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Question: How many fleets can i send at one time?


Published: Feb 15, 04:35 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

How many fleets can i send at one time?

The Answer:

That depends on the level of your Computer Technology. You can have one more fleet than you have Computer Technology.

For instance, I have a Computer Technology of 12. This means I can have 13 fleets active. An active fleet is one that is not at your planet… so Espionage Missions, Deployments, Trading, Attacking, Harvesting (Recycling) or Colonization all count as an active mission.


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  1. Yes , He is right !
    The more CPU Tek u have the more fleet missins u can do …

    — Space Master    May 5, 01:31 AM    #
  2. I think you’ll find that “CPU” isn’t an abbreviation of computer. It is a completely different thing, like the heart of the computer. Why not use “comp”?

    — SoumiGuy    Jun 25, 05:43 AM    #
  3. I’ve been working on my computer tech and i got it to lvl 8, but my pnts is 2k, should i just slow down a bit????

    PS: CPU is Central Prossesing Unit, so Soumiguy is right

    — Dazza3000    Aug 5, 07:39 PM    #
  4. u guys are smartalecs…. its not cpu its comp! blah blah blah!

    — someone.    Sep 1, 12:27 PM    #
  5. i thiiink that u should work on your esp and wsa techs a lot more than computer! wait until u need a nanite then finish up those 2 levels.

    — Sean    Sep 25, 01:38 PM    #
  6. loud noises!

    — dumbbut    Dec 6, 01:53 PM    #
  7. I’m kinda off topic but theres also ACS attacking and defending
    And who cares about CPU or comp, as long as you know what they mean

    — Nooneinparticular    Dec 22, 12:56 PM    #
  8. i agree with what Nooneinparticular sais. it´s not what CPU or comp means! it´s what they mean! but there is something that we have to remind! if the player wants to be a turtle ( build a lot of defenses and doesn´t attack anyone) or if his wish is to be a pure-rider he has to upgrade the comp tech a lot ( level 10 0r more) and built a lot of ships! dont forget! to be a pure rider you have a lot of work to do and you have to do fleetsave every time you dont be Online in ogame!!!!

    Adm    Jan 10, 02:35 PM    #

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