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The Perfect Army? - by R-Someone


Published: Feb 14, 07:28 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This was posted as a comment on the Fleets and Ships Overview article. I think it deserves its own spot…

There is no perfect army.

It depends on how are you going to use it what ships are you going to useÖ For example, if you are going to do fleetcrash, I think the best combination will be battle ships, plus cruisers as cannon fodder.

I donít consider useful to use light fighters in this case because of the rapidfire, and the destroyers are a bit slow, so it would be easy to fleetsave before the attack. But, this isnít always like this.

Destroyers can be useful, if you have a tactic to solve the problem of the speed, for example, with a mobile base.

In the other hand, if your objective is to farm, I would use light fighters as cannon fodder, because of its cost, and there is no need to worry about the rapid fire. An also, the bombers are useful in this case. But, maybe you want to do a lot of farming per day, and that means that youíll need speed. There, the cruisers come very useful.

As I said before, I think (Maybe iím wrong) that there is no perfect fleet, it depends of a lot of factors, like your objective, your way to play the game (If you like to attack players without defenses, maybe the best ship for you may be the espionage probe :P)

The thing is to figure out what do you need, in base of the situation.

Remember, there is a lot of info to find out that, you just have to look and think!


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  1. hi
    i think the best combination (fleetcrasher) will be battle ships, cruisers and also light fighters as a cannon fodder dont ask me why im playing ah ogame.pl from the beginning and lets say i know whats good :)

    — slug    Feb 15, 01:32 PM    #
  2. a good fleet i wud say is 1000 battleships, 10k lightfighters for fodder, 500 destroyers and around 1000 bombers, and a few death stars, maybe 5. im very close to this now.

    — tom    Feb 16, 09:20 AM    #
  3. but the death stars are slow

    haxel    Feb 24, 10:27 AM    #
  4. Slug is right. and tom that fleet you are talking about is very expensive and not necesary. take out the bombers and destroyers and build lf’s and cruisers and youll see that it can woop your fleet and most defences.

    I got attakked by 500 bs and 90k lf’s and he is one of the top fleets in uni 1

    — anony    Mar 3, 02:07 PM    #
  5. I’m playing ogame.fr and I I could say I have a lot of experience; so for me perfect fleet is the combination of light fighters, cruisers and battleships! If you try to build 10lf and 2 cruisers for every battleship, you’ll soon have a really intersting fleet. You also ought to have some Destroyers for big fleets and some Bombers for huge defences : a bomber and a destroyer for every 10 battleships! Of course there is no perfect fleet but you must never forget to balance your fleet!!

    — D-A    Mar 7, 01:41 PM    #
  6. Hi
    I am playing the game at ogame.com.tr for 2,5 months… made many calculations…...and my opinion is : it depends on the base you will attack, if there is no( or a little ) the best combination is 8 Light Fighters per 1 Cruiser( no battleships ), for the defence use Bombers( hyperspace drive must be at least 8! for more speed ), may be I am not enough experienced in this game … but I play StarCraft and I do know what strategy is:) , but much of this game depends on your total “ONLINE” per day:)


    — MeSSiaH    Mar 8, 01:41 AM    #
  7. I’ve found that the perfect fleet is a couple dozen Recycler’s scattered over a few planets spread out a bit.

    Every time someone has a large battle, I’m there to pick up the pieces and don’t have to fight anyone.

    Also, I’ve found that “The Perfect Fleet is always Bigger than the Other Guy’s Fleet.” And if it’s not bigger, then I look elsewhere.

    There’s always somebody bigger than you in this game, but there’s also several more that are smaller, and that makes your fleet,... just right.

    Grey Fox

    — Grey Fox    Mar 9, 12:29 PM    #
  8. lol yea Grey Fox has a point…

    i try to create a fleet that will work well against the inlucky person im gatecrashing….

    for instance: if im attacking a dude who has crusiers then i use battleships!


    but be carfull who annoy…..everyone has friends!

    — Commisar Gaunt    Mar 29, 05:43 PM    #
  9. I use heavy fighters as foders since they have more firepower, shielding, and armor than light fighters; therefore 1 heavy gives you the equivlent of 3-5 light. 2-3 per larger ship will fod fine i found against defence and fleets smaller than your own.

    — slashfold    Apr 2, 11:06 PM    #
  10. I’m playing on ogame.org, for me the best fleet is doubling up the weaker the ship e.g. 1 cruiser has 2 heavy fighters and each heavy fighter has 2 light fighters.

    — Rob    Apr 5, 07:48 AM    #
  11. Ok well I have been playing Ogame for a few weeks now, although I am new Ive been building up my fleet and trying to determine the best Fodder” etc… Ive calculated that Lf are the best, being very cheap!!! dont forget that Hf are more than double Lf price!
    Also as you progress during the game your research in armour and shielding increases you LF surving % and as you will have 100’s of them they will survive and take a large % of the shots!

    You can argue Hf can do the same but better as they are almost 3 times better… A good argument but their price isnt worth it?!
    If you loose 500 lf thats around a loss of 150,500

    AND if u were using HF u lose around double.. or more…....

    — Mzie    Apr 16, 05:07 PM    #
  12. If I ciuld give any tip to ogame players, it is this.
    Battleships are amazing, they are the most versitile fleet i have known. a good combination for raiding that i use is
    200 battleships
    10 large cargo
    50 large fighters
    50 small fighters
    20 cruisers

    this is a versitle and interesting fleet, my fighterīs and cruisers soak up the damage and the battleships pound the defences and my cargos drop in and swipe the loot.
    also, never forget to sneek in a sly missile strike to daze the opponent and take alot of the defence out of the picture.

    this is a method that works so well and has rarely failed me.

    — hanlyoj    Apr 21, 07:55 AM    #
  13. i think the best combo would be about 100 light fighters for every b ship, and 15 b ships to 1 destroyer

    — fearthereaper    Apr 28, 01:57 PM    #
  14. try this one.
    i’ve been playing ogame for ages now and i got myself the perfect fleet.
    100k light fighters
    ogame is a game of nerve and wit. if you can build fleets and defences that can stop that you can do anything in this game.

    (so far i haven’t lost one ship and have beaten every player i challenged in one round)

    — joel    Apr 29, 12:24 PM    #
  15. Hey all! Ive been playing ogame.org for the past 6 months now, and Ive come to realize that no matter how good your fleet is, you will always loose it lol I use to have a good fleet…but there’s always sum1 better.

    800 Battleship
    2100 Lf
    350 Hf
    100 Cruiser
    that was my main fleet for a long time..then boom! all gone just like that. So never get too confident when it comes to your fleets. Right now, I am working on a fleet that is a mixture of all ships except destroyers and deathstars. Its doin great.

    — Bullet Theory    Apr 30, 11:08 AM    #
  16. hey

    ive only been on this game a month and my planet cant produce all the battleships and stuff you guys are talking about, but ive found that my best fleets have a mix of heavy/light fighters and crusers.

    BTW: this is a good attacking fleet to aim for if your a noob ;)

    — Master    May 2, 09:26 PM    #
  17. hey i ahve been playing ogame for years now and the best is lf for foder no matter what they are cheap and easy to take hits, then you ahve to have a combination of 10lf per battle ship and 5 cruisers per battle ship, no heavy fighters but you can get a couple if you wnat, waste of money, the most affordible ship for its price is either the battle ship or crusier, the deathstar would be the best but it is too slow to make a good attack on somone, bombers are useful if the planet you are attacking is out of range for your missles. you should have 2 bombers per battleship. Also you should have 3 battleships per destroyer. Always attack teh innactive players that either have an (i) or a (iI) besid etheir name. That is the best way. Alos always remeber to espionge always sned 3 off teh start and if you liek what you see sedn 30 or 50 to make sure. Have fun

    — Korin    May 7, 11:47 PM    #
  18. i no you all think death stars are slow but my oppion is rather get the job done insteade of fast and hard i have 14 death stars and thats enuf for me 1 for each planit.

    but if you like to sneak attk use about 30 battle ships 10 destroyers and 10 bombers alomost 50 cruisers i no thats not alot but it gets the job done,oh yea have that much per 1 planet and have them all attk
    baby smurf    May 9, 10:48 PM    #
  19. I believe that the perfect fleet is….... 10K Espionage probes! No, seriously; I do! I beat a player with ion cannons with 10K EPs.

    Mulok    May 12, 03:17 PM    #
  20. No, solar sattelites are the best! If you get 100k of those and attack someone…Bang! you’ve got NO supplies!

    — Tookie Golumn    May 12, 04:21 PM    #
  21. yeh the thing is… you cant attack with solar sats smart ass :P

    — mayhhem    May 17, 06:32 PM    #
  22. Hi, i am top ten player in ogame.ba and the best fleet is b ships and lots of l fighters but the main thing is your technology. You need to upgrade your shield, weapon and armour technology and you will be a god. :9

    — tHE KillER    May 19, 06:41 PM    #
  23. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now, and i manage to send out 15+ succesful raids in 9hrs. I never drift to far from my planet (no more than 25 systems) and ialways check to make sure the target(s)/alliance(s) arnt TOO strong, espech if you use the Average score. My fleet consists of roughly 3 Cruisers per Battleship, and 100 Large Cargos, I find that Cruisers are more effective against smaller defence (up to ion) and Battleships for above and other ships.

    — Gmachine88    May 20, 09:20 PM    #
  24. 600 Lights per Destroyer
    300 heavys per destroyer
    75 cruiser per destroyer
    25 battleships per destroyer

    — JJ    May 24, 08:13 PM    #
  25. uhh yah if ur rich

    Per Battleship:
    40 Light Fighters
    20 Heavy Fighters
    5 Cruisers

    — jahaba    May 25, 09:46 PM    #
  26. But… If your attacking a weaker player, that cant ninja you. you should just send Battleships as any fodder will be destroyed which would decrease profits.

    — chickenhound7    May 28, 06:16 PM    #
  27. lmao, you guys are funny, best fleet is simple for any top player.

    Destroyer are amazing,
    I play Ogame.org and i usey get hit by juss 2000 Bs and about 1k Destroyers. of course i fleet save. but its simple!

    Anything works….

    Personnaly i love my fleet of 30k HF, they own any nooby defence…

    Then ive also got my fleet for bog defences and

    For fleetcrash Juss send in a bunch of destroyers!

    And never forget your recyclers they are the best….

    P.S.: Get a colony beside 2 top players, and juss rank up all the debris

    — Doogle    May 29, 08:58 PM    #
  28. Hey I havent played this game for long but in my pinion Large Cargos are worthless. Yes they have 5 times the amount of cargo capacity as light cargos but they only have 3 times the structual integrity and only 2.5 times the shield plus as you get better armour and shield technology the L Cargos get alot stronger true you could say this for large cargos but they are much more expensive.

    — Solu    Jun 2, 04:40 PM    #
  29. small cargos can carry less and are weaker than light fighters!

    largo cargos carry 5 times more, are faster, strongerÖ.

    whats wrong with them?


    — Commisar Gaunt    Jun 4, 10:04 AM    #
  30. Well it all depends what your going for. If you actually want to kill the person you want with a cost effective fleet you want lots of battle ships with lots more light fighters, i would say a ratio of about 1:10. after that its all about who has the better technology. but remeber that heavy fighters are a waste of money, do the math they are not cost effective.

    now if you are super rich and want to hit someone because your mad at them there is a way to hit them before they even have a chance to see your ship, and thats whether they are online or not. that is to build like 1000k espionage probes. its super expensive and a complete waste of money, but you still get the points and then you can pretty much kill most average players without ever giving them time to react.

    and then if you just want to be a jerk you can build like 10 death stars and then attack somebody and since death stars are so slow, they will be in fear for like 3 days before your ships even get there. It would be quite funny, and then if they have been building defences that whole time just recall your fleet or smash the def with missles just before your ships get there, its a great phycological weapon, but once again its only for the rich

    for every one else, 10 light fighters for every battle ship, and then as many cargoes as you need

    — Jack    Jun 4, 11:48 PM    #
  31. It’s pathetic how sad the majority of players are. Even if you send 1m espionage probes (thats 1000k for those of you who can’t count), along with a weap/armor/shield of 10; a guy with 100 rocket launchers will force a draw.

    For the rest of you, costwise the most effective fleet is LF + BS. If you are too lazy to do ANY calculations, read this: http://www.ogametips.com/4/fleets-and-ships—-overview… It even shows the most cost effective ships.

    Admittedly, the math is not foolproof, because it does not take into account all factors. However, if you do a little math yourself, adding up costs, damage, armor, etc etc. You will realize that battleships are the most effective ship in the game. Light fighters are the best cannon fodder. Still don’t believe me? Download speedsim and try it out. You can build 16 light fighters for each battleship. Do some testing; a fleet of 100 BS + 1600 LF will beat a fleet of 200 BS.
    After spending some serious time testing out fleets with speedsim, I found that a ratio of 16:3 is best. That is, 16 LF for every 3 BS.

    You will want to add in cruisers to help deal with minor defences; primarily rocket launchers. 10 BS vs 200 rocket launchers, the BS will lose. 10 cruisers vs 200 rocket launchers, the cruisers will win 75% of the time.

    The moral of the story: Build light fighters, BS, and cruisers. Have some extra bombers on hand if they have really heavy defences.

    I’d go with at least 3200 LF, 600 B, and then somethin like 400 cruisers and 400 bombers. Whatever you want on the cruisers and bombers.
    For the people who say HF are good, I just have to say a big NO. They are NOT cost effective, and are much worse cannon fodder than light fighters.
    Destroyers? You can build tons more baleships for the price of each destroyer, its not worth it. Why have 100 Des if you can have 500 BS? Look at the amor/weapons/shields. Each destroyer is only worth 2 battleships. Costwise, destroyers are much more expensive. You can build something like 2.5 battleships for each destroyer.
    Death stars? Same thing… plus they’re slow as hell. 200 destroyers per death star. The destroyers will have 3mil more structural integrity, just 10k less shield, and same weapons. The tradeoff is cargo space vs. speed. 1/3rd the cargo, but 100x the speed. I’d take the battleships any day. In fact, speedsim this battle (200 BS vs. 1 deathstar), and you will find that the battleships win. The extra structure is well worth it. In fact, you will lose less than 1/2 your battleships. Once again BS are the solution.

    Seriously guys, somehow I don’t think you are all “top players” like you claim. You are a few fries short of a happy meal. Please, PLEASE get some common sense.

    — Cirot    Jun 13, 11:06 PM    #
  32. Cirot> You are right for almost everything…but not for HF.
    HF are cost effective in old unis. They act as RF blockers against cruisers. I am speaking about larger fleets, like 200k light fighters, 20k cruisers, 3k BS for instance. Against this kind of fleet, if you have only (or almost only) LF, you lose 60k LF (240k pts) per round only counting the cruisers.

    Also, they are great for standalone use against swarms of light defences. They are immune to single shots and can be used in larger numbers than cruisers, thus providing a more effective cover to cargos.

    Trust me, in about 6 to 10 months you’ll be rushing for HF ;)

    The perfect army does not exist. Optimal combinations evolve over time for a given uni.

    — Etheric    Jun 14, 09:26 AM    #
  33. You still talking about HFs? You extreme sadists. Its just a waste so save the re sources for like 10000000000000000000000K espionage probes or whatever.

    — EarthHiComm and HarvestHiComm commander stanforth    Jun 15, 11:37 PM    #
  34. Oh here is somthing about the”Three Day Horror!” I tried that once and the guy I was attacking gave me about 12 messages saying “please don’t hurt me! I can spare 31 Deuterium!”
    I wrote back if you made me come over there using about 300 Deuterium 31 is not worth it. Turns out he had 345 Metal, 56 Crystal, and… 562445 Deuterium! In my opinion, the craziest ogame player ever.

    — EarthHiComm and HarvestHiComm commander stanforth    Jun 15, 11:44 PM    #
  35. i was wondering if anyone could help me out in a few areas.
    one: im new to the game(been bout 1 week)
    2: what do in do in the beginning? i have 20lf,3 s cargos, and am working on make a colony ship. but what do ppl mean moons are hard to get? when i press my light fighters and tell them to go to df or moon it says no occupied and should be colonized. whats si hard about that? or is it trying to tell me something else and my noob understanding of the game makes it sound easier then it is? and can anyone help me out? i joined the Gundam alliance in uni 5 and have no cluee what to do. any ideas?

    — jordan sullivan ( ogame= alpha364, uni.5)    Jun 17, 09:38 PM    #
  36. “small cargos can carry less and are weaker than light fighters!

    largo cargos carry 5 times more, are faster, strongerÖ.

    whats wrong with them?

    Well for starters, after lvl 5 impulse tech, small cargos are faster (10k vs 7.5k). And for the same amount of resource capacity, small-c have more structural than large-c.
    But cost-wise, large-c carry more.
    If you are just fleetsaving recources, go with large-c, carries more and gives you more fleetsave time (its slower) Otherwise, the extra speed and armor of the small-c is better for hauling loot away.

    — Falconerd    Jun 19, 08:07 PM    #
  37. Right.
    Small cargos are even faster that what you said, since you did not take into account the difference in engine research influence.

    => With combustion level 10 you get a speed of 15000 for your large cargos (+100% bonus).
    => With impulsion level 10 you get a speed of 30000 for your small cargos (+200% bonus)

    And now some more explicit figures : 1-galaxy travel time – with large cargos : 3h23 (with combusion level 12) – with small cargos : 2h30 (with impulsion level 10)

    You save an hour. Two if the ship returns to its base after.

    — Etheric    Jun 22, 09:25 AM    #
  38. im top 10 org uni8 player

    and so far as i hawe understand, the fleat u nead to build depends on how old is uni, in the begining u nead alot BS becose of 0 loss HOFs , not meny plasma on planets, later in game u nead meny LF becose they r rely good agenst BS, so u nead to watch HOFs to see what peapol use most and build fleat that can beat that, i hawe play 3 unis so far and its alweys the same fist players build alot BS after that LF then CR, then u nead HF

    and when wery late in game comes RIPs u nead destroyers , becose LF, HF and CR canot hurt rip at all if same tech (becose of shild)

    — pcsimke    Jun 23, 04:39 PM    #
  39. And for those who think that HF is no good ship, use spead sim, put same amount ress (3-2-1 ratio) in HF and in eny other ship , only rip and LF get beter result,

    So if u hawe fleat with CR and HF nhothing canot beat that exept RIPs (if same amount of ress is invested)

    So i woud say HF and CR ar prety mutch best combination
    and to hawe 2-3k BS for smaler fleats and to be able to kill couple of rips

    — pcsimke    Jun 23, 04:53 PM    #
  40. best army:

    -heavy fighter

    6=2=1 ;

    — molotov    Jun 26, 06:27 AM    #
  41. I’m Kinda a noob but i got a small alliance going i was wondering if any would join.
    My Ogame name is Cayser so message me if you want to join.

    I reacon you should not send light fighters out as attack forces you should use bombers or heavy fighters. :} :) :P :p :>)

    — Cayser    Jun 26, 07:09 AM    #
  42. The best combination is:
    5 destroyers x 10 bombers x 50 (the same quantity of cruisers and battleships) x 500 light fighter.

    Iīve got 100 destroyers 500 bombers 3000 battleship and 40K of light fighters, now Ūīm doing cruisers and 2K more of battleships. Then i want to increase the number of light fighter. 100k

    — ogamer    Jun 27, 04:58 AM    #
  43. Hello. I play at Ogame.org
    HF are a lot more powerfull than others ships. Build 100 Battleship and the same ammount of resources you spent on them, build heavy fighters. You will have much more HF and in a battle, they will win. I’m not saying just to build HF, but that theory of milions of LF suck a bit…

    — WCquaKeD    Jun 27, 08:13 AM    #
  44. i think the best combo is 10 light fighters for every cruiser and every 2 cruisers 1 battle ship

    — nicco    Jun 27, 09:54 PM    #
  45. i am ranked number 1 in universe 12 and i think my fleet is the best out of all. i belive this becasue when i originally started years ago i had a perfect plan and i stuck to it. the sad thing is i didnt use any resources for my defence. the perfect fleet for me would have to be lfighters . i always have about 10k light fighters and i always win. i have never lost a battle since i started using them. becasue they are very fast so i can attack another person right after im done with the other faster than everyone else. try it it works.:)

    — italy    Jun 27, 10:16 PM    #
  46. Same problem if you play Star Wars:Empire at war, fleet building is expensive there and you have to find good combinations but in this game(which is similar to EaW) all you have to do is look at all the ships different strenghs and weaknesses and were one ship’s weakness is put a support ship that helps deal/coup with the weakness and the ship being supported has its strengh support its support ship, a check and ballance..I just started this game so I have no ships but from what I see it looks similar to EaW so fleet combination is easier, since if you play EaW or Empire Earth 2 then this should prove no problem.

    — Young    Jul 4, 12:18 PM    #
  47. Do some sims to try to find the most effective fleet. A pure Light Fighter fleet seems to do really well in the sims. A light fighter fleet of say 50,000 can beat nearly any other fleet it encounters except a pure Cruiser fleet.

    — Mike    Jul 4, 09:59 PM    #
  48. After countless weeks of testing fleet combos I have seen that HF have the highest ratio of winning a battle against most defensive combinations. I did the ratio based on cost. 1666 LF equals 833 HF, equals 250 Cruisers equals 125 Battleships, equals 100 bombers equals 86 destroyers equals 1 RIP. And against defensive structures equal to the cost of the fleet, the HF, combined with bombers had the highest success rate. But against fleet encounters HF and BS had the best win ratio. So i would say build roughly 67 HF per 10 BS per 8 Bombers. Use the different fleet depending on the person ur attacking.

    — B-Rock    Jul 7, 01:47 AM    #
  49. k look ive been playing ogame for not too long but long enough to know wut pwns wut. the best fleet is impossible to find u just cnat get it cuz some1 will always have somethin thatll be able to counter it believe me ive tried in game and on sim. BUT, id say that 10LF:8HF:3CR:1BS, works pretty well HF isnt necessary but works well for cannon fodder, cruisers really help vs light defenses and light ships (light fighters massed) BS will just be ur main power for ur fleet. also remember ur engine upgrades if u wnat speed get at least lvl 12-14 combustion engine and 8 impulse and 7-8 hyperspace, if u wnat power dont spend so much on engines but on weaps tech, and if u wnat endurance id say get shielding and armor,also remember shields regenerate every round so theyre and important factor.
    If theres anythin else i can help u guys with plz add a comment, id be glad to help.

    — panzervii    Jul 20, 05:38 PM    #
  50. o and for all u ppl who keep arguing bout LF and HF, LFs pwn HF so badly, first of all u can get almost 3 LF to 1 HF, LF vs HF in small numbers results in a victory for HF but ppl dotn get small numbers they mass bout 50k or something so put this in the sim 50k HF vs 150k LF the LF will only lose bout half their amount while HF get pwned

    — panzervii    Jul 20, 08:54 PM    #
  51. what is da point in deathstars lol they so slow they give u like ages of time to fleet save and the waste deut on point less raids. the perfect fleet is 10 bombers every destroyer 10 cruisers every bomber 50 LF every cruiser.

    — bommaboy    Jul 22, 04:58 AM    #
  52. @italy. Is it 10k LF? Cuz if the defender had 1 Large shield domee, it would force a draw.

    — thetyr    Jul 24, 03:53 AM    #
  53. Light fighters!!!!!!!!+1000-3000 Batel ships. Hevy army is for farming and LM are fore big batles.I sow what light fighters do with hevy army….devasteting:))))u said 10k LM i sow army with 800k LM do u think that u can build so many BatleShips to desroy it??? if yes then see the price of 800k LM and thous BS.

    — rZUL    Jul 24, 04:28 AM    #
  54. thier is no perfect army

    but for offence it would

    1k lf
    50 sc
    100 cuiser
    50 battle ships

    they will conquer most people except the occanisnal gun nut

    — Yoda    Jul 24, 04:17 PM    #
  55. Well I have 14 Death Stars, 30 Destroyers, 1000 B. Ships, 20,000 light fighters, 1000 h. Fighters, 200 small cargos, 500 L. Cargos, and about 100 espionage probes. Do think i have a bad fleet????

    — Gantor    Jul 26, 01:12 AM    #
  56. I just whip out my 1k deathstars and own everyone, seriosly i OWN

    — ja ja    Jul 28, 06:38 AM    #
  57. it also depends on ur tech level

    — death    Jul 29, 02:38 AM    #
  58. I think that if you fancy just going for a nice easy win on a planet with no defence it would be best to use light cruisers. cheap and, yet effective.

    — The emperor    Jul 29, 11:50 AM    #
  59. Well, i got myself dawn with 11 lc, 3 sc, 20 lf,10 hf, 5 cruisers, 4 battleships and 2 bombers against 127 rocket launchers, 23 light lasers, 6 heavy lasers, 2 ion, and 1 small shield dome. it turns out we drew after 7 rounds within the battle and i ended up with 4 battleships and my 2 bombers left. i reckon there is no perfect fleet, it all depends on who ure attackin and wut for. DO NOT USE HF I REPEAT DO NOT USE HF. waste of resources. stock up on lfs and crusiers, then get 1 battleship for every 5 crusiers and bombers are used for ppl who have hard-out defense.

    — Maverick    Aug 7, 06:59 AM    #
  60. Almost good except…HF do have their uses. Especially against the kind of fleet you describe, as they will prevent ennemy cruisers for RF-ing havoc in your own fleet.

    Still, you have to follow other people in your uni. HF only get useful when people start building lots of cruisers.

    Have a look at this :

    (it was for a war, which explains why the gain is not very large for the losses: the point was to destroy the ennemy)

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:54 AM    #
  61. I use e’thing i can. currently i use a 3/1 ratio eg: 1HF =3LF 1Crus=3HF and so on. I will continue this with all ships execpt the following: SC=1 for every 2 Lf
    LC: 1 for every 2HF
    Bomber(dont no how much it cost compared to other ships so unknown)
    and i used random nuber of esp probes and solar sats

    — Dazza3000    Aug 14, 07:25 PM    #
  62. Light Hunter are the best at fleet crashing. if u have 20k light fighter. it own 1k BS 200 destory 2 RIPS 100 recylers 200 s cargo 300 l cargo and 30 bombers

    — sciopa    Aug 30, 08:39 PM    #
  63. I recommend to you to enter here http://orcasiballenas.crearforo.com

    this is a analisis of the best destroyer-combination [ship anti-ship]:

    if you know spanish… i recomend visit this pago of true estrategy

    — orca    Sep 2, 07:08 AM    #
  64. I use the old British 2 times policy.

    Meaning that I have double the fleet size of the two players below me.

    I also use this when attacking.

    2 Battleships for every battleship (or 1 Destroyer)

    and so on like that… double everything.

    — James    Sep 4, 07:44 AM    #
  65. RE:
    try this one.
    iíve been playing ogame for ages now and i got myself the perfect fleet.
    100k light fighters
    ogame is a game of nerve and wit. if you can build fleets and defences that can stop that you can do anything in this game.

    (so far i havenít lost one ship and have beaten every player i challenged in one round)

    Except you fail to realise that if the target has a SINGLE large shield dome, even if they have nothing else, it will be a draw, reguardless if you’ve got 100k, or 100 million LFs…

    — NVX    Sep 5, 03:48 AM    #
  66. u r all wrong i have 100k lf and 17k bs and 100 deathstars and i own all

    ????    Sep 11, 07:43 AM    #
  67. My fleet is very tiny compared to these. I just don’t have time to manage it. On the other hand, I do own my own home. Mortgage free.

    — JC    Sep 20, 04:06 PM    #
  68. don’t evel let me get started on my fleet, in Universe 3, mine is nonexistent, i have a few Lfs, Hfs, crusers and battleships and maybe one or two destoryers because my fleet just got wiped out from my moon. all i have to remember is that i really want to protect my res. of course i started my Ogame carrer late so i’m definatly an underdog. but i still belive that for defence that BS and Crusers, as well as a few Dest. is enough to scare most pirates away and prevent you from becomming a farm

    Steelsteve    Oct 3, 05:26 PM    #
  69. It really deppends on what is the others guy fleet composition.

    But to give you an idea. If someone has battleships and many fighters you will have greater losses. So for this case It’s best for you to use:
    3 HF per BS
    2 cruisers per BS
    i this case it would be HF as cannon fodder and cruisers because of the rapid fire…

    but the best way there is to attack anyone independently of his fleet composition is
    per battleship:
    20 f
    5-10 HF
    2 Cruisers

    Gazur    Oct 5, 10:59 AM    #
  70. In terms of cost, I worked out a ratio not long ago:

    1 Destroyer
    2 Battleships
    4 Cruisers
    12 Heavy Fighters
    36 Light Fighters

    Converting the costs to metal (using the 3:2:1 ratio), it’s more like 1 Destroyer to 2.5 Battleships, but close enough.

    Personally, I’m currently building lots and lots of Destroyers because I really like how they look. XD

    — Arbron    Oct 21, 12:30 AM    #
  71. I was thinking of building about 200 small ships . And I was wonderin should I build 200 heavy fighters or 400 light fighters ? what do you think ?

    — chad    Nov 5, 07:23 PM    #
  72. Hi. I agree with Grey Fox. There is always someone with a bigger fleet then yours and with friends so there is no perfect fleet for that. But i will leave my fleet details here to be examined

    65.756 Light Fighters
    25.861 Heavy Fighters
    28.154 Cruisers
    37.543 Battleships
    9.486 Bombers
    22.542 Destroyers
    24 Death Stars
    52.156 Light Cargo
    40.841 Heavy Cargo
    68.546 Recyclers
    135 Probes

    64.048 Rocket Launchers
    769 Plasma Cannons
    1347 Ion Cannons
    6348 Heavy Lasers
    16.151 Light Lasers
    948 Gauss Cannons

    Eh eh i think im ok on this plus i dont have any competition in my Uni and server

    — Fenjar    Nov 15, 03:44 PM    #
  73. Hmm, That seems a tad like a lie, (No offence man)

    I have a small fleet as I don’t have many Enemys. (And I have a few Powerful Mates)

    Battleships: 50
    LC’s: 20
    SC’s: 15
    Light Fighters: 100
    Heavy Fighters: 150
    Crusiers: 25


    50 RL’s
    161 LL’s
    50 HL’s
    20 IC’s
    5 PT’s
    20 GC’s

    I have a small but Quick fleet (Not that Time Worrys me)

    And My Defence is light, but thats just my Homeplanets stuff

    Evil Grin

    — Brickwalker    Dec 2, 01:17 AM    #
  74. Like me fleet consists of 39 deathstars and 500 destroyers no1 has even attacked my planet yet and i dont even need to fleetsave

    — Jefy Snitch    Dec 8, 12:00 AM    #
  75. I think I am first ogame player from Bosnia,well HY!!! There is not perfect fleet. I think that there is not max number of ships that somebody can have.More ships-better fleet. I play in uni 1. Here are my fleet details:
    103675 little fighters
    98786 heavy fighters
    54231 cruisers
    49897 battleships
    63428 destroyers
    36753 bombers
    100234 light cargo
    79346 heavy cargo
    76234 recyclers
    574 probes
    and in the end:
    105 deathstars.

    — war-lord    Dec 15, 03:56 PM    #
  76. indeed, a great army that you have there….milions…and milions…and… do you still having fun? i guess that i will achive graviton and, in the end, deathstar i will feel that my goal is done. have fun but you’re nuts, hehe

    — Jadore    Jan 29, 03:58 PM    #
  77. hello there, I also used to play there, now I’m in uni9. (I am from Croatia)

    but one thing: if u have like 3000bs or something like that, it should be enough to fleetcrash almost anyone. What is the purpose of having 100k light fighters if u have 50k bs and the rest. no offense man, but u’r a loonie. I mean, its OK to play when u have a goal to achieve, but once u’ve acomplished everything u could, what’s left? prOGame? just tell me, please, cuz I’ll never understand it well. what is the purpose of playing ogame when you have nothing more to achieve?

    De Emperor    Feb 1, 02:29 PM    #
  78. To answer this.. let’s admit, we cannot be nr 1, there are old players that are growing every day, more than i could. So , in the end of achievements ill try other universe, a new one, prOgame, and ill concentrate my attention on this one; From the experience i know that is not possible to make work 3-4 accounts (in different univ) at time, so the first will be the masterpiece done and second the new challenge (and I’m sure that it will have upgrades and new stuff). it won’t be bored. Without a goal is just a waste of time, no passion, no fun… a runner for ‘more ships, more defence ‘ without a chance and who will end crashed by an old-stronger player

    — Jadore    Feb 2, 03:20 AM    #
  79. I couldnt agree more with you, Jadore :)

    only problem I have is that my uni is slowly dying, and I don’t have much neighbors to attack. As a guy from my alliance once said: there are 1500 players in this uni. 500 of them are allies, 300 are inactive, and 400 are weak. People who were there at the begining mostly leaved, and there’s no point in opening an account now when there are already extremely strong players. I managed to get from below the statistics to my current position (327th). I’ll try to reach a little bit higher, check out this new ship and some technologies, and leave satisfied and not angry or disappointed, because, I will have knowledge and will be able to help some weaker players if needed. it took me whole year to gain my current experience level, and I still have things to learn. So, thast would be my story. :)

    De Emperor    Feb 3, 01:48 PM    #
  80. @Jadore
    Erm, yes, I still have a lot of fun. I love raiding. I got attacked a lot of time, but now, I am here.
    @De Emperor
    LFs are fooders, you got that?

    — war-lord    Feb 7, 10:19 AM    #
  81. warlord, DE emperor means that if you have 50k bs’s then why would you need fodder?

    — Arachnid    Feb 8, 04:21 PM    #
  82. Im not first in my uni and there is always somebody who has more fleet and big defence so I always need fodder when I attack strong players.

    — war-lord    Feb 9, 03:35 PM    #
  83. hmm… i would send in at least 15 battleships, 10 LCs, at least 10-20 bombers, and tons of heavy fighters

    — Dennis    Feb 9, 04:01 PM    #
  84. Well, send them.

    — war-lord    Feb 10, 08:27 AM    #
  85. Hey my in game char is “Brother_Destruction” and my cords are 1:15:6, and my planet name is “Helios”... but i was just wondering if any of u pros got bored of the game and have a in active acount, and could send me some supplies. if u could that would be ASOME!. thx

    — Brother_Destruction    Feb 18, 08:47 PM    #
  86. 1 deathstar for every 5000 points opponent has
    10 destroyers per deathstar
    10 BC/BS per destroyer
    100 cruisers per BC/BS
    100 HF per cruiser
    1000 LF per HF
    1000 LC/RE/SC per LF

    — vlad    Feb 19, 05:08 PM    #
  87. oh and / means and

    — vlad    Feb 20, 10:09 AM    #
  88. I say the perfect fleet (One does exist, it’s just hard to find :P ) is 200 billion deathstars, but since something like that is impossible, at the moment at any rate, people should worry more about the perfect ratio of ships. Canon Fodder should significantly out number your REAL fighting ships. For example:

    1 Destroyer—>—>3 Bombers—>3 Battle Cruisers—>5 Battleship—> 10 Cruisers—>50 Heavy Fighters—>250 Light Fighters

    That’s just a ratio, keeping cannon fodder at higher numbers so they can take more damage than your fighting ships. If your Battleships outnumbered your fighters by 4:1, where do you think all those enemy guns are pointing?

    — Shifty    Feb 22, 04:57 PM    #
  89. What ratio are you guys talking about?
    There isnt a default rato for everyone. Someone has this strategy, someone that…
    Just build a lot of powerful ships and go raiding. That is OGame, war.

    — war-lord    Feb 23, 02:58 PM    #
  90. The perfect fleet?

    Use everything:

    Light Fighters
    Heavy Fighters
    Death Star

    and of course Large Cargo’s and probes etc

    — Willis    Feb 27, 03:17 PM    #
  91. my fleet is the best!
    3000 bombers
    1500 destroyers
    12000 battleships
    470000 light fighters

    — ghost    Mar 13, 10:20 AM    #
  92. guys are idiots.. come up with something affordable.. best combination that is doable by most players is massive lfs and bs/bc period.. you dont even need destroyers or bombers you keep massing up bs and pretty much your set for any d.. instead of wasting money on dest/bombers build missiles. lmao @ ghost for the stupidest post every if ou can afford that much shit you should just make like 100deathstars.. gg be realistic now.. non of you probably even have a lvl 30 mine

    — lol    Mar 15, 01:14 AM    #
  93. How much points do you have?

    I think that you dont know what you can achieve in OGame!!!!!!!!!!

    — war-lord    Mar 19, 06:08 PM    #
  94. im am a game admin and we have a private server, if i were to tell you what my fleet is, you’d !@#$ your pants.

    — smaddy    Mar 24, 05:22 AM    #
  95. Really?! Well, you can tell us. But you cant surprise me. In my “Ogame career” i saw everything. So if you have more than 1000 DS you can surprise me. But in that case, I shouldnt believe you. :D

    — war-lord    Mar 30, 04:18 PM    #
  96. vlad actually 1250 light fighters would equal 5000 points and 1 bs is worth 60 points just to let you know and um just to ask how much does irn cost lvl 1? plz dont give me the wrong info i’ve only got 6k points anyway.

    — l0l    Apr 10, 09:35 PM    #
  97. irn WHAT?!

    — war-lord    Apr 14, 05:09 PM    #
  98. Some of you people think there is a BEST fleet, there isn’t it just depends what you’re up against. Obviously throughout your time on ogame you’ll be faced with many different combos of fleets. Different ships beat certain ships.

    Also there is no ratio when making ships. Early on when i had a smaller fleet it would be cheaper for me to crash a guys fleet with just my 500 BS then to use my 5k LFs as fodder. I suffered less losses. Always sim your battles with and without Fodder because every bit counts.

    Combos change as time progresses and you will notice that people around you change their style of gameplay and their fleet. I changed my fleet style many times before i found what works for me in my area of the Univ. But that’s just me, you guys need to check out your area and see what works best. Don’t and i mean DON’T tell some one what there fleet should look like because if you tell them that 100k LFs is good Fodder and someone in their area has mass Cruiser, Goodbye LFs.

    Let your fleet adapt to your surroundings. Learn from your mistakes. Be wise when making a fleet and number one thing, FLEETSAVE.

    — Panzer    Apr 23, 10:31 PM    #
  99. I saw above someone said 1000 bombers…someone clearly has deut usage issues…any more than 250 and it just gets too expensive for an attack to be worthwhile, unless its someone’s entire fleet, in which case 30,000 LF should swamp them…BOMBERS ARE A WASTE OF DEUT AFTER 50 SS RANGE

    — Cerberus    Apr 25, 06:24 PM    #


    Oh, this was very tiring.
    The thing I want to say is, you need every ship in your fleet, ther are stronger and weaker players, ones you attack with stronger ships, and others you attack with weaker ships. Just read every ship’s description and see what is their real speciality.

    — war-lord    Apr 28, 01:40 PM    #
  101. #

    try this one.
    iíve been playing ogame for ages now and i got myself the perfect fleet.
    100k light fighters
    ogame is a game of nerve and wit. if you can build fleets and defences that can stop that you can do anything in this game.

    (so far i havenít lost one ship and have beaten every player i challenged in one round)

    ó joel Apr 29, 11:24 AM #

    dude ur gonna get hit by a death star sooner or later :)

    — thecat    May 11, 01:13 AM    #
  102. Deathstars are more of a defensive ships than attacking. Battlecrusers are great for fleet crashing because of rapid fire, battleships are a mush in every fleet, and detroyers are good for just straight power. O bombers if they have defense. all of you are talking about fodder and stuff. the only time you need fodder is if you dont have enough power. a solution, build more power. IF you don’t have the resources, then raid people continuosly until you do.

    Its so easy if you have the time to get on the internet at any time you like

    — Retard    May 24, 10:30 AM    #
  103. to the cat: “100k light fighters

    good luck becuz some1 will find u and send a cruiser fleet after u then ur !@#$ed

    To retard

    about power and fodder ur right make more power excellent point.

    — panzer    Jun 3, 06:31 PM    #
  104. everyone here i wrong, there is a perfect fleet. A fleet no one is going to ever get, unless they hack… a fleet of 1m DeathStars. but in reality, the perfect fleet is immposible to get, because someone will always destroy it.

    — Gaka    Jun 10, 09:16 PM    #
  105. U guys suck the ultimate fleet is pretty cost effective per ship

    1,000,000,000 Light Fighters!!! ;p

    — Ryan    Jun 21, 09:14 PM    #
  106. I agree with Ryan; you got to have just a wave of fodder so big that they cant kill everything. Or if your low on deterium, use HF; most effective fuel-firepower ratio apart from really big ships like Deathstars- 200000-1 lol

    — *anonymous*    Jun 27, 06:05 PM    #
  107. how do u build spaceships

    — omfg    Aug 2, 12:29 AM    #
  108. A billion light fighters . . . hard to imagine, but wholly possible!

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 13, 02:27 AM    #
  109. A LOT of death stars, with a LOT of fodder, and a LOT of points to scare potential attackers away. MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA. I wish I had that.

    — yippee2393    Aug 14, 04:25 PM    #
  110. You know what I do? I just go to this topic (or others like it) and take all the good things and separate them from the bad things, then use THAT in my fleet design.

    In other words, learn all you can from everyone else.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 21, 09:14 PM    #
  111. I’ve found the formule, he-he posh word, 25 LF: 12 cruzers: 7 battle ship : 3 destoyer works fine for me.(i don’t have deth stars yet. :( ) the light fighters survive the first few rounds and the probablity of a shot hitting a battle ship is 1: 2940 and a destoyer 1: 8820. if my calculations are right.

    — Sylux.    Aug 25, 05:03 AM    #
  112. there is no perfect fleet only perfect defence i have 1 now and it pwns! 400 plasma cannons!!!!!!! muahahqahahhahahaa

    — l0l    Sep 15, 11:49 PM    #
  113. Yeah, 400 plasma, right. And I have 1k death stars, and a million destroyers. Hell, you don’t even know how to use a comma.

    — Niea    Sep 16, 03:06 AM    #

    — Mama    Oct 9, 04:31 AM    #
  115. well someones rich

    — Turkey66    Oct 14, 04:46 AM    #
  116. no matter how big your fleet is it will always be destroyed no matter what. There is always someone better. You can never win =(

    — Harry    Oct 18, 05:49 PM    #
  117. 400 plasma eh

    if i were you kid id quit dreamin,because just 40 deathstars half your defence in 1 compleat attack and even then they wouldnt lose squat 2 or 3 attacks and you wouldnt have anything

    — will94    Oct 19, 07:07 PM    #
  118. I used to play a long time ago, and I just started playing again. The best fleet is Battlecruisers with cruisers. I used something like this:

    10-20 cruisers per every battlecruier
    3-5 light fighters per cruiser

    The battlecruisers slaughter battleships, the cruisers kill fodder, and the light fighters… die.

    — Rorschach    Oct 24, 02:15 PM    #
  119. now correct me if im wrong but at the mo i have 20k points on uni 32 started 1 month ago and im a fleet crasher i use small cargo and light fighter as fodder because no one uses heavy fighter but lots of people use cruisers to kill light fighteres so the s cargos stop this i use this ratio
    10lf:5sc:3cruisers:1bsp:1 bc but im behing on the bc cos they so dam expensive!andd this fleet works a treAT

    — anonymous    Oct 26, 05:32 PM    #
  120. Heres what I think: both heavy Fighters AND light fighters are good in there own right.

    What I do, is build a whole lot of Light fighters, about 10 to each BS, and then build Heavy fighters in an amount equal to roughly 40% of the Light fighter total for secondary fodder.

    Here is the reasoning for this: A pure BS flet may be good if your opponent has minimal defense, but against a varied attack or defending force it would stand little chance. Most Fleetcrashers like to keep here bigger ships (i.e., Battleships, Destroyers, Battlecruisers, maybe even RIP’s) safe during a battle, so haveing lots of little fighters around gives the opponent ships lots to fire at, minimizing the risk of your bigger ships getting destroyed. And the longer they saty alive, the more damage they can do to the opponent.

    But thats just my view. As long as a fleet works for you, then good. Remember, you can always experiment as to what works best.

    — Anti-anti-noob guy    Oct 31, 01:21 AM    #
  121. well, depends on the uni : younger uni’s – BS BC and LF to to get in and out quikly.

    older uni’s:
    well, i was a top fleeter in uni8 and have to say this, the number 2 fleet ranked player crashed the number 1 fleet. WHY ??
    have a look here – http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=309676
    notice what canko is missing that Kerberos has ? tons of HF, tons of cruisers. Canko had almost dbl the amount of LF as the number kerb, BUT, he didnt have cruisers or HF, so he got pw3d.

    ive been playin for over 3 years now, and in my experiance, i would sumise a few things…
    ALWAYS have lots of LF as fodder, not reli for attacking, but mainly to save ur ass when ur fleet returns, making u unprofitable to hit.
    Use HF as attacking fodder as opponent wont have rapid fire against u, makes his cruisers worthless.

    Look at Kerberos’s fleet from that crash, 3rd best in .org ...... enuf said ;)

    — priest beast    Nov 6, 03:34 PM    #
  122. i think the best fleet is all battlecruiser, cruiser, and battleship fleet, aobut 20 cruisers for every battlecruiser and 10 cruisers for every battleships. becuz those 3 ships are the fastest in the game and the battlecruisers take out battleships, the cruisers take out light fighters and the battleships for getting the stronger ships-destroyers ect.

    — planetdestroyer    Nov 26, 07:36 PM    #
  123. the best fleet would be all of everythiung

    — 12345sniper    Jan 3, 07:24 PM    #
  124. You people are seriously fucking retarded.

    just quit the game. you fail.

    sseriously, “turn your mines off when offline?” that is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard. go be an hero.

    better, level your mines really high, then leave them for a few weeks. i’ll watch over em ;)

    — Jimmy Hicklebroth    Jan 28, 01:14 AM    #
  125. I haven’t used any tactic as I’m new but work from theory people…

    1000 LF x 500 HF x 200 CR x 100 BS x 75 BOMB x 500 LC

    raid like god damned hell

    — froggyman    Feb 9, 12:33 PM    #
  126. or you could do this for a balanced RF fleetcrasher…

    4 cruisers
    3 battleships
    2 battlecruisers
    1 bomber
    (multiplied of course)

    if you or your target have about over 500k points then without fodder you’re making a joke so add in something like 50 lf

    — froggyman    Feb 10, 03:02 PM    #
  127. wth is all this crap at the bottom about? thts kinda distrubing… im confused! its seriously freaky!

    — joe    May 18, 11:24 AM    #
  128. I think the best fleet is Loads of battleships for fleets, and some bombers for defences – if you can get your hyperdrive tech up to the bombers speed up a bit :)

    — Venceromos    Jun 18, 06:19 PM    #
  129. id say billions of battleships and battlecruisers =D and trillions of dessies and 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 deathstars that pwns everyones fleet

    — GOD    Jul 4, 04:07 PM    #
  130. I think that there is no such thing as a perfect fleet. It all depends on which server you are playing on and which game (rip-off) of ogame you are playing if that be the case. In the 2x server I play on I am the highest fleet outside the top group of fleeters. I can safely say that I have had my fair share of moons popped and whoever said that you will always lose your fleet is wrong as well.

    As for fleet composition, spam the ships and worry about possibilities later on.

    My fleet is:

    SC 1
    LC 41000
    LF 50000
    HF 1
    Cru 1
    BS 71950
    Rec 34000
    Dessies 1000
    RIPs 702
    BC 1000

    Itís important to play with the simulators that exist for your game to find out what holes exist and to exploit them (not cheating, just common sense).

    BS are the best cost ship to have as a main. BC cost less fuel to attack with and as a result, some should exist to make hits that would otherwise be unprofitable. LFs tend to make the best fodder. RIPs are the best ship to get a hit in with, but are very slow. The best ship to spam is rips because rapid fire makes them rape all else. They can be used for overnight trades, moon pops and cracking those tasty shells. Not to mention that most fleeters cannot hit through a lot of rips, so if you are a little late on an FS and have a tonne of em, it can save you momentarily.

    — Atreyu    Aug 21, 11:23 PM    #

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