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OGame Update - January 9th 2006


Published: Jan 7, 07:45 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Update v0.72d

Galaxy view improvements:

UPDATE: Due to the bugs in the patch, it was NOT released to all the .ORG servers today. Only Universe 11 has the patch applied (it is where they tested it).

UPDATE #2: This update will NOT go live. The new update goes live on the 16th


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  1. is commander view broken? my commander view isn’t working in universe 1 G1

    — Glacier    Jan 11, 05:19 AM    #
  2. Commander is not broken. You might need to log out, then log back in. Sometimes the Empire view disappears. Logging out and in will restore it.

    Voidhawk    Jan 13, 07:52 AM    #

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