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OGame is looking for Translators


Published: Mar 9, 06:14 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This is on the front page of the OGame.org website:

UPDATE: OGame.org has pulled the request. It appears they no longer need translators. If you do want to help OGame with translations, contact them. Not me. :)

Translator (Native Speaker)

More than 2 Million gamers worldwide are crazy about OGame.
To enthuse even more people and enrich their lifes we need YOUR help! As translator YOU help us to translate OGame into one of the following languages:

You know and love OGame and speak the target language as Native Speaker as well as english (makes communication much easier). You help us to build a first version in your language and to improve it in future. You work closely with our developers, admins and the brains behind OGame to build a community and a team – and to make a go of it.

Sounds interesting? DonŽt hesitate – write us to international@gameforge.de. Tell us who you are, what you do and how you found OGame – and soon youŽll lead your own OGame…


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  1. ...what about someone to fix the Babelfish-quality English translation? Fun game, but the English grammar is atrocious.

    — Mutsu    Mar 10, 12:33 PM    #
  2. mais oui!
    totally agree – lets perfect the english before venturing into bahasa

    — Arcanis    Mar 11, 03:09 PM    #
  3. good work ingame stuff
    i play in french ogame

    why not translat in arabic for us ?
    and thank ogame stuff again

    — feanor    Mar 13, 07:59 PM    #
  4. I can see that you have Swedish on your list, and we Finnish people don’t really like the idea that Swedish get their own game, but we don’t. Sweden is a country of little over 9 million people, and Finland has little over 5,2 million people. I don’t think the difference is too big.

    So, if you like, I would offer my help to create a Finnish OGame game. I don’t really know much about “working closely with your developers”, but I can offer you all the translations you need. I am a native Finnish speaker, and my English is, I think, good enough for translating (I have several times been mistaken to a native English speaker…).

    A Finnish Player    Mar 14, 04:21 PM    #
  5. the serbian grammar is fun too. :)

    — smijesno    Mar 27, 02:00 AM    #
  6. i would love 2 help u …but i dont think u want someone speacking roamanian:)...well when u do ..u know where 2 find me ..good luck..

    — andrew    Mar 27, 04:08 PM    #