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Question: What do I lose when I get attacked?


Published: Jan 23, 10:03 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

What would happen if someone really strong attacked me? (Iím new). Would I lose all my resources? my technologies? my buildings? cause I donít have a good defence yet?

The Answer:

When you are attacked, and you lose the battle, you lose the following:

When you are attacked, and you lose the battle, you do NOT lose:


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  1. hi again
    sorry to bother
    but is the spying related to the distance of the planet? i mean: if a planet is far and another one is near, and they are both at the same level in spying tech. would i have the same amount of information about both of the planets?
    thx again

    — The_UnknowN    Jan 27, 10:03 AM    #
  2. another question.
    can 5 light lasers stand in the way of a heavy fighter?

    — The_UnknowN    Jan 27, 10:20 AM    #
  3. what do u have to build first when u start

    — me    Jan 30, 12:33 PM    #
  4. depends. what level is your weapons, armor and sheilding tech level. and i think it would end in a draw.

    — SolarPumpkin    Jan 30, 08:56 PM    #
  5. Okay …. so you got attacked … oh darn heck. I have too and I am not a …. “Strong Player” .... twice … am I concerned? Not! Those that attacked will suffer a grievous retalliation that will so consume their ability to live, that they shall succumb to perils of their evil deeds!

    So … as a game … hunt down the culprits and enjoy a victory … as long as it doesn’t hurt the “Little Guy”. grin Avast ye maties you are all …. targets!

    — profspec    Jan 31, 06:05 PM    #
  6. well I belive that the key to not getting attacked is not to store resources, then there is no point. also for new conolys when you are starting, you would want to build a cuiser to protect tham untill they have enough res to build defences.

    — angry-monobrow    Feb 4, 05:12 PM    #
  7. when i get attacked it seems that my planetary defences dont do anything…and that its ony my ships tht take the pounding…and they arnt plentyful. why is this?

    — kez    Feb 12, 08:00 PM    #
  8. First of all, you have to choose between lots of small laser or just some heavy laser (I 1000 times choose the small lasers). Then, you have to get higher your weapon, armour and shielding technology, so your weapons gets stronger.

    For example, i had (Thanks Kanije!!!) 850 missille launcher, 1600 small laser, 300 heavy, 30 gauss, 80 ion, and 15 plasma… BUT BE CAREFUL WITH THE INTERPLANETARY MISSILLES!!! (Kanije attacked me with 55)

    — Freud, Uni 6    Feb 16, 10:34 PM    #
  9. I got attacked once with 75 interplanetary missiles

    — blah    May 29, 01:52 PM    #
  10. You should try and fleet save (see the section on this) and then your defence will take the attacks. It (the defence) may win or lose but I suggest you build it up to help.
    Researching the above technologys also helps.

    And ME, you should build up your mines first. Ignore the storage until you have about lev. 10 in all mines. Try to get a shipyard at lev. 2, energy tech lev. 1 and laser tech. at lev. 3 so that you can get small lasers and rocket-launchers before you leave Newby Protection (NOOB)

    — Jimbob    Jun 20, 02:10 PM    #
  11. can 5 light lasers stand in the way of a heavy fighter? OFC they can just look at there attack strengh and shield 5 light Lasers can beat a H.F

    — TheAnimalKing    Sep 12, 10:55 AM    #
  12. yes, 5 light lasers will win handily against a heavy fighter, in one round, and you’ll only lose one light laser, which might even be rebuilt

    — rayman333    Feb 2, 08:09 PM    #

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