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Sharing a Computer to play OGame


Published: Jul 17, 05:42 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

OGame is very strict about multi-accounting (as it should be). However, there are times when you and a sibling may want to play, but you only have one internet connection.

The simplest way to not get in trouble, is to play in different universes. You are allowed one account per universe, so (as of this writing) you could have 6 accounts. If you and your sibling/girlfriend/spouse want to play, you can play in different universes.

If you insist on playing in the same universe (not recommended) then follow these simple rules.

A GO(Game Operator) can only see what different accounts actually do. He doesn’t know if there are two people sitting there or just one. Just inform them per email, you will see them when you click on the names of the GOs:

Here is a list of banned folks at oGame. You can contact a GO via the list.

Turning of the IP-Check just because you want to can get you into trouble. Please contact a GO before doing this.

Please do not discuss methods of getting around the multi-playing. Not only will you get banned in oGame, but you will also get banned from posting comments here at OGame Tips.


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  1. so if i and my brothers coz i have 6 brothers all hav accounts we can get into trouble? thats stupid coz like my younger brothers need help so i cant send them stuff?
    — checkered_jedi    Jun 11, 01:48 AM    #
  2. How does the Game Operator know that you have 6 brothers playing? If all they can see is Email Address, IP and Player Name, then it could easily be one person with 7 accounts, or 3 peoples running 7 accounts.

    So, if you share a computer to play OGame… do NOT contact the person in game who is sharing that PC. It is the safest way. Talk to a Game Operator (GO) for more details.
    Eric    Jun 13, 08:12 AM    #
  3. Not that hard of a workaround.

    if you want to want to both play, play on different universes.

    GO doesn’t know that you have 6 brothers. He assumes that it is one person and will ban you. There is possibly a way to convince him that you are different people, but you just have to play on different universes.

    Checkered jedi: You cant. If you start sending resources to a player on the same computer that’s the best way to get banned. the GO has to assume that you are making 2 accounts and sending your second account help.
    — Gandalf2349    Jun 24, 05:22 PM    #
  4. We are allowed to have two accounts, in different universes right? i mean being in two different universes means no interaction at all, so it would be ok wouldnt it?
    — Stephen    Jul 11, 05:12 AM    #
  5. Well, I have a younger brother that actually got me into this game. We are in saem universe b/c i didn;t think it would become a problem. As I didnlt know I also joined his friends alliance. He did not send me anything because he is to cheap he does send other people to just piss me off. Well I hope this wouldn’t be a problem. If it is let me know I don’t want my brothers account to be banned.

    — Coldy    Sep 1, 01:31 PM    #
  6. this sux man me and my bro both play on the same uni coz we r both in the same clan(all started with avp2 1st then coz there a multi gaming clan we went to play other games)and in the same uni but we dont play on the same comp we play thru a rouder switch thing and we cant trade each other when i want to help him out
    — Josh    Sep 14, 10:14 PM    #
  7. So we have 2 acc on our computer but whe didnt know that that was forbidden so can someone tell me how to contact the opperator.

    O yeah i live in Holland and we use the Dutch server but that doesnt have more universes.
    — Armedias    Sep 17, 07:21 AM    #
  8. how do i contact a game operator?
    — otterfox    Sep 21, 09:03 PM    #
  9. if GO’s watch user activity and note IP addresses, will they flag activity if multiple different people, on multiple different computers, with seperate accounts – all use the same internet connection through a common router which would show a common address? myself, and several friends do this frequently and don’t want to cause any problem.
    — lordviagra    Sep 23, 07:57 AM    #
  10. Wel as explained above the GO doesn’t know how many computers/people are playing. They know the IP and a router has only one public IP. Yuo have a list of GO on the main page of the game, just click the Team icon and take one of the three from your universe.
    Puckeye    Oct 4, 05:55 PM    #
  11. Yeh, it stinks me and my bro both play ogame. when uni 2 came out we both joined and were in derferent alliances and we dint speek or interact with each other, but still we got banned for a year!! but the GO unbloked my bro’s acount but he was lousy and i was about 3 times better than him lol so i was ticked off with that!

    Its best to play in diferent uni’s!

    — Joe    Dec 5, 04:21 AM    #
  12. i dont get whats wrong with looking after someone’s acoount though? my friends gone on holiday n i got banned after looking after it within two days!!

    — The Redeemer    Dec 20, 06:03 PM    #
  13. You can get permission.

    Our school has a common IP, used by >100 ogamers. We have an Alliance, specifically for people at our school (because we think we’re all that). We even trade between ourselves if necessary, or so I’ve heard (never had a reason, myself). Clearly this should be a problem by what you say, but we got permission from the GO to be able to do this.

    Moral of the story? It doesn’t hurt to ask. Just make sure you do ask. I’m sure the GOs will be able to tell you any details on any restrictions, if you ask.

    — on the other hand    Dec 31, 03:10 AM    #
  14. i asdently made 2 acount on 1 ni wat shod i do ?

    — emoneione    Jan 8, 01:37 AM    #
  15. “OGame is very strict about multi-accounting (as it should be)”. this is the first line you read. there are people who cheat a whole lot worse than multi-accounting. this rule doesnt prevent much of anything. its just there eager attempt at having power over people. it prevents convenience for cheaters. it does not prevent cheating.and when you turn off your ip check under options does that mean they cant catch you even if you are cheating

    — edmond    Apr 9, 06:45 PM    #
  16. my cousin and i play on the same puter in the same uni in the same alliance. <rest of comment removed by voidhawk>

    voidhawk's note: Sharing a computer to play in the same universe is against the rules. It doesn't matter if you have got away with it until now. It is a no-no.

    Contact a GO and explain the situation. Tell them why you are in the same universe. They may let you continue, or they may make one of you move to a new universe.

    — madmax65    Apr 13, 12:58 AM    #
  17. where is the GO button or how do i contack the admin…?

    — jaineel    Apr 16, 08:34 AM    #
  18. i got my brother into the game a couple of days after i started. We use the same computer, and are in the same universe. We both got banned, less than a day after my bro started his account.
    I contacted my GO, he had me send proof to him, and then in less than a day later, my bro and I both got our accounts back, no harm done.
    So if something happeneds, just talk to your GO, mine was pretty nice about it.

    — mel    Apr 17, 04:09 AM    #

    — crazyalib    Jun 3, 01:25 PM    #
  20. Send the game operator a message ingame.. maybe you will be banned, but you will be clarified later :P

    — michael    Jul 21, 07:30 AM    #
  21. i was wondering i have 4 brothers and 7 sisters who play ogame but my sisters are always sending each other resources coz they dont read terms and conditions as they are 6 and my sis is better then me with 5699000 metal 4692990 crystal and 8502836 deuturium!!!!

    alienguy    Aug 2, 09:33 AM    #
  22. How do i contact the GO of universe 22? Does anyone know?

    — Lord Xenu    Aug 3, 12:27 PM    #
  23. My brother and I play in the same universe. I got him hooked a few days after I started playing. However, I have a question. Right now he is home for college, so naturally he has been using the same computer as me, or sometimes his (He has a laptop). I contacted a GO and he told me that it was fine, two people can play in the same universe, as long as they have no interaction with each other. However, my brother is going back to college in a couple days. Can I interact with him then?

    — Ingach    Aug 12, 12:27 AM    #
  24. Also, to add: We havn’t interacted in any way yet, as we are still so new that it isn’t even possible.

    — Ingach    Aug 12, 12:28 AM    #
  25. Can people get their accounts transfered between universes by a GO or would they have to start all over again?

    — Leon    Aug 28, 04:56 PM    #
  26. i had this done to me before… i got banned because some idiot was discovred using multiple accounts and just because my name began with ‘General’ i was banned, i cleared it out with an GO so the smartest thing to do is explain in a well writen message

    General Solo    Oct 3, 05:33 PM    #
  27. @Leon: you can’t transfer account from one uni to another

    leo    Dec 27, 06:19 PM    #
  28. Okay..Well what if you are in the university? and have people playing there? and on the Same Uni? Cuz me and my friend play ogame on the internet at school that uses the same IP all the time and yet never got banned.

    — Kwopau    Feb 14, 05:58 PM    #
  29. The GOs can probably note the difference between 2 account on one IP and 100 accounts on one IP. No one would multi 100 accounts, however, some would multi 2. That’s why your school IP isn’t getting banned.

    Mystic    Feb 20, 03:47 AM    #
  30. So we are allowed 1 account on each universe nothing more, does that mean that being on different universe, different account but same pc allow us to interact with each other?

    — MrFun    Mar 26, 11:19 AM    #
  31. My friend played on uni 1 for a long time, but one day he and his brother got banned…. Well he contacted the GO and told him the situation and the GO told him that he had to send a Birth certificate of himself and his brother! How retarded is that?

    — Random    Apr 30, 02:38 PM    #
  32. They could just be in differant universes which would solve the problem.

    — Louis    Jun 18, 04:48 PM    #
  33. hi every pudy

    — anis    Jun 21, 04:41 PM    #
  34. i’ve been searching on google and this page and nothing can tell me what account sharing is! i know multi accounting is when u have more than one account on the same alliance, but then is acc sharing when u use the same account with different ip addresses? then if that is true, you wouldn’t be able to use ogame on more than one computer for your account. if anyone can clarify account sharing, please leave comment.

    — Alien x22    Mar 17, 02:16 PM    #
  35. In each universe, there aren’t the same GO’s. GO’s only see your IP when you log in. if you have a brother on another universe, it’s perfectly fine. If your on the same uni, just contact the GO about you having a brother playing. And after that; just no fleet contact. It’s as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Account sharing is when you have you and a friend for example that use the same account. They would know because they track IP’s.

    Also if you are going to a friends house that has ogame, just tell the GO that you are going to the friends house.

    Most of the times for me, I just don’t make any fleet contact, and the GO’ don’t care.

    I know this for a fact. I am a friend of Razman for any of you people that know him from uni 35 on the .org server or uni2 on the .us server

    — cc    Jul 12, 12:35 AM    #

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