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Question: Colonizing a planet


Published: Jan 17, 09:40 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

If I send a colonizing ship to an unused planet, and another ship from another player gets there first, what happens to mine?

Does it gets destroyed? Atacks or simply comes back?

The Answer:

This one is pretty simple. If someone colonizes the planet before you get to it, then your colony ship returns. The only thing you lose is the Deuterium to fly your ship to and from the target location.

If someone colonizes before you, then destroys their planet before you get there, your ship still returns home. The Destroyed Planet stays there for approximately 48 hours.

Your colony ship will not attack unless you sent it on an attack mission.


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  1. how do i make it so i know that i can colinze a planet

    deadmonkey    Jan 31, 05:14 PM    #
  2. You send a colony ship!!!!

    — Bob    Feb 20, 07:03 AM    #
  3. my stratagy is to send a colony ship WITH a few cargo ships of resources to the place i want to colinize, so that way i already have resources on my colony

    — buddha boy    Mar 9, 01:15 PM    #
  4. i dont even know how to colonize a planet …....bob…...tell me the stages…..

    — blak death    Mar 10, 11:49 AM    #
  5. I’m currently trying to colonize a planet. I dont see anything on the galaxy screen for this spot and I sent a probe to see if I could get anymore info, it gave me an error message something like “empty or you can colonize this planet”. But when I actually sent the colony ship I got a return time. Is this odd or does it just mean that I chose a planet thats already been spoken for?

    — Killian    Mar 17, 09:04 PM    #
  6. to buddha boy

    i tried to do that.. i sent a colony ship + cargo ships trying to get resources.. it doesnt work.. your planet starts with just 500 metal and 500 crysral.. you also loose your resourses and you cargo ships go back to the planet sent from

    — caffrey    Mar 26, 10:48 AM    #
  7. what is the best strategy to distrubute new colonies? I mean if you make a colony next to your home planet, you gain from time, but you don’t have close bases to attack planets far away…

    I mean if you use your right to setup 8 colonies in 8 different galaxies like
    is it meaningful? My point is to distribute power to all universe, and if you are strong, you can conquer whole universe.

    Another question regarding to selecting the right coordinate:
    If I’m not wrong, the difference from 1:1:X to 1:499:X is the largest.
    So if you choose closer to middle, I mean something like 1:250:X, you are in same dictance to both 1:1:X and 1:499:X

    How do you distribute your colonies within universe?

    — TAURUS    Apr 6, 06:16 AM    #
  8. About Destroyed Planets.

    After 48 hours what happens ?

    — Lynch    Apr 11, 05:03 PM    #
  9. Simple after 48 hours the position is ready for colonisation once again

    — Evil God    Apr 18, 10:20 AM    #
  10. I can’t ever seem to get to pick a name for my colonized planets. How do I do this?

    — Heresy    May 19, 02:01 PM    #
  11. Clikck on the planet name on the status screen and the rest should explain itself

    — Acebrock    May 29, 08:59 PM    #
  12. how do u send a colony ship to colonize a planet.

    — tom    May 31, 07:41 PM    #
  13. is it possiable to destroy a plenet to such an extent that the orignal user is removed and you can colonise it for yourself

    — da engine    Jun 2, 05:29 PM    #
  14. da engine,

    try to send 2 colony ships in a single fleet together with a recycler and a death star in a attack mission. U will see what happens!! By a chance of 47% you will get what U want. Keep trying… don’t give up after first trial; the probability of removing the original user from his colony or home planet is not zero. If you attack the planet regularly, that player will get bored of the game and quit by removing his/her account :-))

    — pitch    Jun 7, 06:37 AM    #
  15. how manny colonies can you have?

    — bounty hunter    Jun 8, 09:49 PM    #
  16. Killian:
    The fleet screen will always give you a return time, even for a deployment or colonization mission.

    You go to the ‘fleet’ screen, select a colony ship, and type in the co-ords of the empty planet you want to colonize, (you can get the co-ords from the galaxy view) and then select the ‘colonize’ option. DO NOT SEND RECOURCES ON THE COLONY SHIP! YOU WILL LOSE THEM!

    Bounty Hunter:
    You can have a max. of eight conolnies, not including your home planet.

    — Jimbob    Jun 17, 09:27 AM    #
  17. what happens when you send a colony ship if you already have 8 colonies?

    — Spike    Jun 21, 06:38 PM    #
  18. @TAURUS-

    I suggest building a colony near most important alliance members. Then build a colony every galaxy or so between them so that it is easy to transport resources between them. Why be near an alliance member? For trading and easy help on defense. That’s what I did. I also suggest making planets in random places close enough to your home planet to replenish it from attacks, yet not close enough to be easily attacked by whoever sent the first fleet.

    — Jon166    Jun 28, 09:29 PM    #
  19. @Jon166

    Thank you very much!
    I will reorganize my planets accordingly.

    — taurus    Jul 3, 07:55 AM    #
  20. can i uncolonize my own plenet? if yes, how?

    — barak    Jul 4, 11:23 AM    #
  21. how do colonize a planet

    phoend    Jul 12, 04:28 PM    #
  22. I can’t believe no-one has answered the questions yet! What impairs you?!

    To colonise a planet, you need the following:
    A shipyard at LEVEL4
    A research lab at LEVEL 2 – and research the following – Energy Technology(you only need to research it once)
    Impulse drive at LEVEL 3(you will be able to research this after you research energy)

    When you have all the above, the Colony Ship will be available to your shipyard. Here are some notes on this;

    -A Colony Ship costs 10k metal 20k krystal and 10k deut.
    -The rescources you will use just trying to GET the colony ship will be over 20k metal 80k krystal and 20k deut.

    — Popp    Jul 14, 02:37 PM    #
  23. hi! if i colonize a planet is there a possibility that another player can attack and capture that planet or it stays in my control untill i destroy it?

    — akis    Jul 19, 06:13 PM    #
  24. help me is there pre built planets waiting to be conizined

    do i wipe out other players

    are empty slots colinizable

    — runeix    Jul 20, 08:45 AM    #
  25. how do you get on a moon? is there an empty space like on clonies or does your system allready have them? and how do you get on them any how?

    — Zal    Jul 28, 02:34 PM    #
  26. yeah if u want to colonize a planet do u send ur ships to empty slots?

    — Lord Devil    Aug 3, 01:47 PM    #
  27. when u send a colonyship out how do u get a planet with a very good field

    — Blackhawk    Aug 5, 05:38 PM    #
  28. @runeix
    hey runeix
    you can only colonised empty slots

    — Dazza3000    Aug 14, 07:20 PM    #
  29. @barak
    you can destroy your colonies in general view
    just click the planet name
    you will get a screen where you can either rename your planet or there is also a button to destroy
    if you press it, system will require your login password to process the “uncolonization”

    no one can capture any planet, so it’s yours unless you destroy

    — taurus    Aug 22, 06:52 AM    #
  30. hi, what is the best position to put a planet so that i can get plenty of deuterium? it doesnt matter about the number of fields, which is the best place to put a planet, also i need to put a planet somewhere out of the way because i am planning to go for graviton technology so where is the best position in a system to put a planet that will get lots of energy from solar satellites???

    — mgshadowhunter    Aug 22, 11:26 AM    #
  31. @ mgshadowhunter

    this is so easy. its a tiny bit of science. the closer you are 2 the sun(position 1) you will get more energy from sats. the further away from the sun you are(position 15) you will get more deuterium.

    — thecat    Sep 8, 04:49 PM    #
  32. How do you know when you can create a moon? do you need a colony ship? do you choose where it gets created or does it create itself?

    I suggest reading this Moon Recap article. ~ Voidhawk

    — 007-wolfenstein    Oct 23, 07:02 PM    #
  33. How do you colinize another planet ?

    — chad    Nov 4, 08:51 PM    #
  34. People the first 3 colonised planets i did got 300+ fields OH YEAH

    — JEfy SNitch    Dec 7, 11:56 PM    #
  35. how do u find an empty colony?

    — TheLastGangsta    May 12, 01:41 PM    #
  36. how do you coloniz a planet wons youv got a colony ship i’v sent pne but it still says that you need to coloniz it

    runescaper9999    May 22, 02:48 AM    #
  37. I have a question about something I heard about planets 1, 2, and 3 are the most likely to have alot of feilds.

    Is that true?

    All my colonies have 53 feilds or less and that sucks it and makes them almost useless

    — WildChildAvril    May 27, 03:24 PM    #
  38. What is the largest/smallest fielded planets in Ogame?

    And planets 4-6 have the biggest chance of getting a large fielded planet.

    — Mr. Owl    May 28, 12:49 AM    #
  39. @ Spike aperrantly you get a message about riots on your home planet and you must go back

    — blobzor    May 31, 10:02 AM    #
  40. pos1: average: 64, 60% between 48 and 80 fields
    pos2: average: 68, 60% between 53 and 83 fields
    pos3: average: 73, 60% between 54 and 82 fields

    pos4: average: 173, 60% between 108 and 238 fields
    pos5: average: 167, 60% between 95 and 239 fields
    pos6: average: 155, 60% between 82 and 228 fields
    pos7: average: 144, 60% between 116 and 173 fields
    pos8: average: 150, 60% between 123 and 177 fields
    pos9: average: 159, 60% between 129 and 188 fields

    pos10: average: 101, 60% between 79 and 122 fields
    pos11: average: 98, 60% between 81 and 116 fields
    pos12: average: 105, 60% between 85 and 129 fields

    pos13: average: 110, 60% between 60 and 160 fields
    pos14: average: 84, 60% between 42 and 126 fields
    pos15: average: 101, 60% between 54 and 149 fields

    jarcogna    Jun 4, 05:07 AM    #
  41. I have a colony ship, but how do i find a planet to colonize? how do i colonize it, and can colonize when somebody else is living there?

    — -Nagel    Jun 24, 10:29 PM    #
  42. I colonized a planet and I had enough deuterium to get to that planet when its supposed to return I dont have my colony ship, did my colony ship die because i didnt have enough duet ti get back?

    — anymous    Jun 26, 03:45 PM    #
  43. @anymous

    When you send a colony ship to a planet, if it can make a colony, the ship is destroyed making the colony


    no, you can’t colonize a planet with someone on it, and planets you can colonize are blank in galaxy view

    — chickenman    Jul 5, 08:49 AM    #
  44. what affects the no. of fields a planet has? someone told me it was how much resources you put in your colony ship

    — aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    Jul 5, 09:41 AM    #
  45. your wrong if u send a colony ship and the planet space is colonised or destroyed u lose ya colony ship it happened to me the other day

    — stefansturdy    Aug 13, 07:17 PM    #
  46. I’ve managed to get a 29-fielder in pos 15… Ogame version is 0.77c (if that matters). Anyway I’ve decided to take the 15 based upon this list, but I really didn’t expect this royal screwover. 29 field planet? For christ’s sake!

    — Neikius    Nov 20, 04:45 AM    #
  47. to colanize a planet you need to first go onto fleet then you select your colony ships. then on the next screen you can choose to tipe in the place you want to colanize (a.k.a 1;200;1) then you select to colanize that planet and you get it in the amount of time it sais

    — lucas    Dec 7, 01:29 PM    #
  48. it doesn’t work iv try to colonize a blank space but theres nothing to click on …i need some help

    — scard75    Jan 24, 02:02 PM    #
  49. Everyone is talking about fields on a planet…How do you tell how many fields you have? and how do you tell your position from the coordinates? I’m guessing that you all are placing the first set of numbers are the positions? JUST started playing and I’m having trouble getting it…. :)

    — Tempus    Feb 1, 04:59 PM    #
  50. Ok i’ll answer these in order:
    1: how do i coloize a planet? – You colonize a planet by sending a colony ship to an empty slot in a system, and choose the option “colonize”

    2: what effects the amount of fields you have on a new planet? – The position of your planet in the system determines the amount of fields on your planets, together with luck. Some system spots are luckier than others. I suggest you google for blogs for ratios

    3: what effects your energy/duet collection? – Your spot in a system effects energy /duet. the farther away from the sun you are (ie higher number in system) the more duet your planet creates. the closer, the better for your solar sats (and metal/crystal mines actually)

    4: How do i get a moon? – check the wiki for this answer.

    — sonki    Feb 6, 04:27 PM    #
  51. ok, so it says “Trouble in capital” and my ships are sent back. Why and how do I fix it to get more colonies?

    — Death    May 13, 05:12 PM    #
  52. @ Tempus
    you can see how many fields you have on your planet if you go to the overview menu and look at the diameter tag… it should tell you exactly how many fields you have total and how many free ones you have left…

    also the first number of your coordinates stands for the galaxy
    the second one for your system
    and the third one for your planet-number

    for example 1:111:1
    that planet is in galaxy 1
    system 111
    and its planet number 1

    — DoDo(13)    May 20, 09:46 PM    #
  53. and also we welcome everyone to join our alliance T.L.B.
    we are in Unis 6 and 38
    : )

    — DoDo(13)    May 20, 09:48 PM    #

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