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Want to make some money from this site?


Published: Apr 13, 07:09 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Yeah, I know… it’s a cheap title.

But you can make some extra cash. Or a whole lot… it depends on you.

You can promote the OGame Tips Strategy Guide.

There are two options. The first is via ClickBank.com.

The second is through PayDotCom.com

Both methods pay 50% of the profits from the sale to you. Currently, the Strategy Guide sells for $14.95 USD. That means you make approximately $7.50 USD per sale (minus any applicable fees, see the links below for details).

I recommend ClickBank, since it is a large company and a bit easier to use. But, if you live in a country that is not supported by ClickBank, then PayDotCom may be the better option. They pay via PayPal, so as long as you can get a PayPal account, you can use their affiliate service.

The Affiliate Links

Here is the affiliate information for ClickBank.com (opens in new window):
OGame Tips ClickBank.com Affiliate Program

And here is the affiliate info for PayDotCom.com (opens in new window):
OGame Tips PayDotCom.com Affiliate Program

I will have some banners available for you to use shortly. I have a couple being created this week.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

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