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Question: I have Multiple Accounts, what do I do?


Published: Feb 15, 04:37 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

I made more accounts ‘cause i didn’t know it was aganist the rules and I don’t wanna get banned what should I do?

The Answer:

If each account is in a different Universe, then you are Ok. But if those accounts are in the same Universe, you are violating the rules.

Delete all but one of those accounts. Notify a GO that you accidentally created multiple accounts, and that you have all but one of them set for deletion.

Do NOT attack or trade with any of your deleted accounts. Do not log those accounts in. Wait and let them expire.


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  1. I have 2 acounts and each is in a different universe. but My friend is in the same universe. he got tired and is not playing his planet. he said that I can have his resourses so I am taking them to my main planet. is that ok to do?

    — Jesse    Feb 24, 08:46 PM    #
  2. Wow Thank you! thats so helpful me and my girlfreind got banned because we had accounts in th same universe, i didn know two people were alowed to play from the same pc, if i’d of known I would of Got signed up for another universe.

    — brother    Feb 25, 07:35 PM    #
  3. me and my bro both hav accounts in the same universes and go on them on the same computer sometimes at the same time- is this allowed

    also i had a second account like the question but i cant be stuffed to actually go and deleat it cuz its been left for so long it shud deleat anyway- but my friend ask me to make him an account can i just revive the second one i had and change it then hand it over to him? (i wont do anything on the account he will play it but he cant start one for sum reason)

    voidhawk's note: Sharing a computer to play in the same universe is against the rules. It doesn't matter if you have got away with it until now. It is a no-no. Let your old account die, or contact a GO to talk about transferring the account to your friend. They will let you know how to handle it.

    Contact a GO and explain the situation. Tell them why you are in the same universe. They may let you continue, or they may make one of you move to a new universe.

    — Heretic    Apr 10, 07:19 PM    #
  4. what if i deactivate the IP-check in options?

    — MaX    Apr 16, 08:54 AM    #
  5. Deactivating the IP check will stop Game Ops from seeing your adress on the accounts, but if you ever get caught with your IP deactivated, then there will be no negotiating…only banned!
    Either stop using more than one accounts or continue with what your doing and hope you dont get screwed over. (my opinion would be stop multying)

    — Bullet Theory    Apr 30, 11:17 AM    #
  6. I want to play ogame using my home PC and my lap top is this a problem? As I need to deactivate the IP check to do this. Why do I have trouble connecting to Ogame? I have not been able to play for 30 hours!

    — Ashley    Apr 30, 04:17 PM    #
  7. Hello. How is that thing of being banned?
    Because I’ve been since last Saturday without being able to connect to ANY server or OGAME site, and I’ve tried the Spanish one, the French one, the German one, the Italian one, the English one, the Turk one… it’s desperating, I don’t know if I’ve been attacked or anything…
    I do have two accounts in the same universe, but the second account I created, it’s been weeks since I don’t use it… maybe they have found out, and banned me from getting connected to any ogame webpage?
    Please, if anyone could tell me…

    — Miguel    May 2, 09:03 AM    #
  8. they should only ban the accounts and not stop u from accesing the webpage, i had 2 in uni 1 and they got banned but i still play in uni 6 fine

    — James    May 13, 04:13 AM    #
  9. So did you say it’s against the rules for two people playing on the same computer to register in the same universe?

    — !i!i!i!i~AAAHHH~i!i!i!i!    Jun 3, 09:55 PM    #
  10. yes

    — Tomtaru    Jun 23, 04:26 PM    #
  11. Same computer, different universes—> OK

    Different computers, Different IP’s, same univers—> OK

    Different computers, same IP, same univers—> Wrong, Bad!!

    Same computer, same univers—> Wrong, Bad!!

    I guess this way is easier to explain.

    — Maynard    Jun 26, 06:42 PM    #
  12. How does this deal with LARGE networks that are NAT’d through a firewall? Or dialup accounts that get a new IP address ever time they log in?

    — angus    Jun 29, 09:56 AM    #
  13. Me and my brother have each one accound but my brother cand send ships to my planets cuz it alarms him with a multy alarm. How can we solv it so that we can trade together

    — Patrik Martinek    Jul 2, 06:02 AM    #
  14. Umm if your not allwed to disable IP check why do they even have that option

    — Sume Nub    Aug 22, 07:51 PM    #
  15. Patrik

    Your not meant to trade with multi users but if you do a gangster style money laundering trick it would probably work

    — ant    Sep 2, 11:11 AM    #
  16. is my friend breaking th rules if he has aol and needs to de-activate the ip-check top log in??

    and what can he do if he is?

    What happens if a player logs in at school 2 times a day+5-10 times at home and then back at school and then at a friends house?? it’s logging in a lot but some people like to make sure everything is ok!
    Last question
    What if there are over 200 ogame players at my school and we all log in at recess and lunch from the same ISP and we cant interact cuz were in the same uni but when we go home we do cuz of diff IP/ISP are we breaking the rules??

    Thx for answering!!

    — Sean    Sep 20, 11:20 PM    #
  17. its been 5 days and i was just wondering if anyone will answer my questions above??

    Voidhawk Says: Try contacting a Game Operator (GO). They can give you specific answers, we can only give you suggestions.

    — Sean    Sep 25, 11:39 AM    #
  18. ok thx

    — Sean    Oct 8, 11:55 PM    #
  19. When you go home you still can’t interact because they have “memory” of when you all went on together at school
    If you want to interact, don’t play at school

    — Nooneinparticular    Dec 22, 01:03 PM    #
  20. It’s not recommended to play in schools or internet cafes, but if you must you should contact a GO before just to clarify

    leo    Dec 27, 06:21 PM    #
  21. Concerning the 2 people using one PC to play ogame in the same Uni.

    As long as you inform the GO of the situation that you and whomever are playing in the same Uni and from the same IP they should allow it. SO long as the only thing you have in common is the alliance that you are in. There was a bit of a mix up in Uni 15 a while back where people that worked together in the same workplace and played ogame got banned, it was because they all had the same IP, it was eventually sorted out. But the GOs are now conscious of the fact that people that share the same IP in that situation are not account sharing or multying. They are all just playing of the same IP, nothing else. They also had to stop any res sending to people that were playing in their work place, cause it would be seen to be break the multi alarm rule. Hope this helps anyone that want to play with their brother/sister or better half.

    — BannedAccountMan    Jan 11, 04:33 AM    #
  22. Why have people been talking rubbish? Since when has it be bad to do either of these:
    “Different computers, same IP, same univers—> Wrong, Bad!!

    Same computer, same univers—> Wrong, Bad!!”

    And since when would they give you an option to do somthing but make it illegal to do so??? THINK PEOPLE

    — NPSF3000    Apr 16, 05:36 PM    #
  23. if anyone could explain how to get away with mulitiple accounts in one universe it would be appreciated.

    — tarcon    May 20, 10:32 PM    #
  24. can i get banned if i keep setting of the multi-alarm? coz i just figured out what it meant and i’ve set it off a lot

    — MatrixHunter66    Sep 2, 02:18 AM    #
  25. I didn’t know what the multialarm meant and I kept on trying to trade to my brother (same universe/ same IP)
    and I contacted a GO- but will I get banned?

    — samwarrior    Sep 14, 05:31 AM    #
  26. To tarcon,
    You will be discovered, a GO will BAN you, and you will be sad because you have spent the time coming up with your accounts and now they are GONE!!!

    — shanman    Mar 15, 06:40 PM    #
  27. people have multi accounted and got awy with it for quite some time but they get caught in the end. Imagine being careful and spending a year or more building up 2 or more accounts ( a lot of work ) only to try and log on and find that you’ve been busted!! alll that work for nothing.

    — lardyass    May 10, 08:23 AM    #

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