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PRGM Alliance News 12.19.2004


Published: Apr 19, 03:21 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

News for 12.19.2004 – UNI 1 – English Servers

News Headline: Ankou to Colonize New Planet

Nothing extra special to all the people out there with multiple planets, but Ankou has finally built and sent out a colony ship to a planet right nextdoor to his main planet, Zargon4. Still a bit new to this sort of thing, Ankou presses ahead with many questions in mind, but hopes of being able to gather more resources to further expand his reach and the reach of the PRGM alliance.

Rebels Replicate Boston Tea Party

ministon, miniest – Rebels today threw Deuterium into the harbor in an apparent replication of the Boston Tea Party. When dropped in salt water however, Deuterium becomes explosive. It will never be known what the rebels were rebelling against.

The Colony Ship Is Ready For Testing

Planet Vulco has recently finished research and testing of a new colony ship to colonize other planets. The government informs the public that the world leaders shall get together to decide the planet to colonize and of a building of one of these grand ships to further spread our reach through the Heavens and spread our diplomacy through the stars.


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