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More OGame Suggestions


Published: Jan 4, 09:25 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This was posted as a comment on the Suggestions for OGame Improvements

It was well enough written by The Argonaut to be its own article, so here it is:

You should not be able to be raided until you have a ship yard

About the first idea (need for shipyard to be raided), although it would make raiding much more realistic I donít think it would work because (as the other players have noticed) it would allow for players to keep their resources on their planet without the risk of losing them.

Pick up goods during a trade

The second idea is very good and justifiable since there is no reason why ships that get sent between a playerís planets could not pick up resources from them. One could say here that this is possible with two deployment missions in the place of a transport mission, but the point is that this capability should be available.

Here I would like to share another similar idea, that of TARGETING MULTIPLE DEBRIS FIELDS. Most of the times I find a debris field worth harvesting (total of 60.000 resources or more) chances are that the player involved in its creation will have send recyclers anyway, and usually the recyclers return empty. By being able to send a recycler on multiple missions, the small fields that everyone ignores will become useful and recycling will become a usefull way of collecting some serious resources.

You should be able to trade ships for resources or other ships.

The third idea (trading ships for resources) is also very usefull for the reason the editor has already explained. I believe though that any trading of ships (meaning sending them on DEPLOYMENT missions to foreign planets) should ONLY take place BETWEEN MEMBERS OF AN ALLIANCE. This will increase the advantages of being in an alliance and it makes more sense this way as well.

This will have another benefit, the fact the alliance can finally strike as one. Suppose that a random player (and especially a strong one) attacks a weak player of an alliance. The players of the alliance have the advantage of sending all their ships to one planet (belonging to a member of that alliance) and hence the ability of making an effective strike against their opponent. The ability to leave your fleet at orbiting position should be restricted to non-allied players only.

Increase the available buildings and ships

New Ships

One tip I would like to suggest is the increase in the available buildings and ships. I would like to see more ships that are built for specific purposes like the bomber (built for breaking through defenses) that is already available. New ships could be introduced that target specific defensive structures (or at least cause more damage to certain of them).

In the spectrum of introduction of new ships I would like to propose the introduction of larger and faster cargo ships. The existing ones are fast enough when moving in the same solar system but that is not the case when planets in different galaxies are targeted (happens a lot when you are an active member in an alliance).

A player that needs to ship 250.000 resources needs 10 large cargo ships. The fact that a level 22 crystal mine needs about 1.000.000 metal and 500.000 crystal (roughly the same for a level 25 metal mine) combined with the production of 70.000 and 35.000 metal and crystal respectively (in 10 hrs) leaves the following options:

A cargo ship with capacity of (im just suggesting) 60.000 and equipped with impulse or hyperspace engines would prove usefull.

New Buildings

Concerning the new buildings, mines that use nanites could be introduced. The principle behind such a building is simple. Metal and crystal is everywhere in tiny amounts, in dust, soil, rocks, and even air. Their production would be minimal in small levels but in levels 20-30 the mines could offer 10.000 resources/hr. Itís not much but it could be usefull to players that cannot exceed levels 30-35 for their mines.

Similarly I would like to see something like that happening for energy production. (Have any of you played the classic Total Annihilation? Remember the advanced buildings that where available later in the game? I would like to see something like that happening in OGame) This however should be coupled with a slight increase in resource production and a slight decrease in the time the buildings need to be upgraded so that the later (advanced) buildings could be introduced a bit faster in the game, and OGame in general having a broader variety in structures and ships and at the same time becoming slightly more fast-paced as a game.

I have more ideas about OGame but please tell me what you think first (some may say I want too many changes and possibly that im lost in my little world / and if that is the case I donít want to spend time in writing for nothing).


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. I’d like to see a ship that has rapid fire against battleships, as the battleship is the core of the fleet, and the introduction of a ship designed to specifically target them would add strategy to the game.

    — DragonHawk    Jan 5, 02:51 AM    #
  2. I would like to see the game follows the Master of Orion style. No all tech availiable, not all buildings

    — Apostolos    Jan 5, 08:20 PM    #
  3. I agree with those suggestions. It would be nice if they actually did them. And I use to love total annihalation till it got scratched and wouldn’t work

    — Jeremy    Jan 5, 08:28 PM    #
  4. I can’t send my ships on deplyment missions to foriegn planets, only my own.

    — Nathan    Jan 7, 05:25 PM    #
  5. i like those i deas. i also have a few ideas about ogame. one being get more pictures of planets and introduce new defenses as well as larger capacity recylers!!!

    — nisaren    Jan 16, 06:01 PM    #
  6. I don’t like the whole “You should be able to trade ships thing” (only within alliances) specifically with the defense thing, it is sort of defeated with ACS.

    Master Bob    Jan 18, 09:30 PM    #
  7. i love the idea about the new nanite mine and the larger cargo ships, but i don’t think that you should be able to give ships to members of an alliance for small periods of time. it would be easier and simpler to just make it so if they are orbiting an allies planet, they don’t use up any deuterium.

    — Alien - Uni 5    Jan 22, 12:56 PM    #
  8. I like the idea of picking up resources when you transport stuff to another planet. I always get a message saying “the fleet returned with no goods”. Whats the point of that message if you can’t collect goods?

    — Zamamee    Jan 27, 01:36 PM    #
  9. here’s an idea, maybe a NPC (computer-controled neutral) planet, a trade depot maybe one in every few solar system? a player can just send cargo ships to that planet and trade resources (maybe even purchase ships) at set rates.

    — Chairman Chen    Feb 6, 09:16 PM    #
  10. “advanced buildings” shoud start being avaible after the total amount of researching done in the universe reached x level ( and by “level” i mean a total of resources spended on investigation) . And lets not give it all the advanced buildings only in one hand, but in severals walls of points needed to get for some specific advances ( lets say buildings like you proposed, or even techs that alows specific ships or for other purposes. )

    — chompolario    Feb 6, 10:37 PM    #
  11. And why not add specific lines of development. Eg. You cant have both high level scientific and fighting facilities. You can choose to be a merchant, or a warrior or a scientist or a rouge raider, but the more you develop in a certain direction, the more you restrict yourself from being something else. The way it is now, everyone is pretty much the same, only on a different level of development. And yes! A trade depot is a must!

    — Sindikalac    Feb 10, 06:33 PM    #
  12. Its not true that if u dont have a shipyard u cant be attacked as stated above…........i didnt build a shipyard on one of my colonies to see if it was true and some one attacked me and took resources which wasnt that much ….....just wanted to let u guys know

    — sammy    Feb 12, 12:12 PM    #
  13. I would really appreciate a page where the galaxy is made up in more of a map like setting.
    The galaxy’s current view and its viewing possibilities are perhaps a bit too simple and not really full of eye-candy..

    Would it be possible to create a map of the galaxy which could be viewed ? (perhaps for a higher level of Deut if necessary)

    — TAPE    Feb 20, 06:21 PM    #
  14. If anyone here is too stupid to figure out that this is a suggestions forum and not a facts forum they should be institutionalized or removed from the computer by their parents. In this I reference: Sammy & Nathan

    — Effilcdar    Feb 24, 11:49 PM    #
  15. There is a game out there that allows you to do some of these things. it is :

    They have a galexy view on there that is similar to what you have described. They also have cargo ships BUT They have a “small Cargo ship” a “large cargo ship” and a “Large and quick cargo” ship that can hold Approx same as a “large one but is 47.5% (on avrage) quicker. I would like to see the ogame people have a look at this game and see what they could use to update ogame.

    — Matt    Mar 2, 09:38 AM    #
  16. I would like to see ships rise up off planet and help defend

    — ralf    Mar 3, 04:17 PM    #
  17. a trading depot would be nice. of course, i could always just message the people close to me and tell them i am setting up a trading facility on one of my planets

    — buddha boy    Mar 15, 11:49 AM    #
  18. Well small cargo ships do have impulse engines once upgraded to level 6 and are the fastest in the game excluding spy probes. Ships stationed at the attacked planet do defend along with the defenses.

    — Cid    Mar 17, 04:20 PM    #
  19. i just found this site and looked at everything and it seems cool. but i was wondering why you canīt make an update so that you can research something on 1 planet and a nother thing at a nother planet at the same time???? sorry for asking this here but im in a hurry and just wanted 2 know


    — Waterman    Mar 25, 09:11 AM    #
  20. They should have more of everything. Ships/techs/bulding, that would be good

    — stevy    Mar 25, 02:34 PM    #
  21. there’s a game called ferion that lets you customize your ships stats. weapons, size, engines, armor, shields. All that was based off of your research that you had done. It was a fun game, but you had to pay if you wanted a fighting chance. I didn’t pay, but still ended up in … i think it was like 30’th place… something like that. out of around 2000. anyway, customization, map veiws, territory stats, more planets, even some sort of space station/weapons platforms/space mines would be helpful. I always tend to end up with a massive ammount of some resource. I’m not too active in attacking, so i end up with a ton of deut, so it’d be cool if you could make mines for like… 500 metal and 500 deut. they’d do a fixed amount of damage to attacking fleets and would have no debris left over, only from destroying the attackers.

    — Jeff    Apr 7, 12:03 AM    #
  22. oh I wanted to add something else… as far as the space mines. in order to diffuse them, you’d need some sort of mine layer/diffuser ship. but the problem would be that you wouldn’t really know if a planet had mines orbeting the planet unless your having trouble with your probes getting destroyed. I know I didn’t think the whole thing through, but it’s kinda a good idea.
    Also, that speed sim thing i’ve heard about, should be added into the game. just a link you can click on in game. one last thing, you should be able to look at more than one page in your messages. lets say you attack 300 planets. how are you going to tell if you’re attacking one 3 times or more durring the 24 hour period? Personally, I dont feel like getting banned because I can’t see if I’ve hit a planet too many times. Contacting a “Go” should be easier too.

    — Jeff    Apr 7, 12:16 AM    #
  23. In regards to ships that attack certain types of ships hows about a kind of unmanned kamikazzee ship like the koreans used to use (except they were manned lol)
    what u reckon?

    — Smiffy    Apr 11, 07:49 AM    #
  24. A trade depot is a great idea. But instead of having set rates for trading, let people negotiate ratios. The trade depot should ONLY allow a player to get resources to another player faster.
    There can be 1 computer-controlled trade depot in every solar system (planet 0 for example). When I want to trade with someone in another galaxy, I can send my resources to my trade depot, type in the name of my trading partner, and he can get the resources from the trade depot in his solar system. This way, we can save time and thousands of deuterium flying cargos back and forth between galaxies.
    Wouldnít it be nice if our trades arenít limited to our neighbors? What if intergalatic trading could take less than an hour? We wouldnít have our fleet slots clogged up by cargo ships either. A trading depot that saves both resources and time would make the game much more interesting.

    — Tim    Apr 12, 01:37 AM    #
  25. id like to beable to fly a virtual ship of one of the ones i have shoot some of the defence guns and create custom ships like my flag ship and purchase upgrades for it and create its custom dimesions and i think im asking to much for ogame to do but it would be nice and having other things that m not gona say cause i talk to much

    — unknown    Jun 2, 10:36 PM    #
  26. I’d like to see a tech or a building like fleet-command:
    it would make the fleet capable of targeting defences A BIT less randomly: tendency to hit bigger guns first and in later stages of the tech not overkilling too much…
    this ability will be divided by the fleets in the air during the attack…

    I’d like to see some kind of jamming ship too.

    — Le    Jul 17, 05:40 AM    #
  27. I’d like to be able to target a certain type of resource if I attack a planet. Say, for example, if I needed more crystal, I could attack a planet and just get crystal rather than splitting the capacity between all 3 resources.

    — Richard Braintree    Jul 20, 06:23 PM    #
  28. I have an idea why not make a lander? Ok this is how it goes… the lander has no attack capibility but due to it’s high sheild,armor, and the fact that if it reaches a point where it requires assistance it can deploy some special units(mainly for the ground but can fly if needed for a short time) when the ship is upgraded the units become better and better. After a number of levels you can purchase some specialized units(but you have to take away some because the small can only carry 100 each, the big can carry 500) take note each one is not too strong. Next up:the fast units.

    — Joshua khoo    Aug 28, 04:57 AM    #
  29. Well, I know from experiance that investement in Research and Defence bring you more positive results…

    Emir Delalic    Sep 6, 07:12 AM    #
  30. ok how about a topic that explains what 2 build and what not 2 build if u wanna remain weaker… cuz i saw a player with espionage lvl 3 and BATTLESHIPS… and he is newbie for me. I myself had 30 battleships and i was attaked by 500 battleships and 100 bombers… THAT IS STRONGER

    — feanor    Oct 23, 05:37 AM    #
  31. i would like to see if you have any messages on every page not just the overview. that way if i am doing something that takes a while like editing my alliance page i know when i have a message instead of having to go back and forth to the overview page.

    — Psychosquirrel    Dec 23, 08:47 AM    #
  32. I think some kind of flagship feature would be good, or even just nameable ships.

    — Doglord    Apr 16, 03:00 PM    #
  33. Orbital MAC cannons from halo?

    Medium Lasers

    Laser satelite (def)

    missile satalite (def)

    Mines (weapons)


    — blobzor    May 31, 08:47 AM    #
  34. whats the difrence between deployment and transport??

    — mp0027    Jul 11, 04:23 PM    #
  35. More of a suggestion for ogametips , but can there be a section on Technology, like explaining if there is any point once you have Tech for ships to be built, if there is any advantage building beyond that level. i.e Hyperspace Tech or Energy Tech

    — Willlf    Apr 24, 03:51 PM    #
  36. Question :

    “whats the difrence between deployment and transport?? “

    Answer :

    Probably reading this threads title ? Try another forum…

    — s1lv3rma1n20    Jun 9, 07:33 PM    #

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