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Question: How many rounds to destroy a Large Cargo?


Published: Jan 17, 09:34 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Question:

How many rounds does it take for a small laser to destroy a large cargo?

I have a relatively small fleet, but i want to attack someone with low defences without losing my cargos.

Or would one bomber destroy 20 in one round, with rapidfire?

The Answer:

First, I am answering these questions literally. When the person asked about 1 Small Laser and 1 Large Cargo ship, I am assuming that you only have 1 Small Laser for defense, and 1 Large Cargo ship is attacking you. A varied defense is the best, since it allows you to defend against a variety of attackers.

1 Small Laser will never destroy a Large Cargo ship. At the end of each round of combat, all shields and hulls are repaired back to full. Since the Small Laser does not have enough power to destroy a Large Cargo in one shot, the Large Cargo will regenerate its shields at the end of the round, and the same thing happens the next round.

This will continue to happen until you reach 6 rounds of combat, and then the attacker returns home, and the battle is considered a draw.

1 Bomber will always beat 20 Small Lasers. On average, it takes 3 rounds of combat. By using 30 Small Lasers, there is a small chance (2%) that the defender wins the fight.

All battles simulated using SpeedSim v0.9.4.1b


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  1. how many missile launchers does it take to destroy a light fighter?

    — gladius t    Feb 10, 08:09 AM    #
  2. Err… about the large cargo vs a laser…
    The hull does not get repaired each round and the laser does do enough damage to crash the cargo ship.
    It will destroy the cargo ship with 60% succes rate

    — Set    Mar 17, 08:07 AM    #
  3. to be safe dude, i would build as many missile launchers as i can rather than finding the exact number. it also depends on the weapons, sheilds, and hull

    — buddha boy    Mar 17, 12:31 PM    #
  4. hehe, my mate has 1000 plasma cannons on his home planet, no missle launchers for him, he has 400k+ points

    — Musika    Mar 29, 05:03 PM    #
  5. hey musika as for a friend having 1k plasmas that a big mistake how easy is it to imp that then raid .. look at candlemass or some members of cursed turtles just dont win

    — lord sharaku    Apr 11, 05:05 PM    #
  6. Please can some1 explain wat defences are best at killing the different ship types. Thx

    — Barry    Apr 25, 06:17 PM    #
  7. yer what dows it take to destroy a HF

    — master_chief    May 3, 04:11 AM    #
  8. Gauss is your best bet for heavy fighter killing. Heavy Lasers aren’t quite strong enough to kill a HF.

    — Lorkhan    May 8, 03:51 PM    #
  9. I keep getting raided by a guy that has over 100 small fighters and about 10 heavy fighters, wat defences would be best to stop this? Thx in advance

    — Barry    May 9, 04:09 PM    #
  10. (100 missle launchers) + (100 light lasers or 50 heavy lasers or 15 gauss cannons)

    — j-man    May 14, 11:24 PM    #
  11. hey whats best agaibst a bomber and a destroyer

    — shot4liberty    Jun 10, 07:29 AM    #
  12. Have a look at the Using Big Guns section, shot4liberty.

    — Jimbob    Jun 20, 02:47 PM    #
  13. can some1 plz some1 explain “RAPIDFIRE”?

    thecat    Jul 14, 05:01 PM    #
  14. hey people the best thing 2 kill a HF wud probably be a ion cannon or Death Star

    — thecat    Aug 2, 03:53 AM    #
  15. What is RAPIDFIRE meaning PLS say THIS thing NOW

    — Stealthy    Aug 8, 10:04 AM    #
  16. @ thecat – you dont want to just have one kind of defence..(its been said before but ill say it again)

    a varied defence is the best. have some missle launchers and small lasers for fodder then have less heavies and ions, then less gauss, and then less plasma (plasma do the most damage..they can take out a battleship in one shot. gauss is next strongest etc etc) and if you have a deathstar then i wouldnt be worried about a heavy fighter..lawl people generally get heavies around a couple hundred points and you get deathstars around 500,000 points. there not the easiest thing to get xD

    @ stealthy – rapid fire means how many of a certain ship or defence another ship or defence can take out in one round.

    take bombers for example.

    bombers have a rapid fire of 20 against missle launchers (or rocket launchers) meaning that in 1 round of combat, 1 bomber will take out 20 rocket launchers.

    using speed sim (its a good tool to get) i simmed out 1 bomber vs 20 rocket launchers.

    with rapid fire the bomber wins 95% of the time. without rapid fire the bomber is destroyed while only 3 rocket launchers are.

    hope this helps.

    Uni7bane    Aug 14, 08:10 PM    #
  17. 1 Bomber does not take out 20 Rocket launchers in 1 round it fires 20 times are rocket launchers and hits some of them mulitple times

    — IMunchPlanets    Aug 19, 03:44 AM    #
  18. Please see my posting on the armor and shield thread.


    It has a detailed explanation of the working of the ogame engine for battles.

    — Etheric    Aug 28, 09:03 AM    #
  19. How do you figure out what ships get destroyed first in the battle?

    — me    Nov 14, 07:56 AM    #
  20. it’s completely random but some ships have lower armour so they get destroyed easier.

    — 12345sniper    Dec 23, 03:16 PM    #
  21. is a bomber has a RF of 20 vs rocket launcher that doesnt mean it attacks 20 RL
    the formula is 100-(100/RF)
    to plug in the numbers it would be 100-(100/20)=100-5=95
    that means a bomber has a 95% chance of firing again if it destroys a rocket launcher and it would repeat if it hits another rocket launcher or if it hits something else then you would put RF of bomber vs that into formula and that would be percent chance of firing yet again if it destroys it
    hope this clears up some stuff about what Uni7bane and IMunchPlanets

    — nooneinparticualar    Jan 17, 01:42 PM    #
  22. hey can someone help me? someone keeps attacking me with anywere from 50-150 battleships. how could i defend myself from him and others who multipuly attack me with large fleets of Battleships? i lost my net for bout 10 days and i was brutally murderd so im trying to recover but when i get attacked over and over i cant rebuild my fleets or denfences. now i got 2 battleships and 1 plasma cannon and i keep losing them to these ppl. plz someone HELP!!!!

    — Oreolad    Mar 2, 03:04 PM    #
  23. you should leave him a message and tell him that you found a better guy to attack and tell him bad cords. then rebuild A LOT OF DEFENCE! and If the comes back then ask your alliance to help and you all attack him at once.

    — The Big Gun    Mar 15, 08:23 PM    #
  24. Lying is not the answer, and he would probably just esp that guy and find out in 20 seconds anyway…Go right to the asking alliance for help part.

    — Krahhl    Apr 19, 07:03 PM    #
  25. hey oerolad tell me what coords you at i will give you rez when it’s convinent and do’nt try to attack me other wise my alliance soul lords will crush you

    l0l    Apr 25, 12:50 AM    #
  26. How big of a fleet can 9 LF 2HF 3SC 3 SS 7RL 6 SL 1HL and one SSD repel?

    — blobzor    May 31, 09:53 AM    #
  27. well i would but i cant really play anymore. i was totaly destroyed plus i dont get much a chance to use internet but later this year i may jus start a new game or somthin but thanx for ur help anyway

    — oreolad    Jun 7, 03:26 PM    #
  28. how can i put a finger in the enemy ass?

    — put    Jan 8, 09:56 PM    #
  29. Lying can be useful, but I told him off by plainly stating that he should be a man, and attack someone in his own score range. Also, take advantage of distant galaxies, such as 7-9

    — Mabus    Apr 25, 04:02 PM    #

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