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Question: Can my moon be destroyed?


Published: Feb 8, 05:52 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

Can my moon be destroyed?

The Answer:

Yes, your moon can be destroyed.

A moon could be destroyed via Deathstars.

Here is a quick answer with the formula:

The chance to kill the moon is:

(100-sqrt(moonsize))*sqrt(number of deathstars)

The chance, that the deathstar is killed is:


Can someone destroy your planet? Find out!


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  1. if someone attacked me on planet with the moon will i have some advantage form moon?

    — BAMBURA    Jan 26, 01:53 PM    #
  2. yes, moons you can fleet save your ships to. also they can use jumpgates to get your fleet out of there if needed.

    — SolarPumpkin    Jan 30, 07:54 PM    #
  3. Hmmm…how about planets?...i saw lots of so called “destroyed planet”....can someone come and destroy your planet?...

    — ThrallDk    Feb 7, 09:30 PM    #
  4. Destroyed planets are when you blow your own planet up

    — Darth Atkins    Feb 9, 10:26 AM    #
  5. naw man thats casue someone either deleted their account or they deleted their planet

    — Jeremy    Feb 12, 05:11 AM    #
  6. does the defence on your planet defend your moon?? or do u hav to keep a fleet on the moon to defend it? can u buid defence on the moon??

    — Moebius    Feb 21, 08:43 PM    #
  7. If my planet were to be destroyed while having a moon, would the moon be destroyed aswell?
    Im sorry if this is a silly question, I dont actually have a moon, :) But its nice to know anyway.

    — Darian    Feb 24, 10:47 PM    #
  8. U can build defense on the moon but u would require a high sipyard level to build a sizable force, which is a waste of fields. level 8 shipyard would require 10 fields including 2 robotic fields.

    If u want defence, a few laser and gauss would be ok. So far i havent build any defence on my moon.

    As to your first Q, i am not sure

    — jarod    Feb 26, 10:55 PM    #
  9. If you attack a moon and he has fleets on that moon, do you have to defeat those fleets first before you can blow up the moon, or do you automatically go after the moon.

    — Lexus    Mar 9, 12:45 PM    #
  10. To answer the two previous questions:
    1. You have to build separate defence for your Moon.
    2. When you attack a moon you are only attacking the moon and not the main planet. You individually select which one.

    — Glacier    Mar 17, 10:00 PM    #
  11. so the only way to destroy a moon is with a death star?

    — goronhead    Mar 24, 05:00 PM    #
  12. yep, deathstars are the only ship that have the capablities to destroy a moon

    — Chris    Apr 3, 02:23 PM    #
  13. the first thing i would do i fmy moon was destroyed would be to ship all resources to the nearest colony so i dont lose any if it destrys my fleet

    — Mannionator    Apr 5, 06:49 AM    #
  14. can a group of death stars destroy a colony??

    — obduktor    Apr 9, 05:21 AM    #
  15. PLANETS CANNOT BE DESTROYED! only the owner by abandoning it, destroys it, NO ONE else!

    — Ransso    Apr 14, 05:29 AM    #
  16. Correct, when you see ‘’Planet Destryoe’’ on the galaxy view, it means the owner clicked surrender colony thats all. You can do that by clicking the planets name on the Overveiw.Moons start out with zero (0) feilds so you have to continue to build lunar bases on them if you want to pump your moon with defense. You can hold a fleet on your moon but when your moon is attacked, the fleet will naturally be destroyed unless of course it is a big enuff fleet to stop the deathstar.

    — Bullet Theory    Apr 30, 10:26 AM    #
  17. and face it you would have to have one hell of a fleet their to stop the deathstar. it would be a waste anyway, wouldnt you be much better off using them ships to defend your planet, sure jump gates are valuable but if your saving up for something big then you need all your ships on the planet not the moon

    — fearthereaper    May 2, 03:39 PM    #
  18. umm… is it just me or does it seem like the more deathstars u use, the less chance of destroying the moon…

    — what?    May 10, 08:37 PM    #
  19. I wouldn’t think so, It means that the more deathstars the bigger the chance is to destroy the moon

    — Darth V%¤error%¤r    May 27, 02:43 PM    #
  20. The more deathstars the bigger the chance.
    The bigger the moon, the lower the chance.

    You may use this little script I wrote :

    It’s in French but here is the translation :
    => Taille de la lune = moon size (for instance 8000).
    => Nombre d’étoiles = number of deathstars in each wave.
    => Nombre d’attaques = number of waves

    The probability of destroying the moon will show up in the “Résultat” box.

    You will notice that you are more likely to succeed by attacking twice with 1 deathstar than once with 2.

    — Etheric    Jun 14, 08:36 AM    #
  21. If someone sends deathstar(s) to destroy my moon can my fleet stop it? I have moon and it’s important to me because i’m planing to build some defences on my moon. So, does the deathstar succes depends only of the chances written above or it must defeat the fleet (and defence) on the moon?

    — Emperor    Jun 26, 07:35 PM    #
  22. - The fleet with the deathstar(s) must fight any defence / fleet present on the moon (and only the moon).

    – If the attackers wins, the deathstar get a chance to destroy the moon according to the probabilities already described above. – If the deathstar is destroyed in the attempt, any the whole fleet is lost.

    (so basically if you send ships along with the deathstar you are more likely to win the fight, but you’ll loose more if the graviton attack destroys the deathstar).

    — Etheric    Jun 27, 06:17 AM    #
  23. “you have to continue to build lunar bases on them if you want to pump your moon with defense.”

    Not ENTIRELY true. You only require enough fields to upgrade your Shipyard to a desirable level, since defences don’t use fields.

    Also, given the nature of the formula, having a massive moon (8,000+) reduces the chance of someone even WANTING to attack it, since the chance of losing the Deathstars is based solely on the moon’s size and ignores how many Deathstars are in the attacking fleet (so you’ll lose 10 as easily as you’ll lose 1).

    — Arbron    Jun 30, 05:06 AM    #
  24. what is the probability that the moon or the deathstar blow up?

    — chose    Jul 2, 09:16 AM    #
  25. hey can u get 2 moons on 1 planet???

    thecat    Jul 10, 04:05 PM    #
  26. “what is the probability that the moon or the deathstar blow up?”

    The formulas are at the top of the page…

    “hey can u get 2 moons on 1 planet???”

    No. Unrealistic, eh?

    — Arbron    Jul 11, 03:18 AM    #
  27. hey, if i have a moon and deathstars can to destroyed the moon, how can i stop the deathstars destroyed the moon??

    can i building lots of deathstars??

    — Robo    Aug 2, 06:51 AM    #
  28. if you destroy a moon with a deathstar, does it leave a debris field?

    — Roben    Aug 30, 06:10 PM    #
  29. hi
    i heard somewhere that moon can arise only once

    is it true? if i got a moon and it gets destroyed i will never have a moon on that planet again?



    — polish_student    Sep 5, 11:10 AM    #
  30. When Ive started to build one of my defenses or my ships. How do I stop if I change my mind. I cant find any way to stop the process

    — sergio    Oct 14, 02:07 AM    #
  31. as far as moon destruction goes…. is it possible for both the moon AND the DS to be destroyed? or does it just go with whichever has the higher %? example.. i have a 90 % chance to blow this moon up. and a 30 % chance to lose the DS…. if i get the 90% and blow the moon up, does the 30% chance to lose still effect me?

    — Finch    Nov 8, 11:56 AM    #
  32. so… i didn’t get it … at the end….. if you have lots of defense in your moon… and someone one to destroy it… do the deathstars have to destroy the defense first ant then go for the moon or it will go to destroy the moon straight?

    — BlackBit    Jan 4, 06:51 PM    #
  33. so we know that in the end we can build defence on the moon, but since its impossible to build missles on the moon, would it be possible that the attacker can just knock out every defence by throwing in a few bombs first?

    — Moonprob    Jan 20, 02:22 AM    #
  34. No moons cannot be IPM attacked.

    WGPguy    Jan 28, 11:41 AM    #
  35. of course your moon can get killed… 1 or 2 death stars will enilate a moon….

    — Dennis    Feb 9, 03:05 PM    #
  36. this may sound silly but how much resources does a deathstar take to build once u have unlocked it

    — brad    Mar 10, 05:34 AM    #
  37. the cost of one deathstar is 5 million metal, 4 million crsytal, and 1 million deut.
    I have 3 of them right now :)

    — unknown    Apr 22, 09:00 PM    #
  38. actually, i have a friend who ‘s planet was destroyed by someone else. they sent 5 deathstars and then 3 right after, and then 1 after those. it destroyed his planet

    — brock    Apr 22, 09:35 PM    #
  39. @brock…you or your friend are lying. Planets can only be deleted not destroyed get your facts staight

    — woulntyouliketoknow    May 17, 10:46 AM    #
  40. man u got to hate the noobs

    — matty    May 17, 03:02 PM    #
  41. Hi, could u please email me the answer its so confusing! Email me cause i wont check this, jacoboy7@yahoo.com.au

    Yeh my moon is 8,944 KM in size but all this square root shit is really confusing could someone please tell me how many deathstars an enermy needs to destroy my moon
    Thankz Alot Junior
    P.S anyone in uni 17 or uni 6 Join Soldiers Of War!!!!! (SoW) email if interested!

    — Junior    May 19, 11:51 PM    #
  42. Do you have a link or tool for Moon destroy???

    — Viper    May 29, 03:40 PM    #
  43. brock hahahahhahahahah
    whats ur last name are u a brock i know from schol?

    — leander    Jun 1, 02:16 AM    #
  44. i have 2 death stars and i need to destroy an alliance called suntzu..if i destroy his moon..would it be a great advantage?——-Kernel Corn(Bro)univ22—-1:71:7

    — Kernel Corn    Aug 5, 06:43 AM    #
  45. When some one tries to destroy your moon, is there a battle with your fleet there, or do they just try and destroy it?

    If it does get destroyed and you have a fleet on route, or on a fleet save, where does it go?

    JJ Jonny    Aug 9, 08:13 PM    #
  46. This was asked before but not answered. If you destroy a moon is there a debris field once it is destroyed?

    — pez    Feb 13, 03:37 PM    #
  47. I play OGame in Uni 15 and have a moon in G8(8.70.4), I was wondering if it would be reasonable to build a defense and have a major portion of my fleet there.

    Marin3Dud3    Mar 9, 09:56 PM    #
  48. What heppen to a fleet that is returning to a moon if the moon gets destroyed before the fleet returns?

    — Durd    Mar 25, 11:10 PM    #
  49. @durd your fleets get destroyed..

    then other aswers there wont be any debri if a moon is destroyed..

    — lawl    Mar 26, 01:22 PM    #
  50. can I destroy my main planet?

    — mast    Mar 27, 05:08 AM    #
  51. no

    — lawl    Mar 29, 08:24 AM    #
  52. if i have a fleet sent out from my moon on a fleetsave mission and that fleet is suppose to return to my moon. if my moon is destroyed while my fleet is out will i lose my fleet?

    — ryan    Apr 4, 10:59 PM    #
  53. @ryan. If you have a fleet on fleetsave, with return to Moon, and the moon is Destructed, the fleet by default return to the planet that the moon was in orbit of. (and will also show up on Phalanx).

    — Brian    Jun 5, 11:35 AM    #

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