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EVE: The Power of 2


Published: Mar 14, 05:04 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

EVE Online is running a new promotion.

If you have an existing membership, or pay for a new membership, you can get the P^2. This gives you a second account at EVE, plus 6 Months Membership.

What is the Power of Two promotion?
The Power of Two (P^2) promotion is an offer from CCP Games to the EVE Community that will allow existing EVE Online subscribers an opportunity to open a new account at a greatly reduced subscription rate.

What types of accounts can take advantage of this offer?
Only active subscriptions. Trial accounts cannot take advantage of, nor can they be activated with the P^2 offer.

So, how does this work for you?

Simple, go get the 14 Day Trial and then pay for your subscription. Now you can get the P^2 offer!


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  1. Why two accounts?

    — Jan    Apr 3, 03:29 PM    #
  2. Two accounts or more is very common in EvE. The reasons are many, perhaps you need a trader, miner, spy or combat character to do things whilst you conduct other business with your second account. There is one legendary guy in the game that runs ~7 accounts simultaneously too :)

    — Karmae    Apr 4, 09:05 PM    #
  3. Expensive!

    — Stratic    Apr 14, 05:27 AM    #
  4. EVE has problems. the pirates are run amuk. no one is safe. I can see how a noob can be totally obliterated and forced out of the game as the multiple account holding pirates sitting at gates. making trade or transport nearly impossible. EVE corporates won’t even concider a noob and those that do are noobs themselfs and can offer no or little help as resources and and componants are expensive and mining resources is a long taxing process. The market is totally messed up and keeping track of what you have where and time limits for sellig. BAH! the game was perfect in beta but when it went live. it bombed. if they would relax on the resource and loot drops and fix the market. so you don’t have to risk loosing everything to travel around to collect bought resources etc.

    — Ring    Apr 15, 01:13 PM    #
  5. @ Ring… your comments on EvE are so wrong on so many levels… For those who play EvE like me… look me up in the game … Tas Devil as here !

    We are always happy to help new comers to the game !

    — Tas Devil    Jun 4, 01:25 PM    #
  6. I’ve played Eve and say, it’s a rather good game, but for someone without a credit card, and the means to play it enough to make the cost reasonable a tad expensive. Although I will end up paying for this game when i can afford it until now…Ogame for me!

    — Xion    Aug 9, 08:52 AM    #

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