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Question: What determines how much resources you would yield from a raid?


Published: Mar 14, 06:09 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This question and Answer comes from the ItaliaNHitmaN.
It was originally posted as a comment to another article.

The Question:

What determines how much resources you would yield from a raid?

The Answer:

You may only take 50% of targets total resource value provided you have enough cargo capacity.

Large amounts of BS most of the time don’t require and Large Cargo.(Battleships tend to have a nice storage capacity) If u dont have a lot of BS(Battle Ships) spy on planet add up total resources and divide by 2 and send in enough Large Cargo to take that amount of Resources.

For Example:

you scan someone and he has
200.000 metal, 150.000 Crystal and 100.000 Deuterium.
He has total resource value of 450.000 / 2 = 225.000 = 9 x Large cargo depending on how many other ships are going.

You will get half of each te resource as well if u have enough ships so in this case you would gain 100.000 metal 75.000 crystal and 50.000 Deuterium. You wont gain equal amounts if player does not have equal amounts.

I hope this clears everything up :)

Voidhawk’s Note: You can also use SpeedSim to determine how many Large Cargo (or Small Cargo) ships you need to send.


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  1. teh no, there is some complicated formula that determines that, but it comes roughly to 50% but never at 50, you can found it somewhere on teh ogame.org forum

    — noname    Mar 15, 03:17 PM    #
  2. On speedsim it is possible to calculate using any ship, not just cargo ships. So the probe raiders know how many to send

    — relam13    Mar 18, 03:03 PM    #
  3. will you please already remove the incorect information from this tip

    — noname    Mar 23, 07:06 AM    #
  4. This tip is just right “noname”...you almost NEVER steal more than 50% so it’s accurate.

    Patrick Nijkamp    Mar 28, 09:05 AM    #
  5. well, you can get 50% of his resources, or you can get 80-90% of his stuff

    — Musika    Mar 29, 04:55 PM    #
  6. if you send your fleet and you know you are going to win, you can send enough cargos and fleet to win the battle and take 50% of the stuff, then you send another fleet to take half of the half which is there and do that 3 times and you BOMB his resources, i do it in 3 waves, that way i get 78.96% of his stuff :) it works too, be sure to have defences with your cargos

    — Musika    Mar 29, 04:57 PM    #
  7. How so you use speed sim?

    — some random guy    Apr 1, 12:09 PM    #
  8. Is it the same in a fed attack. like will you get 50% between you.

    — Simon369    Apr 4, 04:25 PM    #
  9. i downloaded speedsim but how do i use it?

    wanna know?    Apr 6, 08:28 PM    #
  10. It would be 50%, but account for deut used to fuel the ships. That’s how much your cargo capacity is. Otherwise it would be exactly 50%.

    — anonymous    Apr 7, 12:02 AM    #
  11. when i went to send a fleet to transport resources to a friend of mine who was in need of these valuable resources, it said that the fleet couldnt be sent because it was a multi alarm. i dont know what this means, why wont it let me help my mate out?

    — dom    Apr 14, 03:29 PM    #
  12. @patrick something: almost… take that out of your sentence and you’ll be right, you can’t get 50% EXACTLY if you raid mixed resources, i’m searching for the formula but the .org board is waaaaaay too big

    — noname    Apr 26, 06:05 PM    #
  13. OK so if you send one cargo ship you get 50% of his stuff, but what if you send 2 ships? what do you get

    — A guy    Apr 28, 04:12 PM    #
  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If u send 1 L.cargo ships you get a maximum of 25.000 thats his capacity !!!
    but if u send 2 you get maximum of 50.000 thats it capacity .
    So always send cargo capacitys equal to 50% of his ressources !!!

    — Space Master    May 5, 01:36 AM    #
  15. I reiterate Dom’s question. What is this “multi-alarm” thing that prevents you from transporting resources to a mate?


    — Bounce    May 6, 06:14 PM    #
  16. if u get 50% then things dont add up. i raided a guy with 100kmetal and nothing else with 3 cargos and only got 30%

    — what?    May 10, 09:16 PM    #
  17. “multi alarm” is an alarm that realizes connecting more than one player by the same ip adress.
    For example internet cafes..it is necessary for cheats.Someone can get many account from ogame,then he can use the others sources :))
    If you look at the pranger, you will see multi punish :))
    is it enough about multi?

    — Omeryasin    May 14, 06:19 PM    #
  18. When I raid for resourses I always send 3 waves, much more effective…

    If the guy I’m attacking got 100k resourese I send enough large cargos to take 50k resourses then in the secound wave I send enough to take 25 k resourses and in the third wave I send enough cargos to get 12,5k resourses…

    — Darth V%¤error%¤r    May 27, 03:31 PM    #
  19. Is there a way to just get crystal? I don’t need much metal or Det.

    — Person    Jun 3, 11:52 AM    #
  20. I don’t think so. You get some of everything when you raid, if I’m wrong someone correct me

    — shinyman    Jun 12, 05:38 PM    #
  21. what is speedsim?

    aeh2019    Jun 27, 07:55 PM    #
  22. I also send 3 waves when attacking provided that i hav enough fleets to attack the defender three times in succession. Today, i got about 250k metal, 150k crystal and 35k deut by attacking a player three times in uni 17 and i lost none of my ships.

    — niresh    Jun 28, 02:53 PM    #
  23. You only get 50% of the mererials on the defending planet, if you win, and can have it back ofcource.

    Jelle    Jul 11, 05:17 PM    #
  24. Umm ive got no idea how to set res in speedsim. i must be noob or somfing but can u heelp out

    — dazza3000    Jul 23, 04:58 AM    #
  25. You only get one third of your targets metal, half of the crystal and half of the deut. That is on the .org at least.

    — Animosus    Aug 7, 06:50 PM    #
  26. If the target has no defence at all, will it be necessary to use BS, or the Cargos alone will take the 50%?

    — mean    Aug 10, 09:19 AM    #
  27. wave attacks are very useful for raiding maximum resources..just remember the bashing rule is no more than 6 attacks on a player within 24 hours. after the 24 hours have passed you can attack that player 6 times again.

    @ dazza – to set res click on the edit button in the result catagory (bottom right) its right across from “battle result” you can also set the coordinates of the targets planet (to calculate deut cost)

    @ animosus – you get 50% of all the resources. if you dont have enough cargo capacity to carry 50% of all the res then deut is the first thing take all of, next is crystal and last is metal (as it is the most abundant resource)

    @ mean – the cargos alone will take 50%. but be careful when just raiding with cargos..if he has a fleet and can deploy it to the planet before your attacking fleet reaches it then he could take out all of your cargos (what they call a ninja) and you dont get anything :/

    Uni7bane    Aug 14, 08:00 PM    #
  28. what does a speedsim actually do?

    — spazztic    Aug 29, 07:03 AM    #
  29. Quote
    “when i went to send a fleet to transport resources to a friend of mine who was in need of these valuable resources, it said that the fleet couldnt be sent because it was a multi alarm. i dont know what this means, why wont it let me help my mate out?”

    I sometimes wondor why we have that search bar…

    — Leon    Aug 30, 01:40 PM    #
  30. it means you and your mate are connecting via the same ip within 24 hours
    schoold or uni connections would probally have the same ip

    — ***    Oct 5, 11:57 PM    #
  31. OK alot of you seem to be confused about alot of things i’ll try and summon some up. When you get an espionage report from somebody you see that that guy has for example 200000 Metal 100000 Kristal and 100000 deuterium then you take and divide each by 2 and you should get 100000 metal 50000 kristal and 50000 deuterium then you add those 3 up and you should get 200000 resources which when you divide it by 25000 is 8 so, therefore you send 8 large cargoships and you should get 200000 resources all together. every time you attack somebody you get 50% of their resources all together so if you send 3 wawes you should get 87.5% of their resources altogether . now that’s in ideal condition when the target has no defence nor flete on the planet but the best way to figure out what will you get and will you loose anyships and how much debris is gonna there you go to this website http://drago-sim.com/index.php?lang=english and in the bottom left side there’s a tab called information under witch you copy and paste how much metal crystal or deuterium guy has and then in the middle you have 3 main sections technologies flete and defence where you type in how much ships and witch the defender has , you are the attacker so you type in your info then if you can see his technologies that’s the best because that way the most realistic results will be calculated , type in the defenders defence if he has any and then on the middle left site there is a tab “simulate fight” you click on that and in couple of seconds you get results on the right side of the window where all of the sections are selfexplanatory. I’ve been using this website for a long time and it never failed me just be sure that “rapid fire” box left of technologies is checked and that’s it as long as you type in the corect information you should get 99.8% realistic results. Hope this helped.

    — MO    Oct 13, 09:41 PM    #
  32. As you know you can only attack one planet 3 times a day . This is what i do : the first attack i put all my strong ships (destroyers) to kill as much as i can . in the second attack i put all the weaker ships to finish off any think thats left . Then last i put lods of my cargo ships to collect the resources. if theres any debris collect them an you will lose little and get a lot !!!

    — paul    Oct 23, 02:50 PM    #
  33. “As you know you can only attack one planet 3 times a day” – paul

    Try 6 times per 24 hours. Read the rules often, they change.

    — Calamity    Oct 31, 05:19 PM    #
  34. when you use any type of ships the duet needed for the trip takes some of the capacity so there space master!

    — l0l    Apr 10, 09:17 PM    #
  35. Hey guys if anyone need some sweet calculators make sure you check out this site, they got EVERY calculator needed for a raider,defender, whatever…http://calcogame.jimmywest.se/index.php?page=Attack%20Simulator
    best calculators ever made, site is still farely new but awsome.
    God Speed everyone

    — Croderes    Sep 24, 07:02 AM    #
  36. “multi alarm” means that all the fleet slots are full, you need higher computer tech to get more fleet slots, right now i can only send or recieve 5 fleets..(that is departure and return) if all your fleet slots are filled up you may not send or recieve fleets.. and as far as the 50 percent thing goes.. just send extra large or small cargo’s, the deut you need to get there takes up space in the cargo hold.. if you dont believe me, take one large cargo set coords and pick transport then go where it says metal and click “max” depending on how far you are going it will say 24.XYZ or less

    — DETHBREATH    Oct 23, 07:07 AM    #
  37. Dethbreath: No, “Multi-alarm” has nothing to do with how many fleets and slots you’ve got. As other people have said, it’s to say you and another person are on the same IP address and the game won’t allow you to do certain things together, like send resources, to prevent cheating.

    If two players are using the same IP address, they’re also at risk of being considered one player with multiple accounts, and getting banned, at least unless they can explain to the GOs in reasonable time. I don’t know the nitty-gritty of all that though, people should look it up themselves (or ask a GO) if it applies to them.

    It’s all explained on the FAQ and Guides pages of the Ogame forums…

    — passerby    Dec 4, 10:14 AM    #
  38. it’s not more profitable to send attacks in waves, much more profitable to attack the maximum number of targets, assuming they have similar profit margins for attacking them

    — Mr Enigmatic    Jun 3, 06:52 AM    #

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