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Local Skins with Opera


Published: Dec 29, 07:45 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This came in as a comment on the Custom Skins for OGame article. I figured it was important enough to publish as its own article.

Local Skins with Opera

  1. You can use local skins with opera this way: install web server (recomended Abyss web server only 250kb download); put your local skin folder in htdocs folder where you installed web server (example: C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs);
  2. go to ogame settings and change skin location to
  3. refresh/relogin to ogame

NOTE: This same method should work with Firefox as well (or any browser really). I haven’t yet tried it. I use a hosted skin from the default list that OGame provides.


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  1. just wanted to say that if you’ve got firewall you need to to allow web server to act as a server (this is pretty obvious :))
    On one computer I also changed default port from 80 to 8000 – sometimes change of port is easier way to make things work than configuring a firewall.

    — Zaratustra    Dec 31, 09:38 AM    #
  2. do you know where I can download the following skin:


    or any other that clearly indicates fleets with different colors for different tasks and shows the fleet and resources flying ?

    — pucurica    Apr 28, 04:11 AM    #
  3. Isnt it possible to just use file:///my_path_to_skin protocol ?

    — Mav    May 8, 02:32 AM    #
  4. i dont get it. why do you have to enter the numbers: (
    instead of C://skin/ ?

    — aeh2019    Jun 27, 04:06 PM    #
  5. the number is the adress, it means localhost (local pc, it’s a local website)

    — Rik    Jul 11, 02:29 AM    #
  6. Hi pucurica
    You don`t need to download the skin.You just copy the link and then just paste it into the skin path in the option menu.BTW i`m using that skin ATM.

    — RTB    Jul 19, 01:09 PM    #
  7. where can i get the starwars skin that people are talking about

    — someone...    Aug 7, 07:55 PM    #
  8. I use Apache webserver. It works perfectly with every browser, but without port address. Simply = localhost

    sintax “file:///my_path_to_skin” works with firefox, but it doesn’t work with opera.

    bye n00bs

    — Damien7    Sep 4, 10:21 AM    #
  9. Any1 german here? UNI31??


    — Desperate    Oct 22, 03:17 PM    #

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