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Rocket Silos


Published: Feb 15, 06:28 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Distance Calculations for your Missiles

Helpful info copied from another thread at oGame…

An interplanetary missile needs 30 seconds if you sent it to a planet in your system and for every system you have to fly over you have to add 60 seconds flying time.

You can not send these rockets over galaxies and it depends on your impulse engine how far you can send them..

This is the formula: (impulse engine level) * 2 – 1 = Systems the rocket can fly

For Example by engine level 6: 6 * 2 – 1 = 11 systems…

I hope this stops someone building a Rocket Silo lvl 4 and finding they can’t blow much stuff up

Levels Require for Missiles

Generall, Rocket Silos are not really that useful, until you get to the higher level where you can do a Mobile Attack Base, or raid your neighbors.

Building Missiles

To build your rockets – IPM or ABM you go to your Defense Screen. Scroll down to the bottom.


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  1. how much does an IPM cost?

    — brett    Nov 17, 05:12 PM    #
  2. i find that having a rocket silo is a very good deterrent to people who are close to you attacking ;)

    — master gush    Nov 18, 09:32 PM    #
  3. I deconstruct some missiles.no metal and cristal come back!?

    — Serences    Dec 2, 06:43 AM    #
  4. can anti ballistic missiles attack you if your going to attack someone that has them. should i put them in the Speed sim


    — Santa    Dec 26, 11:22 AM    #
  5. what is the efficiency of the anit bms? is it one anit bm for every bm or is it random?

    — Alien - Uni 5    Jan 9, 02:18 AM    #
  6. as far as i know IPM’s cost 20k metal and 8k deut..
    when u deconstruct the anti’s they dont give u ure res back.
    anti ballistics only work against IPM’s nothing else.. so if u attack a guy with no defence but 20 antis, he basically has no defence cos ships cant attack antis and antis cant attack ships.
    every one anti blocks out every IPM u send against it.
    Hope i helped = )

    — soul reaver    Jan 10, 06:06 AM    #
  7. hi, wanna know this: after i get rocket silo lev.2,what should i do to get the missiles?

    — siniar    Feb 10, 10:35 PM    #
  8. The antiballistic missiles are built from the defense menu.

    — Corsair    Feb 15, 10:50 PM    #
  9. How much dammage do IPM do to defence?

    — Kogaratsu    Mar 3, 11:15 AM    #
  10. i think you target a certain type of defense on a planet if you’re using an IPM

    — buddha boy    Mar 9, 01:18 PM    #
  11. soulreaver, i believe the cost for IPM’s is 12.5k metal, 2.5k crystal, 10K deut.

    — bgyklr    Mar 11, 03:04 AM    #
  12. As far as IPM dmg are concerned. You have an option to have a primary target where the missile will concentrate its dmg to that certain defence structure. It is recommended to target Large Shield Domes and small Shield Domes first as they limit the attacking power of ur missile for example i targeted a LSD with 1 IPM it took out the LSD and 17 ML. you can also request to target all and send multiple missiles. So the IPM’s will destroy defence at random. Gauss Cannons take more missiles to destroy the max i have destroyed with 1 missile was 6. I hope this helps to understand dmg output.

    So keep in mind the SSD and LSD and the more Structual integrity the defense structure has the less u can destroy with 1 missile.

    — ItaliaNHitmaN    Mar 12, 06:31 PM    #
  13. IPM’s have a range of about 9 solar systems.

    — some random guy    Apr 1, 12:46 PM    #
  14. Do IPM attacks leave debree fields?

    — Altum    Apr 5, 02:20 PM    #
  15. How can I send more, than one interplanetary missiles in one sending?

    — berret    Apr 7, 04:01 AM    #
  16. Do I break bashing rules by sending interplanetary missiles few times a day to one planet? Can i send it 4 times one by one, and then send fleet?

    — berret    Apr 7, 04:01 AM    #
  17. i’ve got 50 anti-balistic missles at level 5. if i upgrade rocket silo level to 6. how many antibalistic can i produce? its not +5 for per level. example: rocket silo 3: 30 antibalistic, rocket silo 5: 50 antibalistic. i think if its level 6, i can produce 60 antibalistic missles. is that true?

    — Erkan    Apr 26, 11:10 AM    #
  18. How do u use IMP

    — Mike    May 7, 10:23 PM    #
  19. Does the use of IPM’s count towards your number of attacks per day on someone?

    — brendan    May 9, 11:33 AM    #
  20. Can someone explain to me how much damage an IPM will do? For example say someone has 1000 ML if i fire 1 IPM how many will it take out?

    — Hellsword    May 11, 06:01 AM    #
  21. Type in raksim in google search and there is a calculator for it.

    — For Hellsword    May 13, 04:13 AM    #
  22. Can someone please tell me if you can deploy IPM’s to other planets.

    — Mitch    May 13, 04:16 AM    #
  23. IPM’s stay on the planet they are built on, until you attack someone with them.They do NOT count towards the bashing rule.

    Also It’s 10 Anti-ballistic missiles per Silo level, or 5 IPM per level (starting at level 4).You can have a mixture.
    — Myself    May 13, 05:34 PM    #
  24. Also, the damage they do depends on your Weapons Tech, and the defenders Armor and Shield Techs.

    — Myself    May 13, 05:35 PM    #
  25. does the IPM help to make the debris field?

    — KOOLJACK    May 26, 10:29 PM    #
  26. how can i launch APM or is it on auto mode?

    — giora    May 28, 02:24 PM    #
  27. Where are teh buttons to build missiles?

    — Some Guy    May 30, 01:04 AM    #
  28. how do ya send IPm to other planets?

    — da boos    Jun 6, 02:28 AM    #
  29. you go to the galaxy screen and select the planet from there

    — shadow    Jun 6, 08:57 PM    #
  30. I wonder, which techs affect the effectiveness of IPMs ?
    (for references’ sake IPMs cost 12500 metal 2500 cristal and 10000 deut so for all you n00bs out there it is pointless getting a Missile Silo until you can well afford to mass produce them)

    — KilljOy    Jun 8, 04:59 PM    #
  31. if you build a lvl 4 silo you can build 7 IPMs and 26 ABMS. so your enemy would have to build a lvl 5 silo so he can pass through your ABMs. (it might be lvl 6 silo)

    — Daigongen    Jun 14, 11:35 PM    #
  32. Do you lose points when you use the IPMs?

    — Haxorsist    Jun 16, 10:46 AM    #
  33. I have too many anti-ballistic missiles, and no room to build IPMs. How do you deconstruct ABMs?

    — QB    Jun 27, 04:30 PM    #
  34. ive got a lsd, ssd, and 10 anti ballistics, im being threatened by ipm, how much do you reckon he has to dhoot to actually start damaging my other defences (other than lsd, and ssd)

    — sean    Jun 30, 04:39 AM    #
  35. sence tyou have 10 abm’s, he has to launch 11 IPMs to dammage your deffences.

    — skug    Jul 6, 06:50 PM    #
  36. @ sean 11-12 IPMs will do the job

    — Tas Devil    Jul 12, 06:38 AM    #
  37. I cant use my IPMs for some reason, I go to the galaxy screen I click on missile attack and nothing happens.

    — erik    Jul 19, 02:57 PM    #
  38. your IPM can only shoot a certain distance. to find out how far it can shoot multiply your impulse drive by 2 then subtract one.. this is how many solar systems away you can shoot

    — peter    Jul 25, 11:38 AM    #
  39. ok what i wanted to know, could one send an IPM through a jump gate?

    — DeathAngelX    Jul 26, 01:17 PM    #
  40. IMPs are only affected by your weapons tech and the enemies armor tech.

    You cant send an IMP any place except for your targer. In fact you cant get a missle silo on a moon.

    Your points are gathered by the number of res you have used of everything, buildings, ships, defence including IMPs, yes you lose points when you send them off, 25 points for each one to be exact, so make sure that the planet you are trying to hit has enough res to cover your losses

    — russianassassin    Jul 28, 02:00 PM    #
  41. i have almost 5k pnts,
    would it b worth building a silo for defence?

    — Dazza3000    Aug 14, 07:30 PM    #
  42. if you are almost at or have reached 5k points, you should at least have 5 ABM’s. If I’m not mistaken 5k points is the threshold between n00b players and regular players… anyone can hit you after that, and if you have no ABM’s, they prolly will!

    — Mono    Aug 24, 01:28 AM    #
  43. Can you actually combine different missile because it says that on the building menu. (i`ve not got a rocket silo)

    Please some one reply soon

    Thanks in advance
    — el barto    Aug 29, 06:01 AM    #
  44. I launched an IPM attack today then re-espionaged the target, it seemed to have destroyed nearly all the crystal and metal resources that had accumlated on the planet, is this normal or did he sneak online and just use all those resources in that 30 seconds?

    — Fuzzball    Sep 11, 06:31 PM    #
  45. Fuzzball he probable sneeked online and fleet saved.

    — el Barto    Sep 13, 02:47 AM    #
  46. ABM’s are useless unless you have some def on the planet. It seems like they are mostly there to protect the poor turtles. If you are a raider don’t waste the room in your silo and build IBMs this opens your targets immeasurably as anything thin your range is now cannon fodder

    — Angothoron    Dec 3, 12:37 PM    #
  47. is there anyway to increase the range on interplanetary missiles?

    — adele    Jan 6, 01:20 AM    #
  48. Can IPMs on a planet be destroyed by ships or other IPMs?

    — nameless    Jan 21, 12:17 AM    #
  49. missles rock, i reccomend about 5 abm’s and 2 imp’s per silo lvl. so half and half is good. but if you are a raider i would reccomend 4 imp’s and 2 amp’s per lvl.

    — ironwall    Jan 27, 01:52 PM    #
  50. I love IPMs. I am IPMing this one inactive guy right now. His entire planet if about to fall to fall to me. Tip people, careful when mass producing IPMs. They use a lot of Resources to make. As for ABM’s, make sure to keep plenty of them. At the very least 15. Without them, your planet’s defenses can easily be breached. A lot of the raiders will just pack of their resources and run. But for turtles like myself, we prefer to sit and fight. Though I good turtle only builds up a lot of resources so we can upgrade our mines, research and just add more to defenses. I am a Turtle that raids inactives. I want to keep peace with my neighbors, but if my neighbor is dumb enough to go inactive without going into vacation mode, then he deserves to get farmed. Other then all that though, i tend to be able to maintain peace with other people. Though sometimes there can be a lot of tension. For those wondering what universes I play on. I play on universes 7 and 16.

    — Jam-Jul Lison    Feb 6, 04:09 AM    #
  51. well ure all a bunch of gits thinking of differnt ways to annoy people oh yeah abm’s suck ball’s :@

    — moon stalker    Mar 2, 07:06 AM    #
  52. jst thought this formula for finding out how many u can put in per level

    each level your rocket cap grows by 10 slots. 1 anti takes up 1 slot. 1 IPM takes up 2 slots

    Hope it helps.

    @ Moon stalker
    when 60000 of your ML are taken out by IPM you’ll change your tune

    1 Question
    the Attack Str of 1 IPM = 12,000(no techs). does this mean (no shields) that it can take out 6k MLs?

    — thecat    Mar 30, 04:54 PM    #
  53. actually do some math thecat it actually means it can take down only 60 missle launchers. if it could take down 6k missle launchers then missle launchers would have 2 health lol

    — l0l    Apr 13, 09:07 PM    #
  54. hi, how is it possible, that i was been hit by IPM, and normaly all my defences was destroyed, but i do not understand how IPM, can destroye my IPM ?
    I do not have ABM, because my defences is week! but my IPM are gone

    — EGG    May 6, 05:05 AM    #
  55. i took out 180 rockets with 1, and i took out 90 light lasers with another 1.

    jman    May 27, 11:53 AM    #
  56. @ adele—
    You can increase the range of your IPMs by researching impulse drive. Each level you upgrade increases the range by 2 systems.

    — Trevyr    Jun 1, 12:37 PM    #
  57. So, what is the point of the level one silo? It can store, but at level one you cannot build. Why not just make level one equal to the cost of level one + two, and give the ABM for it?

    — sivran    Jul 18, 12:44 PM    #
  58. if ships r used as defense will anti ballistic missile hit them or is it just on ground defense

    — cameroswift    Aug 31, 02:27 PM    #
  59. @cameroswift

    No, IMPs only hit ground defence

    — Kilroy    Sep 26, 01:30 PM    #
  60. I go to the defense screen and scroll all the way to the bottom, but I don’t see where you can purchase missiles ANYWHERE. I’ve checked the shipyard and every other menu as well… Where is the option to BUILD missiles? I only want them for defense right now.

    — biscuits    Oct 3, 04:05 AM    #
  61. I left the previous message.
    I’M DUMB. I only built a level 1 silo. I just saw on the technology screen that you need at least a level 2 silo. Problem solved.

    — biscuits    Oct 3, 04:27 AM    #
  62. what is the range of an interplanetary missle? can anybody give me an exact number. i want to attack some guy who is about three hundred systems away is that possible. also if i buil a missile silo on my homeplanet do i have to build it again on my other planets?

    — bob234    Oct 14, 08:02 PM    #
  63. well to attack someone 300 systems away you need level 151 impulse drive lol…
    And your missil silo only works on the planet you built it on…

    — 12345sniper    Dec 19, 03:29 AM    #
  64. If you shoot IPMs at somebody who has no defense and a few IPMs, your missiles will destroy theirs. (1 missile destroys 1 missile). This can only happen if the target has no defense or ABMs.

    — Trevyr    Dec 28, 05:36 PM    #
  65. system upgrade, ipm distance increased from 2 system per impoulse lvl to 5 sytems per impulse level;

    — petey    Jan 22, 08:54 AM    #
  66. ok im going to clear this all up, solar system range equals impulse drive tech range minus one, basically no you cant shoot somone three hundred systems away, i took out 50 rocket launchers with one missle they dont create debris fields, ships still need to be destroyed by ship to ship combat IPMs dont touch em, all defences can be destroyed by IPM’s,
    and yes! large shield domes and small shield domes decrease defenses killed exact number is determined by shield lvl number, number of missles goes 10 anti IPM or 5 IPM and you can mix say for a lvl 4 silo 37 anti IPM one IPM. and even though ipm,s show up as defense they dont attack you ships if you attack and cant be destroyed unless deconstructed or used against an IPM.

    — jew101    Mar 9, 09:53 PM    #
  67. sorry guys ,this might sound stupid but how do you launch ipm’s? they dont show up on my fleet ,on the galaxy screen when i try to attack nothing happens.lso on the defense screen at ipm’s it says 9 available max 0.does this mean i cant deploy?

    — rigs    Mar 18, 10:48 PM    #
  68. figured it out

    — rigs    Mar 19, 11:02 PM    #
  69. Ok so im at missile silo level 16 and Ive bought more than 20 ipm but I dont know how to use them? Do I need to be at level 20 or what? some one please, please help!

    — problem    Apr 15, 10:09 PM    #
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    — sweet142    Apr 28, 08:04 PM    #
  71. good luck,

    Texas    Jul 7, 07:30 PM    #

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