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Contest Time!


Published: Mar 28, 06:35 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The March 2006 Contest Results are here!


The contest is now closed. There are almost 40 submissions to judge. Judging will start on Monday, and the winners will be notified as soon as they are determined.

As of 17.03.2006 We have 21 28.03.2006 we have 30 submissions for the contest. There is still plenty of time to get your submission in. And still plenty of room to earn First Place!

So hurry up and get those submissions in now!

The Contest

OGame Tips is looking for the Top 10 Strategies for OGame. These top 10 strategies are broken into two areas.

These Top 10 Strategies will then be made available to any visitors of OGame Tips once the contest (and judging) is completed. The Strategies will also be available as part of the OGame Tips Strategy Guide bonus pack.

The Rules

Each Entry must:

There will be several prizes for the top 3 places.

How to Submit (May the Form be With You!):

Ok, so you’ve followed the guidelines and are ready to submit your entry. Just use the form below (be sure to include your email so we can contact you).


How to Submit (boring old email):

If you wish to email me the TXT file, please send it to: submit-tips @ “this domain”.com

“this domain” is ogametips :)


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Hurry if you haven’t posted yet, 1 week to go. ;)

    — Black wyvern    Mar 22, 02:12 AM    #
  2. Will the winner be announced here?

    — Nathan    Apr 3, 12:09 PM    #
  3. Yes, the winners will be announced here, and on the OGame Forums.

    Voidhawk    Apr 4, 05:50 PM    #
  4. Will the strategies open for all, or do normal people have to pay for them…

    — HeeroYuy    Apr 5, 08:25 AM    #

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