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Question: How do I destroy a planet?


Published: Feb 8, 05:52 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

How do you actually destroy a planet? is it by attacking it? this might seem a stupid question but I really don’t know!

The Answer:

To destroy one of your planets:

You can only destroy your own planets. And you can never destroy your home planet unless you delete your entire account.

You cannot destroy a players planet. You might be able to force them into surrendering their account. But that isn’t really fair. Just raid their resources, and give them a chance to build up some more. Then raid them again. :)

A destroyed planet lasts for 24 to 48 hours (varies depending on the server updates).


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  1. You have to actually click “Delete Planet” also. Make sure to put emphasis on that. Pressing enter just refreshes the page.

    — Avalon    Jan 27, 10:35 PM    #
  2. is it possible to destroy someone elses colony
    and not have them delete the planet

    GrayFish    Feb 7, 04:10 AM    #
  3. Is it possible to change your home planet and then delete the old home planet?

    — Sidestreamer    Feb 7, 10:40 PM    #
  4. Question: Can u capture/colonize a planet with a moon or can u even colonize a moon

    Robert Krise aka:Rameses    Feb 9, 10:12 PM    #
  5. jejeje
    Sorry, but it’s funny!

    You can’t capture/colonize a planet with a moon, and you can’t colonize a moon.

    It’s impossible to change your home planet.

    You can ride the colonies, but you CAN’T destroy a planet that is not yours.

    — Freud, Uni 6    Feb 16, 09:04 PM    #
  6. Ummmm what about death stars?

    — JediNeo    Feb 19, 10:53 AM    #
  7. You can capture Colony with moon, but instantly when you got it, moon will disappear.

    — Otherside being    Feb 22, 08:59 AM    #
  8. death stars can only destry moons never planets!!

    — jony    Feb 26, 10:35 AM    #
  9. maybe you could destroy a moon with about 10, but you would need alot more to have any chance of destroying a planet

    — buddha boy    Mar 7, 12:22 PM    #
    you can only delete planets that are not your oringinal home planet

    — universe guy    Mar 11, 04:59 AM    #
  11. once, my solar system had a slot saying destroyed planet. ??
    then it disappeared and i now have that slot as my colony

    — V    May 19, 12:37 AM    #
  12. can you capture fleets

    — jfir4g    May 25, 11:00 AM    #
  13. that means someone deleted their colony and no u can’t capture peoples fleets u can destroy them but not capture them

    — blah    May 27, 12:00 AM    #
  14. im so confused i just built a new colony and i dont see where you click surrender colony plz help me so frustrated :/

    — knightscar    Jun 6, 02:29 AM    #
  15. First of all, if you catch a Colony with more than 200 fields make your home planet and use your principal as another colony.

    Then, you can’t destroy planets, buildings or researchings of other players.

    Can’t coloniz another planet if is that not empty.

    Can’t coloniz a destroyed planet. (24-48h ‘till you can get coloniz it)

    The only way of capture a full fleet is destroying it and get the rubles.

    If you want to delete one of your colonies you should go to overview and click on the name of the planet, (yes, where it’s written “name of planet” – “name of player”)

    After clicking there you can choose 2 opts. one is to give another name to the colony and the other one is to delete it.

    Click on there and then introduce you account password, and then click on the button, don’t push enter or it’ll send you back to the overview.

    So I hope I’d help here.


    — Maynard    Jun 26, 05:24 PM    #
  16. OK…, how can i make a colony my home planet and use the other one as a colony? Cuz i just got one with 204 fields :D

    Valy N    Jun 28, 05:48 AM    #
  17. You can’t ever “officially” change your homeworld, however you can use it as if it were a colony.

    To summerize for the people who can’t stand deciphering people who can’t use proper English grammer, here is what has been said thus far:

    – You can delete only your planets: even if you had 1 million deathstars, all you can do is raid their planet. – You can destroy other players’ moons with Deathstars.

    -If you colonize an empty planet that has (had) a moon, the moon will disappear.

    – You cannot “colonize” a moon. You only get one after having a very very large debris feild. – You are lucky if you find a planet with more than 163 fields. VERY lucky. – You cannot capture another players fleets, ships, structures, moons, or planets.

    I think I’ve covered everything. I hope that answers all questions… ;)

    Universe 13, [1.xxx.xx]

    MjrPane    Jun 30, 07:23 PM    #
  18. i didn’t bother reading all the stuff above because i’m too lazy. so if this question has been asked. i really don’t care, but will a destroyed planet return for new users or colonization question mark

    — large al    Aug 7, 12:10 PM    #
  19. Read three posts up.

    — Leon    Aug 30, 12:19 PM    #
  20. btw

    YOU-CANT-DESTROY-OTHER-PLANETS-YOU-CAN-ONLY-DESTROY-YOUR-OWN-sheesh its been mentioned 15 times already lol.
    oh and once a planet is deleted, in 24-48 hrs (depending on server) it will be an empty space and left for everyone else to colonise it. and can you change appearance of your planet?

    — 007-wolfenstein    Oct 23, 06:13 PM    #
  21. do you really need those storage buildings?

    — DARK    Dec 9, 07:09 AM    #
  22. also this may not be on the subject but i need to know, what is stronger a rocket launcher or a light fighter (light fighter is attacking the rocket launcher)

    Enfang FX    Dec 16, 12:10 AM    #
  23. well thats what speedsim is for. light fighter win 20%, rocket launcher win 60%, draw 20%.

    — 12345sniper    Dec 23, 02:26 PM    #
  24. speedsim?

    — Corkofski    Feb 14, 02:26 PM    #
  25. Do all planets always have the same number of fields? Or does the number of fields change whenever the planet is destroyed?

    — KryO    Feb 25, 06:41 PM    #
  26. Um, getting a bit off topic aren’t we guys?

    Yes, you need storage buildings.

    No, planets have different number of fields. It is randomly generated when the colony ship arrives.

    — spawnloser    Mar 2, 12:01 PM    #
  27. Hello,

    can someone tell me how ninja and samurai actions work ? How to calculate etc… Also I’d like to know when I loose multiple battle in a row, can that destroy my buildings ? Like my solar factory goes from 15 to 12 orso ?

    thanks !

    — Badboybubby    Mar 18, 05:33 AM    #
  28. How do you capture a colony??

    — Bailo    May 12, 02:48 PM    #
  29. can u actually force a player off a colony i know i cant really force them off their homeworld but if there is not enough room for your own colonies? i am new only started a few days ago lol so i have like 4 light fighters not really enough to invade yet lol though im workin on it

    — fonduman    Jun 18, 07:04 PM    #
  30. OK. Here’s my question. (this is all an example)There is a destroyed planet in my system in slot #5 which means the guy who had it before left it cause it was to small (thats the main reason colonies r destroyed) I.E. it had 24 fields (slot 5 planets might have that size so dont BS me k?) I wait till it’s available again and colonize it. Will it have the same size (24 stupid fields) or be way bigger?

    — Grotte    Jun 20, 01:04 PM    #
  31. Ninja and samurai? I think you build an alliance depot on a moon and players send ships there for you to attack with. And no, buildings cannot be destroyed or degraded by an attacking fleet.

    You cannot capture a colony. You can only send a colony ship to a vacant planet to colonize it.

    You cannot force a player off their colony per say, but you can attack until they agree to abandon their colony.

    And Grotte, read the article/other posts before you post a comment!!! But since I’m so nice, I’ll post the answer for other people who are as lazy as you. NO IT WON’T BE THE SAME SIZE!!! IT IS RANDOMELY GENERATED WHEN THE COLONY SHIP ARRIVES!!!

    — yippee2393    Jun 30, 07:24 PM    #
  32. you CAN destory planets ive seen it done with 100k of deathstars in uni 18

    — snifferfrog    Aug 18, 08:48 AM    #
  33. So, say you’ve had a small planet, for some time, just to mine it, then you find another planet with lager fields and you need to get rid of the smaller one. you want to destroy the planet that you’ve been mining, but you have a shite load of defense on the small planet: do you loose all the def, and get back none of the res put into it?

    — New GM    Sep 5, 04:00 PM    #
  34. sorry, snifferfrog. 100k deathstars would cost 500 BILLION metal, 400 BILLION crystal, and 100 BILLION deuterium. Now, supposing you had level 35 metal, crystal, and deuterium mines on all 9 of your colonies, it would take approx. 215 years to mine that much metal, 258 years to mine the crystal, and 107 years for the deuterium. Besides that, production time for 100k deathstars with shipyard 12 and nanite 5 is more than 98 years! The guy who has that many must have been playing for a long time…. Think twice before you put up total crap on these boards!

    — Trevyr    Oct 7, 10:01 PM    #

    WOLF    Nov 5, 09:44 AM    #
  36. question how can i make another planet with my homeplanet? how do i get more than one planet at once?

    — matt    Jan 13, 04:03 PM    #
  37. god dam it ppl stop just fucking posting crap read the whole thing and your answer would be their ive seen the same questions asked like 5 times…

    — Anthony SBD    Feb 9, 12:25 PM    #
  38. omg…poor admin, has to explain over and over that YOU CANT DESTROY A PLANET! not with a deathstar not with a fleet and by adding it to Santa’s wish list! you CANT!

    — Srecko    Mar 18, 05:14 PM    #
  39. How do you find an empty planet?

    — Billy Bob    Mar 30, 02:11 PM    #
  40. very funny to read those lazy ppl :DDDD, guys try google and read before askin

    — roflcopter    May 13, 05:25 AM    #
  41. Ever heard the saying.. theres no such thing as a stupid question.. only stupid answers? Just becasue some has not read the post with the answer they need is no reason to use gutter language and be insulting. Please be considerate and show your civilized. Thank You.

    — leadstopper    Jun 15, 10:41 PM    #
  42. “you CAN destory planets ive seen it done with 100k of deathstars in uni 18”

    um, wow, what are you smoking? i completely agree with Trevyr, think twice b4 putting bs on these boards. also ogame rules !!!CLEARLY!!! state that “PLANETS CANNOT BE DESTROYED BY FLEETS”

    also to answer all the other queastions here:
    1.you cant destroy a planet
    2.seriosly, you cant
    3.planet fields are different every time the planet is coloized
    5.New GM- that is correct, you lose all def and get back no res
    6.you can’t capture colonies
    8.buildings cannot be degraded or destroyed by fleets
    9.you cannot capture fleets
    10.Destroyed Planet means that thowner destroyed his colony and the planet will be available to colonize within 1-2 days
    11.read the posts before posting your own
    12. NO F’ING EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    — bam191    Jul 10, 08:51 PM    #

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