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Contest Time!


Published: Jan 17, 11:37 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The March 2006 Contest Results are here!

OGame Tips is going to have a contest. There will be several prizes for the top 3 places.

So, the question I have for you is… what should the contest consist of?

Keep in mind. This has to be something judgeable. And fair to both new and experienced players of OGame. A contest such as “most points gained in OGame over XX days” won’t work. Too hard to judge, and unfair to someone who is very new.

A few of the ideas floating around in my head are:

Just post your idea in the comments section. Be sure to include your email, since I’ll have a prize for the winning idea.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Here’s my idea.

    I think that everyone should try to come up with their own building or ship and list its features. Buildings what they do and ships their weapon power, shield power, speed, etc.

    The top three will be submitted to Ogame to be put into the game.
    — Nathan    Jan 19, 05:42 PM    #
  2. I think the contest should be the best strategy for building up a new account, until the account can fend off most attacks, and launch a few of it’s own.

    — PJ    Jan 20, 01:22 AM    #
  3. Yeah thats good.
    Fan art. . I don’t think thats the way to go. You usually will get a scantily clad women, in a spacesuit, and that would be called ogame art. Also, its very hard to judge.

    I suggest that the contest be on who has the best tip, ellaborate tip of course. Not one sentence of fact.

    — Black wyvern    Jan 20, 11:30 PM    #
  4. The contest should be a rare items’ architection; which can be gained only by raiding; maybe a robotic unit which aids production, or an asteroid rock which can be mined through asteroid fields. A minor add-on that won’t change the inner-mechanism of the game.. People will love it. Maybe you’ll get tons of impossible and junk ideas, but i’m sure there’ll be rare but brilliant things out there in ogamers’ heads..

    — syf    Jan 21, 12:39 PM    #
  5. hi i think you should have a fan art competition with a set pictures you can use and not use any others

    — Ben    Jan 22, 01:10 PM    #
  6. I think it should be a contest about who has the best contest idea. Another idea is that someone could try and come up with the most interesting planet name and take a screenshot of it.

    — Justin Toms    Jan 23, 04:58 PM    #
  7. i think that we should have a competition to see who can come up with a way to make a faster way to upgrade your buildings and research items and ships. come up with a composite layout of the name details and cost in resources

    — Colton    Jan 25, 08:10 PM    #
  8. i think that the contest should be the person that can make the most light figters and copy and paste to prove it

    — mitch    Jan 25, 08:53 PM    #
  9. maybe that the contest should be designing some new kinds of ships that will be made into real ships in ogame

    — ryan    Jan 26, 01:26 PM    #
  10. I think you should have a contest of who can think up the best idea for a ship and give it loads of features and the best wins!

    I hope you will take the idea into concideration

    — Leo    Jan 29, 07:08 AM    #
  11. let see, how about the best Ogame skin? be it from a film, book, TV series e.t.c.
    then to make it harder, set it into catgories – only taking the top three from each and then get people to vote for the best, so your left with one from each catgory – then vote/pick a winner from the best ones. also same idea but with ships/buildings. this is just another one, how about designing aOgame interface for your phone so it can be played on your phone, or even re-desgin the whole GUI interface for Ogame and vote/pick the best as this has nothing to do with whether your a newbie to the game or not?

    Dr_Cures: Uni 1,8,11 & 12

    — Chris    Jan 30, 03:17 PM    #
  12. I think that they should create a temporary universe and build up new accounts, which earn the major quantity of points is the winner

    — CAMILO    Jan 31, 04:51 PM    #
  13. I think that it wold be nice to see who can come up whith the best ideea of some new researches, buildings, ships, things that all cand do… not all are good at art making or story making…

    — A little idiot    Feb 7, 03:10 AM    #