9K BS

    — Kramer390    May 29, 11:16 AM    #
  27. ya well i have like 6 LL and 1 missile so beat that

    — im awsome    May 31, 04:20 PM    #
  28. Well said im awsome!

    — Ashley    Jun 4, 04:01 AM    #
  29. i can tell that i really suck now, my defense is this 60 RL 30 LL 10 HL 7 IC 1 SSD 5 Anti Ballistic missiles.

    — ragnaroks bringer    Jun 4, 11:41 AM    #
  30. the best part of a defence is that 70% will come back, but fleets stay destroyed.
    so even if some1 atks u with 4 billion battle ships, u will still get 70% back

    — Fulgore    Jun 4, 12:38 PM    #
  31. defend against this:
    Small Cargo 7341 Large Cargo 41
    Light Fighter 92608 Heavy Fighter 3155
    Cruiser 47936 Battleship 4089
    Recycler 4600 Espionage Probe 268

    — AJ May 3, 11:41 PM #

    If that fleet attacked me, he’d lose hundreds of millions in ships… thus rendering me unprofitable to him.. which is the whole point!!:D:D

    — Kramer390    Jun 9, 01:04 PM    #
  32. Pretty colours are nice

    — Ma    Jun 12, 01:05 PM    #
  33. Problem with most defence approaches is the RF syndrome. If someone wants to kill you bad enough; they can/will. At massive expence to themselves; The trick here isn’t out running your enemy .. but out running your friends.. so to speak. If you run your mouth; or upset someone.. You will get hit.. over .. and over and over. Everyone.. (even turtles) gets wiped out and has to rebuild.. It’s give and take; where defences work well.. they can’t move.. and don’t gain you any resources.. while ships can. Both can be crashed; Fleets tend to get you alot more points however. A good defence is a good deturrent to the random guy. The guy you just ipm’d 500 times; you could have 10 rockets; or 10 million rockets.. He’s still gonna hammer you till your dead or he is (again).

    Friends come and go; enemies accumilate.

    PSiK UNiV 12 :)

    — PSiKoTIC    Jun 12, 02:27 PM    #
  34. Alot of people make the mistake that Ogame is about math. It’s about people. :)

    Truth there ^^

    — PSiKoTIC    Jun 12, 02:28 PM    #
  35. hi, i didnt where where to ask this so sum1 may be able to help. now im sorta new, as far as i know ( i think) u can send your ships to an ally planet to cirle round them, if they get attack by sum1 those ships will fight for the planet. wut i want to know, is can u have your own ships fly around your own planet, cos wen i tried, deployment on my own planet, it sed the start n arrival is the same, which is a no no. is this possible or is the conept wrong, i dunno im confused

    — hal    Jun 12, 05:33 PM    #
  36. um, a little confused as to what ur getting at, but if ur asking if you can make your own fleet defend your planet, then yes…if your fleet is on your planet then it will defend it…it doesn’t really fly around your planet, i don’t think, this is something that has been puzzling me for ever, like do the battles take place on a planet or in orbit of a planet…cuz if the battles take place in space (wich makes sense cuz the ships are “space” ships) then how does the defence defend from hundreds of miles away? And if the battles take place in the atmosphere of the planet, then how is there a debris field floating in orbit of the planet??? I think that this might be an unanswerable question tho…

    — someone    Jun 15, 09:04 PM    #
  37. Will some please give me the ratios needed for the optimum defense?

    — youdontknowme    Jun 21, 09:27 PM    #
  38. About the 70% rebuild rate for defences…

    In my mind, there are two possible ways the game could calculate it. However, first and foremost, let’s take this scenario:

    Your defensive array is as follows:

    Rocket Launcher x100
    Light Laser x100
    Heavy Laser x50
    Ion Cannon x50
    Gauss Cannon x30
    Plasma Cannon x10

    You are attacked, and your entire defence is destroyed. Now, here’s where my two theories split off:

    OGame’s central servers count up the number of defences lost, and work out a value for each type:

    100 Rocket Launchers lost. 70% of 100 is 70. Therefore, 70 Rocket Launchers are rebuilt.

    Wash, rinse and repeat for the rest.

    OGame’s central servers individually examine each defensive structure and calculate whether it will be rebuilt or not with a 70% chance. Therefore, it is possible to have every single defence rebuilt or NONE of them rebuilt, depending on how lucky you are.

    So, my question is, which one is it?

    — Arbron    Jun 30, 05:26 AM    #
  39. It is scenario #2.
    That’s why you rarely get exactly 70%. Also, that’s why domes get rebuilt randomly.

    — Etheric    Jul 4, 01:00 PM    #
  40. Ogame is about ppl only if you dont spent as much time as others on it… I am in Uni51 and I attack everyone, I dont bash. I only attack people with profitable targets (therefore I dont retaliate unless I get something out of it) and I dont attack ppl that can crash my fleet. I moved up nicely in less than 3 months from 13000 to 250. I keep my defenses relatively low (you only need 200BS to destroy me), hoping to intercept an attacking fleet. The real factor in Ogame is Time .. do you raid 5 planets a day or 20-30?

    — Henry    Jul 6, 12:56 AM    #
  41. whats a cannon fodder?

    thecat    Jul 11, 04:51 PM    #
  42. cannon fodder is smaller defences that you use such as sl and ml to defend better deffences such as gc and pc because when ships attack ur planet who they attack is random unless they have rf to ur certain defence. if ur talking about fleets then cannon fodder would be sf and hf and you would use those so that they would have a higer chance of getting hit then your bs of destroyers or in a very rare case death stars. but genneraly u wanna follow the ratio up there. i personally don’t cuz i just love being a fat turrtle with a million missle turrents. oh and defences are priceless unless someone is trully out to get you then it dosn’t matter how strong ur defence is there is some one in the universe who can take you down. But of course you don’t want to have no defence cuz if you don’t then you’ll get hurt. defence is only to ward off casual attacks ONLY!!!!!!! and now i’m done argueing with myself. or not. and i wouldn’t exactly say that fleets are that usefull cuz the better players (1500+ players) would prolly have a good amount of recorce to be proffitable but they prolly know how to deal with ppl who attack them. and the ppl bellow (n00bs) prolly won’t have anything that would be profitable. basicly if you aren’t willing to make ogame your new religion i would suggest deffence cuz you litterally have to look all over the galaxy which can take hours to find someone careless enuf just to have 100 k metal or crystal and prolly onely 1/ eveyrone with 1mm metal and crystal on their planet that isn’t well defended. wow that was long

    — JLLI    Jul 12, 03:30 AM    #
  43. i always feel like cannon fodder as im always getting attacked on uni 20 and always by somone whose ranked a load better than me i even got missled at 500 points this game is proper mental as everyone else has not been massed as much as me if at all

    — carr    Jul 15, 08:10 AM    #
  44. Well ive been reading loads on defence, i really don’t think theres a set amount you should have.. just the more the better. take me for example, i have 1000 missile launchers, 180 small lasers, 20 heavy lasers, 45 gauss cannons, 10 ions, 5 plasma turrets, ssd, lsd, antibalistics etc… plus then the fleet, destroyers, BS, and lots of small fighters, cruisers etc. u need lots of the smaller stuff to allow your bigger stuff to last longer.. just keep adding to it and if you get wiped, add more! to be honest, your best defence is a good alliance. :)

    — Adam    Jul 18, 02:48 PM    #
  45. I say build your defence around plasma cannons, say you have 10 plasma cannons, you need to have plenty of other defences to hold off the attack so the plasma can take out the bigger ships

    — relam13    Jul 18, 03:27 PM    #
  46. Wait, so this guy Josh is saying that Ion Cannons are way better than Gauss Cannons?

    — DrDude    Jul 20, 09:17 PM    #
  47. no… hes saying that in certain combinations it sbetter to have more ion than gauss…......... buit personally i just build alot light lasers… about 5000 and alot of gauss… mabye 250 and if i feel like wasting alot more resources… 100 plasma

    — finally31    Jul 24, 05:32 AM    #
  48. i’ve always found my defence makes me a huge profit…as you say, 70% of my defense comes back….the ships are destroyed…into debris. debris that takes about 6 min or so to get to with recyclers. its changing ships to…whatever you want. i got attacked in uni 9. he took about 300k res or so from me….but i got 13 million from his destroyed ships. thats profit. no deut cost even.

    — Dorianin    Jul 28, 06:29 PM    #
  49. ok how does this work. i got attacked by 1000 battleships and only had 1 missile (bought before an attack), and got a DRAW!!!

    — Toranaga    Jul 29, 10:15 AM    #
  50. I have a question about building defenses. Does building defense take up space on my planet? I know it’s a question not related to Speedsim but I was queries.

    — tomek142    Jul 29, 10:41 AM    #
  51. no, it does not take up space on the planet.

    i personally have a good deal of defense on my main planet.

    1300 ML
    400 LL
    200 HL
    400 GC
    110 IC
    16 PC
    both shield domes
    40 AB missiles.

    the point is not to make your planet unbeatable, just make it so they lose so many ships that they will have lost more resources than they are able to raid from you.

    i haven’t gotten attacked in months, dispite having several people in the 300s within close proximity to me (i’m ranked in the high 1100s in uni6)

    — chafalcar    Aug 1, 11:04 PM    #
  52. I’ve built my defenceses like the ones they put in in an earlier post. I’ve been attacked tons…... by fleets of 1 LF? what is with that… they never follow up…. BTW these are pre raided guys… I raid alot, but only active players… you get more thrillz.

    PS: soz for using…. too much

    — dazza30000    Aug 5, 07:01 AM    #
  53. i raid A LOT, but i only raid pple that r close and noobish (im one myself) but my friend sed 1 lf culd take down 100ml so hoW??


    — asdf    Aug 18, 05:28 AM    #
  54. lol, well whoever your friend is must be pretty dumb… a light fighter is a very weak machine.. purely fodder

    — Kramer390    Sep 7, 12:04 AM    #
  55. Sorry guys, I just wanted to ask, how on earth (or maybe, on universe) can someone face an attacking fleet of:
    63088 l.fighters,
    54612 h.fighters,
    13220 cruisers,
    2890 battleships and
    589 destroyers??? I mean, give me a break man, I lost 16.8 million in defence today, and I didn’t even get a moon..

    — ThaLord    Sep 7, 10:45 AM    #
  56. @ThaLord…

    If that fleet attacked me, he would lose 34.4 mil metal and 15.9 mil crystal.. I dont see how that could be profitable at all. Plus 70% of the defense comes back. And about your losing 16.8 mil in defense and not getting a moon, defense doesnt go into the DF.

    — Kramer390    Sep 22, 12:20 AM    #
  57. oi does anti balistic missiles destroy the enemys attacking fleet or is it there to fend off the inter missiles?

    Michael    Sep 22, 07:57 PM    #
  58. When someone throws an interplanetary missile against a planet, an antibalistic one shall destroy itself against the interp. m.

    That’s all it can do.

    — manolo    Sep 30, 11:12 AM    #
  59. 2200 Rocket Launcher
    14000 Small laser
    355 Heavy laser
    85 Glauss
    45 Ion
    40 Plasma

    60 Anti-Ballistic Missiles

    — uni13    Oct 2, 01:46 AM    #
  60. Thats small, my grandmother could own your defense.

    — Switch    Oct 2, 08:31 PM    #
  61. people attack for different reasons; understand the reasons to best defend yourself. Raiders tend not to attack you simply if you are online; 1 esp probes sent back at them can be enough to make them pass you by, cos an online player can and WILL fleet / resource save. People who are ranked highly usually want deuterium, or crystal; so by resources saving; you wont get attacked. Turtle bashers will attack anyway; bigger defences will just attract a bigger turtlebasher; and fleetcrashers wont attack if you have enough deuterium and time to move your fleet. Inactivity and complacency get you killed. Common sense prevails; there are ALWAY better targets than you, and you are always a better target than someone else; all you can ever do is discourage; and obvious activity is infinitely more discouraging than ANY defence.

    — The Punish-ed    Oct 10, 08:36 AM    #
  62. In responce to Michael:

    “oi does anti balistic missiles destroy the enemys attacking fleet or is it there to fend off the inter missiles?”

    Anti ballistic missiles are there to counter Interplanetary missiles. If a fleet comes, they are effectively useless. Thats why they say only build a rocket silo when you are at a risk of your ass being rocketed from here to China. :\ Pretty pointless, but hey!

    — Aleack    Oct 20, 08:37 AM    #
  63. I’ve been going over alot of the stuff in this defense thread. One thing I observed is that no one ever mentions bombers in their fleets. Why is this? Are they not as great as they seem?

    — Firebrand    Nov 1, 11:34 AM    #
  64. building a good defence is good i currently have 8000 light laser 10000 missile luanchers 4100 heavey lasers 2000 ion and gauss cannons 500 plasma cannons small and large shiled dome 15 anti ballistic missiles 10 interplanetary missiles

    — xxx    Nov 25, 12:47 PM    #
  65. this is mi defenses in uni 1 deusch (jejeje)
    100000 Small laser
    10000 Glauss
    2000 Ion
    3000 Plasma

    Everyone has to many problens as for sacrifice his flote on my

    — eronis    Dec 5, 08:22 AM    #
  66. hey is it better to have a fleet or gun for defending and also is it better to have a small number of really good ships and guns or a large number of crappy ships and guns

    — qwerty    Dec 8, 10:46 AM    #
  67. Hy there! When i read this, all those comments and experiences i made a conclusion. The bigger fishes will eat smaller, the problem is only the time. Time is pulling the question “when will someone attack me”. So, what do you think, i guess, noone will attack someone who is bigger and stronger that he is!? We all use speedsim and have a nice tool in viewing the future!!!! I dont like the speedsim, it is not fair to use that tool, use a calculator and a pen, or make a mistake in calculation and stay in reality!!! Thats mine opinnion! Thats all from me! Bye!

    MastaChu    Dec 22, 12:04 PM    #
  68. @XXX

    “building a good defence is good i currently have 8000 light laser 10000 missile luanchers 4100 heavey lasers 2000 ion and gauss cannons 500 plasma cannons small and large shiled dome 15 anti ballistic missiles 10 interplanetary missiles”

    Not bad, you don’t see many players with lots of plasmas. :D But I’d say you need lots more fodder to accompany those. I once saw a CR where the defender had 800 plasmas but no fodder.. and he got destroyed very easily. Heavy hitters are nice but without fodder to protect them, they’re kinda useless.

    — Kramer    Dec 27, 05:29 AM    #
  69. Oh and I forgot to add… I’d say you need a helluvalot more ABM’s. 15 won’t protect you from turtle crashers! I have 80 of them, hopefully gonna get to 100 in the near future!:D

    — Kramer    Dec 27, 05:32 AM    #
  70. What would u consider good fodder? At first I was just going to use RL but then I learned about rapidfire. Also what is good fodder for spaceships?

    — qwerty    Jan 5, 12:22 PM    #
  71. The easiest way for most players to get fodder is to build light lasers, since they cost both metal and crystal, so it’s a more balanced price to pay as opposed to rocket launchers that are all metal. And fodder for ships would be light fighters or heavy fighters… I’ve even seen people use cargos and probes as fodder.

    — Kramer    Jan 24, 01:41 PM    #
  72. i have no defense, and 1 light fighter.
    please don’t kill me!
    But seriously, what advice would anyone give for me to start with?
    I do have:
    Metal Mine LV4
    Crystal Mine LV5
    Deuterium Synthesiser LV3
    Solar Plant LV7
    I’ve researched combustion & impulse drive lv1 etc…...

    Join the TTS! (uni 6)

    NeoDynasty 1:102:7

    — n00b!    Mar 9, 12:38 PM    #
  73. get your mines a little higher

    — steve    Mar 28, 03:40 PM    #
  74. Im a fairly new player (only been playing for about 4-5 months) and ive found for early stages its best to have defence/fleet mix as most new players will start by buildng stuff like lf and hf and small cargo and look to do some early raiding so defence will deter them a bit as they wont want to really lose their first fleet. a having a fleet in the mix lets u crash smaller player that might want to go pure fleet and that can slow them down heaps

    — Lord Tyran    Apr 20, 02:02 AM    #
  75. Ok… I’m in Universe 20 at 1:15:6… This guy keeps attacking me with 600 battleships and 60 destroyers… How do I defend agaisnt that? In game messege, or email would be awsome… and any space res. =p

    — Kaine    Apr 25, 03:55 PM    #
  76. Defenses are very simple.

    Cannon fodder:- Used to get rid of enemy cannon fodder and to leave some heavier weaponry alive till the next round/s.

    Heavier weaponry:- Used in the later rounds to inflict casualities to the enemy.

    The idea is to create such a defense so that
    A) So much fodder is needed to take it on it is unprofiatable.
    B) In the later rounds heavier weaponry takes out a few heavier ships making the attacking you cost money.

    You want your enemy to think A) this will cost to much to attack B) This guy is a nock over, BUT why would i waste my fleet on such little res?

    The size of your defense relies on two factors only:
    A) What is the max res you are going to store at any moment? (it is cheaper defense wise to constanly use your res)
    B) Any enemies and Allies. If you at war you need a stronger defense because profitabilty is taken into account less by the agressors. Or if your in the NO. 1 alliance you aint going to be attacked by any one who is in alliance 800 for example.

    — NPSF3000    Apr 29, 07:12 PM    #
  77. can you build defences on moons?

    — teh27    Jun 17, 12:46 PM    #
  78. The goal of defense is to make yourself unprofitable.
    If you’re defending against people who are about the same rank as you or lower, then sinking gobs of cash into your defenses is a fine way to do things. If you’re facing-off against people who outrank you, then you need to make it more trouble than it’s worth to bother with you.

    In spite of my novice rank (And, perhaps, because of it.) I’ve been repeatedly phalanxed by people who were looking to take either the debris resulting from my fleet, or the res I was saving with it. That changed once I got my level 4 silo and IPMs.
    Now, whenever somebody attacks me I have the ability to lay siege to them with enough missiles that attacking me cost them more resources than they got in the first place. Each ABM costs 8kM and 2kD, so even if they protect their more-expensive defenses they’re losing cash with each strike. Naturally, this tactic is far more unprofitable to use than to fall victim to, but once somebody realizes that you’re more trouble than you’re worth they will go about easier targets.

    Naturally, you should always remember the basics no matter what: fleet save, res save, and spend your res if you can.

    — Anonymous    Jul 3, 01:56 PM    #
  79. so ive noticed that many ppl use missile launchers AND light lasers. their prices are about the same, so what does a ml do that a ll cant?

    — Draikan    Jul 12, 10:13 PM    #
  80. I’m new at this game and was wondering when noobie protection is up. I have also not committed to building a defense or fleet yet. Any advantages of picking one over the other. I can’t decide. Thanks!

    — vegeta    Jul 19, 08:28 PM    #
  81. @ Draikan…

    There isn’t a huge difference purpose-wise between RL and LL, although LL have more firepower and have a more balanced price (which is why they’re preferred).

    @ Vegeta…

    Noob protection ends when you hit 5000 points… so be prepared! :P And there are advantages and disadvantages to both fleeting and turtling.

    For example if you build a big fleet, you can take down bigger opponents and make some nice profit, but at the risk of having your own fleet crashed. Whereas building defense may not be as profitable initially, but it pays off in the long run when you don’t get attacked in a long while….

    But just remember, no matter how big a turtle you are, there’s always someone that can crack it!

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 20, 10:11 AM    #
  82. reading these comments has very much enlightened me, i know know how to fleet save as i have been hit a few times by much larger fleets and losing res as well as fleet, made the mistake of trying to build up res to get tech lvl and to find that 10min b4 i logged on had been hit by 400bc’s funny thing was that whilst driving home from home from work decied to stop and get some bacon 4 bfast, so i hadnt then couldve avoided a greater lose, thanks for the tips, prob make a few more mistakes in future but have learnt, win or lose have a booze

    — skoldaze    Jul 23, 11:16 PM    #
  83. hey guys im kinda new with only 600 points and ive got 20 rl 20 ll 10 ic 10 hl 3 gc and 1 small dome its nto too much but i have the capability of building bs and nearly bombers is that good for my points or bad im planing on being a turtle

    and by the way could anyone explain how rapidfire works?



    — sam    Jul 25, 01:36 PM    #
  84. hi i tend to go with defence and altough i have only been playing for 1 or two month i am a frounding member of the uni 13 alliance tb although the fouder had more points than me he got mullerd in an attack and lost 2k points in fleet and as such we droped 10 places in points but any way about building defences down load ogame simulator and put in what u think is a standerd sized fleet then run simulations untill you find a winning formualr then just asspirre to build that defence ps you should try to get that standerd fleet as it could be useful

    — captin chrisla    Aug 7, 09:54 AM    #
  85. umm..you don’t get points for fleets or defense….thats irrelevant..it’s every k in resources you spend, you earn a point. Stop trying to sound like you know everything about this game

    — shane    Sep 23, 03:26 PM    #
  86. well i had like 4 missle+lightlases 5 hl and 25 ions both sheilds +5 plasmas and soe guy pwns me and now i got like 1 ml +ll and like 2 of everything elekse but plasmas 1 so im rebuilding and he pwns me again but my rank 19 friend (im 824) and now hes my farm cuz my friend keeps hm down and i send in my 50 some large cargos so lol

    — adam    Oct 10, 01:25 PM    #
  87. i think ions should be build for replacement for folders cz of the high defence

    — ogame admin    Oct 16, 08:42 PM    #
  88. Why have 10000 rl’s for fodder when you can have several hundred ion cannons and benefit from the 500 sheilding each. with a mere 100 you are defended from 50000 damage. With this added shielding it keeps your light lasers and plasma cannons alive.

    — Frozzie    Oct 18, 08:00 PM    #
  89. cause the bigger ships take out ics with 1 shot, so if ml will die with 1 shot and ion die with 1 shot, why not go with the cheaper option

    — zendet    Nov 3, 07:36 PM    #
  90. Hey All. I play in one of the oldest and most barbarian french universes and I’m top400 with 1.8M points.
    I have found a recepy that in my opinion is close to perfect:
    -2000 missile launchers
    -1000 small lasers
    -300 heavy lasers
    -3 gauss canons
    -NO IONS
    -30 plasmas
    -both shields
    -at least 50 defense missiles.

    Obviously as you get better you have to multiply all that, now I have that multiplied by 15!

    alien Bill    Nov 8, 10:05 AM    #
  91. @ alien Bill

    That defence is ok it has lots of fodder but not many really heavy guns for taking out big ships

    — Turkey66    Nov 23, 01:05 AM    #
  92. Whats good at taking out battleships

    — bad1    Feb 9, 08:51 AM    #
  93. I have 251 points and 5 RLs for no reason and have just got my second planet. Any tips for defence/fleet?

    — froggyman    Feb 9, 10:28 AM    #
  94. You know it’s not your day when you log in to find that the #39 player in your universe has just raided you with 279 BattleCruisers, and you didn’t even destroy one… Before this I ‘was’ ranked 2015… As everyone keeps saying “ If someone wants to hit you, they will.”

    — kinathrus    Feb 11, 07:06 PM    #
  95. well now i have 100 RLs and 25 SLs and small shield.

    I would say a GOOD (very important word there) attacking fleet is certain to contain fodder so to combat fodder you need your own fodder but as I read once,

    “those extra 30 GCs you make may as well be HLs as LFs are destroyed by anything HL and above”

    so use HLs for fodder and ruin their fodder! of course you’d only be able to dish out damage with your big guns in the 2nd round because the fodder will be wiped out so making the fleet spazzed up

    but adding in some rockets for fodder is good as those HLs weren’t for fodder, they were for destroying fodder

    1000 RLs
    100 Hls
    10 Plasms
    small shield
    large shield
    big fleet (optional)
    flying people (optional)
    floating cheese (optional, no, definitley important!)

    — froggyman    Feb 21, 02:57 PM    #
  96. here is the thing about defense. ogame was design as a strategy war game. the fact is that every military in the world expends resources on defense. it is a basic military tactic. so to bring that over into ogame its should be a basic military tactic as well. the articles i’ve read here have actually been talking about a basic form of defense. that is a deep defense its the idea that over time or in ogame round a attackers lose “steam” if you have a defense that is comprised of layers. personally i agree and say that defensive buildings are good but so are fleets. a combination might be even more unprofitable maybe not. ultimately do whatever works for you and your situation.

    — asianman    Mar 28, 09:56 AM    #
  97. (almost) All of the replies here say exactly the same thing:
    Defence is a deterrant.
    I think anyone reading it would have got the mesage by now.
    I won’t post my defence, it’s too embarressing. I only have 2SLs

    — zsolmanz    May 5, 05:17 PM    #
  98. Dammit! I did anyway. (soz for the double post)

    — zsolmanz    May 5, 05:21 PM    #

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