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Why use Big Guns in your defense.


Published: Dec 29, 07:35 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This is from a post on the OGame Forums.

Using SpeedSim, it looks like Gauss are better than Plasma. With a 3-1 ratio, they have better firepower and cost less. So why would you want Plasma cannons… why not just use large amounts of Plasma Cannons?

The best answer was:

You’ll see that the Battleships, in overwhelming numbers, can take down Gauss cannons with few losses, since the Gauss need to hit more than once to blow up a Battleships. Plasmas, while still going down, will do more damage in the few shots that they get

Now for some clarifications:

Assuming your defense consists of 350 Plasma Cannons

If you have 1000 BS and 2000 LF. Then the plasma cannons would be hitting and destroying LF as well as BS. You can’t control what they hit. However, each time they hit (either the LF or the BS) then the ship is destroyed.

Plugging those numbers into SpeedSim, you find that (on average) the attack lasts for 2 rounds. The attacker wins. Over 300 LF are lost and 5 BS are destroyed.

Assuming your defense consists of 1000 Guass Cannons

If you have 1000 BS and 2000 LF. Then the gauss cannons would be hitting and destroying LF. But it would take multiple hits to destroy the BS. The chances of the same BS getting hit each round by multiple gauss cannons is much slimmer. So the amount of BS destroyed each round drops significantly.

Plugging those numbers into SpeedSim, you find that (on average) the attack lasts for 2 rounds. The attacker wins. Over 900 LF are lost and 1 BS.

So, when you throw in the cannon fodder (which most players do when needed) the Plasma Cannons are a much better investment. In both cases, the attacker wins in 2 rounds. However, in the use of Plasma Cannons, the attacker suffers more expensive painful losses.

Original post found here at the OGame Forums

Losing Light Fighters (in the above scenarios) does cost more than losing the BS. However, it’s a psychological thing. It “hurts” more to lose BS than it does to lose LF. LF are designed to be destroyed… BS are designed to destroy.

And 1,000 Gauss Cannons are not that much cheaper than 350 Plasma Cannons. You do save a lot of Deuterium. But you spend more Metal, and a little less Crystal. And the well-rounded scenario is the best anyhow, since you want a good range of defenses.

Now, just for fun. How often does someone only have 350 Plasma as Defense? Here are a few more scenarios. Same attacking fleet, different defenses:

Scenario 1 – Lots of cannon fodder for the Gauss based defense:

Defenses: 3000 SL, 1000 Gauss, 1 SS, 1 LS
Winner: Attacker – after 6 rounds. Losses of 1570 LF and 5 BS.

Scenario 2 – Lots of cannon fodder for the Plasma based defense:

Defenses: 3000 SL, 350 Plasma, 1 SS, 1 LS
Winner: Attacker – after 5 rounds. Losses of 900 LF and 40 BS.

Scenario 3 – Well rounded defenses.

Following the Building Defense Ratio we get:

Defenses: 50000 ML, 10000 SL, 2500 HL, 350 Gauss, 800 Ion, 100 PLasma 1 SS, 1 LS
Winner: Defended- after 2 rounds. Total Annihilation. 20% Moon Chance


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  1. How can it be that 600 (900 – 300) LF are cheaper than 4 BS (5-1)? In my humble oppinion your calculations show the contrary to your conclusion!

    — Mario    Jan 2, 05:04 PM    #
  2. I’m with mario…I just added it all up, and while the plasmas may work better at destroying BS’s, overall your scenario shows that a bigger hit comes from having the gauss..plus 1000 gauss cannons is alot cheaper to build than 350 plasma cannons..

    I think your math is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong here buddy

    — Cappy    Jan 4, 12:25 AM    #
  3. Those were simply examples.

    In reality, people are much, much more willing to lose light fighters than they are BSes.

    And, as he said, no one ever just has 1000 gauss or 350 plasma. The scenario 1 and 2 highlight the differences much better.

    Unless they’re just bashing you, most people are not willing to lose 40 battleships, unless your planet is Fort Knox of Crystal or something.

    — Hotdog    Jan 4, 10:26 AM    #
  4. If you redo both but add 1,000 SL and 1,000 ML, and have both sides with 10-10-10 tech it comes out to…
    Plasma: attacker wins and only loses 347 BS and 1303 LF. Now the Guass: its a draw and the attacker loses 520 BS and 1952 LF.
    350 Plasma: 17.7m Met, 17.7m Cry, 10.5m Deu
    1,000 Gauss: 20m Met, 15m Cry, 2m Deu. So there you go Gauss do infact take out more BS if given cannon foldder.

    — Guy    Jan 4, 11:41 AM    #
  5. True, but if you only had 1000 Guass Cannons, the attacker would logically go for profit, so simming 1000 Guass against 5000 Battleships the attacker losses on average 32 BS, but if you sim 5000 Battleships against 350 Plasmas the attacker loses on average 164 BS, but assuming your not an idiot and have say 10k Small Lasers to the defence the attacker loses 361 Battleships against the Guass and 890 against the Plasmas

    now if you add 10k Light Fighters to the battleships against the defence without fodder the attacker loses:
    2.1 Mil metal, 750k Crystal against Guass with 4 BS lost
    2.9 Mil metal, and 1.3 Mil Crystal against Plasmas with 55 BS lost

    now take the BS with LF and add in the defence fodder you get:
    against Guass + 10k SL: 12.4 Mil metal, and 4.3 Mil crystal with 29 BS lost
    against Plasma + 10K SL: 17.4 Mil metal, and 7.3 Mil crystal with 34 BS lost

    the BS lost aren’t that big of a difference but as you can see, Plasma’s are da bomb!!

    now that’s not to say that Guass Cannons aren’t useful, they are specifically meant for Large Cargos and Cruisers as they take them out in 1 shot, so you should also have a healthy mix of them in your defence

    the ideal defence should be:

    100 Missile Launchers (fodder)
    100 Small Lasers (fodder)
    20 Heavy Lasers (fodder killer)
    6 Guass Cannons (LC and Cruiser killer)
    3 Plasma Cannons (BS and Destroyer killer)
    and Ion Cannons however much you like, it’s good to have about half the Ion Cannons as you do Heavy Lasers, but it’s not necessary.

    I hope that helps you guys out. :)

    — Willis    Jan 5, 10:06 PM    #
  6. Thanks Guys for a very good insight about the use of big guns in building defences. ;)

    I’m just curious about the reasoning behind the ratio of guns proposed.

    I’m following the ratio mentioned in Scenario 3 (Building defences).

    Between this ratio and the one proposed by Willis, Jan 6, can one say which one will provide better defence?
    As the attacker’s ratio can vary a lot, how to compute an ideal ratio for defense?

    — Paulo, ogame.pt, uni 2    Jan 12, 09:33 AM    #
  7. Look at it this way, there is no way to calculate it.Of course you want some heavy guns such as plasma and gauss, but at the same time you need small defenses to take hits. but then theres one way to fix all this… build more defenses. If you have lots of defenses you can always just out gun the other guys.

    — SolarPumpkin    Jan 17, 06:05 PM    #
  8. The only reason to build massive defence is no debris from destoyed defence. Fotunately, several dozens of IPM will wipe out the whole defence. Simply a waste to defend in a war game like OG.

    — DefenceTerminator    Jan 17, 10:04 PM    #
  9. im bored and browsing this.if you simply fleetsave why would they have the need to lose that much money for minimal profit.ipms cost enough that for that small profit its useless mostly

    — the truth    Feb 3, 02:39 AM    #
  10. the truth, you might have tons of solar sats and you can get anti-ballistic missiles

    — sex taters    Feb 5, 01:06 PM    #
  11. Several dozen IPMs will wipe out your defenses—if you don’t bother with ABMs. Given that for each level of silo you can house twice as many ABMs as IPMs, and IPMs cost much more than ABMs, and therefore take longer to build, unless there is a concerted IPM attack on your planet, you can probably keep up with the ABMs.

    — jumper1    Feb 5, 03:12 PM    #
  12. I do not get the maths behind combat, i keep reading that a Plasma cannon will take out a cruiser in one hit. What i don’t understand is that Plasma cannons have a power of 3000 while cruisers have a structural integrity of 27000. Would it not therefore take 9 hits from a plasma?

    — Baxter    Feb 28, 08:19 PM    #
  13. I tried to use Speed Sim to figure out which one is the best ratio for defense. But the only thing I see is: With the same amount of ress – a denfense with only small lasers can even works better than the one – well combined – with big gun . And I even try to use disadvantage of SLaser: RF against bomber- but it still better than well-combined style.

    — Patriots    Mar 13, 06:58 PM    #
  14. small lasers are obviously the most affordable for the weapon power and shielding and structural integrity. so what if i skipped everything else and just built like 500k s lasers what would be wrong with that?

    — edmond    Mar 22, 10:46 AM    #
  15. Who in there right mind is gonna build any decent number of gauss or plasma cannons and not have ABM’s? I think ibms are a moot point.

    — Bobbeh    Mar 23, 02:57 AM    #
  16. what about using death stars for defence. i havent read anyone menion them yet, and the description of them says they’re good for D. any thoughts?

    — cdbahls    Mar 25, 12:31 AM    #
  17. Dont know where to ask so I have to ask here. My strategy for defense is: for each gaus to build: 10 rocket, 10 l.laser, 2 h.laser, 3 ion. NO PLASMA, IPR danger. Is this strategy any good?

    — john kargo    Mar 28, 05:53 AM    #
  18. Baxter, structural integrity does not equal hull points, hull points are always only 10% of the integrity, meaning cruisers have a hull of 2700, as a result plasmas ‘do’ kill cruisers in a single shot.

    — Yce    Mar 29, 01:24 AM    #
  19. ive been playing ogame for a long time now, and ive found that the best defence consits of plasmas and fodder(mostly small lasers)
    at a 1-10 ratio, this works best for higherranked players as it can fend off attcs from the big guys which consist of manly of b-ships and/or destroyers,
    the plasmas take out the big ships in one hit and the fodder absorbs nearly all of the dmg, run a speedsim test and you will see the only thing u have to worry about is mass destroyers and cruisers as they have higher rapidfire attc vrs fodder while b-ships dont

    — cowking    Mar 30, 02:19 PM    #
  20. oh and i was reading ur questions, and yea if u look carefully at the costs/power of defence, u will see that heavy lasers r a waste of money and that its cheaper and more effective to just buy 4 sml
    rather then 1 hvl, and if u have a deathstar defending ur planet then theres something wrong with u, if u have a deathstar u should be attcing pple with it not letting it chill in ur base waiting to be crashed, lol

    — cowking    Mar 30, 02:23 PM    #
  21. sure small lasers can do better than heavies against less enemies but the problem is, if the attackers outnumber the defense then the small lasers will be spreading their firepower everywhere (more damage overall but less kills), and do practically nothing with each shot, heavy lasers on the other hand can actually punch through their target enough to at least whittle down the numbers of fodder and wont be blown up if a cruiser decides to pop at it once (the small would be blown up by a similar shot), which pretty much explains why they still have a use.

    — Yce    Mar 30, 11:09 PM    #
  22. ya need some big guns but small ones are just as useful sometimes. i had a guy atack me and all my small stuff got rid of is cannon fod. ya need a balance

    — fearthereaper    Apr 28, 01:40 PM    #
  23. ( 1 Plasma – 2 Gauss – 5 Heavy Laser – 20 Light Lasers ) x 100

    That is a good start for a defence.

    Ion Cannons are crap, use many Light Lasers instead. In the end, it all comes down to having lots of Plasma and Gauss to shoot efficiently, and Light Lasers to receive the damage.

    — flamewolf    May 18, 07:14 AM    #
  24. There’s a little problem with using the big guns.
    Yes having pure SL means a more spread-out damage.

    You forgot to mention the actual damage
    18 SL: 36000 res for 1800 damage
    Gauss: 36000 res for 1100 damage

    SLs shoot like half as much again and this balances out the spread. It does more damage and if your defence is going to survive it’s going to outnumber the attacking fleet. That means all shields of the attacker’s shields are going down. Who cares if there’s a big hit on 1 single ship? Every single ship is going to get hit.

    Using some ML or so to stop destroyer RF is good enough, but you’ll need to have better than HLs to stop the bomber rampage (until you smash them)

    RIPs for defence is somewhat like a very-LS dome that kills 5 dest a round

    Try them out with speedsim…

    — Obscurans    Jun 16, 01:02 AM    #
  25. I attacked a guy with almost only ion cannons.
    He mucked up my very small fleet. If you want basics, start with 100 rocket, 50 LL, 10 HL, 15 Ion C, and possibly a gauss. It repels any-one who wants to attack me.

    — Jimbob    Jun 17, 07:45 AM    #
  26. Oh, another thing.
    Has any-one noticed that if you look at technology, click on all the ships then it will tell you what they will attack?
    Because when you look at the best attacking ship (i.e the Death Star) it says:

    Rapidfire against Espionage Probe: 1250
    Rapidfire against Solar Satellite: 1250
    Rapidfire against Small Cargo: 250
    Rapidfire against Large Cargo: 250
    Rapidfire against Light Fighter: 200
    Rapidfire against Heavy Fighter: 100
    Rapidfire against Cruiser: 33
    Rapidfire against Battleship: 30
    Rapidfire against Colony Ship: 250
    Rapidfire against Recycler: 250
    Rapidfire against Bomber: 25
    Rapidfire against Destroyer: 5
    Rapidfire against Rocket Launcher: 200
    Rapidfire against Light Laser: 200
    Rapidfire against Heavy Laser: 100
    Rapidfire against Gauss Cannon: 50
    Rapidfire against Ion Cannon: 100

    It does not mention the Plasma turret, but it does mention the Gauss Cannon. That tells me that the plasma turrets are better.
    Plus they’re more expensive. Always a good sign.

    — Jimbob    Jun 18, 03:15 PM    #
  27. There’s a rather big point about the deathstar

    Yes wow 50 RF against the Gauss Cannon lolz

    But remember the RIP is supposed to shoot 200,000 a round

    50 Gauss = 3700×50 = 185,000

    which means whatever the RIP description says, you only do 185,000d against Gauss. Period.

    It gets worse with the Plasma: NO RF at all: 10,300 as opposed to 200,000

    Yes Plasmas survive better against the big bad RIP. And only the big bad RIP. Which few people ever build at all.

    Why? RIP vs Dest: RF 5 = 11,500×5 = 57,500 actual damage…

    The point of number crunching is to get a cost-effective defence. So my figures again:

    ML: 2,000r for 80d = 4% d/r
    SL: 2,000r for 100d = 5% d/r
    HL: 8,000r for 250d = 3.13% d/r
    Gauss: 37,000r for 1,100d = 2.97% d/r
    IC: 8,000r for 150d = 1.88% d/r
    Plasma: 130,000r for 3,000d = 2.31% d/r

    So you can see SLs shoot the most for the same amount of res. Once you figure that I’m taking 1 Met=1 Crys=1 Deut you can see that gauss/plasmas are sucking even more.

    Of course, you’ll get kicked by bombers but you can always put up some ICs (60% kill only) or Gauss (no kill)

    — Obscurans    Jun 19, 04:09 AM    #
  28. And more number-crunching

    Attacker: 4000 LF 2000 BS

    Case 1: 3000 SL 285 Plasma + domes
    Attacker losses: 960 LF 155 BS
    13.14M res

    Case 2: 3000 SL 1000 Gauss + domes
    Attacker losses: 2132 LF 66 BS
    12.48M res

    Case 3: 3000 SL 500 Gauss 142 Plasma + domes
    Attacker losses: 1545 LF 115 BS
    13.08M res

    Case 4: 21500 SL + domes
    Attacker losses: 4000 LF 2000 BS
    136M res ( attacker annhiliated)

    18500 SL = 37000 pts
    1000 Gauss = 37000 pts
    285 Plasma = 37050 pts

    There: SLs smash you. Period.

    — Obscurans    Jun 19, 04:25 AM    #
  29. SLs smash you only if you attack with a small fleet. When you are attacked by an overpowering fleet your SLs won’t even do any damage, because their firepower is scattered. And trust me, I never attack if I know I’ll loose.

    Typically, if I see a def like your case #4, I’ll just send 60000 heavy fighters (plus 20 battleships to get past the domes).

    Against such a fleet, your defense of case #2 is much better.

    — Etheric    Jun 22, 08:37 AM    #
  30. o.k, im confused… So whats a good example defence suppose to be?

    — R.Z.K    Jun 24, 09:02 PM    #
  31. All kind of defences are useful against some kind of ships. So you have to balance them well, taking into account what raiders in your uni use.

    Always assume you will be outnumbered, as if someone actually attacks you, you will be.

    And assuming you are outnumbered, basically the best defence against a ship is the cheapest one able to blow it in one round.

    Light fighter => Heavy laser
    Heavy fighter => Gauss
    Cruiser => Gauss
    Battleship => Plasma
    Bomber => Plasma
    Destroyer => nothing

    Then you add small defences (light lasers and missiles, maybe even ions) to scatter the fire of the attacker, so that your heavier defences can survive longer, thus getting a chance to fire multiple times.

    In my universe, a quite good combination would be something like: – 10000 missiles – 10000 light lasers – 5000 heavy lasers – 1000 gauss – 200 plasma – 5 deathstars

    Whatever the fleet, the attacker will suffer great losses (given, in my universe the best fleet is 360k ships => 240k LF, 60k HF, 20k cruisers, 5k BS, 40 deathstars, ...)

    — Etheric    Jun 27, 07:29 AM    #
  32. For completeness, here is the reverse list : what ship to use against what defence

    Missiles => light fighters / cruisers
    Light lasers => heavy fighters
    Heavy lasers => heavy fighters / cruisers
    Ions => heavy fighters / cruisers
    Gauss => cruisers (if better techs) / battleships
    Plasma => destroyers
    Deathstar => destroyers

    Keep in mind that this is true if you are rich enough to send an overpowering fleet.

    That is, to blast 200 plasma, you’ll need 500-600 destroyers. But it also is an option to send only 100 destroyers along with 1000 light fighters. Or even 10000 light fighters alone…..as long as plasmas are not covered by 1000 heavy lasers ;-)

    — Etheric    Jun 27, 07:39 AM    #
  33. The idea behind the RIP’s 200,000 attack power is just to ensure it kills whatever it hits in one round…

    A better way of thinking about it is that the RIP has an attack power of [death]. :P

    — Arbron    Jul 11, 03:33 AM    #
  34. Yea. RIP shoots and has such a big hull that it takes all the damage until it can shoot again, and again, and again, until 6 rounds are over or until it has blown up everything in sight. That’s why RIP’s are as good for defending as they are for attacking, because they either force a draw or they blow everything up in sight :)

    — DrDude    Jul 31, 04:02 PM    #
  35. or they get killed by other RIP’s

    uni 17 [1:XX:11]

    — S.J.    Aug 10, 04:50 PM    #
  36. 200 battleships are enough to destroy a deathstar…
    Even better, 100 destroyers do it with less losses.

    — Etheric    Aug 28, 08:27 AM    #
  37. i dont understand why you didnt include bombers in your calculations. A strong player can easily throw 200-300 bombers at you and those can destroy a huge amount of small lasers, heavy lasers, ion cannons and rocket launchers with ease, with neutral techs 250 bombers level 4000 rocket launchers in 3 rounds with no losses. 4000 light lasers but losses a few bombers, so imagine how much more devastating the attack would be if it was 250 bombers with 1000 light fighters. sent with 1000 light fighters bombers are devastating…. able to take out 4000 rl 4000 sl and 400 heavys, but takes 100 losses. but if you cann afford to launch an attack like this you can easily afford more fodder. so if you were sending an attack purely to destroy defenses bombers are a great addition to kill out fodder. bships to destroy largers installments and your turns wont be wasted on fodder because its nearly eliminated in the first round by the bombers.

    the point i am trying make is that bombers are an essential part of a successfull attack on planetary defenses and without them it is almost pointless to go up against large cannons backed with fodder.

    thank you for reading.

    — tim    Sep 3, 12:21 AM    #
  38. “200 battleships are enough to destroy a deathstar…
    Even better, 100 destroyers do it with less losses.”

    That’s why you never let them fight alone.

    — Arbron    Oct 20, 11:44 PM    #
  39. actually to tell yawl the truth,plasmas should be built to fend of RIPs and RIPs only. Ions are THE bomb,why? look at the sheild power. Plasmas have 200 less power than ion cannons do, there for ion cannons built in huge numbers(say 15000) and lv15 sheild tech, would be nearly impossible to kill with out bombers and deathstars,which wouldn’t be effective the planet was ALSO defended by RIPs,this sounds dumb,but when someone attacks they send 10 RIPs max,so if you have 30 rips they kill all enemy bombers,making your ions safe,leaving you to wreak ionized havoc on the other ships. also surround your planet with crusiers to kill of LF. don’t just one or two defense options, that gives your enemy the intelectual advantage,by knowing the option you use they can make multiple strategies to wipe you out! if you don’t defend with ships,your vulnerable when you run out of intercept missles.

    — jay    Nov 10, 02:07 PM    #
  40. ions arent worth it

    — uni 18 player    Dec 27, 08:08 AM    #
  41. It is not all about what type of defense does somebody have,it is a number. Think about it!

    — war-lord    Jan 12, 10:57 AM    #
  42. @ uni 18 player

    “ions arent worth it”

    On the contrary, each type of defensive gun has it’s own ups and downs. Ion cannons might not be very powerful, but they have a very high shield. They even have bigger shields than plasmas, so they do make a big difference.

    — Kramer    Jan 24, 01:36 PM    #
  43. Every gun have weak shields.
    The power is only important thing. Just compare the power of plasma with some other gun and you wil see what I mean.

    — war-lord    Feb 9, 02:41 PM    #
  44. the best defense is in fact, a strong alliance. ill tell you why, nobody wants to attack a person who has a huge number of resources a couple mil, fairly lightly defended, i am talking like 100 rocket launchers here. espicially if your planet is located in a system surrounded by friendly players, with huge fleets, this works amazingly. my alliance does this, all time record a total of 58million resources sitting on 28 planets all lightly defended. it stayed like that for 3 days, and no attack, lots of espionage reports but no attacks. so the best defense is a strong alliance.

    — The Fool    Feb 14, 03:11 PM    #
  45. There is also one good defense: being in the middle od nowhere. I am almost alone in my galaxy and no one has ever spy me or attacked me on that planet. That is my largest colony with 352 fields and a lot of resources. But nobody cannt find me :)))

    — war-lord    Feb 15, 09:20 AM    #
  46. @ war-lord

    “The power is only important thing. Just compare the power of plasma with some other gun and you wil see what I mean.”

    You’re half right… A gun’s Weapon Power is important for sure, but not more important than it’s Shield Power. What’s the use of having a really powerful gun if it can be destroyed instantly?

    It’s all about knowing the pros and cons of each gun and using the right ratios for them.

    And btw..

    “Every gun have weak shields.”

    Like I said, Ions have a shield 500, which is bigger than plasmas. If you wanna compare it to a ship, it’s got the shield of a destroyer.. That sure isn’t weak. :P

    But I do agree with you about being in the middle of nowhere!

    — Kramer    Mar 15, 06:31 PM    #
  47. Better dont build any defense. Everybody will attack you becouse off huge debris field that your defense make when you are attacked. Build a large fleet, always do FS/RS and you will be unbeatable!

    — war-lord    Mar 19, 05:04 PM    #
  48. One note:

    People like talking about Missile Launchers, what you might want to know is that they are worse than light lazers for the same cost in the 1-1-1 ratio. Do not build ML when you can build LL, if you have a ton of metal but no crystal (eg lots of crystal costy reaserch) you can spend it on ml’s but they are worse for the same cost, no doubt.

    — NPSF3000    May 1, 11:50 AM    #
  49. Tips?

    18 RL
    15 LL
    3 HL
    1 Ion cannon
    1 gauss
    1 small shield dome

    — Blobzor    Jun 5, 08:44 AM    #
  50. oka, heres a tip on ions…
    thaay are a good defense option, dont ever get that wrong. with 10 shielding, they can survive 1 hit from a battleship(assuming that the battleship has no weps). thenfor every level of wepons he got, times it by two and add that to your shielding tech to survive.
    and no, LL suck… they are used for fodder, which ML is better for, due to metal cost…. fodder is there not to hurt the other ships, but to help your bigger dudes survive.

    — thecat    Jun 8, 09:15 PM    #
  51. @ war-lord

    Which universe are you playing in? Defense doesn’t go into DF in most unis…

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 3, 08:39 PM    #
  52. If I had Level 10 Armor and Shield Tech., and I had Plasma Turret on my Planet, if someone shot an IPM at me, does the IPM automatically destroy the Plasma Turret or does it take the shot?

    — Guy    Jul 19, 10:51 AM    #
  53. It would also depend on the weapon technology of the attacker… But if you have armour and shield 10, the attacker would need a weapon of about 7 for your plasma to be destroyed by one IPM.

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 20, 10:02 AM    #
  54. 60 LL
    10 HL
    14 Gauss


    — Jorfogit    Jul 25, 10:41 AM    #
  55. first, get a shield. Then get some more fodder

    — chemical art    Aug 13, 09:28 PM    #
  56. Willis- get more LLs and fewer RLs. and btw, everyone, wtf are MLs?

    — Me    Aug 22, 01:04 PM    #
  57. ML are what some ‘players’ call rocket launchers(from missle launchers)

    — Ajunta Pall    Oct 17, 09:43 AM    #
  58. I don’t know if someone’s already mentioned this, but I think it’s important to state that PT’s are the only structures in the game that no one has RF on AND CAN NOT be targeted by IPMs. really, if someone shoots 50 IPMs at your ‘awesome’ 1000 gauss cannons, you’re gonna have like 100(guessing) left.

    — Hobo I Ar    Feb 9, 10:09 PM    #
  59. heres the best reasn to get as many plasmas as possible doesnt matter what the ratio is they scare most people away from attacking if u have a good amount of them period my lanets with most plasmas never get attacked

    — madmax65    Feb 18, 12:06 AM    #
  60. I’ve found the golden ratio: build 1 PT for every 20 LLs. The other nice thing about this setup is that a rip will never even consider attacking you after 30 or so PTs. All you need are the LLs and PTs for the best defence, if I’m wrong on my numbers then somebody can argue.. but I don’t think I am. This is especially great against battleships.. Battleships even of 2-3x the total structural integrity vs. this setup lose ridiculous amounts of resources trying to attack it.

    — somebody    May 9, 04:43 PM    #
  61. no pal, sorry, your thoughts on 30 PTs going to scare off someone with a deathstar are wrong,
    they’ll just send more deathstars. and you need more than LLs and PTs for the best defence. once you get anihilated a few times with your LLs an PT youll come to realise that the best defence is a balanced one.

    — Ajunta Pall    May 24, 06:44 PM    #
  62. One thing that anyone has neglected to mention is that no ship in the game has rapid fire against a plasma cannon. a gauss cannon has death star has a rapid fire of 50 against a gauss cannon. so if it hits one, say goodbye to some more defenses.
    if a death star hits a plasma cannon, then its turn is instantly over. plasma turrets may be more expensive, but its like choosing pitting a battle cruiser and a battleship- battle cruiser is gonna win.

    — E    Jul 7, 12:08 AM    #

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